Lilah at 11 Months Old


This time last year I was almost full term, anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby girl. And now here we are, with just a few weeks to go until our beautiful Lilah turns one. Howww did we get here already?! 

Lilah is still a petite little lady, weighing only 18lbs 11oz (at 48 weeks). She's fitting nicely into 9-12 month clothing and following her growth curve nicely, so neither we or the health visitor have any concerns. She is eating absolutely loads, and now she's only having 2 bottles a day, I think we need to introduce snacks as she seems hungry constantly! Since last month she has also popped another tooth through (a molar!), which I cannot believe.. she's going to have a full set in a few months at this rate.

Development wise, Lilah is definitely a walker now. She walks around the house flitting between toys, and as she can stand herself up there's no stopping her. We haven't got her any shoes yet, but I think we'll need to soon so she can walk about outside. That's not saying she doesn't 'talk' at all though, as she is constantly babbling / screeching away to herself.

This month is such an exciting one for Lilah, as we're celebrating her very first Christmas! She is already obsessed with all of the twinkly lights and pulling baubles off of the tree. Although I don't think she was so sure about Father Christmas - there were no tears though which is a win right? I can't wait to spend lots of time together as a family over the next few weeks, and I'm sure Lilah is going to be over the moon to have her daddy home for nearly 2 weeks!

I cannot believe that the next time I share one of these updates our baby girl will be one. Although I'm quite pleased I only have one of these flower photos to capture, they are impossible these days!

5 Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Planning


Is there anything more stressful than planning your own wedding? If you are right in the middle of all the organisation right now, then I’m sure you will agree that it can be very difficult being a bride-to-be. That’s no reason to turn into a dreaded bridezilla though. So here are some ways you can reduce your stress, and ensure that you don’t snap anyone’s head off in the process!

Give Yourself Plenty of Time
First of all, it’s always a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to plan the wedding in the first place. If you leave things until the very last minute, then you will only end up feeling very rushed and under pressure. Ideally, you need to start planning the big day at least six months in advance, although many couples like to start a year or so before their wedding. Just remember that the longer you spend planning the better your wedding will be.

Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner
You don’t have to plan every part of your wedding all on your own. If you are busy trying to juggle your wedding planning alongside a full-time job, then it could be worth hiring a wedding planner. They can take care of some of the big jobs such as liaising with the venue, and organising caterers. When you are looking for a wedding planner, it’s worth taking a look at a couple of different people. Ask for quotes and to see their portfolios. This can give you an idea of who can help you create your dream day for the best-possible price.

Ask Close Relatives and Friends for Help
It’s also worth asking your relatives and friends if they can help you with certain jobs too. You might want them to check out wedding bands such as The Smooth Criminals, and come up with a shortlist for you to check out. They can also help you find a designer for your invitations as well as a photographer. If one of your family or a friend is a keen baker, then you could even ask them to make your wedding cake.

Understand that Things Might go Wrong
You are only human, and you will only have a certain amount of control over certain aspects of your wedding. Unfortunately things could go wrong, but that shouldn’t be something that gets you down. It’s always good to always have a plan B in place so that you always have something to fall back on. And remember that you will be marrying the love of your life, regardless of any problems!

Take a Break from Planning
If you feel like things are starting to get on top of you, and that your stress levels are creeping up, then take a break! Don’t worry if you do forget about your planning for a few days. You’ll always be able to pick it up again from where you left off, and you will feel a lot more relaxed and refreshed as a result.

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The Siblings Project | December 2018


I cannot believe this is my last Siblings project post of 2018! This year has seen my duo turn to a trio, and my big two welcome their baby sister into their little gang. It's been amazing to watch Indiana take on the big sister role again. She was born for the role, and absolutely loves playing and looking after Lilah. Parker has definitely struggled with the big brother role sometimes (he was the baby for 2.5 years I suppose), but I know he is smitten with his baby sister really.

December has been a really fun month so far, and having our cheeky three definitely make it that much more special. It was the first year Indie and Parker really got into helping with decorating the house - although I think I may have preferred it when they didn't help so much... Of course Lilah has spent every day since destroying said decorations, but I think I'm going to be really disappointed when they're gone for another year.

I love looking back on how our three have changed over the year, and I think this year's will be extra special, as it has captured Lilah's whole first year! So here's a look back on the Littles this year...


Making Room for Nature in your Home


Your home goes beyond the realms of your interior decor. While many homeowners focus their entire attention on designing exciting interiors, they can sometimes neglect their outdoor decor. If you own a house (bungalow, terraced, or even detached property) with a front and back garden, you can’t afford to ignore how the exterior of your property affects your homely feel.

Would you feel at home if you parked the car on a messy drive every evening, and had to fight your way through an overgrown garden to get to the door? If the answer is no, then here’s a short guide on making your outdoor space homely again! 

The eternal challenge of birds in the garden 
If you love the idea of a vibrant red robin stopping in your garden in winter, you know that you need to prepare the spot in advance. Bird feeders are hugely popular - not only because they provide the guarantee of attracting birds into your garden, but also because they’re an easy and practical way to inject new life into your outdoor decor.

