Sunday, 29 March 2015

21 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2

This week has been an odd one; especially because for most of it I haven't felt pregnant! Baby boy is the size of a carrot now and is about 27cm long. He can now blink and his movements are meant to get stronger and more often.

We had a very busy week holidaying in the beautiful Bluestone National Park in Wales - Pip's first holiday! Indiana went on her first holiday at 20 weeks too, but I didn't have much a bump back then! There was a lot of walking, eating delicious food and relaxing which I think was definitely needed.

The drive was the worst bit and did play a bit of havoc on my back but I haven't really noticed it much at all this week! I definitely think Jack doing most of the hard work (pram pushing and Indiana carrying) was the reason; as well as lots of resting with my feet up!

Pip has definitely been very active this week. He's constantly kicking away and I've noticed his movements a lot higher up recently. I can feel my uterus has moved up and can usually find him hidden on one side. I can feel them quite strongly but Jack's still yet to feel even though I grab his hand to put it on my bump all the time haha.

We're so excited to see our little boy tomorrow at the scan (and to double check he's still a he haha). Fingers crossed everything is still ok! I will be back next Sunday for my 22 week update.
Emily xx
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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Mummy & Me | March

I absolutely love this new linky idea from Nicola at Life Through My Eyes. The idea is to share a photo of you AND your little one/s from the 27th of each Month. Too many of us mummies are probably guilty of filling our phones with pictures of just our children, and not of us together - I know I am!

Saying that Indie and I do love a good selfie and of course I had to pick a photo from Mother's Day this year (not that she wanted to spend any time with me that day haha, as you can tell from her grumpy face).
But here we are, Indiana and mummy March 2015!

Emily xx
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Nicola... Life Through My Eyes