Our Month - April 2021


April definitely started with a bang this year. Not only did we celebrate Jack's birthday (and our nieces on the same day), but the same weekend also included Easter! Last year was a very quiet affair for Jack's birthday because of lockdown, but thankfully we managed to make up for it a bit this year. We managed to get back to the seaside for the first time in almost 6 months and reunited with some family while there too. Fish and chips on the beach, giant ice creams and just being by the sea... it was lovely!

We spent the Easter weekend enjoying egg hunts (and eating ALL the chocolate), reuniting with family and just enjoying having some normality back in our lives. The weather was mostly on our side too, as although we could see family and friends again, it was still only allowed outside. The littles definitely didn't seem bothered by the weather though, they were just happy to be playing with their cousins again and not having to just go on another walk around the block.

The Bank Holiday weekend led straight into the Easter school holidays, which were actually a welcome relief after the exhaustion everyone was feeling from being back at school after lockdown. We spent the first week visiting all the local parks (I made the littles day with a trip on the train to a different one), and just enjoying the lazy mornings and afternoons. Jack managed to book the second week off though, which worked out perfectly for us as it tied in with even more restrictions to lockdown easing!

The weather was definitely up and down (especially compared to last Easter's glorious sunshine!), but we tried to make the most of the week for sure. We spent the Monday at Emmett's Garden enjoying their Easter trail, and then braved the shops on the Tuesday as all of the littles needed their feet measuring and new shoes. Wednesday we went to the pub for lunch (for the first time since November!), and my goodness was it just as good as I was hoping. Thursday was a really exciting day as it was our first day back at a theme park this year. We had the best day at Chessington, and despite the rain and crowds, we managed to do so many rides. And then Friday we headed back down to the beach for an evening by the sea. Phew!

Back to school after the holidays also meant back to in-person clubs for the littles too. And this time it was extra special as Lilah started her very own ballet class. She had been watching Indie during her zoom lessons for weeks, so it was so special to see her in her little uniform and heading off into her lesson with all the other little ballerinas. She's wearing Indie's old ballet uniform and has Indie's teacher too, so it's made me extra emotional.

And finally, there was a really big moment for Parker in April... he learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers! We have been saying for a while that he was ready to give it a try, so while everywhere we quiet we just went for it. It took him a couple of attempts to get the hang of it, but after that he was whizzing off and absolutely smashing it. Of course we need to get the hang of steering and brakes, but they all get there eventually right?

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