Indiana's 20 Month Update


The 26th July marked Indiana turning 20 months old! I think every month I just can't believe how grow up she is, and now she's even closer to turning two... too crazy to even think about! She's now the age she's going to be when she becomes a big sister which is equally as crazy; especially considering she'd only just turned one when I became pregnant.

We really think she's ready for this huge step and this month has been great proof of this. She's absolutely obsessed with her baby (she pretty much sleeps, eats and breathes with her now haha). She'll try to change her nappy, feed her milk and even put her to bed. It's heart melting to watch, and just gives us hope that she's going to love having a real baby brother around.
She's got herself into a pretty structured weekly routine now and it's making our days much easier. She wakes any time after 6am; we play, eat breakfast and get ready for the day. She then watches Mr Tumble and once he's finished she goes down for her nap. This usually lasts 2hours but can be slightly longer or shorter. Around 12ish we eat lunch and we then either go out, play, etc until dinner time. We eat dinner at around 5.30pm which is followed by a bath or more play - this is her and Jack's time which she loves. She's in bed by 7pm - and then we repeat!

Her language again is coming on in leaps and bounds. Sometimes she just comes out with a word as if she's always been able to say it, much to the shock of Jack and I! If you follow me on YouTube you'll see just how chatty she is and how many words she does know. We do think she's developing a little lisp though, not that it's a problem, it's pretty cute haha. Her new favourite is 'cuggle' which although started off sweet, gets quite annoying when she's screaming at your feet when you're trying to make dinner haha.
This month she has become absolutely obsessed with Cbeebies and a couple of their shows. We've never really put it on before but she's picked it up from her time with my mum - Monday mornings once a week haha. She LOVES Mr Tumble and constantly asks for 'mumble' on and she is mesmerised by the Twirlywoos and the dreaded In The Night Garden (all to Jack's displeasure haha).

We've been teething again this month which has resulted in a lot of poor nights sleep and loads of dribbly cuddles. She developed a nasty teething rash too which has luckily gone down mostly now. We noticed she's got her second set of molars coming through on the bottom. The dentist said she wouldn't get these until she was between 2 and 3, but according to my mum we were early teethers so I think Indie must be too.
She loves to run, dance, jump, play and is quite the little entertainer haha. She's very bossy and will get you to join in with whatever she's up to - she still loves to drag you places to get you to do what she wants haha. She can do puzzles well - she knows where all the letters go in her alphabet one and does this herself - builds huge towers and loves to play make believe. She's very independent and sometimes I just look at her and can't believe how grown up and clever she really is!

What was your little one up to at 20 months?

Mummy & Me | July


I can't believe this is my last month posting as a mummy of one! Next month's post will see me as a mummy of two for definite - hopefully I'll be able to get a decent picture with a newborn and a toddler haha.

This month I've been enjoying as much time with Indiana as possible. Now I'm so heavily pregnant it's hard for me to do much, but we have been having plenty of snuggles and cuddles to make up for it. She's become extra snuggly these past few weeks, which has made me think that she knows something's going to change soon. She'll always be my baby girl though, and I'm going to try my hardest to enjoy regular mummy and Indiana time once baby is born.

I couldn't just pick one photo this month. But I thought as it's my last with just my cheeky little lady it was totally acceptable to pick a few! Plus she's such a poser I just had to share them with you all haha.
Mummy loves you lots Indiana; even though your brother will be here soon, you'll always be my beautiful baby girl!

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

38 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


38 weeks pregnant and baby boy is still well and truly snuggly inside haha. I've still not started believing that we'll have a baby soon even though it's so close now - just like when I was pregnant with Indiana! Baby is now the size of a leek at around 6/7lbs and measuring roughly 49cm. I really cannot wait to see how big this little man will be; from the start he's felt big, but just how big?!

