Our Month - March 2020


I'm sure you can understand why it's taken me so long to write March's monthly update. The world is just a little bit different now isn't it? The problems we had in February just seem to be so insignificant now in comparison - but I suppose that's the beauty of writing about our months.

March wasn't all negative though, as the first few weeks were relatively 'normal' for us as a family. Of course the beginning of March marks every parent's favourite day - World Book Day. I took a rather relaxed (aka lazy) approach this year and made use of the dressing up box and the costumes we already had. Parker picked his favourite pirate book and Indie went as Cinderella. They loved showing everyone their costumes, and although I really hate the pressure of the whole day, it really is fun for the littles.

We also had both Indie and Parker's school consultations in March. As expected they are both doing incredibly well with their learning and school work. Parker has improved so much since starting school in September and is able to read and write lots of words now, and is especially loving his maths. Indie has made a huge improvement with her confidence too and is joining in more and happily sharing her work which was so good to hear. They both have such lovely groups of friends too which is something that makes me happiest of all (and most sad about the current circumstances).

Jack and I were so fortunate to sneak in a child-free day just before everything happened, which I am SO incredibly happy about. We spent the day shopping, eating, chatting and just being us - a rare treat when you have 3 young children. I don't know when it will next happen again so I think this day was a total blessing in disguise.

Of course just after this everything changed because of Covid-19. We actually found ourselves in our own 2 week isolation (just before schools officially closed) as Parker had both a cough and a temperature - that of course went away within a few days anyway! Those first few weeks were unbelievably tough, and filled with an assortment of emotions. I would flit between crying and feeling incredibly anxious, to feeling at peace with everything and happy that we were all safely together. All while home schooling, trying to get a food shop and trying to stay as relaxed as possible.

We definitely made the most of our time in isolation though - baking, movies, games, home-schooling, and of course allll the garden time too. I celebrated probably the strangest Mother's Day we'll ever experience (which was actually a lovely day!). Ooh and just before our isolation Indiana learnt how to ride a bike without stabilisers - hooray!

I'm unsure how the next few month's posts are going to look, but I will definitely still be sharing them as a way to look back on this strange and crazy time. It will all seem like a bad dream eventually right?

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