Our Month - April 2020


It's so strange to think that we spent the whole of April at home as a family. I don't think there's ever been a time where we've spent so much time together! Of course it's not been easy by any means, but I found myself settling into this new normal a little bit more in April. We 'found our groove' so to speak. And actually, looking back now there really were some wonderful moments and memories made in April.

We started the month celebrating Jack's lockdown birthday. The littles and I made and decorated him a cake, I put up some decorations and just tried to make the day as special for him as possible. We managed to get out on a walk, had takeaway for dinner and watched plenty of Tiger King - what more could you want from a 28th birthday huh?

The beginning of April was also the two week 'Easter Holidays', so we gave the littles a bit of a break from home school work and truly embraced the laziness of having nowhere to be. Plenty of mornings watching tv in our pjs, building Lego, baking, and probably a bit too much screen time. The weather was on our side too, meaning we could enjoy our daily walks in the woods a whole lot more, and even pumped up the paddling pool for the littles to enjoy! Easter itself was the loveliest weekend too, with the sun giving us an excuse to have a bbq and enjoy an egg hunt in the garden.

Talking of our daily walks, we have been exploring our local area a whole lot more over the last few weeks. Of course April brought us the wonders of blossom and bluebells, and it would have been rude not to capture their beauty - all within the rules of our daily walks of course!

When the 'holidays' were over we did find it harder to get back into our home school routine - who knew getting up and dressed by 10am was so hard now? But once the littles get going they are doing really well with the work set. We are incredibly lucky that their school is supportive and has repeatedly said that there is no pressure to complete any work. But for us it gives our weeks a bit of structure, plus I don't want them to forget what they've been learning (especially as Parker is only just learning it all being in Reception).

The most exciting updates for April though have to be the big steps we took with our beautiful little Lilah. We've been thinking for a while about switching her cotbed to a bed - the big two had been getting her in/out of it for a while now. So we thought with us all being home, it was time! The first few days were rocky, with her getting up and down and jumping into Parker's bed. But she's settled really well now for both naps and bedtime, so I'm glad we made the switch. We also took the biggest step of potty training over the last few weeks too - when better to try than when you're all stuck as home right? Again it was a wobbly start, but a few weeks in she is absolutely smashing it and accidents are becoming less frequent. I'm so so proud of her!

I'm expecting May to be another full month of staying at home, but from looking back on April I know it's not all negative. Beautiful moments really can come out of dark times.

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