Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Sleep Regression? Teething? HELP!

Why is Google always the first place you head to when you want answers? I'm terrible for it and if I'm honest I never find a bloody answer haha! Recently the search has been for why Indiana has been in such a foul mood.

She's turned into the tantrum queen; throwing herself on the floor in public places, much to the disapproval of onlookers. The girl who used to nap twice a day for almost 2 hours at a time is point blank refusing to do just that. Oh and the waking at night! Between midnight and 1am seems to be her favourite time to scream and scream and scream. As well as a few more screams until around 6.30am when it's time to get up.

But why?!

One suggestion was that she was going through an 18 month sleep regression. I didn't even know this existed! She's also not 18 months for a week haha. It would explain a lot though and gives a reason for her terrible sleeping at night.

Yesterday I noticed she's got her 4 canines coming so is it all down to teething? It must be pretty rough getting 4 teeth at once, poor girly, but she's never been like this with teeth before. I can see one has broken through so fingers crossed the others aren't far behind.

So who knows what's up with her. I think I've given up trying to work it out and am just going with the flow haha. She only woke up once last night (after battling to get her to sleep instead), so I'm hoping we're on the way out of the stage. God I wish I liked coffee!
Any other suggestions on what it could be?
Emily xx
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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

'Baby On Board' With TFL & Notonthehighstreet

I'm pretty sure everyone must have heard of the sweet little 'baby on board' badges you can get when you find out you're expecting. Now the range is expanding with the help of fab online retailer! The website have teamed with TFL (Transport for London) for a three year partnership and have launched an exclusive range of 'Baby on Board' products to celebrate!

The range currently has 12 different products from baby shower gifts, cards, accessories and personalised gifts! They plan to expand over the coming months too. The badges remain free of course, but the products range in price from £3.25 to £40.
The Personalised 'Baby on Board' Keepsake Box (£26) is absolutely beautiful! Large and sturdy and secured with a magnetic flap and a lovely white ribbon; it's definitely something to treasure. It's personal to you and can be used to store all those lovely memories from your pregnancy - I'm going to be keeping mine as a memory box for baby boy!
This quirky little congratulations card (£3.25) is for you mummies who have enjoyed a bumpy ride travelling with your bump. It's a funny twist on your usual congratulations card and adds a bit of fun - the quality is fab too - and with a blank inside it's perfect for adding your own message.

The personalised leather 'Baby on Board' keyring (£12.50) is also a sweet touch for mums to be. The text is completely your choice (up to 3 lines worth too); you can also choose between the shape of the keyring and the colour! The leather is great quality and as they're all hand made each one is different.
I was also sent this huge tote bag which we've actually been using for shopping - Jack's been doing the carrying though of course! It's bold and clearly shows to people to be aware of your bump! I personally wouldn't carry it around day - to - day, but it's a lovely addition to the collection.

Have you checked out the range? What's your favourite item?
Emily xx
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Disclaimer - I was sent these products free of charge in exchange for this blog post. I was not paid and all opinions are honest and my own
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