Our Month - June 2020


After three months of lockdown and everything feeling all doom and gloom, June came along and things suddenly felt that little bit more 'normal'. Most of this of course was helped along by the fact that schools reopened for reception, years 1 and 6, meaning that both Indiana and Parker started back (they are reception and year 1). Early years also opened up to everyone again, meaning Jack was also back to work after a long 11 weeks at home. Of course it felt very strange that first week. After us all being together every single day, and then suddenly back to being just me and Lilah again, I didn't really know what to do with our days!

Indiana and Parker settled in really well back at school. Indie is still with her original teacher and her group of close friends - sat at individual desks, but able to have plenty of fun and all learning together. Parker has new teachers (although the same TA), but thankfully has his little group of friends so wasn't too bothered. He is spending most of his days outside, and most importantly not being forced to distance which really put my mind at ease. They've come out every day full of smiles and tales to tell, and I know for us it was definitely the right decision to send them back to school.

More restrictions were eased in June as well, meaning we had much more freedom than we did before. National Trust properties opened back up again - along with a new system of booking tickets that is sometimes more difficult than getting concert tickets! We took full advantage, visiting Sissinghurst, Nyman's and our beloved Knole Park.

We celebrated Father's Day with a yummy cooked breakfast, an afternoon at Nyman's and of course a takeaway to end the day. It was so wonderful to spend so much time with Jack over the full lockdown period, and now he's back at work I think the littles really miss him - especially his little shadow Lilah. So we tried to make this day as special as we could!

Another special day happened at the end of the month.. we finally met our new nephew! We did slightly bend the rules for it to happen, but after waiting almost 8 weeks for a cuddle we all agreed it was time. The littles absolutely loved having a cuddle, although they were more excited to be reunited with their older cousins that they hadn't seen properly since March.

July of course brings even more restrictions easing which I know will change our daily lives once more. But honestly I cannot wait - I am really craving a meal out and a trip to the park after so many months without them!

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