The more birds come to your garden, the more likely you are to struggle with stains on the driveway, the walls and the windows too. You can, however, protect your premises by using targeted bird control service, such as the addition of pigeon spikes to deter them from perching on your window sills and porch. An elegant alternative to the bird feeder is to add a pond, which will provide water to the birds and limit droppings to a small area.

The green garden that turns to chaos
If you’ve been dreaming of a wild garden you’ve probably come to realise that it takes a lot of work to manage the wilderness. Creating a naturalistic and untamed look comes down to one method - managed landscaping. The selection of plants is essential. You need to create a frame with evergreen shrubs, perennials and ornamental grasses to bring structure and natural filling. Last, but not least, garden maintenance plays a crucial role in the design of your untamed backyard. Remember that greenery adds a stylish finish to your home, but it’s not designed to take over the property!

Bringing a plant indoors makes your home healthier It’s been widely accepted that the presence of nature can be soothing. During the warmer months of the year your wild garden can help you to relax, but then comes the winter, and the garden disappears. You can find peace in making a place for nature under your roof. Houseplants are not just a stylish eye-catcher in your decor though. Plants actively help to purify the indoor air; boosting your mood and your cognitive abilities. 

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Easy Ways to Personalise your First Home!

Living in a rented property can sometimes be a bit impersonal. Landlords have a lot of rules about what you can and can’t do to the house, and most won’t let you paint the walls, let alone put up any pictures. You never quite feel at home because you can’t put your own stamp on the place. But when you finally buy your first family home, you’ve finally got the chance to make it your own. Now that the house is actually yours, you can do whatever you like with it - so don’t hold back. Today I'm going to share some easy ways that you can personalise your first home!

Hang Some Photos 
Family photos are the ideal way to personalise your home. Get some of your favourites printed out professionally, and take them to a picture framing company to get them displayed properly. Remember, it’s your house so you can drill into the walls wherever you like and put the pictures up. Just don’t go overboard and cover every surface with photos, because you might regret it later. Put up a few in the living room and some in the hallways, and the house will start to feel a little more like home in no time.

Paint the Exterior 
The easiest way to change the entire look of the house is to paint the exterior. It’s also a good idea if the house is an older property, because a new coat of exterior paint will give it a bit more protection against the weather. Chances are it’s currently a bit of a neutral colour, so why not paint it again in a more interesting colour? If you think painting the entire house is a too bigger job, you can still give the outside of the house a bit of a lift if you just paint the front door instead. The door is like the centrepiece of the exterior of the house, so if you paint it in a bright, eye catching colour, it’ll make a big difference!

If the house has nice wooden windows, that’s another simple detail that you can change. The window frames will really stick out if you paint them in an interesting colour so don’t limit yourself to a boring brown or black. Just make sure that it still goes well with the rest of the exterior colour, especially if you’re leaving it as it is.

Swap out Fixtures 
If you don’t like the bathroom or the kitchen in your new house, you could rip the whole thing out and replace it all. But that’s going to be pretty expensive! You can still update the bathroom and the kitchen in the mean time though, by swapping out the fixtures. Replacing the taps, or the handles on the toilet will cost a fraction of the price, but jazz up the room. Just make sure that you’re matching the new fixtures with the rest of the decor if you aren’t making any more changes.

Have a Good Clean 
The smell in your home makes a big difference, and it’ll make you feel more at home if it smells just like your old place did. Give the house a thorough deep clean before you move in, to make it feel fresh and more like your own home. If you use the same products you used in your old house, it will make your new home feel more like yours!

Change the Light Shades 
The light shades are an accessory that people usually underestimate. You don’t notice them that much when you’re walking around the home, but if you’ve got interesting ones they can make all of the difference. Why not replace the current fittings with something more exciting? The right light fixture can be a great centrepiece in a room and it’s a simple way to inject a bit of your own personality into the room.

If you’re going for a more rustic decor style around your home, you could take the light shade off entirely and put in some vintage effect light bulbs instead. That stripped back look works great in a room that has a very traditional feel.

Get Inventive with Colour on the Walls 
If you’ve been living in rented properties for a while, you’re probably fed up with cream coloured walls. It's great for keeping a property neutral, but it's also soo dull! But there are no limits with your own home, so you can do whatever you like. Feature walls with bold patterned wallpaper or even a mural are a great way to completely revitalise a room and make it your own.

When you’re picking colours from the room, you need to consider the function of the space because different colours are best suited to different activities. If you’re painting the living room then something like red probably isn’t best, because it’s not a very relaxing colour. And if you’re painting a home office, you should go for blues and yellows because they encourage focus and creativity. Just make sure to have a good think before jumping into painting walls crazy colours!

A lot of people get rid of a lot of unwanted items when they’re moving house. But make sure to keep some items though, because you can use some of them in the new place. Anything that has personal memories attached to it (like small ornaments that you bought on holiday) are ideal for personalising your home. Be careful not to make areas too cluttered though, just pick a few select pieces that are special to you and your family, and dot them around the house.

Get Everybody Involved 
Your home should be a reflection of your family, and the best way to achieve that is to let everybody pitch in and make decisions about how to decorate it. Have the whole family come along when you’re picking the colour schemes and furniture for the house, choose family photos together before you put them up on the wall, and let your little ones have a say in designing their own rooms. If you do it this way, you’ll get a bit of the personality of each family member in the home and it’ll all tie together brilliantly.

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