Me and Mine | January 2017


I'm so excited for another year of me and mine! 

Another year of family photos, and capturing those special moments. Watching the four of us grow each month as the seasons change. This time last year Parker was still a little baby, and now? Just look at him!

I still cannot believe we had snow for this month's photos! It didn't last long (and it's just been wet and miserable since), but we made the most of it for the littles first experience.

The rest of the month has been relatively adventure free. With ballet on a Saturday morning, swimming on a Sunday afternoon, and all the usual boring chores to fit in in-between we just haven't had the time! Throw in a poorly Parker and staying in has just been easier.

I'm hoping with the weather improving, we'll be able to get out and about much more next month. I love nothing more than making memories with these three... so here's to another year of family photos!

The Me and Mine Project

Living Arrows // 05/52


“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”
Kahlil Gibran

Every week I'll be sharing a capture of my littles - either individually or together. To capture how they grow and change week by week.

We took the littles shopping this weekend. Probably not the brightest idea with a 3 year old who is currently deep into the threenager stage, and an 18 month old whirlwind. We needed to pick up a few bits though, and the bribe of toy shops and treats seemed to actually work.

They were so well behaved, and it was actually a pretty enjoyable day.. yay! True to our word we ended the trip with a visit to the toy shop and a yummy snack. 

Is there anything more exciting than watching the doughnuts being made?

Living Arrows

Mummy and Me | January 2017


I was undecided about whether to continue with this linky. As my two get older and our weeks get busier, it's harder and harder to capture photos of the three of us.

But then I realised... That's exactly why I need to continue.

To make sure I do capture those moments.

To make sure I make the effort to be in the photo rather than hiding away.

Because at the end of the day, my two aren't going to care what mummy looked like. Whether it's a perfectly posed photo or an iPhone selfie. They're just going to be glad they have them to look back on.

Saying that I adore the photos from this month. We were blessed by snow at the beginning of the month, so of course we had to go on a snowy adventure. These pictures basically sum up our experience too.

Parker really wasn't sure - but with some encouragement from us he tolerated the cold and wet stuff. Indie was loving it though. Throwing snowballs at daddy (and mummy the cheeky thing), and making snowmen.

A beautiful start to another year of Mummy and Me.

Fairytales, Trolls & Bobble Hats | #LittleLoves


It's a Friday.

It's a #littleloves post.

And I'm not moaning... Hooray!

This week has been busy, but it's also been pretty good. I definitely love these kind of weeks the most. They fly by so quickly though, and I honestly cannot believe it's Friday again. So here's what I've been loving this week...


Indie seems to have really got into books again recently. Her current favourite is a huge book full of traditional stories and fairytales. It's SO lovely to read some stories that aren't about TV characters and silly things - traditional is always best! She can even quote lines from The Gingerbread Man which is so cute.


Indie and I had a little mama, daughter date after Ballet on Saturday, and we went to see Trolls. Oh my goodness.. what a brilliant film! The storyline is lovely, the songs are so catchy and there were plenty of adult laughs too.

Our Odeon does kiddy showings at the weekend for a fraction of the cost of regular tickets - that's for adults and kids too! Well worth checking out if you haven't already.


I finally got around to listening to Ed Sheeran's other new song, and I think I love it more than the first! I really cannot wait for the album now.


Cheating a little, but Parker has 'made' so much progress recently. The last time we went to soft play (which actually wasn't that long ago) he still needed lots of guidance. He was still a little scared, and wouldn't do things without me there.

I took the littles to soft play on Monday though, and he was so brave! Running around, climbing, whizzing down the slides.. he was like a different child! I love watching my two grow up, but it really does go too fast doesn't it.


How cold and foggy has it been this week?

My two are practically living in their winter coats and bobble hats at the moment. They're super snuggly and warm, and they look pretty darn cute in them too. Win, win really.

And Lastly...

Channel Mum are covering all things pregnancy at the moment, so I've been joining in filming some content for my own channel. I loved going through my old pregnancy journals and blog posts for them - although I think I did make some people thing I was expecting again... whoops!

Have a lovely week :)

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

Kid's TV Shows I (not so) Secretly Enjoy...


Let's face it.

We've all stuck a kid's tv show on as a makeshift babysitter, at least once in our lives. And if you say you haven't, I reaaaaally don't believe you!

It gives you time to actually sit and relax for 5 minutes. It entertains the littles while you make dinner, or want to go to the loo without an audience. It was a lifesaver for me when I had two under two.