This week my nesting instinct finally kicked in! On Mondays Indiana is at nursery so I had the whole day to tidy and sort (as well as getting lots of wedding planning done). All I've wanted to do is get all his bits ready and prepared and I definitely feel better now they are. All of Indiana's old bits - bouncer, playmat, etc, have been washed and got back out. The base and car seat are now installed in the car too, so all we need now is our baby!

Apart from that it's been a pretty average week. My ribs still haven't been getting any relief, and this baby loves to stick out making hilarious shapes of my belly. A number of times this week he's been sticking limbs out of the sides. We then play a game of me poking them back in and him popping up in a different spot haha.

I've got the midwife again tomorrow for my 38 week appointment. Hopefully she'll have more positive news and baby will still be heading in the right direction! I've woken up today with a horrible cold and feeling sick - hopefully this goes if baby does plan on arriving anytime soon haha.

My Birth Preferences - Labour For The Second Time


Now I'm classed as full-term I've been thinking more and more about the birth, and how I want it to be. Being a second time mum I know that plans don't always go the way you want or expect them to. If you've read Indiana's labour story you'll know I had a pretty rough time; 32 hours, not progressing, ventouse delivery followed by high levels of blood loss - not exactly the 'perfect' birth.

This time instead of writing a birth plan I've just told Jack the things I DO want to happen, and written preferences instead of a structured plan.

Water Birth - I really want to try a water birth this time instead of being laid on the hospital bed. When I was in labour with Indiana I remember laying in my mums bath whilst people were talking to me. Although the pain didn't disappear completely, it did help. I also loved how weightless and relaxed it made me recently at the Spa, which has made me want to try it even more. After reading other people's water birth stories I'm even more excited to try, so fingers crossed this can happen!

Jack To Cut The Cord - With having a ventouse delivery it meant there was a doctor in the room helping me out. Once Indiana was born he cut the cord himself, and no one even asked us who we wanted to do it. This time I really want Jack to be the one to do it; it's such a special moment that I feel was taken away from us last time.

Immediate Skin-To-Skin - I actually got this with Indiana, she was born straight onto my chest. It was such a special moment and one I want to experience again. I'm wanting to try breastfeeding this time as well and I know this really helps towards it.

No Hospital Visitors - I know this is technically after the birth, but it's something I feel really strongly about this time. I felt really unwell after Indiana was born, but felt as if it was our duty to let people into visit us. I was unable to really move, in my PJS and looking horrible - not exactly how I want people to see me! This time we're hoping to be in and out as quickly as possible anyway, but the only person I want to visit us at the hospital is of course Indiana. I think this will also be a lovely time for Jack and I to spend some quality time with baby boy, before we're thrown into life as a family of 4!

That's about it for the main things I really want. From previous experience I know I have to go with how I'm feeling at the time. I'm not dismissing any pain relief apart from pethidine (personal preference) and I will accept help if it's necessary. Most people have said that second labours are quicker - anything less than 2 days will be good with me haha - but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

37 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


Hello full term! I can't believe I'm at this stage already; baby boy really could make his entrance any day now (still don't think it's going to be anytime soon haha), and we are pretty much completely ready! Baby is around 49cm, over 6.5lbs and the size of a honeydew melon - there's lots of melons with these fruit comparisons haha.

I had my 36 week midwife appointment on Monday which went really well. All was ok with my urine, blood pressure (110/60) and my general well being. My bump was measuring a week ahead at 37cm which I was really surprised about; I don't think it's really grown if I'm honest. He was also head down still and to my surprise again 2/5ths engaged! I know this doesn't mean much for second pregnancies, and he's probably popped out by now, but it's still exciting and a step in the right direction.

This week I've had constant strong braxton hicks and pretty intense lighting pain. Not a day goes past now where I don't get a few braxton hicks in a row now. They're still not painful but they really take my breath away and stop me in my tracks. The lightning is bloody painful though haha. I'll just be walking along when it suddenly feels like he's going to fall out.

His movements are still pretty strong which is great. I've noticed he gets hiccups quite a lot too which if I'm honest, are slightly annoying haha. Especially as he seems to get them when I wake up in the middle of the night to wee (which is becoming a routine of around 2am and 5am).

