Saturday, 22 November 2014

The First Shoes!

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't hit the link on the right :)) you'll know that Indiana is now a walker! She's getting more confident every day so we definitely thought it was the right time for shoes. 

We have had her feet measured a few times now as we wanted to initially get her cruisers when she was begining to cruise. However poor Indiana didn't have big enough feet so we just had to wait haha!

Luckily we went into Clarks on Sunday (at 50 weeks and 5days)  and she got measured up again, and she's now a 3H. She definitely has my wide feet so we were limited to only two different designs (why are all girls shoes pink?!) Even then they didn't have them in stock so we had to order them.

I must admit that even though they're bright pink they are very cute, and as they'll need replacing so often I'm not too worried. We stuck with the cruising design for now, and she's still not walking 100% of the time, but we'll probably get walkers next time!
When did your little one get their first shoes?
Emily xx
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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

DIY First Birthday Cake Smash!

It was a couple of weeks ago now that we did Indiana's cake smash, and with only 1 week to go until her birthday, I thought it was time to share them with you! I would have loved to do a professional one but it would have worked out SO expensive. So in the end we did it completely 'DIY' and I'm so pleased with the results, especially considering Indiana just doesn't sit still haha. 

Jack is the baker in this household so he was in charge of the cake. I bought a cupcake mould from Ebay as that's the design we were going for. It turned out pretty well, and it was even topped with pink icing and a pink ribbon.

Her outfit was something I thought about for a while. I wanted something that looked super cute, but also something that symbolised her turning 1. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you'll know how much I love My First Years. I found the 'first birthday' vest and instantly fell in love, so that was sorted. The pink frillys are something I've had my eye on for ages now! They're from my favourite place The Bow Boutique are are SO cute and girly. I completed her outfit with a pink bow from The Bow Boutique as well.

We just used a plain wall in the living room (luckily we have laminate flooring too which is a must!). I took some of her bunting from her room to decorate the wall, and then just blew up some pink balloon... so simple!

Then it was time to let her loose with the cake. As soon as she saw it she wanted to touch it and we needn't have worried about her crawling off haha. Her face was a picture and it wasn't long before she got stuck in. She didn't eat much of the cake itself but I'm surprised she wasn't sick after all the icing she ate! Jack was photographer too, using his Bridge camera.

I would totally recommend doing a cake smash for a first, or even other birthdays. The pictures are something we'll treasure forever and as we did it ourselves we can keep them all, and then decide what ones we want to print. To be honest I think doing it ourselves was much more fun, and she completed the shoot with a nice warm bubbly bath, her favourite!
Did you do a cake smash?
Emily xx
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