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An Autumnal Adventure with Aldi Mamia

Saturday, 1 October 2016

With Autumn looking like it's finally on it's way, I'm so excited to go on some autumnal adventures! What is the one thing you cannot leave behind when going out with toddlers though? Snacks!

We recently received a fantastic hamper full of goodies from Aldi. Their Mamia range isn't something we've tried before, as (much to my disappointment) we don't have an Aldi close by. We were therefore thrilled to try them out - although I did have to hide them prior to our trip, as the little ones were eyeing them up as soon as they saw them.

So armed with our treats we headed out to the park for a morning walk.

Of course it wasn't long before Indiana was asking for a snack. Do two year olds ever stop eating?

Aldi Mamia’s baby food is award-winning and prices start at just 59p! The range includes everything you'd need for snacking on the go like we did, or even if you're at home - fruit and savoury pouches, rice cakes, fruit pots and even flavoured spring water.

Rice cakes are always my go-to snack of choice. They're so easy to pack and I feel like they're pretty healthy. These raspberry ones were a huge hit and were exactly what Indie needed. They're 100% organic and even Jack said they're tasty.

My two were baby led weaned so we never used pouches or purees as meals. Fruit pouches are the perfect snack however as they're healthy, quick and convenient! I like to use them as an alternative to yoghurts as they are *usually* less messy.

The water is something we really loved. We struggle to get Indiana to drink water, so this flavoured spring water is a great alternative on days out - especially when you know they're using lots of energy so need to drink.

It can be drank straight from the bottle (we would usually dilute it if at home), so there's no need to remember extra cups either!

The snacks gave the children enough energy to continue our adventure, and kept them going until lunch time. I just wish we had an Aldi closer as I know we'd use them regularly if we did. Just like we'd use Aldi Mamia nappies, as I know just how good they are!

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Me & Mine | September 2016

Friday, 30 September 2016

I'm quickly typing this up late at night on the 29th. I honestly cannot believe it's the end of the month already! We were actually very prepared this month, and captured these pictures at the very beginning  of the month on our trip to Bedgebury.

I thought this month would be full of autumn adventures, but summer seemed to stick around for a while. I'm not complaining, as it meant we managed to sneak in a few more late night trips to the park and got as much use out of our summer wardrobes. The dark nights have finally appeared and the chillier weather has set in though. So I can finally get those autumn mustards out!

We've had a relatively quiet month, which I think we needed after such a busy August. The kids haven't complained though. Sometimes I think we forget that all they want to do is run wild and free, and that they simply don't care where that is!

Saying that though we've got another busy month coming. We celebrate our first wedding anniversary this weekend. Parker was just 8 weeks old at our wedding, so looking at him now and comparing the pictures is crazy. He's grown and learnt so much in just a year; it's hard to believe that little bundle of squish is now a crazy little person.

Indie and Parker have definitely enjoyed each others company a lot more this month, and I can really see it continuing to grow. Of course we have the usual sibling dramas (and damn are they intense now), but I just cannot wait to see how it's going to develop.

I've thrown in a little throwback to us last year. Just look at how we've grown...

The Me and Mine Project