Nymans Gardens during Lockdown (June 2020) | Days out with the National Trust


We have been lucky enough to secure a few National Trust days out since the easing of lockdown restrictions, the most recent of which was to Nyman's Gardens for Father's Day. If you're struggling to get tickets (numbers to National Trust properties are currently limited due to Covid-19 restrictions), my biggest tip is to get onto the National Trust website as early as you can on a Friday morning, and have a property in mind that you wish to visit. You may have to wait in a queue, but I've found this way there are more tickets left rather than leaving it late and scrolling through what's left.

At the moment only the gardens and the woodland walks are open at Nymans (as well as the toilet blocks at the entrance), but there's still plenty to see and explore so don't let this put you off. Our slot was 1.30-2pm, so we didn't bring a picnic this time, but plenty were sat on the lawn enjoying theirs. I'd recommend bringing snacks and drinks though as the cafe isn't open at the time of writing, so there's nowhere to purchase anything (I was rather gutted the ice cream hut was closed).

There are also a few other rules and restrictions in place in order to keep everyone safe during their visit to Nymans. When you arrive a member of staff will ask for your name and tick you off their list, and then you are able to park wherever you like. Once you enter there is a one-way route throughout the whole of the property which is easy to follow and well signposted, although of course it's then up to visitors to follow these rules. Like I previously mentioned the house, gallery, shop and cafe are currently closed - although the latter are undergoing an upgrade which is exciting!

The lower visitor numbers made our visit feel much more special and relaxed (well, as relaxing as it can be with three young children). We found it incredibly easy to keep our distance from other families, even with lots sitting on the central lawn area there was plenty of space for the little to run around and enjoy the sun. And as you can see from the pictures in this post, the lower visitors numbers made it much easier to take snaps with no-one else in the background. A photographer's dream I'm sure.

The gardens at Nymans are looking absolutely beautiful at the moment, and I really think it's a great time to visit and enjoy them if you can get tickets. Of course our visit was a little different to when we visited on Father's Day in 2017 (and not just because we have another child now), but it still was a lovely afternoon out. I'm just so thankful National Trust properties are opening back up again as they really are perfect places to explore with little ones.

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