4 Things to do This Autumn!


It’s often a bit sad when we say goodbye to the summer months. The end of long, warm nights and family BBQs, and back to cooler weather and all the rain. When the nights get darker quicker it can often make us feel a little low too. But there’s so much to look forward to in the next few months!

Here you’ll find a definitive list of everything you have to look forward to and accomplish in the colourful, gorgeous months ahead. Because the end of summer doesn't need to be something to be sad about.

Go Fruit Picking
Autumn is a time for the harvest, which means lots of winter veggies are ready, and all your favourite fruits are ready for the picking! You might have picked your Peach Trees from the Tree Center bare all summer long, but now it’s the time of apples, pumpkins, squash, sweet potatoes, cranberries and – if you can’t stomach them - brussel sprouts! Find yourself a local farmers market and head down there to see what you can pick up fresh from the farm. Or make a day of it and head out to a “pick your own” patch with your children.

Host your Own Bonfire
It might not be November 5th just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t host your own bonfire before the evenings get really cold. Invite the neighbours, your friends and family and get the bonfire going before it gets too dark. You could even bring the BBQ back to life and have a little cook out too - sausages, jacket potatoes and of course marshmallows to roast on the fire would make the perfect Autumn feast! And when it gets too cold, you can all head inside for a hot chocolate!

Go for an Autumn Walk
Whether you take your dog, your partner or your little ones, there’s something really magical about taking an Autumn walk. The crunching leaves, the beautiful colours, the sights and smells that make Autumn really special will make for some great Instagram photographs (as well as wonderful memories to hold onto forever of course). If you don’t fancy a walk because of the chill in the air, then plan a picturesque drive through some beautiful scenery instead, and you can maybe make a stop for a drink too.

Get the House Ready
Why not take a weekend and get the house all warm and cosy for the colder months ahead? Swap your bed linen and duvets for thicker, warmer alternatives, and then you can add lots of extra throws and comfy cushions to make everywhere look snuggly and inviting. Maybe even treat yourself to a new candle with a gorgeous Autumnal scent too. You can't go wrong with fairy lights dotted around the house too!
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Lilah at Eight Months


I am horribly late with this post, but our beautiful little Lilah is now 8 months old. As each day passes she's growing and learning soo much, and I can really imagine her as a toddler, especially now she's so mobile. I had her weighed last week and she was 17lbs 11oz, which has put her above the 50th percentile now. I have a feeling all the food she's eating is starting to make a difference!

On the subject of food, we're now in a really good routine. Lilah now only has three 8oz bottles a day - morning, afternoon and before bed - which means she's eating so much more food. She has her first bottle when she wakes up, and then I give her breakfast once we're back from the school run. She'll then have her first nap which can be anything from 40 minutes to 2 hours. She'll wake and play, and then we have our lunch together before she goes down for her second nap around 1pm. I give her another bottle after school pick up, and then she may have another 30 minute cat-nap before dinner. Her last bottle is at 7ish, and she'll then sleep through from 7pm until 6.30/7am.

She eats everything we have give her, and there's rarely anything left in her bib or on the floor now! She has even started doing the angry shout at us if she's run out of food; she's very much like our other two when it comes to her meals. 

There haven't been many big developmental leaps this month, but she has really perfected what she can do. She can now go from laying, to sitting, to crawling, and then back to sitting, which means she get's about absolutely everywhere. She can also climb stairs, which is something I only discovered when I left the gate open by accident... whoops! She's climbing and cruising on everything too, and can reach between furniture to get where she wants. I honestly don't think walking is that far off.

Teething has been the devil this month, along with her first proper full on cold. Lilah now has 4 teeth though, and two more are looking like they'll be popping through at any minute. She has decided she doesn't want to teeth by the books though, and has got her two fangs before her two front teeth. She looks so funny!

I adore all the extra time I get with Lilah now the big two are at school during the week. She is such a cheeky little thing, and such a delight to be around (when she's not overtired or teething...). I just wish I could freeze time and keep her this age forever, as I must say it's my favourite baby stage!

An Interview with my Three Year Old | Parker at 3!


I really enjoying asking Indiana these few questions, so I thought it would be lovely to keep a record of Parker's answers too! He has only just turned 3, but he is already such a cheeky little character. So here is an interview with my three old, Parker!

What’s the best thing about being 3?

When it was my birthday (we went to Legoland)

What makes you laugh? 

When daddy tickles me!

Who do you love, and why?

