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Parker's 3 Year Update

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

I cannot believe our beautiful baby boy is already 3! We celebrated with a wonderful day out at Legoland on his actual birthday, and had a little family party at home the weekend before. Parker had the best time celebrating, and hasn't stopped talking about his birthday since.

I last shared an update on Parker at 2 1/2, and he has changed and grown so much since then. He's roughly 0.9 metres tall (according to the measuring charts at theme parks!), and fitting nicely in 2-3 and some 3-4 year old clothing. I have absolutely no idea how much he weighs, but we have no concerns.

He's lost most of his 'babyness' though and has developed such a grown up face. It makes me so sad that he does have his chubby cheeks and baby squish anymore. But he has got the most gorgeous little freckles now, which are something I'm a little glad he's got from me.

After a bit of a regression when Lilah was born, Parker has done soo well with potty training. He is completely dry both day and night, and he has no issues telling you when he needs to go - not having to worry about being near a loo when out is such a good feeling!

Parker still eats like an absolute trooper too, although he has started to become fussier about certain foods - including things he used to enjoy! His favourite meal of the day is probably breakfast, followed closely by pudding (although I don't blame him for that one). He would snack all day long if we let him too, which is exactly what I expected from our cheeky boy.

Development wise Parker is really blossoming now. He loves to sing and dance, and he is starting to play independently really well too. He is still a little shy around adults, but makes friends with other children really well - although sharing is still a pretty big issue! His favourite playmates at the moment are his sisters. He really looks up to Indiana and wants to do everything she does, and he loves showing Lilah all of his toys and snuggling her. 

Parker loves to chat (he never stops talking!), riding his scooter, building train and Toot Toot tracks, PJ Masks and Paw Patrol, dancing, watching Youtube Kids, getting messy, exploring and getting into mischief.

Parker hates talking to strangers, creepy crawlies (he's not a spider fan!), being made to share, not being able to do something (he's rather upset he's not starting big school), and having the iPad taken away.

We have some big changes coming up in the next few months. He'll be going to preschool 3 full days a week from September, and all on his own too. He's already agreed to send his dummy to Father Christmas this year too - I don't think he'll be letting go of his muzzies anytime soon though!

You can see how Indiana was getting on at three here.

Is it the End of the British Summer?

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

So as quickly as it arrived, it looks like the British heatwave is over - for now at least! And while some people remain optimistic and continue to wear their summer sandals (hoping it might encourage the sun to come back), more and more of us have been forced to dig out our Autumn wardrobes again. Families who are flying abroad for their holidays can still enjoy some sunny, hot days around the Med thankfully, but even there the weather is nothing like what it was only a few weeks ago! So is it already time to pay your respects to the end of the British summer?

The drop in temperatures has not been drastic, but it’s happened so quickly it's harder for our bodies to acclimatise. You might find yourself feeling cold at 20°C! But before you start shopping for cosy jumpers, there are a few tips you can follow to wrap up warmly and enjoy your day out. For a start, you might want to keep your wellies in the boot - it might not rain, but it’s best not to take any chances when the sky is grey. Make sure to add some spare clothes too, so that if you get soaked you can change into dry and warm clothes easily. This is definitely important if you're going out and about with puddle loving children.

The end of Summer usually means heading to the shops for back-to-school wardrobes too. The choice for children is usually easy - school uniforms and quality shoes. But why not add a little something to put yourself in the mood too? You’ll find more inclined to forgive the cool temperatures after you’ve updated your collection of autumnal women's blouses, for instance. When the weather gets cold and rainy, it's the perfect time to update everyone's wardrobe!

The end of Summer if the best time to prepare your garden for the change in weather too. If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid the thunderstorms and intense rain in your area for now, you may need to keep an eye on the weather forecast (The East Midlands, East Anglia, Yorkshire and Humber regions have all been placed under a weather warning for risks of flooding). After several weeks of drought, you can expect the soil to be too dry to absorb the water, so you should prepare your garden for what there is to come. A compact soil will increase flood potential. Improve soil drainage and add a layer of gravel to take the pounding from the rain.

