36 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


How is it just 1 more week until I'm classed as full term?! Thursday was the 9th making it just one more month until my due date, so it's a real countdown in days now (28 days to be exact haha). This week baby weighs almost 6lbs and is around 47cm long - close to the size of a romaine lettuce.

I'm seeing the midwife again tomorrow for my 36 week appointment, so hopefully baby is still head down. He's done a couple more HUGE movements this week which were bloody painful haha. Jack had his hand on my stomach and was laughing at how crazy it was. It was as if he was doing roly polys while also trying to dive out - ouch!

Nothing much is new this week, it's been pretty much exactly the same as last week; tired, uncomfortable, sciatic pain in my right bum cheek/leg, etc. I have noticed my moods have been a bit all over the place, more than usual. Indiana has really been testing my patience, and I've found myself snapping at her a lot more often. I hate doing it and as soon as it's happened I've got upset and feel awful. We've been enjoying lots of snuggles though and still gives 'baby' lots of kisses which I'm really going to miss.

I've finally purchased the last bits for my hospital bag, so I'll be packing that during the week - keep an eye out for the post. I definitely feel more relaxed than I did last time (there will be no ironing of the baby clothes haha), and I don't feel in a rush to get things done. I'm just enjoying the last bit of time with just Indiana before baby arrives, and making the most of her nap times haha.

With both my hen do, and Jack's stag do out of the way now it really is just countdown for baby. You're free to come whenever you like now little man!


  1. I can't believe how fast it has gone - I'm just a week behind you. I'm really shattered now, my hips are definitely feeling it if I've done too much. Oh and there won't be any ironing baby clothes for me this time either!

  2. Oh my goodness, counting the days has just really scared me! Don't mock the baby clothes ironing hun, mine are all ironed in the hospital bag! lol ;-) I think it's a rite of passage for your first baby haha xx


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