Our Month - November 2020


There isn't really much to say about November 2020. Just a few days into the month we were put back into lockdown again as case numbers of Covid started to rise. Thankfully this time the littles remained at school and preschool, so I didn't need to become the homeschool teacher again - hooray! Lockdown this time felt a lot different though, and most likely because we didn't have the weather on our side this time. There's only so many times you can go to the park or on a cold and muddy walk before everyone goes a little stir crazy right?

The month wasn't a complete write-off though, as there were some rather lovely moments in November too. We managed to pick up some sparklers for the littles to enjoy on bonfire night. We were treated to almost a week of random firework displays in the evenings too which they also found a little bit exciting. And although the weather wasn't amazing (read that as WET), we did enjoy some lovely walks and days out. A highlight was definitely heading down to Hastings one weekend to wander around the Old Town and enjoy fish and chips on the beach. Simple but a lovely change from woods and mud! I don't think we'll be forgetting about our bike ride / scoot in the park where we there water was so deep the scooters almost disappeared either!

Of course November will always be special in our house because of a certain little girls birthday. We celebrated Indie's 7th birthday 'lockdown style' at the end of the month. She thankfully got to see all of her friends at school during the day, and then we got her takeaway of choice, all the sweet treats and cake, and played party games just the 5 of us. It was super low-key, but she said she had the best day, so that's all that matters really.

Because of the lockdown and how different this year has been, I definitely found myself getting into the festive spirit much earlier than usual. We visited the Christmas event at Hever Castle to kick start the festivities, and then came home and put up the tree and other decorations. I'm usually a strict December 1st kinda gal, but it just felt right this year! 

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