Indiana's 5 Month Update


I know I must say this every month, but I can't believe our little munchkin is 5 months old! It's crazy to think next month will be her half birthday, and in 3 months I'll be back at work. So here's how she's been this month:

I got her weighed last Wednesday when she was 21+1 weeks and she weighed 15lb 5.5oz! She was exactly 14lb when I had her weighed 3 weeks before, so I couldn't believe how much she'd put on in less that a month haha.

Routine is still going strong, although her morning and evening one can change daily. Some days she's up at 7, others like today she's not up until nearly 9! These makes her bottle times change, but whatever the day she goes 4 hours between, and still has a dreamfeed at 10ish. She still has no set naptime routine either, but I try and put her down 2 hours after she's woken up. But she can have between 30 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes sleep! We have a lot more playtime now too. She hates being left alone too long and will start moaning if she is, so I have to keep her amused most of the day now haha.

Hello sleeping through the night again.. finally! We made it out of our giant leap and ever since her sleeping pattern has been much better. Routine is till the same, and she's usually in bed my 7.30 every day, with her dream feed. She's then up anytime between 6-7, but she will usually sleep in until 7.30/8.

She's still on Cow&Gate Comfort with size 3 teats, we don't really want to risk trying to switch her again, so if she's happy so are we. We still make 8oz bottles but she again takes anything between 5 and 8 ozs (5 a day). Most of the time she finishes it these days though. Still no weaning yet either! She's still not interested so we're really hoping to do baby led weaning.

Still in 3-6 months clothes which she fits perfectly now, apart from her sleeves are sometimes a bit long bless her haha. Size 3 nappies still fit too, although I'm sure once our stash runs out size 4 will be needed! We've washed and I've organised all her 6-9 months clothes ready for our holiday next month. I can't believe how big she's getting!

  • She is great at grasping toys - she can pass them between her hands and has such a look of concentration as she does it
  • She's moving to level 2 on her Jumperoo! She's flat footed on level 1 now, but she's now jumping so high in it too haha!
  • She's rolled loads this month, although poor Jack still hasn't seen it
  • She has such strong legs - she can stand with you just holding her hands, and even locks her legs so you can't sit her down.
  • She can sit unaided for a few seconds, she's getting much better!
  • She's discovering her feet and toes, she sits there just staring at them
  • She's also starting to recognise her name, and she responds to it nearly every time now

We still have no teeth but she's teething quite badly at the moment. Her clothes get soaked in dribble, and so do her teething toys haha. You can clearly see white marks under her gums now, so who knows when they'll pop through! We have also started baby massage which she loved, so I'm hoping to keep that up! We also went swimming for the first time on Sunday 27th April when she was 5months and 1 day old, she seemed to enjoy it haha! I just can't wait to see what she'll do this month!

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What was your little one up to at 5 months old?