After such an intense heatwave, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the sudden weather change. But I find it gives me more motivation to think of the next few months. Back to school, Autumn wardrobes and before you know it, the Christmas season will be upon us!

This is a collaborative post.

Summer Infant Pop 'N Jump | Review & Giveaway

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Lilah is now 6 months old, and is constantly on the go and full of beans. She wants more interaction and entertainment throughout the day than she used to, which means my days are a little bit more hectic than they were when she was a newborn! As part of our role as a Summer Mama, we were been sent the Summer Infant Pop 'N Jump to try, and it has been perfect for keeping Lilah entertained when I can't.

With the older two we had another well known jumper, but we sold it on before Lilah was born, knowing we wouldn't have room in our house now. It took up soo much space as it didn't store away, and was cumbersome to move around too. The Pop 'N Jump has been designed with all this in mind though, and it is so, sooo much better!

The lightweight folding frame comes fully assembled, and can be popped up (hence the name) within seconds. And when you're baby is done playing, you simply unhook the two latches on the side and it pops back down again, and into a storage bag. It's simple, but genius. There are 3 height settings too, so it can grow with your child. 

It's ideal for us and our small house, as it means we can have it out in our living room during the day, but then pop it away when Lilah has finished playing. The storage bag also comes with a shoulder strap so you could also easily take it in the car with you when visiting friends and family, or even on holiday if you wanted to - it would have been brilliant on our recent Haven holiday!

The jumping feature doesn't allow Lilah to jump that much, but she's more than happy being upright playing with the interactive toys and people watching. The Pop 'N Jump comes with a spinner ball, mirror book, a teether, and a rattle. They are in a lovely forest animals design, and Lilah really enjoys chomping away on the wings of the bee teether. There are also loops on the fabric so you could attach your own toys if you wanted to as well.

The jumper also comes with a UV canopy that you simply attach with poppers. Honestly I wasn't too impressed with this though, as it's a little fiddly to attach, and it doesn't really offer that much protection - I'm not sure if it was just ours, but it was bent from where you twist the canopy to store it. We've loved using it outside though, as with the combination of the canopy and attached material on the bottom, it creates a safe and comfortable environment for Lilah to be in.

Overall though we're really impressed with the Pop 'N Jump. It's incredibly easy to set up and it keeps Lilah entertained and happy - which gives me 5 minutes to relax or get some work done! I'm so pleased to be offering my readers the chance to win a Pop 'N Jump of there own too - just simply enter via the Rafflecopter widget below (terms and conditions apply).

We received this product as part of our role as a Summer Infant 'Summer Mama'. All opinions are honest and my own.

A Trip to Legoland Windsor, August 2018 | Parker's 3rd Birthday

Friday, 10 August 2018

Last week we celebrated our beautiful boy Parker's third birthday, with our very first trip to Legoland Windsor! We collected The Sun tokens (for 2 free tickets) back in May, and booked an extra ticket and priority parking online. We then made sure to head out early, to make sure we arrived with plenty of time.

We arrived around 9.10am to an already busy car park. We are SO glad we paid the extra for priority parking, as it meant we were right next to the entrance - and that we didn't have to walk far back to the car when we left either. Legoland Windsor opens at 9.30am during August, but the actual rides (and certain areas of the park) don't actually open until 10am.

This meant we could have a leisurely stroll through 'The Beginning' and Miniland first, without having to rush to any rides straight away. When we did make it to one of the blocked off areas, it was like cattle in farm - people were all pushing against the gates / rope! I was completely expecting it though, as of course people want to make sure they get to the bigger rides first to avoid the long queues.

We had absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of crowds, and not being able to get on rides though! We visited during the heatwave, so a lot of people were drawn to the Splashpark (located near to Duplo Valley). This meant that the queues for all of the rides were never higher than 60 minutes, and many of them were actually just 5 minute waits! The longest we queued was 25 minutes for Lego Ninjago, which was while Lilah napped anyway.

