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Watching Trains, Mother's Day Gifts & A Busy Weekend | #LittleLoves

Friday, 24 March 2017

Oh Spring... when will you decide to make an appearance and actually stick around? The weather has been pretty rubbish this week, meaning it hasn't been very exciting. It's also been overshadowed by more sadness in this world. But I don't want dwell too much on the negative, so here's this week's Little Loves...


I haven't actually read much this week. Of course I've read plenty of blog posts, but nothing I can really pin point. I did read that One Born Every Minute is back on soon though... who else will be watching?


I know this is a rubbish link for this week, but I'm going with it! Wrapped up in coats, hats and wellies (come on weather, it's almost April!), I took the littles for a loooong walk on Monday. We discovered a park I never even knew existed, and had it all to ourselves. Even better it was right next to a field with horses, and you could watch the trains go by - We watched them for absolutely ages; I've never seen Parker so happy!


Can you believe I still haven't got my hands on Ed Sheeran's new album? I have been listening to a few of the tracks this week though, and I've loved them all so far. This one is my new favourite!


Picking Indie up from preschool on Wednesday, I was presented with my first little Mother's Day present and the sweetest "happy Mother's day mummy". She was SO proud of it and told me about every sticker on our walk home.


I thought I could finally post about some of the new Spring clothing I bought a few weeks ago, but it's still not warm enough! So here's Parker rocking Batman and a tutu... a winning combination right?

And Lastly...

We've got a fully packed weekend planned, with Mother's Day on Sunday and a day in London tomorrow. We're off to see Peppa Pig at the cinema (the things we do for our little ones huh?), and then I think we're heading to the museums. I'll admit I am worried after this week, but we're not going to let it ruin our fun!

Have a lovely week :)

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Toddler Swimming Essentials + Konfidence Giveaway!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Going swimming with your little ones can be one of the loveliest experiences... but only if you are prepared. They can get chilly quickly, be slippery little things, and don't even think about going for a dip without a proper swim nappy.

So I've put together my list of toddler swimming essentials, to hopeful make your swimming experience a positive one!

Toddler swimming Essentials
This year we're thrilled to be working with Konfidence, as one of their Baby Swimologists. Parker recently finished his term of swimming lessons with Puddle Ducks, where we got to test out some fantastic Konfidence products.

We've used the Konfidence Aqua Nappies since Indie was a baby, and have recommended them to almost everyone. They're made from a soft polyester outer layer, a PVC middle barrier and then a soft inner mesh. They grow with your little one as they can be adjusted with poppers and velcro, and when you're done just wash and reuse!

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Most swimming lessons have a double layer policy when it comes to nappies, so we used the Konfidence NeoNappy nappy cover on top. It provides that extra security (no one wants a poop explosion mid-swim!), by creating a soft, stretchy, impermeable shell.

If you've ever changed in a public changing room, you'll know they're not the nicest of places. The Konfidence Roll & Go Changing Mat is great for this. It's made from soft cushioned neoprene with a non-slip back - creating a more hygienic and warm spot to change / dress your child. It rolls up really easily too which is a little bonus.

A swimming bag probably isn't an essential, but it's pretty handy! We love our Trunki Paddlepak as it's waterproof, full of handy little features, and the designs are just adorable. You can read more about our experience here.

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If your little one gets cold easily (or you're going abroad where you know the pools with be freezing), the Konfidence Babywarma Wetsuit is brilliant. It's essentially a baby/toddler wetsuit - it's a lot easier to use those as it is completely velcro adjustable. As well as keeping your little one warm, it also offers 100% UV protection on all covered areas, it provides additional grip and it looks pretty cute too!

Although showering after swimming isn't always easy, you can make it a more enjoyable experience with lovely products. We love Childs Farm and their 3-in-1 swim not only smells absolutely amazing, but I know it's gentle on our two's skin. This travel set is perfect for swimming as the bottles are smaller, and it includes a hair detangler and moisturiser too.

Finally, you of course need a snuggly towel to wrap them up in! We love our poncho towel from Cuddledry, although any hooded/poncho towel would work. The poncho design means they're covered, but they have their arms free - perfect for holidays too.

All of these products combined have made our swimming experience so positive, and I'd loved to make yours positive too! I'm thrilled to be offering a giveaway to win £50 to spend on Konfidence swimming goodies. Just enter via the Gleam widget below.. and good luck!

Disclosure - We received the Konfidence products as part of our Swimologist role. All opinions are honest and my own.