Holiday with a Baby | What to Pack


In just over 5 weeks time we're going on our first family holiday! Words cannot describe how excited we are, or how nervous we are too.

Indiana's always been a pretty good little lady; she goes 4 hours between feeds, sleeps through the night, and loves being out in her pram, but the thought of taking her on a plane is quite daunting. I don't think it really helps that we have a 6am flight either.. joy haha!

We'll be flying from Gatwick to Majorca, so it's not exactly a long haul flight, but I can imagine it's going to feel that way. However, I have been searching for about a month now for tips on travelling with a baby. My mum's always told me it's easier to take them at this age (we went to Florida a few times with my brother and sisters when they were 3 months, 10 months, and in their toddler stages so she knows what it's like!).

The first tip I have found is to be super prepared! Any one who knows me will know I am anyway. I'm getting the suitcases out this week and I'm going to start packing up Indie's bits. We also went to Boots recently and started purchasing the holiday essentials. We have bought ready to use sterilised Tommee Tippee Bottles for the plane journeys, along with the ready made milk cartons. Indie has never been fussy and will drink her milk hot or cold so these are perfect. It also means we don't have to lug around bottles, as we can just throw them away when she's done!

We then purchased Boot's own sterilising tablets. We were considering the liquid, but realised these wouldn't be as heavy and are probably better. We'll just use these with a plain and simple washing up bowl to sterilise whilst there, as again it just seems easy (and cheaper too haha).

The finally purchases we made are for travelling whilst there, and at home too! We knew we didn't want to take our Oyster with us, as I don't want to risk damaging it (it wasn't cheap!), and we wanted something easier to travel with. So we purchased a buggy for our holiday, and to use once she's bigger too. We got the Mamas & Papas Kato buggy in pink and grey. They were having a sale so it was half price, and is perfect, exactly what we needed! Then to go with this we purchased a Snoozeshade. My sister has one for Oliver's carseat and I think they're a fab idea! They offer sun protection as well as creating a perfect naptime setting whilst they're in the pram.

If you are a follower of my blog or youtube channel you will know how crazy we've gone on clothes for holiday haha. I now have the hard task of deciding which ones to bring, which knowing me will be all of them!

I'd love some tips for travelling with a young baby, especially for whilst at the airport or on the plane, as most I've read are for older toddlers and not for a 6/7 month old baby!

Indiana's First Swim!


On Sunday we took Indiana swimming for the first time! It was so exciting, and watching her little face while in the pool made me so happy.

We'd been putting it off for ages! We didn't know when to go, what to wear, all that jazz! I kept making excuses as I had nothing to wear.. I didn't want to get my stretchmarks out in public! But I'm so glad I finally braved it, and you know what, I couldn't care less what people thought as it was so worth it!

Our local pool unfortunately doesn't have parent changing rooms so if we ever go one of us would have to take Indie by themselves. It makes sense for me to take her anyway, as Jack said the male changing rooms didn't have any baby facilities! The ladies has a children's section, but there's no where private to get changed, which I think put me off too. Luckily this time my sister Gemma came along with my nephew so we had two people watching the babies haha.

I was really anxious that she would just scream. She likes the bath but never seems too fussed about it. However, I worried for no reason! She didn't giggle, and I don't think she even smiled but there were no tears or fussing. She just looked amazed at what was going on. She loved looking at all the other people, and wasn't fazed with them splashing and squealing about around her.

Unfortunately our pool doesn't allow us to take pictures while they're in the pool so we weren't able to capture the moment. But I took these shots before we went.. check out them leg rolls, chunky little lady haha!

Her swimsuit is from John Lewis and is super cute. We also have two UV all in one suits for holiday along with the matching hats. We used swim nappies this time however we did actually recently purchase a reusable one, again from John Lewis. It can be used up until they're 30 months so we thought it was much better, and cheaper than forking out on swim nappies every time!

We are so excited to take her in the pool on holiday now, and to go again. We're hoping she loves the water as much as we do!

How was your little ones first swim?

What's your opinion on reusable swim nappies?