My bags are finally packed and ready to go, and we're going to install the car seat base back into the car this week. The only thing we need to get is the moses basket off of my sister and then we're completely ready. Let the baby eviction plans commence haha!

What's In My Hospital Bag?


I've been putting it off for weeks and weeks but I've finally packed my hospital bags! With this being my second I have definitely not been as rushed and worried this time, and I've certainly not packed as much as I did the first time. If I'm honest I'm looking at my bags thinking I've missed something haha, but I've got all the essentials.

Our hospital is also only a 5/10 minute drive away from our home and a Tescos so if worse comes to worse, Jack can always go get anything I need! We're hoping to be in and out as quickly as possible anyway this time so didn't want to over-pack either.

For my bag I've used the same one we used with Indiana; a simple holdall with perfect amount of room for everything. For baby's bits I've used our trusty Pink Lining 'Yummy Mummy' changing bag. It feels so strange to be using this again as Indie hasn't needed a 'proper' changing bag for quite a few months now!

So here's what is inside my bag:

Maternity Notes 
Pampers size 1 nappies - these wouldn't fit in baby's bag
Light dressing gown
Bikini top
Old & dark towel and flannel
Flip flops
Maternity pads x2
Empty carrier bag for dirty clothes

Nursing tops x2
Comfy dark jogging bottoms
Fluffy Socks
Cheap dark underwear x3/4
Maternity sleep bra
'Going home outfit' - Leggings and a nursing top

Wash Bag (mostly travel sizes for convenience):
Shower gel (decanted into travel bottle)
Dry shampoo
Nursing pads
Lansinoh Lanolin nipple cream
Chewing gum
Hair bands and kirby grips
Face wipes

I remember definitely over packing for baby with Indiana. I took in so many sleepsuits/vests and a 'going home outfit' that just wasn't necessary! It's also been slightly different this time as Indie was a winter baby and this little one is a summer baby. You need more for a winter baby I think due to more blankets, more layers, etc.

Nappy bags
Sudocrem (small pot just in case)
MAM dummies x2
Socks x2
Hats x2
Teddies x2 (the grey Jellycat one will be Indie's gift to baby boy)
Recieving blanket
Light cardigan
Muslins x3
Short sleeve vests x6 (3 in First size, 3 in Newborn/Up to 1month)
Sleepsuits x6 (3 in First size, 3 in Newborn/Up to 1month)

There are a few things I still need to buy and add at the last minute including:

Nursing bras x2
Arnica tablets
Snacks & drinks
Makeup bag (just in case!)
Jack's bits (change of tshirt/deodorant/toothbrush)

Looking at it laid out like this makes it look like we've packed hardly anything haha, but I'm sure we'll be fine! Let me know if there's anything you would add / takeaway. It's always good to hear other people's opinions as there's surely something I've forgotten. 

Chessington World Of Adventures!


This Friday my beautiful nephew Freddie turned 4 (I still can't get my head around that!), so on the 6th we decided on a family day out to celebrate! Chessington was our destination; where better when you're 35 weeks pregnant than a theme park haha.

It was an absolutely brilliant day out and if I'm honest there was loads to do apart from rollercoasters to keep myself and the toddlers entertained. We did manage to get on more than we thought, and with it being a weekday the queues were nice and short too!
The weather was on our side too and it was a perfect mix of sun and a lovely breeze. There were lots of shady spots to sit down and wait in, which was exactly what I needed being so pregnant. Indiana went on her first ever ride - The Bubbleworks - and despite a few tears at getting wet she did seem to enjoy it haha. We also enjoyed the safari train, carousel and her cousin Oliver and herself had great fun driving the little cars!
A great addition the parks have are clever drink cups you can purchase. For £5 you get a cup that you can refill as many times as you like during your day (anything from fizz to water and even caprisun!). We thought they were brilliant and so worth it for the price; especially in this weather.