Daddy, mummy, Parker, Indie and Lilah!

What’s your favourite book?

Harry and his Dinosaurs (Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs)

What's your favourite food?

Spaghetti bolognaise

What's your favourite song?

Anything he can wiggle his bum to! The Greatest Showman is a favourite

What's your favourite outfit?

My ninja trousers (he calls his black leggings ninja trousers!)

What's your favourite TV programme? 


What's your favourite toy? 

My monster truck (from Blaze!)

What's your favourite thing to do?

Doing painting at preschool

An Interview with my Four Year old | Indiana at 4 and 3/4!

With my big two growing up so fast, I think it's lovely to capture a little moment in time. This time last year I did an interview with Indiana at almost 4 years old. So I thought I'd ask her those same questions, now that she's nearly five!

What’s the best thing about being 4?

I like playing with toys!

What makes you laugh? 

Playing my new games with Parker. And pulling his socks off *laughs*

Who do you love, and why?

Daddy, because he's my best daddy ever!

What’s your favourite book?

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

What's your favourite food?


What's your favourite song?

The shotgun gun! (George Ezra - Shotgun)

What's your favourite outfit?

This outfit! - she just got some new clothes from Sainsburys

What's your favourite TV programme? 

PJ Masks

What's your favourite toy? 

Playing with Snow White - she's really into dolls and Barbies at the moment.

What's your favourite thing to do?

Playing with my toys!

The Siblings Project | September 2018


I feel as if there's been a huuuuuge change between my three since last month. Maybe it's Indie starting school, or the fact Lilah is standing in the last two pictures, but they just all look SO BIG. Especially Lilah who looks more than an 18 month old, than an 8 month old. It's not fair!

Our new routine is going well so far - although Indiana still hasn't started school full time, so I'll have to report back once she does. Towards the end of summer I could tell they needed some time apart, and I think it's made a huge difference with the big two. They do bicker and argue a hell of a lot (read: LOADS), but I feel they enjoy their time together a lot more now. They actually want to play together, and will sit practically on top of one another, snuggled on the sofa in the evenings. 

It's been so strange having just one little one - instead of three crazies - at home during the day too. Of course I loveeeee having more quality time with our little Lilah bear, but I kind of miss the buzz of a busy house. Not forgetting that I can probably get more done with them all home, because they all just entertain each other!

The big two absolutely love their baby sister, and you can tell just how much she idolises them too. She follows them around like a little puppy, and although they still don't really want her to play (not that she let's them stop her!), they do their best to include her. We recently switched to an world-facing buggy for school runs too, and they love entertaining her and making her laugh on the walk. I honestly think Lilah really misses them when they're not here - although it doesn't mean she gets full pick of the toys!

3 Steps for a Happier Home


Everyone wants their home life to be as easy and as enjoyable as possible, but it can often be surprisingly hard knowing how to actually make that happen. The truth is though, making your home life easier is always going to difficult. But as long as you focused on a few key areas in particular, you might find that it is actually much easier than you first thought! In this post, I'm going to share 3 steps that could improve your happiness at home; therefore boosting your happiness overall!

The first thing you can do is to improve the atmosphere. In general, as long as the atmosphere is one which is happy and positive, you will find that it is much easier to be able to enjoy being at home. You can actually relatively easily improve the atmosphere, no matter what is going on in the house, so that everyone who lives there can feel better about being there. As long as you are personally bringing a lot to the table, so to speak, you should be able to ensure that your home life is that much more exciting and enjoyable.

Another way to make your home life a whole lot easier, is to upgrade your internet! The majority of homes have internet now, and many people will tell you how much better it is to have faster, more reliable internet - especially when you think about all of the things that you use the internet for. If you can upgrade it, you will notice a difference in the way it feels to be in that home. You might be looking at upgrading to fibre optic, for instance, which can make a huge difference to the speed and connectivity of the broadband. If you learn about how to make that upgrade and put it into action, you will find it makes a huge difference to the home.

Sometimes the best way to make sure that everyone gets on, is to make some rules that you all have to stick to. This can work equally as well with a standard family as with a more modern family of friends. As long as everyone is agreed upon the rules, you can be sure that you are going to have a much better time of it. Give everyone their own jobs around the house, and make sure you all stick to them. You can even get little ones involved by making chores into games, or creating a reward chart.

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Creating A Nursery For Your New Baby


Decorating and gathering items together for your child’s nursery, is one of the most exciting parts of the pregnancy process. Nesting and creating a little haven for you and baby to retreat to is the perfect way to help you get ready for their arrival, and ensure that you have all you need for the day you bring them back home.