Indiana's 5 Month Update


I know I must say this every month, but I can't believe our little munchkin is 5 months old! It's crazy to think next month will be her half birthday, and in 3 months I'll be back at work. So here's how she's been this month:

I got her weighed last Wednesday when she was 21+1 weeks and she weighed 15lb 5.5oz! She was exactly 14lb when I had her weighed 3 weeks before, so I couldn't believe how much she'd put on in less that a month haha.

Routine is still going strong, although her morning and evening one can change daily. Some days she's up at 7, others like today she's not up until nearly 9! These makes her bottle times change, but whatever the day she goes 4 hours between, and still has a dreamfeed at 10ish. She still has no set naptime routine either, but I try and put her down 2 hours after she's woken up. But she can have between 30 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes sleep! We have a lot more playtime now too. She hates being left alone too long and will start moaning if she is, so I have to keep her amused most of the day now haha.

Hello sleeping through the night again.. finally! We made it out of our giant leap and ever since her sleeping pattern has been much better. Routine is till the same, and she's usually in bed my 7.30 every day, with her dream feed. She's then up anytime between 6-7, but she will usually sleep in until 7.30/8.

She's still on Cow&Gate Comfort with size 3 teats, we don't really want to risk trying to switch her again, so if she's happy so are we. We still make 8oz bottles but she again takes anything between 5 and 8 ozs (5 a day). Most of the time she finishes it these days though. Still no weaning yet either! She's still not interested so we're really hoping to do baby led weaning.

Still in 3-6 months clothes which she fits perfectly now, apart from her sleeves are sometimes a bit long bless her haha. Size 3 nappies still fit too, although I'm sure once our stash runs out size 4 will be needed! We've washed and I've organised all her 6-9 months clothes ready for our holiday next month. I can't believe how big she's getting!

  • She is great at grasping toys - she can pass them between her hands and has such a look of concentration as she does it
  • She's moving to level 2 on her Jumperoo! She's flat footed on level 1 now, but she's now jumping so high in it too haha!
  • She's rolled loads this month, although poor Jack still hasn't seen it
  • She has such strong legs - she can stand with you just holding her hands, and even locks her legs so you can't sit her down.
  • She can sit unaided for a few seconds, she's getting much better!
  • She's discovering her feet and toes, she sits there just staring at them
  • She's also starting to recognise her name, and she responds to it nearly every time now

We still have no teeth but she's teething quite badly at the moment. Her clothes get soaked in dribble, and so do her teething toys haha. You can clearly see white marks under her gums now, so who knows when they'll pop through! We have also started baby massage which she loved, so I'm hoping to keep that up! We also went swimming for the first time on Sunday 27th April when she was 5months and 1 day old, she seemed to enjoy it haha! I just can't wait to see what she'll do this month!

17+6 Weeks Old
19 Weeks Old
Preparing For Our Holiday
20 + 3 Weeks Old
Cousins - Growing Up Too Fast!
21 + 2 Weeks Old
First Time Swimming At 21 + 5 Weeks Old!
What was your little one up to at 5 months old?

The Baby & Toddler Show At Bluewater


 We were lucky enough to win tickets to this years event from the lovely Cheeky Rascals, which took place from Friday 25th-Sunday 27th April. It was SO strange going with a baby this time, as I was around 34 weeks pregnant on our last visit, crazy haha! We came along with my sister, her other half and my two nephews this time too, and it was a great day out!

What I thought was such an amazing idea was that you could borrow a carrier to use while at the show, all for free. We got Indie out as soon as we got there and we'd been in the car for a while, but quickly realised she would be too heavy to carry in our arms for too long. So Jack went off to collect a carrier while I carried on looking around.

He said the ladies helping were fantastic; one took Indie (and amazingly she didn't cry haha), while another strapped him in. She was a bit unsure at first, but once she snuggled up to daddy with her dummy she was so happy, and even fell asleep. Jack said how much he enjoyed carrying her, and it left so much space for me to collect bits from the show haha.

