Teething Part 3 | We Have A Tooth!


So I said I would do an update when we have some more progress and I can finally say we do! I last did an update on the 10th April saying how Indiana was teething full force, and I think pretty much every day since then has been a teething day haha, lucky us! However, Monday morning (the day Indie turned 6 months), Jack was playing with Indie when he felt a tooth on the bottom right.

We've been quite lucky that Indiana has been quite a good teether really. She has her teether toys and we use Bonjela (and Calpol when she really needs it) and that usually is enough. We did have a few really bad days where she was a clingy so-and-so and would only be happy when being cuddled though.

She's also getting pretty bored of her own teething toys and has taken quite a liking to her cousins haha! It's pretty much just like the ones she already owns, but you know what kids are like, they want what the other has!

I've tried SO hard to get a picture or video clip of the tooth but it's so damn hard! Every time I go towards her mouth she pokes her little tongue out the monkey haha. It also looks like the one next to it is on it's way too, so hopefully once that's through too we'll have a bit of a rest from teething... but who knows!

Mr Nutcase Phone Case | Review


I was waiting for a new phone for what seemed like forever, my contract didn't run out until June and I couldn't wait for a new one. Then one day my beloved Blackberry decided to die on me (yes I know I was one of the 'uncool' ones left with Blackberry but I loved it haha). So I just HAD to get a new one then... yay! I made the purchase and joined the iPhone club, getting a new iPhone 5C; however I think I was more excited about being able to get a decent case than my phone!

I searched for ages but just couldn't find one I loved, as I wanted one that still showed the pink bit, and most covered this up! Then I was contacted by Mr Nutcase and I couldn't believe my luck, they were just what I was after!

Mr Nutcase are an online company specialising in personalised phone and tablet covers for a huge range of makes and models. It's pretty simple really:
  1. Pick your phones make/model 
  2. Choose the design (they have a huge array of collage designs!) you want 
  3. Upload you picture/pictures 
  4. If you wish you can even add text 
  5. Order! 
It's so simple and I'm pretty sure even my mum could do it who is a complete techno-phobe haha. However, I will tell you that picking the photo I wanted was such a hard decision. I wanted just one picture as I thought this would look more simple against the pink. In the end I decided on this beautiful picture of me and Indiana at Hastings beach. Another great thing about it is that I chose to have the image just on the back, not wrapped around the sides, so no covered pink, woo hoo!

The case I ordered cost £14.95 which I think is pretty average these days, however I do think it's quite pricey if you want to replace the case with updated pictures on a regular basis. Shipping is free worldwide and is dispatched the next day which I think is really good!

I love the case and think it looks great on my phone. A few negatives is that I find the case quite slippery. It sounds odd but sometimes I can be holding it and it falls out of my hand! The image is also slightly grainy, but I think that's more because of the photo I used, not the case!

*I was kindly sent this case to review, however all opinions are my own*

Sharing Our Messy Moments


I was recently contacted by Johnson's Baby to help them out with a competition they're running. They're trying to capture those 'messy moments' that having a baby/toddler/child brings and share them with the world. From changing a nappy, to being covered in paint there are countless opportunities to capture a messy moment; however as we hadn't begun weaning when we sent in our video we decided to capture a nappy change, with Johnson's wipes of course!

Once I sent in the clips I kind of forgot about it, and didn't think much of it, as I knew they would have been inundated with responces. However I was just checking a notification on Facebook yesterday when I spotted I'd been tagged in something. I clicked on the link and low and behold there we were, opening the video!

I feel so happy to be chosen to feature in the video, and Indiana was a superstar before she was even 6 months (and yes she's got the diva thing down already haha)! I couldn't wait to share the video with all my friends and family, and now thought I'd share it with my blogging friends too!

Johnson's are a great well known brand and I feel so amazed to have been chosen! The video features some beautiful pictures and clips, and makes you realise just how special our little ones are.
Emily xx
*I was not asked to write this post, I just wanted to share the clip with you all*

Indiana's 6 Month Update


When I look back on this month it's crazy to see how much Indiana has learnt and changed, it's amazing to see what a few short weeks can do! Now we're at her half birthday and I can't help but feel a little sad. These six months have flown by and I just know the next half of the year will too, and then she'll be a whole year old! But anyway, back to her six month update...
I had Indie weighed last Wednesday (when she was 25+1 weeks) and my little chunk weighed 16lb 8oz! She's getting so big now, and I'm proud to say she's doubled her birth weight exactly! This was something I heard was supposed to happen by six months so I was so happy when I found out.