Another treat for the kids (as us adults haha), was the Penguins of Madagascar show. What's not to enjoy about a cheesy little show with giant penguins, and a bit of singing and dancing. Indiana was not the penguins biggest fan and wouldn't go anywhere near them, but as you can see Freddie loved them!
Of course the others made the most of the more thrilling rides - how fab is this picture that Jack got of my sisters on Cobra (the one ride I wish I could have gone on haha) - they did take it in turns to sit out with me and the kids though which was very much appreciated. As well as rides there is a zoo and a small Sealife Aquarium. We didn't really have any time to look around either of these but that just gives us another excuse to go back.

Of course there isn't a better way to complete a sunny day out than wish an ice cream. The one you can see Indiana with below was supposed to be mine and hers to share; once she had it in her hand though, there was no way I was getting it back! 
I did think I was pretty crazy to take a 1 year old and myself at 35 weeks pregnant to a theme park. However we all had a brilliant day out and I would totally recommend it to parents of little ones - it's a perfect first theme park for them!

36 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


How is it just 1 more week until I'm classed as full term?! Thursday was the 9th making it just one more month until my due date, so it's a real countdown in days now (28 days to be exact haha). This week baby weighs almost 6lbs and is around 47cm long - close to the size of a romaine lettuce.

I'm seeing the midwife again tomorrow for my 36 week appointment, so hopefully baby is still head down. He's done a couple more HUGE movements this week which were bloody painful haha. Jack had his hand on my stomach and was laughing at how crazy it was. It was as if he was doing roly polys while also trying to dive out - ouch!

Nothing much is new this week, it's been pretty much exactly the same as last week; tired, uncomfortable, sciatic pain in my right bum cheek/leg, etc. I have noticed my moods have been a bit all over the place, more than usual. Indiana has really been testing my patience, and I've found myself snapping at her a lot more often. I hate doing it and as soon as it's happened I've got upset and feel awful. We've been enjoying lots of snuggles though and still gives 'baby' lots of kisses which I'm really going to miss.

I've finally purchased the last bits for my hospital bag, so I'll be packing that during the week - keep an eye out for the post. I definitely feel more relaxed than I did last time (there will be no ironing of the baby clothes haha), and I don't feel in a rush to get things done. I'm just enjoying the last bit of time with just Indiana before baby arrives, and making the most of her nap times haha.

With both my hen do, and Jack's stag do out of the way now it really is just countdown for baby. You're free to come whenever you like now little man!

Wedding Series | My Hen Do!


If you follow me on social media you'll know that last weekend I had my hen do! It was all planned in secret by my Bridesmaids (mainly my eldest sister Laura who is the Queen of planning haha), so everything we did I had no idea about! I was a bit worried I wouldn't have as much fun as most hen's, as I was practically 35 weeks pregnant. But it was absolutely fantastic, and I couldn't imagine a better couple of days!

Friday I was picked up by my sisters and off we went to the first mysterious location. We arrived at the Felbridge Hotel and Spa in East Grinstead and all was revealed. The first part of the celebrations was a Spa afternoon, complete with treatments and a gorgeous two course dinner! They'd even got Jack involved who was given the task of secretly buying me a maternity swimming costume - and he did a pretty good job too.

They'd thought it all through and booked me in for an hours long pregnancy massage, while the other girls had full body massages and a facial. It was definitely exactly what I needed at this stage of pregnancy, and I left feeling the most relaxed I had in ages. After the treatments we were free to use the spa (myself and one bridesmaid who is also expecting obviously couldn't use the jacuzzi). We even managed to relax with a drink outside in our swimming costumes the weather was so lovely; it really felt like we were on holiday!

The day was topped off with one of the best meals out I've had in a long time! The food was so so good and the staff were all lovely. The girls had even decorated our table with hen do decorations and successfully made me look ridiculous in a veil, sash and badges haha. They'd put so much thought into everything and even made me a 'bride survival kit' complete with all the bits any bride would need. Not forgetting the standard willy straws and candles that tacky up any hen do!