It’s also a great chance to make the most of choosing the decor and style in their room, before they are old enough to start making those decisions themselves. There are a mixture of things you’ll need to invest in or source, but focusing on a calm and cosy environment will help you create your dream nursery for your newborn.

The first piece of furniture you’ll probably invest in is a cot for your baby. There are a soo many options available, so you’ll find something to suit every style and budget. It’s worth checking out sites like https://teddyone.uk/product-category/cot-beds/, so that you have a better idea of what’s out there that's suitable for the space. You might want to invest in a couple of mattress protectors too (accidents will happen), or maybe a cot that can extend into a small bed as your child grows - this is a great way to be thrifty from the get-go.

You’ll probably be feeding and settling your baby quite a lot in their nursery space too; especially for the first year. Therefore, it’s worth finding a comfortable chair for yourself to get cosy in. Place it in a warn corner of the room ,so that it’s a restful and calm area for both yourself and baby. Soft rugs and quilts will help section off spaces where you can put your growing baby down as you pop something away in their room, or play with some sensory toys together too.

As well as a light in the room that’s bright enough for a nappy changes or getting your baby dressed, you’ll need to have some warm, low-lighting options in the nursery too. Nightlights that plug into the wall, bedside lights, and even soft, musical lamps, will all help to soothe your little one as they drift off. The calmer the nursery, the more relaxed both you and your little one will be, so start thinking about your options as soon as possible. 

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10 Ideas For Your Next Family Holiday


At this time of year, we’re all getting ready to hibernate for the winter. But sometimes, that is an idea you don't want to even think about. Maybe you didn’t get to have a holiday this summer? Or it was earlier on in the year, and you’re already stressing out about the long, cold, and dark months ahead? I can bet you’re not the only one though!

Most of us dislike the great British winter that we’re often faced with year after year. So, it can be a great idea to start thinking about your next holiday. When you start to plan your next family holiday, it can really lift your spirits and give you something to look forward. Whether we’re talking about something for next year, the October half-term, or even over Christmas, you’ll want to get thinking. So ifyou want to do something low key and close to home or big, different and special, let’s take a look at ten ideas that could inspire your next family holiday.

British Staycation

First of all, you have the idea of going for a staycation in the UK! Now, a lot of the time, you’re instantly going to think about going abroad to somewhere warm, and laying by the pool. But that’s not the only kind of holiday that is available to you. If you like the idea of doing things differently and changing up the scenery, why not stay right here in the UK? With lots of beautiful destinations and things to do, it’s a great way to change things up when you fancy something different.

City Break

If you do want to leave the UK, but not travel too far, why not try a city break. Maybe there are sights that you really want to explore. Maybe there are locations that you’ve always seen in pictures or in movies, but you’ve never seen them for yourself? Then why not head out and explore them next? You will often find lots of museums and parks so that there’s things to interest the kids too.

Coast Close To Home

Maybe you do really want to go overseas and find a warmer climate, but you don’t like the idea of flying for too long. Then you could find that going to the South of France is perfect. You’ll benefit from the beautiful weather and the gorgeous sights and attractions, but you don’t have to spend hours on a plane to get there.

European Adventure

Expanding on a European city break, why not take it one step further and head out on a European adventure. Maybe you want to see all of the infamous sites, like the Colosseum to the Eiffel Tower. Then why not think about doing a kind of mini European tour around all of them? Maybe planning a few weeks touring through some of Europe’s mainland is exactly what will work out best for everyone. And it’s definitely an adventure for you all!


To stay on the same theme, maybe you want to go skiing? Especially if you’ve never been before! Here, you’re going to want to find yourself a gorgeous base, like Chalet Iona in Meribel. You will often find that the resorts cater to all abilities and offer lessons and other leisure pursuits to help you really make the most of your experience.

British Road Trip

Now, another really fun option for you all, is to head out on a British road trip. A lot of the time, we think of road trips as being an American thing. But why not do something similar right here in the UK. After all, there are so many incredible cities, coastlines, and countryside to explore, that with a road trip, you’ll get to take in the best of it all.

Family Cruise

If you like the idea of doing absolutely nothing on your trip, but you’re still interested in seeing a range of sites, then, you could consider a cruise. Here, you don’t have to cook for yourself, or lift a finger if you don’t want to, but you get to stop at lovely sights around locations like Europe or The Caribbean.