So once we were settled we were free to look around the event. It was full of babies and expectant parents, and there was so much to see! We quickly lost my sister as we were taken in by different sights, she was keen to see the ladies at bras4mums as she's breastfeeding. They were very helpful and helped her with trying on a whole selection, and she left very happy with her purchase.

We were more interested in just having a browse, as we weren't intending to buy anything. I spoke to some lovely people, and all the stall holders were friendly, and keen to tell you about their products. I loved the Baby Planet section with all the prams, and larger items. They had Pink Lining changing bags and Jack had to drag me away before I bought another haha. We chatted to the lady at the Oyster section as this is the pram we have. I was keen to learn more about the new Oyster2 as it's just been released!

I was amazed at how many brands were there with cool new products. Rosey Jennifer Designs featured the most beautiful clocks and bits for children. Their lampshades were utterly amazing, and I wish we had purchased one for Indiana's room (however it was the price that stopped us, as we're trying to stop spending at the moment haha). This was the same for the prints and canvas at Little Sweet Designs, I wish I could have got them all!

One stall that stopped us in our tracks and got us excited was Spring Nutrition. As you probably know we haven't started weaning Indiana yet, and our plan is to do baby led weaning. The ladies at Spring Nutrition were about just that, perfect! One of the main ladies was Julie Clark, who was there selling her brand new baby led weaning, step by step book. We were so happy we came across them as it's exactly what we needed, and the goody bag came with a doidy cup and a pack of rice cakes for the start of our journey too!

The other stall that had a similar impact was Bibisili Bibs. Again this links with us starting thinking about weaning Indie. We have purchased a Tommee Tippee bib but it's very stiff, and it going to be a pain to carry around on holiday especially. However these bibs are SO soft and flexible, they could be scrunched up and thrown in a bag so easily, and the designs are super cute too.

The whole time we were walking around there were talks and activities going on. There was a main stage where throughout the day stall holders gave talks, and other bits went on. While we were in there there was a free baby sensory activity, that although we didn't see, my sister said Freddie and Oliver loved.

I much preferred this years show to the last one, as there was just so much more to see. Maybe that's because we have a baby now, who knows. The layout was also much better as it seemed easier to get around. However I did notice that tickets didn't include goody bags like they did last year. They had to be purchased separately, or you had to get a higher priced ticket! There was also a lot of leaflets given out, and less free samples. I remember leaving last year with samples of nappy cream and all those kind of bits, yet this year we didn't get any!

Overall though we had a great day. I love the location of this show, as because it's inside a shopping centre it's a whole day out. After we left the show we grabbed something to eat and then went shopping, my favourite thing to do haha! Parking is also free, and it's all in one place, much better than travelling around ages to find where it is! I can't wait to go to the next one and see what it's like!

Funky Giraffe Bibs | Review


Now Indiana is almost 5 months we're thoroughly in the teething stage.. and teething means a whole lot of dribble! We put bibs on Indie when we feed her but these were quite frankly rubbish, and we took them off the second she was done. It's all change now though that we've discovered Funky Giraffe bibs!

We have three (and probably a whole lot more by the time you read this haha) of the bandana bibs. They have SO many cute, funky and pretty stylish designs to choose from. We have a selection of floral prints as I'm obsessed, and I knew they'd go with most of Indie's outfits too. 

Cute Floral
Blue, Purple + Yellow Flowers
Flowery Mum
I love every single one, and everything about them. They're designed with us mummies in mind by a mummy! This is what I think makes the extra special. They're not manufactured to make money, but with us mummies and our babies in mind. These means they are designed to be what we want, and look great doing it too.

The front is made from a soft brushed cotton, and the back is an absorbent fleece backing so that nothing gets through to the skin. This help prevents that nasty dribble rash that can appear from either not wearing a bib, or from ill fitting ones. They also have poppers instead of velcro. This ensures a snug fit (two sets of poppers helps this and means there's less chance of it being ripped off too haha). 

They are such a great price too. They start from as little as £1.98 for one which I think is very reasonable. They also offer deals such as buy 5 for £11 (the hard part is choosing the 5 you want haha). This also includes free delivery, or if you spend over £7 you get this too!