We managed to ride:

The Dragon
Dragon's Apprentice
Destiny's Bounty
L - Drivers
Scarab Bouncers
Atlantis Submarine Voyage
Duplo Train
Fairy Tale Brook
Duplo Valley Airport
Spinning Spider
Thunder Blazer 
Lego Ninjago The Ride
and we watched the Pirate stunt show

Parent swap was fantastic during our visit, as it meant that we never had to queue twice for anything, and no one missed out either. When Jack took the Littles on a ride where he could only take one at a time, the staff were fantastic with keeping an eye on the other child while they waited. They even let us swap both the adult and the child on the ride without queuing twice too, which was so helpful. So a huge thumbs up for Legoland there!

There are plenty of spots to grab lunch at Legoland, but we were 100% advise taking a picnic, especially if the weather is nice. Food is pricey, and the queues around lunchtime were pretty long as well. We grabbed a spot under the trees by Heartlake City, and managed to watched the fantastic Pirates of Skeleton Bay show while eating our picnic. We also stopped at the Ice Cream Parlour here in the afternoon for ice creams, which gave us a second opportunity to watch the show.

Although most of the queues were in the sun, Legoland have really tried to help parents out. There are free water fountains all over the park (usually located next to bathrooms), as well as FREE factor 50 sun cream to use. And if you want to cool down, the splash zone on Squid Surfers was very refreshing!

We ended the day with a trip to the huuuuuge Lego shop by the entrance of the park. It was absolutely crazy in there, but it was well managed, and the queues were quick. It also stays open 1 hour after the park closes too, so there's no need to worry about missing a visit. It was a perfect way to end the day!

5 Amazing Pregnancy Milestones

Monday, 6 August 2018

Pregnancy is the most wonderful journey, but my goodness is it hard. Your body goes through so many changes and you go through lots of new experiences. Towards the end of your pregnancy, you might start to get fed up with all of the back pain and sleepless nights, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get excited about it.

There are plenty of amazing things to look forward to though, and you will honestly never have another experience like it in your life. If you’re expecting for the first time, these are the pregnancy milestones that you can look forward to!

The First Positive Test 

Getting pregnant can be a struggle, and it can take some people a long time before it happens. That’s why the first positive test is such an incredible moment! After so many months of trying to get pregnant, it’s amazing when it finally happens. There’s no other feeling like it in the world when you see that positive test for the first time. And I'm sure if you're anything like me, the second, third and fourth with be just as exciting too.

The First Symptoms 

You wouldn’t think that you would celebrating those first yucky symptoms of pregnancy, but it is a good moment really, promise! It’s different for everybody, you might get morning sickness, constantly need the loo, or feel insationably hungry. Whatever it is though, it will probably be the first time that the pregnancy starts to feel real. And it's usually a positive sign that things are developing with the pregnancy.

The End of the First Trimester 

Most people keep their exciting news a secret for those first few weeks. But once you reach the end of the first trimester, you can start shouting about your pregnancy and buying all of the bits that you’ll need. Most people will tell you that this is the best period of pregnancy, because you aren’t too big and uncomfortable yet and the early pregnancy symptoms start to subside.

The First Scan 

Things will really start to feel exciting when you go for your first scan! Up until now, you haven’t been able to see your baby, but this is your first chance to get a look at your new baby, and maybe even listen to their heartbeat. It’s a momentous occasion that you will definitely remember forever. And the picture is so special some people even pop them in a personalised baby scan photo frame

The First Contraction 

After 9 months of strange symptoms, waiting and preparing, it’s finally time to meet your beautiful baby! Feeling that first contraction can be can scary, especially as you don't know what's to come. But you'll be wanting to do it a million times again to meet that baby of yours.

What are you most looking forward to? Congratulations and good luck!

This is a collaborative post.