Over time I've grown to love some of those annoying little characters. I even look forward to watching an episode or two of certain shows.

And I don't think I'm ashamed to admit it!

Hey Duggee

Who doesn't love this show? The characters are brilliant - if you haven't seen the episode where they watch the tadpoles grow into frogs, you are seriously missing out! Loads of adult jokes in this one too.

Small Potatoes

These little potatoes are far too cute. Always singing and dancing about something. Warning though, the theme tune with get stuck in your head FOREVER...

Shimmer and Shine

This is quite a recent addition to Indie's watch list. All about two genies, who aren't actually that good at granting the right wishes.  It's fun, the theme tune is pretty catchy and it really reminds me of shows I used to watch when I was younger.

Get Well Soon

Everyone loves Dr Ranj don't they? He's so likeable! I will happily admit I've learnt a think or two from this show. Nurse Morag is bit annoying, but I think I can cope with her small segment.

Curious George

Indie used to be obsessed with this show when she was little - She could say George at 15 months. I was pretty thankful though, as it's actually really enjoyable to watch. George is always getting into mischief which makes the kid's laugh, and the narrator has one of those calming voices so I find it pretty relaxing. I just wish I knew what the guy in the bloody yellow hat was called!

A video posted by Emily // thepeachicksandus (@emilyandindiana) on

So come on, admit it... which shows are your favourite to watch?

Living Arrows // 04/52


“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”
Kahlil Gibran

Every week I'll be sharing a capture of my littles - either individually or together. To capture how they grow and change week by week.

We have such busy weekends at the moment. Ballet on a Saturday, swimming on a Sunday, jobs to do in-between, as well as trying to get the littles out and about as much as possible. It's exactly how I imaged life with kids when I was younger. Although I do sometimes wish we didn't always have a place to be!

This week's pictures were taken on Sunday afternoon. Despite being awake all morning and his swimming lesson, Parker was not giving in to sleep. So we decided to head to the park before treating them to dinner out.

It was muddy and pretty chilly, but that never seems to stop little ones does it?

Both of them ran around after Jack while I snapped away. The three of them were totally in their element and it was so lovely to watch. We eventually took them into the actual play park, to let them run off the last of their energy - where on earth does it all come from?

Weekends go waaaay too fast. Of course the routine goes out the window. The house is a mess from constantly popping in and out, without having time to tidy in-between. But having Jack at home, and spending quality time as a family really is the best.

Roll on Friday!

Living Arrows

Learning to Swim with Puddle Ducks, West Kent {Lessons 1 & 2}


We are so excited to be Konfidence Swimologists this year. As part of our role I'm going to be sharing a little swimming diary, to document how Parker's getting on. 

How the lessons are structured.

What skills he's learning.

And most importantly of all... Is he enjoying it?

Parker has always loved the water. From being born in the pool, to splashing in the tub, he's never been fazed by having water in his face or jumping in. He's never had proper lessons though.

We're therefore thrilled to be having our lessons with Puddle Ducks, West Kent.
"During Puddle Duck’s Baby & Pre-school programmes, our teachers adapt the activities to suit each child's individual needs. Taught in lovely warm pools with a maximum of ten children, our classes incorporate rhyme, music and movement based on extensive child development research."
They have different classes depending on age and ability. Parker is in their Kicker class, which is for little ones aged 15 to 30 months. Lessons are only 30 minutes long, which although seem short is definitely enough.

Lesson One

Despite turning up a little late, we were so excited for Parker's first lesson. He was unsure at first but that was expected.. it was a whole new experience for both him and Jack! There were no tears though, and he quickly adapted to being in the water.

During the lesson they did a number of different fun activities. These were then done in sequence alongside a song. The teacher was really helpful and especially considerate of Jack, as she knew it was their first lesson.

I love how they keep the lessons fun while still teaching skills. They really focus on key words, such as "hold on" and "kick", so they start to associate them with the activity too.

The lesson was over really quickly, and I did think it felt a little rushed. But they did manage to do a whole range of different things, so that was probably why.

Lesson Two

We didn't have such a good start this week - we forgot the swimming stuff! Thankfully Puddle Ducks came to the rescue with spares (hence the pink swimming gear you see in these photos.. thanks guys!). Parker was also starting to become poorly so wasn't so up for swimming this week.