Routine is something that has be thrown out the window a little this month haha. Through teething, days out, and just because she's a little monkey, Indie has been all over the place with her naps and bottles! I still try and put her down for a nap 2 hours after she wakes up, but some days she would scream blue murder and I'd have to pick her up and give up haha. She loves to play now and could spend all day playing with her toys or with me. However separation anxiety is at a high and I just have to turn my back on her and she's screaming haha. We have been busy with baby massage this month, and we've had lots of play dates with my sister and nephews and other family members. 

With these lack of naps we have one tired little lady at bed time haha, bless her. A few days this week she's even been asleep in bed for 6.30, and still slept through until 7! Not much has changed with this routine, apart from she now has a bath seat so bath time she loves even more (but now hates getting out as she's having too much fun haha). She now sleeps on her side with is so so cute.
We finally managed to make the swap back to Cow&Gate First Stage, halle-bloody-lujah! This time we just completely changed from Comfort to Stage 1 in one go and she didn't even notice haha. The only thing we have noticed now is that as it's not as thick she's getting hungrier quicker, and will down an 8oz bottle pretty swiftly. We did swap back to size 2 teats when we changed as it was coming out far too fast. 

The most exciting update is that now she's six months weaning can begin! We're so excited to start baby led weaning (which you all know from my previous updates), and will definitely be keeping a diary on her progress. We have given her a couple of bits up until now and she's loved it all... well apart from the broccoli she tried last night, but I can't blame her for that one haha!

Little miss is still rocking 3-6 months clothes, although certain bits are becoming very snug (especially her sleepsuits). Size 3 nappies are also becoming super tight and as soon as the packet we're on runs out we're making the switch to size 4s. 
  • She did it! Indie finally rolled back to front, and now has not intention of ever stopping haha. Only downside is she hasn't mastered getting back the other way so gets stuck often haha.
  • Sitting up - she can sit happily on a flat surface (she loves sitting on tables) for a good 5 minutes without wobbling now!
  • We moved up to stage 2 on the Jumperoo now haha.
  • She is a mover now! While on her belly she spins and moves about the floor to get whatever she's after now.
  • She no longer has her headhugger in the car seat (it made me SO sad taking this out).
  • The bath support is also gone, and she no sits up in the bath in a bath support seat.
  • She has great hand eye co-ordination and will grab things and never miss and pass things easily between her hands, and always into her mouth haha.
  • We almost have a tooth... about time too!
  • She's much more vocal and had started making a lot more sounds!

She's teething so badly she even thought it was a good idea to use her cousin's head a teether haha, she is such a funny little monkey. She also had her first proper cold this month which was horrible to see. She was so blocked up she couldn't sleep and we had to all snuggle in bed, she fell asleep in my arms which I must admit I secretly enjoyed!
"mmm... your head is tasty!"
I've loved everything she's done this month, and now with weaning about to begin I know from now on it's going to be even more fun and exciting! Everyone keeps saying she'll be crawling soon as well which I am not looking forward to... only because it's another step closer to her being a toddler and not a baby, and she's too big already!

What was your little one doing at 6 months?
Emily xx

Auntie Em, Reporting For Duty!


I'm sure many would agree with me when I say that being an auntie is something so special. I became an auntie to my first nephew Freddie nearly three years ago now, and since the day he was born I've loved every minute of it!
I remember when he was born getting a call from my sister to tell me he was here (I didn't really appreciate it at 3am or something equally ridiculous haha), but I was just SO excited. At this point my sister lived a while away and as I don't drive visiting was an issue. We used to meet up every nearly Tuesday evening and I loved my squishy cuddles. I remember watching him roll and seeing him do his hilarious attempt at crawling and of course I loved hearing those giggles. I've watched him grow from a little baby into a cheeky, mischievous and utterly beautiful little boy and he still amazes me.Now Gemma's come back closer to home I spend SO much more time with them. I feel so proud when I teach him things or he learns from me. Although I don't think Gemma was so pleased that her son was walking around pointing out 'pikey trees' (he has a bit of speech delay so pikey is his way of saying spikey haha!). 