All of these points combined creates a fashionable, yet practical, affordable and comfy item. They are much more than a bib, they become part of the outfit. I love mine so much I never want to take them off Indie; they are the finishing touch to her outfit!

I would recommend these bibs to any mummy, and I will definitely be buying some more! They also sell larger sized bibs, sleepsuits, rompers and other baby accessories. Check them out on their website here.

*I was sent these items for the purpose of a review, I was not paid and all opinions are my own*

A Whirlwind Of A Year


I cannot believe it, I was so busy with the Easter weekend I didn't even realise that yesterday was the day I discovered I was pregnant! Now a year on Indiana is thriving and by Saturday will be five months old! I can't quite get my head around that it's been a whole year.. but what an amazing year it's been!
I've already done a post following my pregnancy, but I just couldn't not write about this. It may not be big to some people, but it is for me haha.

So rewind a year.. I'm still living at home with my mum, I'm on the pill and I'm just doing what any other 19 year old is doing; working, partying, drinking, basically doing whatever I wanted haha! I had been getting pretty bad (so bad sometimes I was awake at night crying in pain) stomach cramps. I even went to the doctors about them they were that bad, but all she said was take some paracetamol! Being pregnant didn't even cross my mind as I was taking my pill everyday. I remember buying some shorts brand new online in my usual size, but by the time they arrived they didn't fit! I was constantly moaning at Jack saying I felt fat and that I wanted to go to the gym. I was also hungry all the time, I could eat dinner and 10 minutes later want more, don't get me wrong I had an appetite before but this was ridiculous haha.
That's 3 jagerbombs in one glass - not baby friendly!
We went to London for Jack's birthday, I was knackered the whole day!
It started to dawn on me that something wasn't quite right, but I think I just pushed the thought to the back of my mind. It wasn't until my pill break came along and nothing happened that I knew. I felt sick, I was way too scared to do anything about it haha. I spoke to Jack and we started to go into overdrive about the situation. We carried on as normal though, I went to work as normal, but came back to delivery from Jack. He'd bought my flowers and a pregnancy test.. oh the romance haha!

I had to hide it as I ran to the bathroom with the test. I read the instructions but I don't think I really needed to. Before the test line had come up the positive line was there! There was no mistaking it was a positive test haha. I couldn't even speak so I took a picture and sent it to Jack. 

We were having a baby

It was then I started freaking out. How the hell could we manage with a baby?! We weren't living together, we weren't planning to have a baby, and I was only 19! But I always knew I would keep it, I won't go into why but my mind was made up. I was also worried for my unborn baby. I hadn't known so I had just been carrying on as normal! I had:
  • Drank alcohol
  • Eaten the wrong food
  • Not taken any vitamins/folic acid
  • Been on a drop ride
  • Been taking the pill still
All of these things made me panic that there was something wrong! I worried right up until our scan (and until I saw our little Speck on the screen haha). I was 9 weeks by the time I went to the doctors, which was crazy! It meant we didn't have to wait as long for our scan, and she was perfect. From then on I had the most amazing, uncomplicated pregnancy with no problems, no sickness and a pretty cute bump if I do say so myself haha. 
The best surprise in the world!
A year on Jack and I have our own home (we still rent but it's still our home), we both have secure jobs, and Indiana is a beautiful and happy 21 week old. It may not have been our plan, but I wouldn't change what happened for the world. The past year has been the best one of my life, and I just know it's going to get better at the years go on! We're going on a family holiday in June and I'm so excited, everything's better now I have my own little family.

Breast Or Bottle: A Mother's Choice


I was recently asked by a subscriber on YouTube why I chose to bottle feed. The most simple answer to this question is, because I wanted to, but I thought I'd do a more in depth post about it.