Saturday the celebrations continued and we made our way to Bluewater. I'd only ever been there to shop and had no idea there was so many other things to do there. Pirate crazy golf was the next activity - something I am absolutely rubbish at haha. It was great fun and it turns out we were all pretty rubbish! We didn't manage to complete the whole course as it was simply too hot, and I needed to sit down in the shade.

The rest of the day was spent browsing the shops, relaxing with a movie and enjoying some time without a crazy toddler! It was just what I needed and gave us time to get ready for the final part of my hen do - another gorgeous meal out!

We went to a lovely Mexican restaurant and were joined by some of mine and Jack's family. It was especially nice to spend some time with my mum as with lots of other siblings we don't get to see her without them that often!

It really was a perfect two days and I'm so glad I chose to have it when I did. We had just as much fun and sillyness without the alcohol - which meant no hangovers in the morning too haha. A huge thank you to my Bridesmaids - especially my sisters - for all of your hard work, and for making my hen do one to remember!

35 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


35 weeks pregnant and I'm definitely feeling it! Baby is roughly 46cm, weighing over 5lbs (the size of a coconut which I don't understand haha) and is basically fully developed; he'll just mainly be piling on the pounds until he's born. His movements have really changed and there's a lot more jabs and pushing compared to rolls. There's constantly limbs poking out here there and everywhere which is quite painful at times, but so amazing to watch.

This week has been HOT! We've been experiencing a heatwave the past week and it's been hard to cope with, especially being this pregnant. I've not been able to go anywhere or do much as it's been just too hot to function. I've had to sleep with a fan on full blast all night just to try and cool me down, and I've been downing water like crazy. I'm hoping it will cool down a bit soon so I can at least feel comfortable in clothes haha, but who knows!

I saw my midwife for my 34 week appointment on Monday and all was well. My blood pressure, urine and baby's heartbeat (140bpm) were all perfect, and bump measured bang on 34cm. She confirmed baby boy is head down too, and has given him a good talking to to stay there haha. I'm now seeing her every 2 weeks so it's only another week until I see her again which is crazy - you know it's getting close to the end when those appointments get closer together!

I noticed this week that my boobs have actually starting leaking slightly! I never had this with Indiana so was really shocked to notice it while in the bath. Just another step to prove baby will be here so soon!

The week really ended on a high with my celebrating my Hen Do! I was treated to the most amazing spa day on Friday, and a very much needed pregnancy massage. I'm now feeling super relaxed, but I'm sure being back with Indiana will change that very soon haha.

I can't believe it's only 2 more weeks until we're classed as full term. One of these days soon I'll actually pack my hospital bag and get prepared - baby could really make an appearance at any moment now (not that I'm expecting him to come on time at all haha).

Penshurst Place and Gardens


Here in Kent we've been having some amazing weather recently. Although it's been a bit too hot for me at 34 weeks pregnant, we've been trying to make the most of it - you know it's not going to last haha!

Saturday we enjoyed a lovely family day out to Penshurst Place and Gardens. We had a lovely lunch in their restaurant and then let Indiana free to explore. Her and Jack had loads of fun running around the little garden mazes infront of the house, she probably could have been there for hours! Hearing her little giggle really does make my heart melt.
She adored waving at the little fish in the ponds and fountains; although was a little too keen to reach right in - much to mine and Jack's displeasure haha. It was so quiet and peaceful, and the perfect place to let Indiana explore and run around to her heart's content. She was pointing out all the flowers and smelling them too which was adorable.
As you can see Jack thoroughly enjoyed using his camera to capture some beautiful shots. He's a bit obsessed haha, although I love being able to look back at them and seeing what he's taken. He always seems to capture madam eating haha!
If you're in Kent I'd definitely recommend it for a family day out. They have a huge play area too, but Indiana was far too exhausted to be able to stay any longer. However, I'm sure we'll go back to let her explore some more soon!