Trunki PaddlePak | Review

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Swimming is becoming one of Indiana and Jack's favourite weekend activities. It's their little thing, and I love hearing their stories when they come back from a dip. We never really had anywhere to take her swim things in though.. until now! Say hello to Sheldon The Turtle - Indiana's new Paddlepak (or swimming bag to her), by Trunki.

PaddlePaks are a water resistant backpack, perfect for days out to the beach or a trip to the pool. They're made from lightweight and durable material, and are designed to protect clothes inside from getting wet, and then stop the wet bits dripping everywhere after use! Sheldon is a medium sized bag so perfect for 2 year old Indiana.

We took it for it's first trip out on our recent holiday to Butlin's, and Indiana was VERY excited! She was wearing it around the house the second it arrived, so couldn't wait to actually take it swimming. I was dubious when I got all of Indiana's swim bits out, as I couldn't imagine it all fitting in the bag. However I was blown away when it all managed to fit in (everything in the picture below), and that was without squeezing and fighting with it either haha.

There are so many features to the bag, that I had to use the website just to see what they were all for!

Makes a water tight seal

Allows a quick release if needed

To keep your belongings safe and dry

For a comfy fit

With chunky zip

For sunglasses or goggles

For a comfy, breathable fit

For increased visibility

Perfect for school and locker rooms

For keeping small items close to hand

To keep your little treasure safe and dryfeatures trunki

I love that the top roll overs and clips in place - it reminds you to roll it 3 times so it works properly (a handy tip Jack told me about!). This keeps it extra secure and makes sure nothing can get in or out. The little zip pocket was also handy for keeping my watch and phone in (I'm sure Indie will have some valuables at some point haha). The straps are easy to adjust and fitted Indiana really well - although it was slightly heavy once full, so I'd be careful not to put too much stuff in just because it fits.

I love the little features that make it look like a turtle. The little face is SO cute and I think the design makes Indiana love it even more. There are so many other designs to choose from including a clown fish (my absolute favourite), a killer whale, and a jellyfish washbag! Each is bright, colourful and so much fun!

We cannot wait to take Sheldon on his next adventure to sunny Crete! If you want to grab one for yourself they're available on the Trunki website and on sale at retailers such as Boots for £19.99 each.

Emily xx
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Disclosure - We were sent a PaddlePak for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are honest and my own

Mummy & Me | April

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

I didn't get many pictures of the three of us this month. It's been so busy and I've been more in the moment than taking pictures. Even on our recent Butlin's holiday we hardly took any pictures! This one was taken when I took Indie and Parker to see the Grufflo! I was so worried Indie was been one of those kids that's terrified but she loved him.

I still can't get over how big my two are getting; with their matching blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. I really am so lucky to have these two call me mummy! Indiana's at such a fun age. We play hide and seek, sing songs and dance together, and every so often she'll run over and tell me she loves me! Parker obviously can't speak, but he does cover me in the most slobbery kisses. He's learning to do the M sound too, so hopefully he'll start saying mama soon!

Emily xx
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