Nowadays everywhere you look 'breast is best' and similar slogans are everywhere you look. Health visitors, midwifes and everyone you know rams breast feeding down your throat and makes out as if it's wrong to go against them. I remember being at my antenatal classes and feeling embarrassed to ask about bottle feeding, as it wasn't even mentioned once. I felt like I was doing something wrong, and should have been ashamed for deciding not to breast feed my baby. The midwife was making it very clear that formula was some kind of poison and that I shouldn't give it to my baby! This left me feeling pretty down about my decision, and I think some days I still feel this way, but I'm still glad I made the decision I did.

When I was younger all I remember my mum telling me was how much breast feeding hurt. She fed all 7 of us this way, and she's still adamant it was the worst part (she's a crazy super mum, she had all 7 of us without a smidge of pain relief!) haha. As well as this I'm a super shy person. I hate going to the shops by myself, let alone whacking out my boob in public haha; I know it can be done discretely but I still don't think I'd be comfortable with it. 

These two points coupled with the fact I just don't think I wanted to do it, made me come to the decision that I was going to bottle feed, and I'm so glad I did! The first few days after labour I was pretty useless. An episiotomy along with high blood loss meant I felt absolutely horrific. Sitting hurt, moving hurt, god just existing hurt haha (drama queen haha!), and I was utterly exhausted after having severe pregnancy insomnia and then a 2 day labour. I honestly don't think I could have even managed breast feeding if I wanted to. Jack was my rock and helped out loads, especially with night feeds. If I wasn't bottle feeding he wouldn't have been able to offer this support, which I really needed. 

Bottle feeding means Jack gets more bonding time with Indiana too. It's great that we can share the feeding (and the night feeds wahoo) equally as we both get time with her, and time to relax and rest. The same applies for other family members, so if we wanted to have a date night we could as she doesn't rely on me to feed her.

Don't get me wrong, just because I'm bottle feeding it doesn't mean I just want to leave her willy nilly. This is actually something that gets to me too. A lot of people think that just because I'm bottle feeding they can look after her. But in reality I still want her with me all the time, just like any other mummy haha!

I hate the whole breast or bottle debate. I think mothers need to be left alone to make their own choices, not made to feel bad for the decision they make. I'm happy bottle feeding, and others are happy breast feeding, and I think at the end of the day that's all that matters!

What's your opinion on the breast vs bottle debate?

Sudocrem Care & Protect | Review


Ever since we brought Indiana home from hospital we've used a product on her little bottom to keep it protected from nappy rash. Growing up I saw my mum and then my sister use Sudocrem so it was an obvious choice when picking a nappy care product for Indiana. When I was given the chance to review the new Sudocrem Care & Protect I jumped at the chance as I know how great the brand is. I've been using it for over a week now so thought I'd tell you what I thought.

Instead of helping clear up existing nappy rash, the new forumla is designed to be used at every nappy change, to prevent nappy rash from occurring to begin with. It's specially formulated to create a productive barrier that keeps in the skins natural moisture. This then in turn keeps the skin soft and smooth and creates a protective layer that guards against infection and the causes of nappy rash. As well as this it contains special ingredients (nothing nasty, just the good stuff like Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5) which conditions the skin, keeping it in a healthy condition. 

What I thought was great about the new design is the handy tube. It's much smaller than the tubs which means it's better for keeping in your changing bag. The tube also has an easy to use flip-top lid that can be opened with one hand, great for when you're fumbling about try to keep a wriggly baby like Indie still with one hand haha. This design also means there's less chance of the lid coming off and the product getting everywhere, or into the wrong little hands!

I found the cream to be much thinner than the regular Sudocrem. When I first used it I instantly thought of sun cream, as it's a similar consistency and rubs in like it too. I think this put me off it slightly, as I love the thickness of regular Sudocrem as I feel like it's doing a better job (probably just me being a worried mummy haha). Although saying this even though it's thinner a small bit covers a large area, so the tube should last longer!

I did find a couple of negatives while using the product. Firstly is that because the cream is so thin it's very easy to squeeze out too much. I found myself having far too much cream on my finger than I actually needed, which defeats the point of you not needing as much! Also to go along with this point is that I found excess cream was always left over around the rim of the tube. This makes it much messier, and it happened the first time I used it, which I don't think should be happening!

