Our Month - February 2020


Isn't it funny that January can seem like an eternity, but then February comes along as whizzes by in a flash? And that's even with the extra day because it's a Leap Year! That being said though, February was pretty much a washout thanks to the constant rain (and constant weekend storms), so we didn't actually manage to do that much over the month at all.

We started the month car-less, which although a massive pain, was actually really refreshing for us as a family. We got out more and did things that we usually brush over for grander adventures. We took the littles swimming (which they absolutely loved), scooted to ballet and rugby, and went local parks that we hadn't visited in ages. Of course having the car back did make life easier, but for those few weeks we definitely found the excitement in the little things that bit more.

I stepped out of my comfort zone completely and went along to a local mums meet up - something that I would have never considered a few years ago. It was SO nice to meet some of the mums I love following on Instagram (and lots of new faces too), and Lilah enjoyed making new friends too. It really made me fall in love with Instagram again after a few months of feeling a bit unsure about it. I'm now loving it more for keeping up with those that I love, and just posting what I want whenever I want. Much less pressure, and much more enjoyable!

Due to the horrible weather February half term was pretty uneventful for us. We mostly stayed at home enjoying lazy mornings, pj movie days and baking yummy treats. I think the littles absolutely loved it though, and my goodness were the slow mornings needed! Although don't get me wrong, I have everything crossed for sunshine over the Easter holidays.

We ended the month at our favourite February spot in Knole Park. Although I'm not joining in with Me and Mine Project properly this year, I just had to make sure we took a family snap on this log. It marks 5 years of taking a family photo here (how mad is that?!), and it really does feel like our special place. You can see 201920182017 and 2016 posts here!

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