Wedding Series | Choosing A Venue


Even before we were engaged Jack and I discussed wedding plans and ideas. Both of us have always said we wouldn't want a church ceremony, as neither of us are religious, and we just didn't see the appeal. We also said we wanted everything under one roof. Much simpler for not only us, but also the guests as well.

Then as soon as we were home from Paris I really got into looking properly. We looked at a number of places; castles, stately homes, golf clubs, that kind of thing. We dreamed of a wedding at Leeds Castle in the Summer. However, after looking around properly we've settled on our perfect location...exciting!

I wont put exactly where it is as we need to tell guests first, but it's everything we wanted. It's a country mansion with so much land and it's absolutely beautiful, with so many photo opportunities as well! It's close to home, yet not in the middle of town (I would have hated cars and people walking past). It only holds one wedding a day too, which was a must for us... who wants to get married in the same place someone else is the exact same day? It's all under one roof too and they have pretty much got everything sorted in the package we're going for!

Words can't describe how excited I am. I'm really going to be getting married next Autumn! Eeek!

Indiana's 10 Month Update


10 months old! Double digits and only two months away from turning one... I think I could cry! Saying that though this month has definitely been my favourite by far. She's turning into such a cheeky little lady and her personality is really beginning to shine through. She's a massive daddy's girl, yet when daddy doesn't do what she wants it's mummy she calls instead haha! Her development has taken a HUGE leap and you can really see what she's going to be like as a toddler now. So here's a bit more of her progress.
So after worrying she wasn't putting on much weight she's back on track. At 42 weeks +1 day (last Wednesday) she weighed 19lbs 7oz. She's still following between the 25th and 50th percentile which is perfect.
Routine has stayed pretty much exactly the same. Mondays and Fridays she goes to nursery with Jack where she's pretty much in all day (depending on the hours Jack's working). Then Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are our days. We chill, play, see friends/family and do whatever we like. Then the weekends she either spends with Jack when I work or we have family days. She still wakes at 7ish and has a bottle, then breakfast around 9 followed by her morning nap at 10. Lunch is around 12/12.30 and then her afternoon bottle around 2.30 (she's in the process of swapping this for a snack instead), then her afternoon nap at 3. Dinner is at 5.30/6ish, then her last bottle at 7ish and in bed by 7.30!

We have now added a story and brushing teeth into her bedtime routine. As I've said above she has dinner around 5.30/6. Then she will either have a bath or just enjoy some baby TV or playtime. If she has a bath then we'll brush her teeth then, if not we'll do them around 7. Then she has her last bottle of the day either during her story or after. Then she goes straight to bed with her comforter and giraffe and self settles to sleep.
Eating is exactly the same. She's eating 3 meals a day, as well as a morning and nighttime bottle. Her daytime bottle is hit and miss; if she doesn't take it we usually offer her a snack of fruit or a baby biscuit to keep her going until dinner. She eats for England and we are still amazed by how much she truly eats. For example for dinner she can eat a portion of dinner, fruit, and either a yoghurt or rice pudding... and still be begging for food haha!

She's now in a mixture of sizes as she's getting to the awkward in between size. 6-9 months fits still, however it depends on where they're from. Primark and Mothercare bits are getting too snug, although her Next bits still fit ok. We've been incorporating her 9-12 month clothes in as I just can't resist putting her in her new outfits.
  • New words - As well as mama and dada she can now say hiya, yeah and woo
  • Cruising! She started doing this pretty soon after her last update. She's super speedy and walks around the sofas, baby gate, basically anything she can pull herself up on.
  • Her two top teeth are on the way in!
  • We got her a push along walker and within half an hour she was whizzing around the room. She pulls herself up on it and walks around the whole place with it now. She even holds onto her baby gate and pushes it along the monkey!
  • Copying - this may not really be a milestone but she is brilliant at this! She's learnt to splash her legs in the bath from watching Jack, and bangs things if you show her how. She shakes instruments if you do it first, so cute to watch!
  • Earlier in the week she stood unaided for about 5 seconds! She's becoming a bit of a daredevil and even let go when holding on herself a few times.
  • Climbing stairs! Don't even know how she learnt this as living in a flat we don't have any to practice on haha.
  • TANTRUMS! God this little lady is a diva. She's learnt what no means and is not happy when she hears it haha.
Everyone keeps telling us how she's going to be walking soon and although I think so too, I just can't believe it! We're really going to have our work cut out then haha!

#MorningWin With BelVita Breakfast Biscuits


Mornings with a baby are early. You're half asleep dragging yourself out of bed, when they're full of beans wanting to climb all over you and start the day! Then throw in having to get ready for work into the mix and it's a whole different ball game...

I'm lucky to only work two week days so Jack is usually on morning duty. However Mondays and Fridays when we both work are pretty tricky! We've both got to get ready, have breakfast and go, all while Indiana is crawling around our ankles, demanding her bottle and lots and lots of attention haha.