Overall I'm actually pretty impressed with the product! I probably wouldn't make the change, as I'm too stuck in my ways with the normal Sudocrem product haha. It's definitely something I would consider using though, as it's a great idea that it protects before nappy rash even begins!

* I was sent this product to review however all opinions expressed are my own, and I was not paid for this review.

Indiana's First Easter


It's crazy to think this time last year I was pregnant and didn't know it yet! Now I'm spending my first Easter as a mummy, with my little family of three.
Indiana's still too young to understand what Easter is, and definitely too young for chocolate, but we still got into the spirit. Earlier in the week we saw the Easter bunny at our local shopping centre. She looked absolutely tiny in the egg, and blimey it was hard holding her up and trying to hide myself haha!

We spent a lot of time with family too, especially my sister Gemma and my two nephews Freddie and Oliver. Today we all  went shopping to Lakeside (basically a huge shopping centre with a primark which was our reason for going haha). We got even more summer bits for Indie, so I would say her summer wardrobe is complete! We're also spending Easter Sunday with Jack's family for a lovely roast and I'm sure more chocolate. 

As Indie is so young we obviously didn't want chocolate eggs for her (we're not going to be giving her chocolate until she's 1). My parents did get her one but my mum said instantly it was really for us haha, result! My nan has spoilt her and got her a beautiful Easter outfit from Next. Jacks mum has got her a uv swimsuit for our holidays which is a great idea as we still haven't got round to buying one yet! 
Her first egg :)

I love the cute bee detail!
We haven't got her anything, but I don't think it really matters while she's still so young. I've loved seeing other bloggers doing Easter baskets for their little ones and can't wait to do one, and an egg hunt with her next year (she'll be 16 months by then)! 

What did you do for your first Easter with your little ones?

Baby Massage: Session 1


Our local Sure Start Centre is brilliant. Last week we finished a 5 week mum and baby class and during it they told us they were starting up a baby massage course.. completely free! Today was mine and Indiana's first session. I know she may be a bit on the older end of the scale for it (they recommend up until 6 months), but she's not mastered rolling yet, so decided to give it a go! 

They centre provided the oils, so we just had to bring towels with us. We were warned it could be quite .messy, and obviously the oil gets everywhere so the towels are actually essential haha, They say it's easiest to do completely naked, so it's definitely a risk taking their nappies off haha, luckily we had no accidents today! 
Nearly all of us mummies brought along this towel that came free with our bounty packs haha
A change of clothes was recommended just in case there were any accidents
The oil we used was super sensitive sunflower oil - we tested first to make sure it was safe
For our first session we started with the legs, and throughout the weeks we're going to work our way up, so they will become longer. Today's was pretty short but it was only the introduction, and more to see if the babies like it or not! 

We begun with the 'velvet cloak' where you check to see if the baby is happy to let you massage them. It seems pretty silly, but I guess it's best to check as you don't want to make a grumpy baby any grumpier haha. Although Indie hadn't napped all morning she was pretty chirpy, squealing away as usual.

We were shown lots of different leg and feet techniques in a little routine. We even sang some nursery rhymes to go with some of the steps. I'm not one for a sing-song and felt pretty silly doing it, but Indie seemed to love it. Every time we sang a song she was beaming away, especially during the 'jelly on a plate' step haha (you wiggle their thighs while singing the song, it's actually rather funny haha). 

The only downside of going to these sessions while Indie is a bit older is that she is wriggling all over the shop. She was twisting herself to look at the instructor, and was intently listening to the steps, it was pretty cute really. But when she's pushing to try and roll over it's pretty hard to massage her chunky leggies haha.

Overall I think all the babies loved it! Two were asleep half way through, and the rest were all snuggled into their mummies looking zonked, bless them. I was feeling pretty relaxed myself, the calming music could have probably put me to sleep if I was at home haha.
Super snuggly afterwards
Result haha!
I can't wait until next week, and I bet Indiana can't either.

What did you think of baby massage?
Did it help your baby?