Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Indiana's 20 Month Update

The 26th July marked Indiana turning 20 months old! I think every month I just can't believe how grow up she is, and now she's even closer to turning two... too crazy to even think about! She's now the age she's going to be when she becomes a big sister which is equally as crazy; especially considering she'd only just turned one when I became pregnant.

We really think she's ready for this huge step and this month has been great proof of this. She's absolutely obsessed with her baby (she pretty much sleeps, eats and breathes with her now haha). She'll try to change her nappy, feed her milk and even put her to bed. It's heart melting to watch, and just gives us hope that she's going to love having a real baby brother around.
She's got herself into a pretty structured weekly routine now and it's making our days much easier. She wakes any time after 6am; we play, eat breakfast and get ready for the day. She then watches Mr Tumble and once he's finished she goes down for her nap. This usually lasts 2hours but can be slightly longer or shorter. Around 12ish we eat lunch and we then either go out, play, etc until dinner time. We eat dinner at around 5.30pm which is followed by a bath or more play - this is her and Jack's time which she loves. She's in bed by 7pm - and then we repeat!

Her language again is coming on in leaps and bounds. Sometimes she just comes out with a word as if she's always been able to say it, much to the shock of Jack and I! If you follow me on YouTube you'll see just how chatty she is and how many words she does know. We do think she's developing a little lisp though, not that it's a problem, it's pretty cute haha. Her new favourite is 'cuggle' which although started off sweet, gets quite annoying when she's screaming at your feet when you're trying to make dinner haha.
This month she has become absolutely obsessed with Cbeebies and a couple of their shows. We've never really put it on before but she's picked it up from her time with my mum - Monday mornings once a week haha. She LOVES Mr Tumble and constantly asks for 'mumble' on and she is mesmerised by the Twirlywoos and the dreaded In The Night Garden (all to Jack's displeasure haha).

We've been teething again this month which has resulted in a lot of poor nights sleep and loads of dribbly cuddles. She developed a nasty teething rash too which has luckily gone down mostly now. We noticed she's got her second set of molars coming through on the bottom. The dentist said she wouldn't get these until she was between 2 and 3, but according to my mum we were early teethers so I think Indie must be too.
She loves to run, dance, jump, play and is quite the little entertainer haha. She's very bossy and will get you to join in with whatever she's up to - she still loves to drag you places to get you to do what she wants haha. She can do puzzles well - she knows where all the letters go in her alphabet one and does this herself - builds huge towers and loves to play make believe. She's very independent and sometimes I just look at her and can't believe how grown up and clever she really is!

What was your little one up to at 20 months?
Emily xx
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Monday, 27 July 2015

Mummy & Me | July

I can't believe this is my last month posting as a mummy of one! Next month's post will see me as a mummy of two for definite - hopefully I'll be able to get a decent picture with a newborn and a toddler haha.

This month I've been enjoying as much time with Indiana as possible. Now I'm so heavily pregnant it's hard for me to do much, but we have been having plenty of snuggles and cuddles to make up for it. She's become extra snuggly these past few weeks, which has made me think that she knows something's going to change soon. She'll always be my baby girl though, and I'm going to try my hardest to enjoy regular mummy and Indiana time once baby is born.

I couldn't just pick one photo this month. But I thought as it's my last with just my cheeky little lady it was totally acceptable to pick a few! Plus she's such a poser I just had to share them with you all haha.
Mummy loves you lots Indiana; even though your brother will be here soon, you'll always be my beautiful baby girl!
Emily xx
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