Then almost 5 months ago my little pudding of a nephew Oliver made his appearance, and the roll of auntie became even more fun! Of course I loved spending time with them to watch Indiana and Oliver play together, but most of the time I get there and we do a baby swap haha. Oliver is a chunk and I love it haha. He is also the most ticklish baby I've ever met, and I could have hours of joy listening to his snorty giggle!
I think my favourite part of spending time with the boys is when Freddie comes and gives me a kiss and cuddle goodbye. He is so affectionate and I like to think he loves his auntie Em just as much as I love him! 

Oh and another great thing, when these two play up and start crying, I can pass them back to Gemma... result haha!
Emily xx
Super Busy Mum

Baby Led Weaning: 1 Week To Go!


Monday marked one week until Indiana turns 6 months old, and therefore one week until we start baby led weaning! But why did we decide to wean this way?

If you've read my previous post on weaning you'll know that I was worried that we were getting left behind with the whole weaning thing. Everyone around me seemed to be giving their babies purees, and some weren't even 4 months old yet. To me (and this is definitely just my opinion, don't shoot me haha) I did feel it was pretty much a following everyone else thing, and that they weren't actually listening to their babies. When Indiana reached 4 months she couldn't care less about food, and wasn't even too bothered by milk at this point either! 5 months came and still there wasn't much interest, as she was showing none of the signs of needing it.

We decided quite early on that we wanted to follow baby led weaning and not the traditional way. I've read so much about it and just think it's better for us and Indiana. It means that we can just give her what we're eating (to a certain extent haha), and there's no need to worry about mashing up her food. I was having my food mashed up until I was pretty old and I'm now a fussy eater, and I really don't want that for Indie!

Now she's finally starting to show some signs that she's becoming ready for more than milk! She's going less time between her bottles; she used to go four, or even more, but now she's sometimes hungry after just three! She's getting much better at sitting by herself and can sit comfortably in her highchair now without looking slumped. She's even started trying to take what we're eating. On Sunday she was sat next to Jack eating his breakfast and she was trying SO hard to get what he was eating, and cried her eyes out when he took it away haha! She's also like a little stalker when you eat now and will follow you with your food and open and close her mouth like a little bird, bless her. 

All of these signs make me know she's now actually ready for food! But we're still going to wait that last week until she's 6 months. It's what's recommended and a week isn't going to be too hard to wait, as we've made it this far haha. As you might be able to tell I'm SO excited for our journey to begin, and will definitely be documenting it both on the blog and over on my YouTube Channel.

What's your opinions on BLW?

Paddling Pool Fun!


It was another scorching day yesterday (I know I was surprised too haha!), so we of course had to spend it outside again! As you know my sister Gemma and her partner now live close by so we were invited to spend the day with them and my two nephews.

We begun our day with a quick spritz of our flat; there's something about this weather that makes me just want to get up and do things! Then we headed out for our usual weekend Costa fix - Jack had lunch there but I'm currently dieting so it was just an iced lemonade and vegetable crisps for me! We sat outside and put Indie in a highchair for the first time... she looked absolutely tiny and I'm not sure she enjoyed it too much haha!
After this we popped over to my sister's house. She had just got back herself after purchasing a huge paddling pool for the kids (and themselves haha). Jack had the job of pumping it up the lucky boy haha. The only downside was we had no other way of filling it than buckets; now that took a lifetime! 

Once filled we lathered up the kids head to toe in sun cream, Jack said he even covered Indiana's little head the poor baldy haha. Then cossies and hats went on and in then went! They had a lovely time splashing about, especially Freddie who has such a special bond with the babies. He was making Indiana giggle by just being his crazy self!
We then topped the day off with dinner out at a local pub/restaurant, which was a perfect end to a pretty perfect day! I love this sunny weather!

What did you do in the sun this weekend?
Emily xx

Hastings Beach | A Day At The Seaside with Baby


Down in the South-East we've had some amazing weather this week, so we thought it would be silly not to go on a little adventure to the seaside this weekend! We've never really been just Jack and I since we've been together, and Indie's never even seen the sea! So we got ready pretty early and traveled down to one of our local seaside town, Hastings.

It was pretty overcast and miserable looking really when we got there and it was deserted! However as the day went on the sun was beaming and it became very, very busy, especially on the beach. We enjoyed the traditional fish and chips, ice creams and of course went to the arcades on the sea front (where we came out poorer than we went in haha!).

