Indiana's 6 Month Update


When I look back on this month it's crazy to see how much Indiana has learnt and changed, it's amazing to see what a few short weeks can do! Now we're at her half birthday and I can't help but feel a little sad. These six months have flown by and I just know the next half of the year will too, and then she'll be a whole year old! But anyway, back to her six month update...
I had Indie weighed last Wednesday (when she was 25+1 weeks) and my little chunk weighed 16lb 8oz! She's getting so big now, and I'm proud to say she's doubled her birth weight exactly! This was something I heard was supposed to happen by six months so I was so happy when I found out.

Routine is something that has be thrown out the window a little this month haha. Through teething, days out, and just because she's a little monkey, Indie has been all over the place with her naps and bottles! I still try and put her down for a nap 2 hours after she wakes up, but some days she would scream blue murder and I'd have to pick her up and give up haha. She loves to play now and could spend all day playing with her toys or with me. However separation anxiety is at a high and I just have to turn my back on her and she's screaming haha. We have been busy with baby massage this month, and we've had lots of play dates with my sister and nephews and other family members. 

With these lack of naps we have one tired little lady at bed time haha, bless her. A few days this week she's even been asleep in bed for 6.30, and still slept through until 7! Not much has changed with this routine, apart from she now has a bath seat so bath time she loves even more (but now hates getting out as she's having too much fun haha). She now sleeps on her side with is so so cute.
We finally managed to make the swap back to Cow&Gate First Stage, halle-bloody-lujah! This time we just completely changed from Comfort to Stage 1 in one go and she didn't even notice haha. The only thing we have noticed now is that as it's not as thick she's getting hungrier quicker, and will down an 8oz bottle pretty swiftly. We did swap back to size 2 teats when we changed as it was coming out far too fast. 

The most exciting update is that now she's six months weaning can begin! We're so excited to start baby led weaning (which you all know from my previous updates), and will definitely be keeping a diary on her progress. We have given her a couple of bits up until now and she's loved it all... well apart from the broccoli she tried last night, but I can't blame her for that one haha!

Little miss is still rocking 3-6 months clothes, although certain bits are becoming very snug (especially her sleepsuits). Size 3 nappies are also becoming super tight and as soon as the packet we're on runs out we're making the switch to size 4s. 
  • She did it! Indie finally rolled back to front, and now has not intention of ever stopping haha. Only downside is she hasn't mastered getting back the other way so gets stuck often haha.
  • Sitting up - she can sit happily on a flat surface (she loves sitting on tables) for a good 5 minutes without wobbling now!
  • We moved up to stage 2 on the Jumperoo now haha.
  • She is a mover now! While on her belly she spins and moves about the floor to get whatever she's after now.
  • She no longer has her headhugger in the car seat (it made me SO sad taking this out).
  • The bath support is also gone, and she no sits up in the bath in a bath support seat.
  • She has great hand eye co-ordination and will grab things and never miss and pass things easily between her hands, and always into her mouth haha.
  • We almost have a tooth... about time too!
  • She's much more vocal and had started making a lot more sounds!

She's teething so badly she even thought it was a good idea to use her cousin's head a teether haha, she is such a funny little monkey. She also had her first proper cold this month which was horrible to see. She was so blocked up she couldn't sleep and we had to all snuggle in bed, she fell asleep in my arms which I must admit I secretly enjoyed!
"mmm... your head is tasty!"
I've loved everything she's done this month, and now with weaning about to begin I know from now on it's going to be even more fun and exciting! Everyone keeps saying she'll be crawling soon as well which I am not looking forward to... only because it's another step closer to her being a toddler and not a baby, and she's too big already!

What was your little one doing at 6 months?
Emily xx