Our Month - December 2021


December was a month sponsored by Christmas festivities, yummy treats and hot chocolates! After a rubbish Christmas period last year we definitely made up for it this year. We wrote and posted our letters to Father Christmas, before visiting the man himself! I got to watch the big littles carol concerts (super cute), and although Lilah didn't get to do a nativity this year, she still got to have a Christmas party at preschool and playgroup instead. It really was a pretty good month to us.

Father Christmas letters were great fun to write with the littles this year. All 3 of them had big lists with some rather hopeful gifts included. Indiana hoped for more books, games and Barbies, Lilah was also after Barbies and toy robins (?), and Parker wanted the world - including a real life hamster! 

Although we were lucky enough to visit Father Christmas in 2020 before we were put in lockdown again, this year seemed extra special as we were able to head back to Standen to see him. The experience is lovely as you get to walk though the grounds to a little hut in the woods, listen to a story told by an 'elf', before getting to meet Father Christmas himself. The girls were still really shy, but Parker was telling him all about his love for Harry Potter and what gifts they were hoping for. They then got a gift each, before heading back down for a hot chocolate. So sweet!

We visited Castlemas at Tonbridge Castle with friends. Although the Christmas market was not as big as we expected, the snow flurry and music really made up for it. All of the children (and the adults) absolutely loved it and it made such lovely memories dancing around in the 'snow' and it was a great way to get in to the festive mood. We also visited Legoland for their Christmas event as part of our work with Merlin Annual Pass, where we got to takeover their Instagram account for the day - super surreal but an amazing bit of work that I will never forget.

One of my favourite days out though was our trip to London to visit the Science Museum. The littles were in awe of the space exhibition and we all loved the interactive areas - next stop the National History museum I think! We also got to enjoy the Christmas magic of London whilst we were there - Covent Garden for their tree and Lego exhibition, Leicester Square for their Christmas market (and snacks), and finally seeing the questionable tree at Trafalgar Square. Busy, but lots of fun.

We ended the year with a lovely and magical Christmas. All 3 littles were completely in the spirt this year and I've never seen them so excited to go to bed on Christmas eve. We started celebrations on Christmas Eve with our tradition of a Bill's breakfast, before spending the rest of the day at home with a beige buffet, Christmas movies and of course the littles Christmas Eve box! Then Christmas Day itself started with stockings in bed, before enjoying all the presents and of course a super yummy Christmas dinner. I was so thankful we were able to head over to my parents house in the afternoon to continue the festivities. It really was a fantastic day!

We made the most of the Twixmas period with lots of lazy mornings (we even had some 8am lay ins a couple of days!), and just enjoying being home together as a 5. Our last festive day out was to Hever Castle for their Christmas event - you can read all about our visit here. We kept New Year's Eve very chilled as usual. Watching last year's fireworks with the littles, before a Chinese takeaway and trying to stay awake. One year we'll let them stay up late, but I'm not sure I'm ready for the overtired children the next day quite yet!

I really hope 2022 is going to be there year where we get a normal Christmas. Thankfully we're starting January in a much better place than last year, so everything crossed that it's a good sign!

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