It was a beautiful day and I really think Indie enjoyed sitting on the beach and feeling the sun on her little bare leggies. Sadly she fell asleep while we had our ice creams so none for her this time haha. We also had an interesting 5 minutes getting onto the beach, as it's all pebbles and not sand... not buggy friendly haha!

How did you spend your sunny Saturday?

Another OOTD For Indiana!


As you might already know I love dressing Indiana. I can't wait until she's awake from her morning nap so I can go in and pick out another outfit for her to wear! Having a girl I think there's much more choice of outfits; tops and leggings, dresses, shorts and tights, endless opportunities haha!

This weeks outfit I have never actually put her in before, but now I know it's going to be a firm favourite while she's still in 3-6 month clothes! It's also a bargain outfit, even better I think!

The dress/top is from The Little White Company and was given to us by the same family who gave us the dress in last weeks post! It's absolutely gorgeous: white with a pink floral design and a cute little bow and capped sleeves! As it was a miserable day I paired it with some cheap and cheerful Primark leggings (I'm pretty sure they came in a 2 pack for something crazy like £3!). Then again, I adore my Bow Boutique bows and had to put one on. So I used the interchangeable pink band with the white bow... so cute!
Emily xx

A Morning In The Sun


After yesterday's quite frankly bizarre weather today has turned out to be a beautiful day! I knew I wanted to make the most of it, as you never know how long it's going to last haha. So I popped on Indiana's sun hat and my sunnies and we took a leisurely stroll down to a local park.

The actual play park was full of mummies and little ones however I still think Indie's a bit young for play equipment yet (plus Jack would kill me if I took her on the swings without him for the first time!). So we wandered around the duck pond and then stopped off just in the middle of the grass and relaxed!

It was lovely to just sit and watch her play outside instead of inside the same four walls. She loved kicking about and exploring the grass which she hasn't really seen before being a winter baby. There were plenty of dogs running around too which I think she was fascinated by haha.

Luckily I brought a bottle along as of course madam wanted feeding while we were out. So she enjoyed a lovely lunch al fresco! By that point she was exhausted and rubbing her eyes like crazy. So I begrudgingly packed up our bits and headed home (and she's now been happily napping in her cot for over an hour... bonus haha!). 

I had a lovely morning and just hope this weather stays so we can have more days like this, and hopefully bring daddy along next time!

How did you enjoy the beautiful weather?
Emily xx

Preparing To Get Messy!


As you may know we're planning on baby led weaning Indiana. Today marks two weeks until she turns 6 months so we've begun the process of preparing her, and us haha! 

Yesterday whilst out was the first time ever she'd gone for something we were eating/drinking. We were in Starbucks and the little monkey went straight for my cup and cream on top! She was then grabbing everything in sight (including a napkin haha).

This was such an exciting step and is showing us that she's getting ready. So we popped her in her highchair with us at the table yesterday so she could see us eating. We gave her her own spoon and she looked so pleased with herself! We got all these tips from the weaning book we picked up at the Baby Show. The plan is to continue this for the next two weeks, and then on the day she turns 6 months to just let her eat with us... so exciting!
I will be posting a Baby Led Weaning diary so make sure you follow if you're interested :)
Emily xx

Blog Your Heart Out


I've been tagged by Letters To Elliot to complete the Blog Your Heart Out meme. I've done a couple of these tags now but never seen this one before, so was excited to give it a go!
So what is the Blog Your Heart Out meme? So I've been tagged to answer these 5 questions, which I then have to tag another set of bloggers to complete (pretty simple really!). So here goes:
Who/What encouraged you to start blogging?
It took me ages to work out that a lot of the mummies I followed on Instagram were actually bloggers haha! After discovering theirs and falling in love with the idea I started my own. I had been vlogging for quite a while and knew it would be another great way to capture the memories of being a mummy and of Indiana growing up!
How did you choose what to blog about?
Well I already did videos about pregnancy and all things baby so it was pretty obvious I would blog about this too haha, although I'm definitely not an expert!
What is something most people don’t know about you?
To be honest I'm a pretty open book! Not many people know that I'm a massive hoarder. I keep so many things other people would see as rubbish. I have every cinema ticket I've ever had, receipts from special occasions, and even cards from when I was like 11... I just can't throw them away haha!
What three words describe your style?
Hmm, organised, simple and comfortable. I have to plan everything, and won't make arrangements to go anywhere unless I know times/places/travel arrangements haha. I don't bother making/doing anything to fancy as I'm not that kind of girl, I don't really bother with makeup or pretty clothes. I'd much rather be comfortable, especially when I'm home with Indie.
What do you love to do when you are not blogging?
To be honest my favourite thing to do is nothing haha! When Indie's napping I generally write a blog post or edit a video. The best part of the day is when Jack's home, Indie's in bed and we can just snuggle up and do absolutely nothing! Although I love playing with Indie when she's awake, she's such a character these days.
Emily xx

What's In My Changing Bag?


