Britmums, Fruity Flapjacks & Hotter Shoes

Friday, 1 July 2016

I'm back with my #Litteloves this week! I skipped last week as honestly, I just didn't have that much to share! This week has been a lot busier, with SO much blog stuff happening - from Britmums on Saturday to an evening event on Wednesday. The weather is still awful, so I've spent the rest of the week trying to entertain two little ones inside.


I've spent most of the week reading everyone's BML posts. It's so interesting to read the day from everyone's different perspectives. It does seem that a lot people agreed with me, and didn't learn much either!


Well of course I can't do this section without mentioning Game of Thrones. Holy moly this season has been soo much better than the last! We both agreed that last weeks was the best episode, but this week's really didn't disappoint. 


Parker has a new word! Well, it's not really a word as such, but he's definitely communicating with us. At every meal time (and snack time, and whenever he's feeling the slightest bit hungry haha), he'll crawl over, look up at me and shout "NUMM, NUMM". This boy knows what he wants!


We were sent some butter for a future blog post, so Indie and I made some yummy fruity flapjacks. She was really into it, and poured everything in the bowl herself. Parker seems to like them too, so we'll probably be making a lot more now.

I also 'made' a guess at how many soothers were in the jar at Britmums. I still can't believe I guessed the exact amount! I won a whole loads of video equipment which is perfect for my vlogging. Although I haven't actually filmed anything since then haha.


I went to a local Hotter store on Wednesday to check out their range of shoes. I met up lots of lovely bloggers, and even got to take a pair of shoes away to try! I went with these gorgeous floral lace ups - just to wait until it's summery enough outside to wear them haha.

And Lastly...
This week has made me realise just how much I love blogging and the community it has. I've met so many lovely people through doing it, and without it I really don't think I'd speak to many people at all. It has made me so much more confident too. So thank you blog, I owe you!

Have a lovely week!
Emily xx
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Me & Mine | June 2016

Thursday, 30 June 2016

I wasn't very organised with pictures this month. Jack and I haven't really spent many weekend together as he's had his own thing going on, and then I was at Britmums last Saturday. These were taken on our day out at Diggerland last Sunday, where I said to Jack I wasn't leaving without a photo. Indiana really wasn't feeling it (I really don't know what the face is about it the top picture haha), but we got them anyway!

This month has passed by without much to shout about. The weather has gone from boiling hot to thunderstorms almost daily, so getting out hasn't been easy to plan. I have been in full party planning mode for Parker's 1st birthday though. I've got his outfit sorted, most of his presents bought and the invites are sent. We're not booking a cake smash but we're planning on doing a DIY one in a few weeks too.

We've got lots of exciting things planned for July, and you never know Summer might decide it wants to come back again for them haha. I can't believe this is Parker's last month as a baby (he's one on August 4th). I really don't think I'm prepared to have two toddlers... I think that's a scarier thought than 2 under 2!

Emily xx
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