He still managed to join in with all the activities though, and despite being a little clingy seemed to enjoy himself. They did similar things to week one including 'bubbles' and 'aeroplanes'. However the rest of the lesson focused on different skills. I think this is great as it makes sure they learn a range of skills, as well as keeping it fun for the little ones.

Again the teacher was very understanding that it was only Parker and Jack's second week. During the 'kick and splash' segment she didn't make him go under (I was thankful of this!), but she still made sure he was involved.

This week felt much less rushed but still as fun. I managed to capture a lot more photos during the splash about time at the end too. I'm loving watching Parker and Jack have quality time together, and cannot wait to see what the next few weeks are going to bring.

The National Trust, Building Snowmen & Cloth Nappies | #LittleLoves


It's been a busy week for us. Passing in a blur of preschool, teething and not much sleep. The main reason I love writing these #littleloves posts though, is so I can remember the good instead.

Yes, the lack of sleep has been rubbish... but I've loved the snuggles that come with co-sleeping. 

Yes, Parker's clinginess has meant not much has been done... but isn't it nice to just sit back, and just relax with the little ones once in a while?

So here's this week's little loves...


Our new National Trust handbook came through this week, and it's got me soo excited for this years adventures. I know I'm probably way too young to get excited about this kind of thing, but it really is the best £6 we spend a month!


Who else watched this series of Sherlock? I'm still unsure of what I thought of the finale. Of course the acting was brilliant, and I loved that they left it open for more. But I was left feeling confused at a few parts. And the clown?! Jesus that was terrifying!

I also watched Parker have his second swimming lesson on Sunday. Despite forgetting the swimming gear (next week we won't have any disasters), he did really well. It's lovely to see Jack and P getting some quality time together. And you can tell he's already getting more confident in the water.


I honestly cannot think of anything this week! 


Do you wanna build a snowmaaaaaan?

Like I predicted in last week's post, the snow where we live was gone by morning. But luckily we managed to find some after a little drive. Indie was so excited and loved building her very first snowman with daddy.

We did have to get creative with the eyes, and Indie wasn't impressed that I put her bow on it... but it's a memory I'll remember forever!


How gorgeous are these cloth nappies?

We're having trouble with leaking nappies at the moment - not only is it horrible for P, but the washing was getting ridiculous too! So when Bambino Mio got in touch, I thought why not give them a go. I'll let you know how we got on soon.

And Lastly...

With Parker *hopefully* on the mend (he's currently teething and has a viral infection the poor thing), I'm really looking forward to a fun-filled weekend.

I'm off to the cinema with Indie tomorrow morning to watch Trollz. After seeing so many people rave about in their #littleloves posts I think I'm more excited than she is!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

The First Taste of Snow, January 2017


I know snow is probably old news by now, but I couldn't not share some of the wonderful photos we managed to capture last week. It was the littles very first taste of snow, and I'm not sure who was more excited!

Where we live, the snow had melted by the time morning arrived on Friday 13th January. Indie was so disappointed. Her dreams of making snow angels were gone as quickly as they arrived. Driving to Knole the next day though, we were surprised to see fields of white. We could have a snow day after all!

Bundled up in their puddlesuits and wellies, we parked up road-side and entered via a side gate - these are dotted around Knole, giving you access to the grounds further away from the main car park. There were families sledging and going for long walks in the snow - there was a real buzz in the air which was so lovely.

Parker was unfortunately feeling a little sorry for himself, so he wasn't quite so sure what to make of the snow. Indiana however, was in her element.



Making snowballs.

I don't think I've seen her so happy in a long time!

We did have a liiiittle bit of a parent fail while adventuring though. Parker doesn't actually have any gloves of his own - what 1 year old keeps them on? I found Indie's old mittens, but they quickly fell off and got soaking wet.

What was the parent thing to do? Give him my gloves of course! He looked ridiculous, but they kept him warm and he actually kept them on too.

The best bit of the whole morning was watching Indie play. She got to make her snow angels (just like Peppa), and there was even enough snow left to build a mini snowman.

With daddy's help she gathered the snow to make a body and a head. They then ventured off to find some twigs for arms - which she then managed to add herself! We couldn't find any eyes, so I had to get creative with some leaves.

I even popped Indie's bow on top to make a girly snowman - much to Indie's disgust though as "it's myyy bow" was shouted a few times...

We had such a wonderful morning, and I think it's actually made me enjoy snow a little bit more. Of course the day wasn't all sunshine and snowmen - the littles ended up a bit chilly and tired so there were tears...

But what day out with little ones is always perfect?

life as our little family