Kid's TV Shows I (not so) Secretly Enjoy...


Let's face it.

We've all stuck a kid's tv show on as a makeshift babysitter, at least once in our lives. And if you say you haven't, I reaaaaally don't believe you!

It gives you time to actually sit and relax for 5 minutes. It entertains the littles while you make dinner, or want to go to the loo without an audience. It was a lifesaver for me when I had two under two.

Over time I've grown to love some of those annoying little characters. I even look forward to watching an episode or two of certain shows.

And I don't think I'm ashamed to admit it!

Hey Duggee

Who doesn't love this show? The characters are brilliant - if you haven't seen the episode where they watch the tadpoles grow into frogs, you are seriously missing out! Loads of adult jokes in this one too.

Small Potatoes

These little potatoes are far too cute. Always singing and dancing about something. Warning though, the theme tune with get stuck in your head FOREVER...

Shimmer and Shine

This is quite a recent addition to Indie's watch list. All about two genies, who aren't actually that good at granting the right wishes.  It's fun, the theme tune is pretty catchy and it really reminds me of shows I used to watch when I was younger.

Get Well Soon

Everyone loves Dr Ranj don't they? He's so likeable! I will happily admit I've learnt a think or two from this show. Nurse Morag is bit annoying, but I think I can cope with her small segment.

Curious George

Indie used to be obsessed with this show when she was little - She could say George at 15 months. I was pretty thankful though, as it's actually really enjoyable to watch. George is always getting into mischief which makes the kid's laugh, and the narrator has one of those calming voices so I find it pretty relaxing. I just wish I knew what the guy in the bloody yellow hat was called!

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So come on, admit it... which shows are your favourite to watch?

The Siblings Project | January 2017


I'm so excited to be taking part in another year of the sibling project. I absolutely loved capturing my two last year, and honestly think it's something everyone should do! Watching them grow and change throughout the seasons is just so wonderful, and lovely to look back on at the end of the year.

I cannot believe that January's photos feature snow! We only had a light dusting where we live, but a quick drive to our favourite NT property and we were greeted with fields of white. I'll admit my two weren't so please about my love of capturing them this month, and these photos are really the best of a very bad bunch... but they did love the snow.

This month has seen a huge change for my two. Indie now goes off to preschool three days a week, leaving just me and my littlest at home to play. She absolutely loves it but I think P is still adjusting.

He seems unsure about playing - too used to having a big sister who doesn't really like to share. The house is far too quiet for me too, and I'm actually finding it harder to get things done, as Parker is clinging to me a lot more without his partner in crime. I think we're both excited to pick her up when the time comes!

It's made the time they do share together a lot more special. They sit and cuddle and actually enjoy each others company a little more - I'm not saying they're best of friends, and there's definitely still plenty of arguments. But it's a start right?

I'm sure as time goes on and both adjust to our new routine, things will settle down. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see! For now I'm just looking forward to another month with my two little loves.

The Me and Mine Project

Parker's 17 Month Update


These days, I'm actually finding it hard to believe Parker is only 17 months old. Having a big sister has made him grow and develop so much quicker.

He's full of energy, full of words and full of cheekiness!

I've seen a huge change in Parker this month too. He's still an absolute nightmare in the pushchair - if I go out in the mornings without him having a nap, he turns into a little monster. But walking wise he's getting sooo much better.

He'll happily walk along holding hands, something that I would have never have even considered a few weeks ago. He lifts his chubby little hand to mine for me to hold and just stomps along beside me. It's made the preschool run so easy as I can just walk along with one in each hand. It's pretty cute too!

His understanding grows each day too. He understands simple commands and tasks. If I mention going out he runs to grab his shoes and coat, he helps tidy up and at bedtime he waits in the kitchen for you to make his milk. He waves and shouts bye bye to everyone - if we leave a shop or a programme on tv finishes, and loves to shut the door when people leave the house (although he has a habit of doing it before they've finished saying bye).

Although the development we see in him is amazing, it's not without the negatives. This month has mostly been dominated by the (thankfully) final leap. Refusing food, not sleeping, being very clingy and generally a bit of a whinge bag. I think we're nearing the end of the tunnel though as he's definitely becoming brighter - he's eating and sleeping again anyway!

New words this month include: snow, rain, coat, hat, baby, cuddle, kiss, nose, socks, dinosaur, car, La La (he loves the Teletubbies), wee wee, down, play and he called Father Christmas "ho ho".

In just a few weeks time I'll have an 18 month old... where did the time go! Looking back over pictures from his first birthday I cannot believe how much he's changed already. He's waaaay too grown up.

The Start of a New Adventure | Indiana Starts Preschool


"When I grow up I want to be a mermaid, and Parker can be one too!" - Indiana, 3

Blow drying Indiana's hair last night, I suddenly became all emotional. Today our little girl starts preschool, and life as we know it is changing.


Packed lunches.

Being up, dressed, and out the house for school runs.

It's the start of our beautiful girl growing up and becoming more independent. From today it'll never be just me and my two babies at home. Three days a week Indie will be off to preschool. Then soon enough she'll be starting school.

And I'm not sure I'm ready...

I know Indie completely is though. It's all she's talked about over the Christmas break. She couldn't wait to put on her jumper and make her packed lunch. She practically skipped down the road to her school.

I'm so proud that she's taking to it so well. I cannot wait to pick her up at 3 o'clock and hear about her day!

My baby girl is growing up.

And I cannot wait to start this new adventure!