Our Month - March 2021


I know it's only the third month of the year, but my goodness March was my favourite month so far! And thanks to Boris and his roadmap out of lockdown we managed to get a bit more normality back into our lives as each days passed. 

We started the month by finishing up homeschooling - for hopefully the final time this time. It was an incredibly tough few months trying to juggle teaching two children, entertaining a toddler and of course all of this was on top of 'normal' mum-life and all of the glamorous jobs that entails. But we made it through and I am actually SO proud of myself for doing so. I did that (mostly solo too). And we all survived!

Indie and Parker started back at school on the 8th and have settled back in so well. We had school consultations at the end of the month and both of their teachers sung their praises, and they both jumped up reading levels too (so I can't have been as terrible as a teacher as I thought). Within a few days Jack and I both noticed a huge difference in the littles behaviour, especially when it came to Parker. The big two were just so happy to see and play with their friends again and have structure to their day, and Lilah was just so happy to get quality time by herself again.

With the littles back at school, Jack at work and Lilah at preschool a few hours a week, March was also the first month in a loooong time that I was home alone. The first day I ran home as quickly as possible, made myself a hot drink and didn't move until I really had to. And. It. Was. Glorious. Having time to just pop to the shops alone, get work done or just simply enjoy the house staying tidy for longer than 5 minutes has definitely been good for the soul. It got even better at the end of the month when we were allowed to meet in groups of 6 (or two households) again. A catch up with some lovely mums was just what was needed!

Of course I can't write about March without mentioning Mother's Day. Unfortunately it was another lockdown occasion, but thankfully this year we were allowed to at least go out of the house (we were isolating last year). We went for a walk - of course - and then Jack and I got a takeaway in the evening. Simple but perfect.

We have so many plans for April already, and with even more things unlocking throughout the month there's so much to look forward to. It definitely feels like better days are coming now, and I'm finally starting to get excited about the months ahead!

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