Parker's 17 Month Update


These days, I'm actually finding it hard to believe Parker is only 17 months old. Having a big sister has made him grow and develop so much quicker.

He's full of energy, full of words and full of cheekiness!

I've seen a huge change in Parker this month too. He's still an absolute nightmare in the pushchair - if I go out in the mornings without him having a nap, he turns into a little monster. But walking wise he's getting sooo much better.

He'll happily walk along holding hands, something that I would have never have even considered a few weeks ago. He lifts his chubby little hand to mine for me to hold and just stomps along beside me. It's made the preschool run so easy as I can just walk along with one in each hand. It's pretty cute too!

His understanding grows each day too. He understands simple commands and tasks. If I mention going out he runs to grab his shoes and coat, he helps tidy up and at bedtime he waits in the kitchen for you to make his milk. He waves and shouts bye bye to everyone - if we leave a shop or a programme on tv finishes, and loves to shut the door when people leave the house (although he has a habit of doing it before they've finished saying bye).

Although the development we see in him is amazing, it's not without the negatives. This month has mostly been dominated by the (thankfully) final leap. Refusing food, not sleeping, being very clingy and generally a bit of a whinge bag. I think we're nearing the end of the tunnel though as he's definitely becoming brighter - he's eating and sleeping again anyway!

New words this month include: snow, rain, coat, hat, baby, cuddle, kiss, nose, socks, dinosaur, car, La La (he loves the Teletubbies), wee wee, down, play and he called Father Christmas "ho ho".

In just a few weeks time I'll have an 18 month old... where did the time go! Looking back over pictures from his first birthday I cannot believe how much he's changed already. He's waaaay too grown up.


  1. Oh he is so cute emily! Bless him. I remember when Archie was this age, I know it challenging sometimes when they wont sleep or eat but they are just too scrumptious aren't they. I alway remember how much easier it got after 18 months, at least for me anyway. He is gorgeous happy 17 months to Parker! xxx

  2. Hey, I found your post on the What My Kid Did linkup. Your son is so adorable. My daughter is 13 months and still hates the stroller too. She stays for a while but gets over it really quickly. Hopefully this leap is over soon for you guys! Wish you the best!

  3. What a gorgeous boy! It made me laugh about his door shutting in people's faces... Sounds like it could come in quite handy at times! Such a brilliant age for kids I think, their personalities are just amazing

  4. He is so cute! I cannot believe he is 17 months already. It seems like only yesterday you announced your pregnancy! ox

  5. Aww what a cutie! groeing in to such a handsome boy!x


  6. He's growing so fast, loved reading all that he has been up to! Him and Archie sound so similar. Archie is a nightmare in the pram too and he was so good at holding my hand but now the novelty has worn off that is a nightmare too, so I literally can't win these days haha! xx

  7. They're delightful at this age and he's a little cutie. My little lady is 14 months old and I swear she's half mountain goat.

  8. Awww he is adorable! and so so clever! I love that he's closing doors and waiting for his milk and helping to tidy, that so clever of him! It's so crazy how fast they're growing isn't it? and I love his gruffalo puddle suit! xx

  9. It's so strange to think Little will be doing similar in 6 months. Parker is a proper little toddler and Little is still a baby. Super cute pictures.


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