Our Month - January 2020


This year I've made myself a goal to share more personal, 'back to basics' posts on my blog. I feel like over the last few months my blog has lost it's way, and I do really miss sharing posts that I can look back on in the future! So I thought a great way to start would be to share a monthly round up style post, sharing some of my favourite things that we've got up to, or I've enjoyed over the month.

January felt like the longest month, especially as the weather really wasn't on our side for most of it. But we did manage to have some lovely days out and celebrated some special birthdays too. We saw in the new year with a trip to Brighton - exploring the pier, penny arcades, playing on the beach, and of course ending the day with yummy sugary doughnuts. There's something about the beach that makes me feel so much more relaxed and happy, so it really was the perfect start to the year.

The first of three birthdays in January, we went ice skating for my nephew's 6th birthday at the beginning of the month. Lilah turned two on the 14th, and we celebrated with a trip to soft play, lots of gifts (and cake!), and a lovely meal out as a family. I also had a rare night out for my sister's birthday at the end of the month too. We went out for tapas and ice creams and although we weren't out late it was such a fun evening!

Something I've really enjoyed this month is taking Lilah to new playgroups. I was never really a fan when the big two were little, but now they play a big part in my weekly routine. Lilah absolutely loves them, and I enjoy watching her play and interact with other little ones her age. We started a new one this month and it's quickly become a favourite. Jack's managed to come along with us a few times this month too which has been extra special (although I did feel a bit like a third wheel those weeks!).

A definite highlight of this month for me has been getting back on track with Slimming World. I took a bit of a break over Christmas - because hello all the food - but getting back to plan and healthier meals has made me feel so much better. Fitting into some of my old clothes again has been a huge confidence booster, so I'm extra determined to get to target before our holiday in May now!

I'm so excited to see what February brings for us as family already, I just hope it includes sunshine and nothing else breaking down!

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