Recently I've seen lots of posts from other bloggers showing us what's in they're changing bags. I love a good nosey and getting ideas from other people as to what to add to mine, so thought I'd share what's in mine too!

I've had about 3 changing bags, but this one is by far my favourite. It's a Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Bag; it wasn't brand new as I wouldn't have been able to afford it, but it's perfect (I thought Jack would be happier as it's blue anyway haha), and I love it! It holds SO much stuff, although can get pretty heavy once filled with all Indiana's bottles on a day out.
So I have the obvious bits: nappies, wipes and nappy bags (although looking now I need to restock these haha). But I never realised quite how much I have in there! I have kept the changing mat and wet bag that came with the bag as they are super handy for changes on the go. I also have a spare vest and sleepsuit incase any of these changes are because of a poop explosion haha, they're also great for if we're out late and want to get her ready for bed. Changing wise I also have 3 (god knows why!) different bum creams: Sudocrem, Bepanthen and Metanium. Then I have antibac wipes to clean up after a bum change or being out and about.

I keep her red book in there all the time as it's pretty handy. I get her weighed every 2/3 weeks and I know I would forget it otherwise, and it's good in case of an emergency! I found a bus timetable tucked in with it, also handy I suppose haha. I've got plenty of my bits in there such as tissues, plasters, paracetamol, Vaseline, forhead headache stuff and usually my purse and phone too! I found SO many vouchers and little money off coupons stashed away with these bits haha. Probably all out of date, so I'll have to check those for any goodies!

For feeding I always take out at least one bottle with me filled with boiling water and put in the insulated pocket as well as her section tub of powder. Then of course a bib and muslin! She's teething pretty much constantly at the moment so I usually take out some teething toys, so these Nuby keys were in there from yesterday. She's also got a pretty bad cold too, poor thing, so we have her nasal spray with us just in case. The pink clips are from John Lewis and are to clip muslins onto the car seat to shade her from the sun (super handy now it's getting much brighter)! Finally I always have a spare dummy, as you never know when you'll need one!

I think it's pretty impressive how much you can it into a small bag haha, and I take this with me where ever I go, because you never know when you're going to need something from it!

What's in your changing bag?
Emily xx

Top 5 Newborn Essentials


Now Indiana's 5 months old I'd say I'm well into mummyhood and could probably give advice on certain things myself now! I spent the early days (and all my pregnancy) on forums such as Bounty asking for advice on what to buy for the baby, and what we actually needed. I found these kind of posts really helpful, so thought I'd finally do my own!

1 | Muslin Cloths/Squares
These are the biggest lifesavers, and we still use them day in day out 5 months on. I don't think you can ever have enough as they are the most multi-use baby product out there. Useful for feeding, moping up sick/spit-up/dribble/anything else tipped on the floor haha. We use them when we feed Indie to catch any milk that she dribbles out, and would always have one over our shoulders when holding her in the early days. Now it's getting sunnier we use them to block out the sun, or to pop on the ground to lay her on. I've recommend getting slightly more expensive ones (our favourites are from John Lewis) as they are much more absorbent and last better with the constant washing!

2 | Sleepsuits
Indiana practically lived in these for the first few months of life. They are much more comfortable for little babies and definitely more practical for when you're constantly changing nappies (and clothes due to poop explosions haha). Again I'd recommend getting slightly better quality ones as the cheaper ones (I'm looking at you Primark!) don't have the built in scratch mitts which are SO important and useful. They also wash better, as I found the cheaper ones did tend to shrink. I'd also suggest stearing away from white. I don't understand the colour for babies... it's the most unfriendly baby colour as it just gets stained from sick/poop/god knows what else haha!

3 | Moses Basket
Whenever I hear people saying these aren't important I don't understand haha! They are SO useful and I personally think the best thing for babies to sleep in those first few months especially. Most come with handles these days so they are easy to move from room-to-room with you (great for when you just can't help but watch them sleep all day haha). They are perfect for placing right next to your bed so baby is easy to reach during those night feeds. I also think they look pretty cute too haha, and much snugglier than a big cot!

