Our Month - September 2021


It's taken me this long to write about September for a few reasons. Mostly because our weeks are just so busy now that we're back to school life, but also because I feel like nothing really happened during the month and I've just been trying to think about what to write! I'm also really gutted I didn't get a family photo during the month for the first time in years. Silly really, but I love having them to look back on each month.

Of course I can't write about September without talking about school. We seemed to go back extra early this year, but the littles settled in really well. Indiana started in year 3, meaning a jump to KS2 and a lot more 'harder' work. Parker moved up to year 2, and despite a few niggles (he's not really a keen writer and is struggling with the more structured day), he is loving reading and maths. He still hasn't had a full year of school yet so I'm not surprised it's taken a bit of time to settle - here's hoping this year is a good one for him. And of course Lilah headed back to preschool for her final year there!

The same week they were all back to school, Jack and I actually had a weekend away just the two of us as one of my late birthday treats. We left the littles with Jack's parents and jumped on the train up to London, where we got to wander around the city at a lovely relaxed pace, before heading to the theatre to see Hamilton! I am a HUGE Hamilton stan (I have the soundtrack on repeat all the time), so it was incredible to see if performed live. Just the atmosphere in the theatre alone could have brought me to tears too, as it just felt extra special to be in a packed theatre again after the last few years we've had. 

The trip was made extra special as we stayed up in London too, spending the night at the Hard Rock London Hotel. We actually ate the Hard Rock as it was just so convenient, and I can confirm the food (and cocktails!) were delicious! Especially as we got to enjoy some live music while we ate too. We finished our evening with a wander through London and enjoyed a few more drinks in the gorgeous Covent Garden. We really didn't want to head home on the Sunday, but a sunny stroll through Hyde Park, and catching the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, was the perfect way to end our little trip

The rest of our month just consisted on school runs, weekly playgroup with Lilah (our first time back since March 2020!), and then ballet and rugby at the weekends. I did start the Couch 2 5K with my friend, but after a week I managed to get myself an ankle injury that's actually still hurting me now...whoops!

Thankfully October has looked a bit brighter already and there's some really fun weeks ahead now too. Roll on half term though as we're all absolutely exhausted!

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