Hiking Holiday

For the family that wants to use up their energy and really get active on their next holiday, why not hike? This is something that you may think of doing for an afternoon or on a weekend. But why not turn it into an active holiday! You could explore the mountains we have here in the UK, or head to Europe to explore some of the peaks overseas.

Cabin Fever

Another really great idea for families, is to head out to a great cabin or lodge in a gorgeous setting. And luckily for us all, there are so many wonderful mountain cabins and lodges that we could look to stay at. Maybe you want to be in the heart of the Alps or you want to enjoy some of the Spanish countryside? Then booking a lodge and enjoying the natural surroundings could be the perfect choice for you.

All-Inclusive Excitement

Or, maybe what you really want to do, is to enjoy an all-inclusive luxury resort where you can relax and just enjoy yourself. When this is the case, you definitely want great weather, a relaxing atmosphere, and some incredible food and entertainment too. While you could go just about anywhere in the world, all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean are perfect. You’ll definitely get the luxury, indulgent break that you know you need.

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6 Ways to Keep your Baby Safe in the Car


As parents, safety is always our number one priority. There are so many hazards in and out of the home that could cause harm to our children, so it's necessary to always be one step ahead of any dangers and taking preventative measures to protect our little ones. Of course this also extends to time spent in the car too. In this I am going to share a few tips on safety when you're out on the road with your children.

Buy the Right Car
You can buy the best car seat in the world, but of course it is crucial that you get a car that is safe for you and your little ones first. So many of us feel that we don’t have much money to spend on the perfect car, but there are so many affordable cars that are safe and sturdy if you do your research. You can buy Vauxhall used cars, and numerous other models, that come with essential safety features such as ISOFIX, and lane assist, as well as those all-important airbags! 

Safety Equipment
No, you don't need to buy your child a hard hat, but you do need to purchase all the necessary protective equipment for your child. Children up to a certain age need appropriate car seats - or a booster seat if they are older / taller. A baby car seat mirror is also handy when you have your child rear-facing, to enable you to keep an eye on them.

Correct Car Seat Installation
After buying a carseat you need to ensure it is correctly installed into your car. Reading the instruction manual is of course a must, no matter how clever you think you are. There is also advice here on the best place to affix the seat in your car, and how to do it properly. For further precautions, you might also want to get the seat inspected by a professional at somewhere like a baby store or a car store such as Halfords. Check this site to find the nearest expert to you.

Keep your Car Clean
If you ever needed an incentive to clean your car, then your child's safety should give you the reason to do so. Any piece of debris can be a choking hazard for your little one, so remove anything that is liable to cause harm such as small toys to pieces of food. Any loose large items can also be fatal if you get into an accident, so make sure to keep these in the boot just in case.

Long car journeys are difficult enough with children in tow, so it's always a good idea to be prepared for these moment. Your child crying or kicking up a fuss can cause a big distraction for the driver, so it's best to keep your little one as entertained as possible. You can purchase specific car toys, or attach their favourite to the handle of their car seat. A back seat dvd player could keep older children amused for a longer period of time too. If your child really doesn't enjoy the car seat, it could also be a good idea for the second passenger to sit in the back, just to reassure them throughout the journey.

It's all Common Sense!
Finally, remember some basics that will protect your child in the car. Double and triple check carseat straps to ensure they aren't too tight (or too loose). Roll down the window a little way to cool your child down when driving in hot temperatures. And never ever leave your child alone in the car for even a moment (there have been many nightmare stories in the media to remind you why you shouldn't). Sometimes it really is just about using your common sense to ensure the best for your child!

Have I missed anything? If you have car safety tips of your own comment below!
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3 Simple Ways to Improve your Home


When owning a home, there will come a time where you will realise that there's more that you can do. It may only be small things, but you'd be surprised by the impact that they can have on a home! While you may already feel safe and comfortable in your home (which is the most important thing), you might not have translated that feeling into the environment.

There is nothing wrong with injecting your space with your own personality - you can be as wild and unique as you want to be, that's the whole point. So here's some tips for making your home look as good as it feels...

Work with an architect - If you're looking to start a real project, be it adding an extension, having a complete renovation, or building an entire house altogether, then the best people to contact will be Contemporary Architects. These are professionals who will sit down and discuss exactly what your ideas are, and then they will be able to create a brief illustration of the process so that you can have a realistic idea of what they can give you. This can be a pretty costly option, but remember that it also adds to the value of your home, making it a long term investment for if, and when, you do decide to sell one day.

