The Siblings Project | June 2018


Just look at these three monkeys! I feel as if they've all grown a crazy amount since my last Siblings Project post. I love that Lilah is properly sitting by herself in these photos now - they look like a proper little trio. A very cheeky trio!

This month has absolutely flown by and honestly, I can't really remember much about what we've done each week. What I do know is though, that these three absolutely love being around each other at the moment. Lilah is so lucky to have the best big brother and sister around. And she rewards them with the biggest smiles and loudest coos and giggles ever.

Indie and Parker are also getting on a whole lot better at the moment too... well, for now at least! We've recently upgraded their beds to bunk beds, and they've proved to be a huge hit. Not only are they both sleeping better, but they're happy to sit and chat in their room in the mornings and evenings more too. We really couldn't have asked for it to go better.

I've also really noticed a fiercely protective side of Indie recently too. When we're out at somewhere like soft play, Indie will introduce herself to other children, and it will swiftly be followed by "that's my brother Parker, he's two!" She'll then keep a protective arm around him and make sure he's okay. It's the same if anyone talks to Lilah when she's in her buggy - Indie will always run straight over and chat to them. It's so lovely to see how proud she is to be a big sister!

By next month Lilah will be 6 months, and I'll be half a year into life with three little beans. I honestly cannot believe just how much a third baby has fit into our family. Lilah is such a little dream, and I honestly couldn't imagine our family without her. And I don't think Indie or Parker could either!

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Ahh look at baby smiles they always make my heart melt and me so broody. Little man just started smiling this week but I can't wait for the full gummy grin to come too like this. These are beautiful. #siblingsproject

  2. Ahh gorgeous photos Emily! Lilah is getting so big. The beds are such a good idea too! x


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