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Maternity Leave, A Time to Make Decisions

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Going on maternity leave can be a blessing. Not only it is crucial in order to have quality time with your child or to cope with the strains of pregnancy, but it could also be the perfect time to start thinking about the future.

What will your next step be?

For some this could mean changing careers or even starting a new one.

Once you start thinking about taking this important step in your life, it would be a good idea to do some research online. To understand what’s actually out there, how to update your CV or to see which roles you are best suited too.

Thankfully the Internet is full of amazing sources of information, from working mothers offering genuine advice to sites such as blog Jobrapido which offers professional guidance, from choosing the right career to interview preparation. It’s also important to consider possible study period/courses you might want or need to undertake for certain positions. Being prepared will give you more confidence to re-evaluate your career, and give yourself the time to reflect on what you want.

Juggling between work and family is not an easy task. Being a mum might mean a full-time career is simply not do-able, or just something you don't want to do anymore. However, it is important to remember that you have many options on what you can do afterwards, to keep the two most important parts of your life balanced.

You could start your journey pursuing a part-time job, which would give you the chance to balance family and work, while keeping your mind stimulated professionally. Though there are always some pros and cons that need to be considered. Here are just some that you might want to keep in mind.


Since working part-time requires fewer hours, it means that your time with your family won’t be as affected as that of a full-time employee. Remember to be up front and open with your employer - don’t be afraid to request flexible hours and know your working rights, before being pressured into agreeing to more hours than you had originally wanted.


Getting out of the office in time to pick up your children from school, or to take them to their various after-school activities, is often a very important point for a working parent. However, for many of us it is simply easier and more practical to consider finding someone else who can offer help with childcare. Whether this be family, friends, child-minders, nannies, or an after-school club. I advise doing lots of research and even talk to other parents, to see what they decided on.

Less Money 

Working fewer hours will of course mean that you will earn less money than a full-time worker. But if you are one for a challenge, you could always ask your boss for extra work, in order to gain a little extra money. You must consider if the number of hours you are working, and the amount you will earn, are worth the extra work you will have to do, in order to organise your life around a new job.


Sometimes (not in every company) if you start working part-time you might not be eligible for benefits such as paid holiday, or sick days. Again be sure of your rights, and don’t be afraid to ask questions - you’ll kick yourself later if you don’t!

For any decision that you are going to make, always try to not underestimate yourself. Don't doubt yourself too much, be confident and always think about what YOU want. Maternity leave helps you welcome one part of your life and also reflect on the other. Take advantage of the time you have and be sure to enjoy every minute!

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Butlin's Fun, Fairy Makeovers & Holiday Blues | #LittleLoves

Friday, 21 April 2017

Last week passed in an absolute blur! Friday morning we headed down to Minehead, for an easter weekend of Butlin's fun. The fun didn't stop there though, as we spent a couple of extra days away; visiting Bath and Longleat too.

Getting away was exactly what we all needed, and despite it not being the most relaxing trip (20 month olds are NOT very good holiday companions), we still had the best time. I do think I need another holiday though to recover from that one... roll on May!


Unless a Butlin's Easter Egg hunt map counts, then absolutely nothing... I've just been too busy.


We watched SO many shows this week, although the highlight was probably Teletubbies - for the littles of course, not me! Their little faces were an absolute picture, and Indie was up grooving throughout. 


We had Indie's preschool consultation yesterday - her first since she start in January. It was so lovely to hear what she's been up to, and how she is when there. 

Does anyone else's little one act different at preschool / school than to at home? Apparently she's shy and quiet.. I'm not quite sure that's my crazy little lady they're talking about, as we trouble getting her to stop shouting at home!


Lots of memories! Cheesy I know, but oh so true. We also 'made it' through two nights of all of us sleeping in the same room... that was not so much fun.


Indiana had a special fairy princess makeover, and it was the cutest thing! She's still dressing up as a fairy daily, and has asked to get her very own nail varnish for at home. If only we could all be fairy princesses hey?

And Lastly...

I'm so pleased to be getting back to reality after the Easter break, and being away. I've got soooo much to do, so fingers crossed I can find the time to get it done. Anyone else got the holiday blues though?

Have a lovely week :)

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