A Third Birth Story | Lilah Jean


I wanted to write up Lilah's birth story as quickly as possible after she arrived. I didn't want to forget any details, and have an incomplete story. But I'm typing this now, with Lilah snuggled up in my arms at 11 days old. And honestly? I still don't think her birth has sunk in!

After being sure I'd be overdue this time, I accepted a sweep from my midwife. On Friday 12th January, at 39+5 my lovely midwife popped over to our house. She did all of her regular checks, and performed the sweep - my very first despite this being my third pregnancy!

Baby girl was 3/5ths engaged and in prime position, but my cervix was still long and not really 'labour ready'. My midwife left with the intention of coming back on the Monday, sure that the sweep wasn't really going to do much. I had slight bleeding the rest of the day, but just as I thought, no labour signs.

Saturday 13th January arrived, and just as expected I was still pregnant. We decided to have a relaxed family day - snuggling on the sofa, a walk around a local NT property (followed by hot chocolates and cake of course), and I did the bedtime routine just in case. It was the perfect last day as a family of four.

That evening I noticed a few more cramps, and getting ready for bed around 10.30pm I noticed I had had my bloody show... something was happening! Slight back cramps soon followed, although as my waters hadn't broken I didn't think anything serious was happening.

I managed to doze in and out until around 4am, when I thought I'd starting timing my tightenings. From very early on they were around 5-6 minutes apart lasting around a minute. They were completely bearable though; I could breathe through them and once one passed I felt completely normal too. During this time I did go to the loo a couple of times as well (I think they officially call it a 'clear out').

As time passed I noticed the pains becoming increasingly more painful. Always in my back. Standing made them more intense. They were building in waves... These were definitely contractions! But still my waters hadn't gone, so I thought I had a looong way to go yet.

The whole night I let Jack sleep - why wake him when I was managing okay? But at 6am something felt different, and I thought it was time to let him know the situation. I told him to call his parents too, as they were having the littles while we were at hospital. He was completely calm, and didn't seem in a rush to get his parents over.

The time between this call and Lilah being born are all a bit of a blur. Things picked up SO fast, and it wasn't long before I was crying from the pain and begging Jack to call the hospital. He put the Tens machine on, but honestly it was probably waaay too late for it to have any effect. The contractions were basically on top of each other by now!

Finally Jack's parents (and my sister, who was my second birth partner) arrived, and we made our way to the hospital. Looking back I was definitely in the transition stage at this point. I refused to get in the car, cried saying goodbye to my big babies, and shouted how "I couldn't do this!" a number of times.

Thankfully they managed to get me in the car, and we made the short 5 minute journey to the hospital - where I had about 3 contractions - so you can imagine how intense things were by now. The pressure down below was building too, so baby girl wasn't far away.

Arriving at the hospital around 7.30am, I somehow made it up to the antenatal ward. The nurse wanted to check my blood pressure. I shouted at her to stop. The midwife wanted to check my progress. I refused to get on the bed. Three back to back contractions later, I think they realised how close I was and decided to send me straight to delivery instead!

I couldn't walk, so they got me on the bed and practically ran us down the corridor. It was on this journey that my waters finally broke too - such a strange experience, as they had always gone so much earlier in my previous labours.

Hanging over the bed, I had absolutely no idea who the midwife was delivering our baby girl. I was handed the gas and air, and immediately went into a world of my own. My body was in control, and it was pushing! And just a few minutes later, at 7.59am on the 14th January (my due date), our beautiful little Lilah was born.

Still in complete shock I turned around to see our littlest lady; Jack cut her cord, and we had a blissful hour of skin to skin. I was so pleased to only have a minimal 2nd degree tear, especially considering she weighed an impressive 9lbs 7oz of chunky perfection!

After a quick newborn check and no problems with me, we were discharged straight from the delivery ward. And we were home having snuggles by lunchtime.

It was the most perfect labour. But the speed and intensity of that last hour was something else... they say third labours are unpredictable, and they were't wrong! If I hadn't have got in the car when we did, there is no doubt I would have had the home birth we originally planned. Our beautiful baby girl wasn't hanging around!

Parker's Water Birth {Second Baby}

The Siblings Project | January 2018


I cannot believe we're here. Our first Sibling's Project post of the new year, and our first post with three little siblings. A brother and his two sisters. A big girl, a toddler and a baby. Ah! I still don't think it's sunk in properly yet...

