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Mummy and Me | May 2017

Saturday, 27 May 2017

What a wonderful month May was. Full of family days out, sunshine and fun! We also headed off on our summer holiday this month, where I managed to capture so many snaps of my and my two (thanks instahusband!).

This holiday really made me notice how big my two are getting now. Parker is not the little baby I imagine him to be anymore. But a little boy - full of cheekiness, fire and imagination. And our beautiful big girl Indie surprises me daily with her knowledge and sassiness.

Our holiday to Ibiza was just what we all needed. Time to enjoy each others company. To soak in our family dynamic and just enjoy each other - with no routines, nowhere else to be and most importantly no rain!!

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Sad News, Playdates & Glorious Weather | #LittleLoves

Friday, 26 May 2017

What an awful week. So much sadness with the awful news of Manchester on Monday. It made me want to jump straight back onto a plane and head away again.. to get back into the blissful holiday bubble with my family at my side.

This post is all about celebrating the good though, which I feel is definitely needed this week!


Since we arrived back from our holiday, there's been absolutely no time for reading. I've been trying to catch up on the linkys I joined in with while I was away, but with very little success. I'm hoping this sunny Bank Holiday gives me a chance to sit down with a book and relax!


On Wednesday we had an exciting trip to Bewl Water and the beach, meeting up with Harriet and Alice for a play date! The three girls had never all met before, but it actually went better than I expected. It was so lovely to watch them interact and play with each other, and they even let Parker play too which was a relief, (especially as he took a particular shining to Amelia). 


We always have Radio 1 on whenever we're in the car, and on our way home Monday they were live from Radio 1s Academy. They had artists performing live, but the one that's stuck in the head most was this mashup from Bastille. Who knew Snoop Dogg and Lorde could be put together?


Absolutely nothing! Unless 'making' a start on the holiday washing counts?


We have been so lucky with the weather recently! Not only was it beautiful in Ibiza, but it's been absolutely gorgeous since we've been home too. I'm making the most of the weather while it lasts, wearing summery dresses and sandals. 

I love this dress from New Look - the picture doesn't show it but it's bardot style and actually really comfortable. The fit also means it doesn't cling in any places either, which means it's perfect for eating all the food too.

And Lastly...

Anyone else absolutely buzzing for the Bank Holiday weekend? We've managed to spend so much time as a family this month, and I absolutely love it! If only there were Bank Holidays every month.

Have a lovely week :)

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