Bring in a new colour scheme - You may have painted your home when you first moved in, or maybe you left it the way it was, but you're most likely bored of that same shade of cream running throughout already. You can have any colour you wish of course, but it's a good idea to think about colour schemes in different rooms. Knowing this will allow you to pair up unusual colours that add a brilliant touch to your space, ensuring you get compliments whenever you have guests round.

Don't forget the garden - It's vital that you don't overlook the exterior of your home, as that is just as important as the interior - especially in the summer! You won't want to spend time out there though, if your garden is an ugly mess. So trim back any overgrown hedges and bushes, remove any dead leaves so the plants can grow again, and pull out any pesky weeds. The more regularly you do this, the less you will have to do overtime.

Now you have a few ideas, have a think about how they can be of use in your home!

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My Three Birth Experiences | Why I Wouldn't Recommend an Epidural


Despite a house full of noise, chaos, and every plastic toy under the sun, I still find it hard to believe I'm a mama to three beautiful children. On the other hand though, I remember each of their births so clearly still...

With Indiana I was your typical first time mum. Blissfully unaware of what was yet to come, I counted down each day to my due date with so much excitement! So when my waters broke on my due date I told as many people as possible - even sharing a status on my Facebook page - and anxiously waited for the pains to come.

Little did I know, that it would actually be almost two days until I would give birth. Eek! I ended up with an epidural, episiotomy and ventouse delivery, which although I know was necessary at the time, still makes me incredibly sad. It ruined my postpartum experience with Indiana, as just sitting was eye-wateringly painful. I also still get back pain from my epidural almost 5 years later.

Although Indiana's labour experience was traumatic, it definitely didn't put us off from having any more children. And so fast forward 20 months, here I was again waiting to give birth! My waters broke at 39+1 weeks with Parker, and although terrified of history repeating itself, my experience the second time was such a positive one.

The thought of being sent home from the hospital put me off from going in at all, so I laboured at home for 90% of the labour. By the time I actually got to hospital, there was just about time to jump in the birth pool before Parker was born.

No medical interventions, just gas and air, and the most amazing positive experience. My recovery was so quick and relatively pain free too, which just proves what a difference an 'easy birth' can make. And although I begged for the epidural, I am soo pleased I didn't get one. Being able to get up straight after birth is such a better feeling, and I dread to think how much worse my back would be now!

Parker's birth changed my mind completely about labour and birth, and was actually one of the factors in deciding to have our third baby. Lilah was another due date baby (I'm apparently incredibly lucky!), and probably my craziest birth. Not because it was a negative experience, but because it all just happened so fast!

I laboured throughout the night, but as my waters hadn't broken, I was adamant it was a false alarm. But at 6.30am everything got incredibly intense, we raced to the hospital, and Lilah was born at 7.59am with just a few puffs of gas and air! We were then home by lunchtime, still rather shocked at what had just happened.

All three of my births couldn't have been more different, but I think it just proves that one negative experience, shouldn't stop you having more children if you want them. I am so lucky that despite Indie's slightly traumatic birth, I’ve had great experiences at my hospital too, with no medical negligence. Did I think I would go on to have another baby (let alone 2!) the days after Indie's birth? Of course not! But I would honestly say I loved giving birth, and I'm actually so sad I'll never get to experience it again.

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Simple Ways to Make Your Home Look Lighter and Brighter


Bright, spacious and airy rooms always look gorgeous - so it can be frustrating when your home suffers from a lack of light. Bad positioning and small windows are often culprits when it comes to this, however there are some things you might be doing yourself which could be fixed with a few simple changes. So here are some examples of ways you can improve the lighting in your home!

Change your window dressings

You might have had your curtains and blinds up for so long, that you’re completely overlooking them as a potential issue for your room looking dark and dingy. However, to maximise the light you really do need to have the right window treatments. If you’re already not getting much light in where the windows are small, or due to the position of your house, the last thing you want is to be blocking out what you do get.

One tip is to choose lightweight voile style curtains, as these let in the will make the window (and the room) look finished by having something up, but won't block out any of the light. For practical purposes, then hang a roller blind. At night this can be rolled all the way down, or if you need to block out bright light while watching tv it can be rolled halfway down. But the rest of the time, it can be rolled right the way up so it’s not blocking any light at all from the window. Vertical blinds and shutters might look nice, but even when they’re open they still partially obstruct the light which can be a problem if you’re already not getting much in!

