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Scandinavia’s mixture of impressive rugged landscapes, unique Arctic wildlife and Nordic heritage make it an exciting and diverse part of the world to visit. I know it's definitely somewhere we hope to visit in the future! So if you're looking at visiting, or have a trip booked, here are some of the top attractions that Scandinavia has to offer.

Stay in an ice hotel in Sweden

Advertised as ‘the coolest hotel in the world’, Sweden’s Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi is the world’s first ice hotel. Everything from the glasses at the bar to the furniture is built from ice. Even the beds are built from ice - although reindeer fur and polar-tested bedding ensures that you still get a good night’s sleep. No two rooms are the same and artists are often invited to carve out new ice sculptures and build new suites. With room rates starting at 1,500 krona a night, it’s certainly not a cheap stay, but the fact that it’s such a unique experience makes it worth it. The hotel is kept at a constant temperature of -5 degrees, so it’s best to wrap up warm (there are hot tubs and a sauna though when you need a break from the cold).

Go whale-watching in Iceland

Whales can be spotted all around Scandinavia’s shores, but for your greatest chance to see these mighty sea creatures up close, you’re best heading to Iceland. Boat tours from Husavik in the north have the highest success rate (it’s worth hiring a car to get here). Twelve types of whales can be found swimming off Iceland’s shores, as well as porpoises and the white beaked dolphin. There is also a whale museum in Husavik that is also well worth a visit whilst in the area.

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Take a trip to Lapland

Lapland is the famed home of Father Christmas and is Scandinavia’s most northerly region. Here you’ll find picturesque villages and scenic wintry landscapes, perfect for a magical trip away with the kids or a romantic getaway. You’ll find a number of spa hotels in Lapland that are perfect for a relaxing break. As this Lapland activity holiday guide shows, there are also plenty of active pursuits for thrill-seekers in this region such as husky sledding and snowmobile rides.

See the sights in Stockholm

For an exciting city break, Stockholm can be an excellent destination. It’s full of historic architectural sights including Drottningholm Palace and Stockholm City Hall. You can also take a promenade through the city’s historical centre Gamla Stan, containing the city’s iconic multicoloured buildings. It’s worth buying a Stockholm pass to save you time and money when getting around! Whilst you’re in Stockholm, don’t forget to also dine of the city’s signature dish of meatballs - there are countless restaurants to choose from.

Visit Legoland in Denmark

For a memorable trip with the kids, why not try Legoland! Situated next to the original Lego factory, this amusement park is the world’s largest and the original Legoland park. There are a number of rides to choose from and of course the famous mini lands built from millions of Lego brick. It’s worth visiting this park over a couple days in order to make the most of it!
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See Geirangerfjord in Norway

Norway’s UNESCO protected Geirangerfjord region is one of the best places in Scandinavia to go for admiring the sheer natural beauty. Here you’ll find epic fjords, vast canyons and snow-capped mountains. You can explore the region by following one of the many hiking trails or you can take a scenic drive along the winding cliff top roads. It’s even possible to take a cruise along the fjord if you fancy a more luxury mode of travel. Those brave enough can take on the Geiranger skywalk, positioned 1500m above sea level, and take in breathtaking views of the region.

Go skiing in Lillehammer

Scandinavia has no shortage of ski resorts. Lillehammer in Norway contains some of the most renowned resorts, attracting skiiers and snowboarders from around the world. It contains 44km of piste, with each run offering alpine settings and epic views. There are challenging Olympic runs and more gentle slopes for beginners (and those wanting a more leisurely ski). It’s possible to buy a multi-pass that allows you to use multiple resorts in the region - with so many slopes to choose from, you’ll never get bored!

Relax in the Blue Lagoon

Whilst Scandinavia is known for its chilly temperatures, its volcanic activity means that there are also plenty of natural hot springs for bathing in too. Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is the most famous geothermal pool and is perfect for those wanting the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. Technically, the blue lagoon isn’t natural given it was created as a the result of creating a geothermal power plant, however the hot water itself is natural, heated by lava deep beneath the earth. 

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Tour the castles in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the perfect destination for those that love their castles. There’s Rosenborg Castle with its crown jewels and royal regalia, plus Hamlet’s Kronborg Castle on the outskirts, of which the Shakespeare play was based. Many of these castles are well preserved giving you a true insight into the country’s vast history. Copenhagen has countless other historical sights to see from including Frederik’s Church and Copenhagen City Hall. It’s also the home of Denmark’s iconic Little Mermaid monument. Definitely well worth a visit!

See the Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis is one of the Earth’s greatest natural phenomenons. This natural lightshow can be seen all across Scandinavia on clear winter night. March is the most popular month for catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights, and the further north you go, the more chance you have of seeing the lights. Rural locations that haven’t been disturbed by light pollution are also better for increasing your chances - Ivalo in Finland and Alta in Norway are just two popular hotspots worth trying.

Where would you like to visit most?

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