Pumpkin Picking at Pick Your Own Pumpkins, Ashford


Like many others this weekend we wrapped up warm, and headed to our local pick your own pumpkin patch! From a quick bit of research I found two in the Kent area - one in Maidstone which has only just opened, and then one in Sevington, near Ashford. We opted for the Ashford farm after being recommend it by Harriet, and it really didn't disappoint!

Easily located (it's just off the M20 and well signposted), we parked up and got ready for our pumpkin picking adventure. This was our first year, as honestly I never even realised these kind of places existed in the UK!

Luckily it was dry so wellies weren't really a necessity, but I would definitely recommend them regardless - also brings gloves, as some tops of the pumpkins were a little on the prickly side.

From the second we arrived the kids were in their element. A HUGE field to explore, absolutely filled to the brim with bright orange pumpkins. Wheelbarrows were provided to help you with collecting (although these can get used up pretty quickly if it's busy).

Round ones, flat ones, white ones, bobbly ones - I don't think I've ever seen so many different pumpkins before. Much more exciting than the ones you can buy at the shops!

After 5 minutes we had collected nearly a full wheelbarrow load already. The kids were collecting every pumpkin they could manage - even Parker knew what to do! - and were just throwing them in.

Despite the car park being quite full, the field really didn't feel busy at all. With so many hidden gems to find as well, it's definitely worth exploring as far as you can! We eventually managed to reduce our wheelbarrow to just the pumpkins we wanted to actually buy - a very hard task with kids coming from all angles secretly throwing them in!

Even with all the extras you don't really need to worry about spending a lot of money though. Prices start at £1 (or as low as 50p for the extra little ones), and only go up to £4 for even the biggest 'Monsters'. We picked up two decent sized pumpkins for carving, and 3 little ones for a grand total of £7.50 - such a bargain!

If you're planning on visiting I'd definitely make it soon, as I can imagine it's only going to get busier! Entry and the car park are free, you just pay for what you pick. They also have reasonably priced hot drinks, a tombola and glitter tattoos on offer too. Just make sure you check out the Facebook Page for up to date information!

The Siblings Project | October


Every morning when I go in to the littles bedroom, I'm greeted with the biggest squeezes and cheesy grins. Parker's are hardly ever aimed at me anymore though, they're all for Indiana! The second I put him down, he runs straight over to her bed and gives her the biggest snuggle and kiss. And every time it melts my heart.

We've been working more on getting these two to play together this month, and I definitely feel as if we're having progress. Indie will give Parker a toy now to let him join in, or will be a teeny bit happier to let it go if he steals ones of her toys - progress!

These two spend nearly every minute of every day together, which I definitely think plays a part in their behaviour. Parker expects Indie to be wherever he is, and when she's not he'a not happy about it. Especially if it means Indie gets to do something he can't, like get out of bed herself.

Overall it's been another lovely month with my little shadows, and I simply cannot wait for the upcoming festive season! Although has anyone got any tips to stop Indie playing so roughly? Or does everyone say 'if you sit on your brother I'll sit on you?'...

The Me and Mine Project

Top Weaning Cutlery and Dinnerware Products


Whether you plan on taking the traditional route, or want to dive into the world of baby led weaning, getting your child to understand and use cutlery and proper dinnerware can be a daunting task.

It will be messy. It may be frustrating.

But it's got to be done!

Luckily there are some fantastic products around now to make the process a whole lot easier!
1 - Divider Plates | 2- Suction Bowl | 3 - Soft Weaning Spoons | 4 - Weaning Plates | 5 - Cutlery Set

1 - Divider plates are fantastic, and this one from Babymoov is extra special. It comes in a little gift box, complete with bowl, cutlery and cup! They allow you to give your child a selection of foods at the same time, so that they can decide what they want to eat - without it getting all mixed together.

2 - If you're baby led weaning you NEED an unbelieveabowl. The suction cup sticks to the table or highchair, and then you click the bowl into place. This means you can give your baby a bowl without worrying that they'll throw it across the room.

3 - When you first start weaning it's best to invest in some soft spoons. You can go for the long type if giving purees, but I prefer these ones. They're regular size (so easier for Parker to hold) but still soft for developing mouths.

4 - Once you think baby is ready to move on from bowls, these are ideal. The non-slip bottom holds the plate in place (or at least does a better job than plates without). Try sticking with plates with a rim, as these not only keep food in, but creates a little barrier which helps them with picking up food!

5 - When your baby hits 12 months you can introduce 'proper' metal cutlery.You'll find these are better at picking up food - Parker definitely gets on much better with these.

Disclosure - This post is part of my work as a Babymoov #stresslessweaning ambassador. I received certain products as part of this role.

Parker's 14 Month Update


Oh beautiful boy, you're now 14 months old!

This month feels as if it's gone a lot slower, which I've really enjoyed. We've had time to enjoy every moment, and I really feel as if I've taken in a lot more of Parker's little quirks.

He's definitely still a cheeky boy, and is always bursting with energy. Although saying that, one of his favourite things to do is to bring me a book and snuggle up while we read. So I know he is capable of sitting and relaxing.

Parker has most definitely found his voice. From the second he wakes until he goes to bed he's constantly chatting away, babbling to himself and us, full of passion for what he's trying to say - especially if the word is NO.

Of course his favourite word is still "mama", which is what he usually ends up shouting when he's upset, been told off, annoyed or simply cannot see me. New words this month include mine, me, shoe and yay (which he knows to use in celebration). Indiana was very chatty around this age too, so I reckon he's going to be very similar to her in this respect.

Stats wise he's in mostly 12-18 month clothing now, still size 5 nappies and a size 4 shoe. He's popped 3 more teeth, giving him 4 at the bottom and 6 at the top. Naps have been tricky this month, with him fighting them a lot more. I've realised he doesn't need to go down so early, so by making them later we've got back into a good rhythm with them. He definitely needs a haircut soon; his hair is SO thick and is covering his eyes already.

Parker absolutely loves his food and doesn't really turn down much. He has 2 bottles a day (sometimes one with his afternoon nap), 3 meals a day plus a couple of snacks. Pasta is still a favourite, along with meat, fruit and cheese.

This month Parker has been loving dancing, Paw Patrol, climbing, running, going places he shouldn't (bathroom, kitchen cupboards, water, roads - he's still very mischievous!), making new friends, 'talking' on the phone and giving big sloppy kisses. He's hated holding hands, going where we want him to, naps and not getting his own way.

He is a very demanding, tiring little boy. But the second he's napping I miss him and his cheeky little face! Here's to another busy month with our cheeky little pickle.