Our Month - May 2020


May was the month where some normality and freedom was finally given back to us. Being able to go out more than once, or hop in the car for a change of scenery doesn't sound like much, but my goodness did it make a difference! It gave us the freedom to go and visit our new nephew (through the window of course), explore some new places and head back to some of our regular favourite spots.

Of course we continued home learning with Indie and Parker throughout the month, although we definitely found it to be more of a struggle towards the end. They still did their work, but we had to bribe and encourage them both a lot more! It was probably the novelty wearing off mixed with the want to enjoy the beautiful weather - who wants to be inside learning phonics when you could be outside in the paddling pool?

We did make the most of the weather though, with even more BBQs, plenty of time in the paddling pool, picnics in the park and walks in the sunshine. We finally invested in a proper backpack carrier for Lilah too so we could really explore. A day that will definitely be remembered as one of my favourites in lockdown was VE Day. We didn't partake in any street parties, but we did make our own scones for afternoon tea, spent the day in the garden, and enjoyed a late evening walk to round off the day. It was so lovely to see everyone so happy and it kind of felt like the whole Coronavirus nightmare had gone away for that one day.

A couple of obsessions for the month definitely include Animal Crossing for me and Scooby Doo for the littles. We've also watched plenty of movies on Disney+ as a way of winding down in the afternoons. As much as it is lovely to get out on our walks, I have definitely enjoyed relaxing all snuggled up watching films together.

The last few weeks of May brought even bigger changes for our little bubble. It was announced that on June 1st early years would be opening again for all children, as well as schools for years R, 1 and 6. So for us that meant Jack returning to work and Indie and Parker heading back to school. An exciting but also sad change, because as hard as the last few months were, I had kind of gotten used to living in our own little bubble as a 5.

With this change in mind we decided to enjoy the May half term as much as possible. We enjoyed a picnic at the local park, milkshakes and football at another, released our now fully grown butterflies, and let the little stay up to watch a movie with pizza and treats. For our last evening together we headed to the beach for our first visit since New Year's Day. Seeing just how happy the littles were splashing in the sea and playing in the pebbles really was the perfect ending to our lockdown bubble!

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  1. The weather really made it a good month to be enjoying the outdoors didn't it? How exciting that you got to release the butterflies and go to the beach too!


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