Keep windows clear of obstructions

Another thing to be aware of is obstructions in front of your windows. The windowsill might seem like the perfect place for a plant, photo frame or vase of flowers, but it will partially block out light that could be coming in. Avoid placing cabinets and other pieces of furniture so they’re blocking windows too - you want to make the absolute most of any light that you have coming in. The same applies to any trees or plants outside too. Have a tree surgeon come in and remove any large trees which can instantly make your home inside look much brighter.

Hang a large mirror

A large mirror makes a statement with your decor, and it can also make any room look bigger and brighter by reflecting the light around. Take your time finding one which has a beautiful frame that matches the rest of your decor, and go with the largest size that comfortably works in the space you have. The best position to maximise the light it opposite a window, however anywhere you put it will still have an impact, and it’s an easy way to make the most of the light you have coming in.

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

Invest in glass doors

If you own your home and are in a position to make renovations, then sliding doors made from glass are a fantastic option to consider. They will give you a gorgeous view onto your back garden, and will completely flood the room with natural light. You could even go a step further and have an extension built with skylights, or have the entire extension made from glass - a gorgeous way to extend a modern kitchen. If you can’t extend, another option would be to make your windows larger instead.

Paint the walls

The colour of your walls can make a massive difference to how light and bright it looks. Dark colours will draw it in, making it look dingy and smaller. So if you do want to use bold colours, then stick with an accent wall or use accessories instead. White, ivory and grey are all great choices, they’re neutral so go with any decor and really help to bounce the light around. As well as making it look fresh and chic, you’ll also make it look bigger and brighter.

Add lamps

Finally, as well as letting in as much light as possible during the day, you also want your home to be properly lit when the sun goes down. Adding secondary lighting such as lamps and strip lighting helps to create ambience, and allows you to tailor the room to the task that you’re doing. Smart lighting can give you even more control in this area - set up a couple of lamps with smart bulbs and you can create your perfect lighting for every situation.

Regardless of how beautifully decorated your home is, if it’s dark and dingy it will never fulfil its best potential. Try these tips to help you make the most of every room and allow you to enjoy it as much as possible!

Do you have any tips for improving a dark or dingy home?

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Keeping Your Home Warm as the Temperature Drops


Summer has come to an end and we are entering into the chillier Autumn months. This, of course, has come hand in hand with a whole host of different signs that we are slowly creeping towards winter. The days are getting shorter, we are experiencing more rain, the leaves are falling from the trees, and Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte is back in the stores. Generally speaking, things are good and we can start looking forward to a few of the festivities that the upcoming season has to offer us.

But one factor that can significantly affect our home lives around this time of year in a detrimental manner, is the way in which the temperature is slowly dropping. You may be able to add a couple of extra layers when at home to keep toasty for now, but as time passes, our properties can become extremely cold and uncomfortable if we don’t take adequate steps to keep things warm. So, here are a few steps that you can take to ensure your home is the perfect hibernation spot!

Make Sure your Radiators are Functional - We tend to assume that the radiators our property comes with are the ones that we are stuck with. This is generally because we don’t see new radiators advertised all too much, so it’s easy for us to consider a radiator as permanent a feature in our property. But you can replace your radiators for new and improved versions! Just take a look at the range on offer from https://www.onlyradiators.co.uk. Brand new radiators will be in prime working condition and will be able to effectively emit plenty of heat to keep your property as warm as you would like it to be.

Put Rugs on Wood Floors - Wood floors are great in the summer, as they help to make rooms feel bright and breezy, offering a comfortable alternative to the hot floors outside of your property. But in the winter, they can become extremely cold to the touch and be a vehicle for draught. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to replace all of your wooden floors with carpet. You can simply add a plush rug instead! This will give you a warmer and softer surface to shuffle across and they can pose an obstacle for any draughts that may be running through your property. There are also plenty of different options available on the market, so there’s bound to be something that fits in perfectly with your interior design.

Invest in Draught Excluders - A cold draught running through the house, can make the temperature of a room drop dramatically. This is also not so great if you have little ones playing on the floor, as they will get the full blast of the colder air. Draught excluders are easy to find, and laying them across doors can make a huge difference! Not only keeping the heat inside a room, but adding a little extra detail to the room too.

These are just a few different steps that you can try out, to help your home feel as warm and comfortable as possible during the upcoming chilly months. The best part is that all these investments are long term - they will serve your property well for many winters to come, not just the upcoming one!
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