How can I describe life with three so far? 



A bit overwhelming.

But so full of love, and happiness and pure joy.

Looking at my big two with their new baby sister has been the most beautiful experience, and one I'm trying to soak up every minute of! Indiana is the proud big sister again. Wanting to help at every opportunity, and excitedly telling everyone about her new baby sister Lilah. 

And then there's Parker in his new big brother role. He has of course had his moments of being a bit too full on - but he is just fascinated by his baby sister, and constantly demands kisses and cuddles. He's instantly grown before my eyes too. And although he'll always be my little baby boy, he's most definitely not a baby anymore!

It's definitely been a big change jumping from two to three - mainly adjusting to life with a baby again, when we were just out of that stage with our big two. But it's a journey I am so excited to experience (even if it's going to be tough at times!).

I cannot wait to document our three little Peachicks this year!

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

Welcome to the World Lilah | A Birth Announcement


I was absolutely adamant I would be sharing a 40 week pregnancy update this week. Complaining of being overdue and oh so uncomfortable. But if you follow us over on social media, you'll know our beautiful baby girl had other plans!

At 7.59am on Sunday 14th January, our beautiful little Lilah entered the world. Born in a hurry, on her due date of all days! Weighing an impressive 9lb 7oz of newborn chub, and with a little fuzz of golden hair; she is absolute perfection.

I will be sharing my birth story as soon as I can (otherwise those already hazy memories will fade!). But for now I just wanted to introduce her to you all, and to say thank you for all of the support over the last 9 months of my pregnancy. I've loved documenting every moment, and cannot wait to share all of Lilah's updates from now on instead.

38 Weeks Pregnant {Baby Number Three}


It seems crazy that we're at this stage already. I remember writing my very first update for this pregnancy, and thinking our due date was aaages away. But here we are, with just 9 days until that date! Although as I've said throughout this pregnancy, I still think I have at least one more update to write.

38 weeks & 5 days

14th January 2018


I use the Baby Centre App to check on baby's progress - Baby is around 6.8lbs, although I reckon she's closer to the 8lb mark at this stage now (especially if she takes after her brother and sister). She's also around 49.8cm long, which is about as long as a leek.

I've seen my midwife twice since my last update (I'm seeing her weekly now), and we've had some rather rubbish news. My iron levels have dropped again, so our home birth plans are now out of the window. I'm absolutely gutted, as it's what I've wanted from the very beginning. But I know the safety of myself and the baby are most important, so I will of course follow the midwives advice.

The good news though, is that baby girl is doing really well. She's well head down, in a good position, and still 3/5ths engaged. She's wriggling around loads, and forever bouncing on my cervix.. much to my discomfort!

I'm hoping to jump on the scales soon to see how much I've put on overall - I'm a little bit scared though, as I've definitely indulged the last few weeks.

I'm absolutely exhausted and everything aches. I can't move or do anything without making those 'ooft' noises, and I've definitely given up trying to do anything more than I need to now. I'm waking constantly at night (all good preparation right?), but I know there's a light at the end of the tunnel so I'm trying to just embrace these last few days / weeks.

What is sleep? I've said to Jack that I actually dread going to bed these days, as I know sleep is going to be so rubbish. I'm waking almost hourly, peeing at least twice during the night, and just cannot get comfortable at all! I'm exhausted though, and have found myself drifting off in the middle of the day a few times now.

Nothing of note recently.

As I mentioned above, I'm just feeling a bit deflated and disappointed. I am SO excited to meet this little lady though! I go to bed each night thinking 'will this be it?' and although I'm terrified of the pain, I'm ready to do it all again.

Nothing in particular.. I just have no idea what it feels like to not be pregnant anymore!

Ah, nothing! I am totally done with dressing a bump now :|

Celebrating our final Christmas and New Year as a family of four. It was so magical, and it's made me so excited to have another little one running around next year. The littles have absolutely loved talking to bump these last few days too. I feel it's a sign they're ready to meet her!

Hopefully meeting this beautiful baby girl very soon! Parker was born at 39+1 weeks.. so who knows when this little one will make her appearance?

You can see how this pregnancy compares to Parker's (my second) here.