4 | Comforter/Soothing Toy
We were very lucky that Indie was a great sleeper, and she only ever woke up twice a night to feed. However what she wasn't so great at was going back to sleep. We could cuddle her until she was asleep, then the second her head hit the moses basket her eyes opened and she was awake. When browsing in Mothercare before she arrived I picked up a Fisher Price Soothe and Glow Seahorse. One night Jack just popped it in her moses basket with her when she wouldn't settle and it was like magic! She was asleep before the songs finished... result! We still use it 'til this day to help soothe her if she's a bit unsettled, and I've even caught her cuddling it too, cute!

5 | Dummy
I know not everyone is pro dummy, and it's a debatable subject but to us it was essential. It took a few days for her to actually take one, as our little miss has expensive taste as will only take MAM dummies haha, but they work wonders! In the early days there were many times she would be fussy/crying but not actually hungry (this was especially true during her colicky faze). We found that a dummy helped calm her down and give her comfort. They're great to help signal nap/bedtime too, as this was mostly when she has her dummy.

So that's my top 5 products. I hope this comes in handy to any new mummies! I love reading these kind of posts, so would love to know what you think are your newborn essentials?

Emily xx

Indiana's OOTD


After getting such a positive response from people about Indie's outfits I thought I'd post an outfit of the day for her! We were so lucky to be given lots of lovely bits, and nearly everything else was picked up in the sales, so don't think we spend lots of money on her outfits (although she is better dressed than me haha!). 

The outfit I have chosen this week is super cute! The little pinafore dress is from Baby Boden and is one item we were given (it's probably about 2/3 years old now, but looks brand new!). The stripey pink leggings were from Baby Gap in the sale! We got these in a two pack for about £3... Bargain! As it's still not summer weather I paired this with a dusty pink long sleeved vest (from John Lewis, but again another sale item haha). 
I love the detail on the dress, I think it's so cute and pretty for a little girl. I especially love the little elephants, how could you not think they're adorable haha?!
I think Indiana approved of her outfit, and loved pulling up her dress all day haha. Cheeky monkey!

Emily xx

SERIES: #mummyessentialproject - Week 2


Being SO busy last week I completely forgot to get involved in the mummyessentialsproject! However, I really wanted to do this weeks as it's something I think that will really help new mummies or mummies to be.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic"> 
For those of you that don't know over at Mummy Bloggers Community there is a weekly link up with all the essentials for us mummies for our babies. It has been created by the lovely Gemma, who also runs the amazing #mblogchat on Twitter,  for bloggers to share their wisdom on great products and tips for expectant mummies! This week is all about clothing, and if you hadn't guessed, what the essentials really are haha!

I admit we went a little crazy when buying clothes for Indiana. We resisted for ages and then all of a sudden we went shopping mad! This was especially true once we found out we were having a girl and I wanted to buy everything I could find that was pink haha. However looking back I now know how unnecessary a lot of the bits we got were.

For the first 8 weeks Indie was in newborn clothes then it seemed like she only spent a few weeks in her 0-3 months clothes. I found myself putting her in bits just so I could say she had worn them! This is still the case now as she just has so many bits of clothing; although now she's a bit older she does wear more outfits.

In the first few months you really only need sleepsuits, vests (we opted for long sleeved as she was born in late November), and a few hats. That's it, so simple haha! I think looking back outfits for when she was so little were a bit of a waste. She was much more comfortable in a sleepsuit, and they were easier to change too. I would say you need about 8-10 of each and that's it. I wouldn't recommend white either... we made that mistake and a number of vests ended up straight in the bin. White is not a baby friendly colour haha!

Oh and a final tip, get the sleepsuits with built in scratch mits! They are a lifesaver, and the best ones you can buy. I found separate scratch mits were poorly designed and could probably fit a 1 year old properly not a newborn baby! 

Her 'Going Home' Outfit was HUGE!

5 Months Old and still rocking a sleepsuit :)
I would say definitely get more separates when they're bigger and they will get more wear out of them. I love getting her dressed in the mornings now, the hard part is deciding what to put her in haha. I think it's a great way for them to distinguish between night and day too, as she gets dressed for the day then back in a sleepsuit for bed. But don't spend a fortune.. we made that mistake, but hey, who can resist the super cute things? Not me!
Emily xx