Our Month - December 2020


There aren't really many words to describe the month of December. We started the month with more restrictions as we were put into Tier 3 (shops, gyms and restaurants closed again), which definitely put a dampener on things. We tried to keep things as magical for the littles as possible though with plenty of Christmas fun. We were lucky enough to still be able to visit Father Christmas, the littles wrote and posted their letters to him, we drove around to see the Christmas lights and watched all the Christmas films we possibly could. We also built a questionable gingerbread house (and a much better one towards the end of the month) and practically turned into hot chocolates as we drank them nearly every day.

Things started to take a downward spiral a few weeks in though when one of our school bubbles finally burst. Indie's class was the first in the whole school sent home to isolate and it was back to home-schooling - although a lot more organised this time because of Teams. Thank goodness for amazing school mums too for helping get Parker to and from school! We were almost out of isolation when I developed an awful cough though, so this time we were all in isolation whilst I waited for my Covid test results. Thankfully it was negative, and miraculously no-one else caught my cold, so we were allowed back out just before Christmas. 

And then the news of tier 4 was broken... who knew there would ever be 4 tiers huh? Christmas was always going to be different as we weren't going to be seeing family anyway, but having the official news that no one could mix at all for Christmas was a big blow. All of our usual Christmas traditions were off, but we still had a lovely few days regardless. Jack luckily has the festive period off work so we spent our days on muddy walks, lazing in our pjs and visiting every local National Trust property possible. Christmas Day was spent at home just the 5 of us, and although different, it was still pretty special.

We ended the month (and the year) with a walk, takeaway and movies, so nothing too different to our normal quiet one if I'm honest. Getting the news that Indie and Parker won't be heading back to school for a little while yet kind of put a dampener on celebrating. I am hopeful that things will get better though... as they can't really get much worse can they?

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