The best types of mornings start with a lay in, and no I don't mean for me haha (although that would be nice too!). Getting up before Indie and being able to get dressed and ready in peace is definitely a massive win for us. Not only does she wake up in a much happier mood, but I've had time to enjoy breakfast too. 
This always makes for a better morning as I've then got more energy for my morning walk to work. Walking past the ridiculous traffic always makes me smile. Then hearing that I've beaten those who drive is definitely another morning win for me!

For those mornings where breakfast is a rush we always have a box of BelVita Breakfast biscuits stashed away! Chocolate has always been my favourite, although I've got a few more to chose from now that we've been lucky enough to try out the new crunchy range. The choccy chip is still my favourite though, and as they're full of goodness I don't feel so bad that I'm enjoying chocolate for breakfast haha. Jack never got a look in but did say the apricot ones were pretty tasty too, and he said they did manage to keep him full until lunch time!*

*This post is an entry for #MorningWin Linky Challenge sponsored by belVita Breakfast*

Our Simple Weekend


This weekend has been absolute bliss. Indiana was so well behaved, and we got to spend some quality time as a family. We didn't do anything exciting, and to be honest I much prefer weekends like this; relaxed, unplanned, yet still full of fun!

On Saturday we  did the usual food shop and then snuggled up on the sofa to watch Rio 2. Indie actually sat still for a good half an hour and was mesmerised by all the bright colours. It was so lovely to sit as a family, especially as the little pickle is usually non stop! After lunch we popped in to see my sister and her new, completely adorable kitten. My older nephew Freddie was napping, so we took the opportunity to spend some quality time with Gemma and my other nephew Ollie. We walked to a local park and had a lovely stroll around the lake and feeding the ducks. Indiana loved watching them all and was really making the most of her time with her daddy.

Then on Sunday we pretty much did nothing... and it was amazing haha! We took a long yet lovely walk down to our local industrial estate shops. We mostly had a browse, and may have bought a few Christmas presents haha, then went to Costa for a well deserved drink and cake! I even noticed Indie has popped a new tooth without much fuss (I honestly put this down to her Amber anklet, as she was much grumpier when we lost it for a few weeks). 

These kind of weekends make me realise just how lucky I am to have my beautiful family, and that no matter what we do, it will always be a good day! I will leave you with some pictures from the weekend.

What Blogging Means To Me


When I first dipped my toe into the huge world of blogging I didn't really know what to expect. I'd been reading other people's blogs for a while, and after doing YouTube videos I though it was the next step to take. I loved having the video memories of mine and Indiana's lives but I thought having them written down was another way to capture them. Now I look back I am SO glad I did.

Blogging, or my YouTube videos for that matter, for me wasn't to get 'big' or to earn loads of money. It was always about, and to this day still is preserving and making memories that I can look back on in years to come. It's always been fun too. When Indiana's napping I love having something to focus my mind on and a task to do. 

I have made a lot of friendships and connections through doing it too and I'm really proud to say I'm part of the community. There is always someone there who knows what you're going through, and I love seeing how others are getting on. 

It's not all sunshine and rainbows though, and it's a lot more hard work than people think! Keeping up with work, a 9 month old who is turning into a bit of a cheeky daredevil, as well as running a blog and a YouTube channel is not easy haha. But I love it, and if anything I think I'd rather drop work than my blog now. 

It's hard work but totally worth it. Just looking at how far I've come in just over 6 months and the opportunities I've already been given proves that. I never thought anyone else would read my posts, and am so happy to be where I am now. Thank you to whoever's reading this, you really do make my day :)

Weekend Round-Up


I don't know what it is, but when I work my 4 day weekend I turn into the world's worst blogger haha! So I thought I'd do another catch up of my week post, to let you know with what I've been up to! 

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know we recently got Indiana a walker. She LOVES it and within half an hour she was taking steps with it. She now happily zooms around the room with it, until she hits a dead end haha. She's getting on really well and as well as cruising, holding on with one hand and walking with the walker, she can now walk holding onto one hand... too grown up I think!
Working all weekend is tough. I don't get to spend much family time with Jack and Indie; especially Saturdays where I literally get home give Indie her bottle and she goes to bed. Jack made sure to cheer my up with flowers and a special dinner though (complete with Coke in a glass bottle!), and boy did it work. I've definitely got the best fiance in the world haha.
We then spent Sunday at my sisters and us three did some wedding talk while the boys played with the babies. I'm literally SO excited to start booking things it's unreal. We're planning on doing it next year so it's going to be hectic!

Baby Girls Autumn/Winter Clothes Haul


If you know me, you know I'm absolutely addicted to baby shopping. I could probably go shopping every day and find something new to buy... I think I have a problem haha. So I thought I'd share with you some of my recent purchases for this upcoming Autumn/Winter (Indiana will be moving into 9-12 months clothing so that was my excuse for going a little crazy haha). 

I'm slightly obsessed with Next at the moment. I adore their clothes for children, and they're brilliant quality so I know they're going to last a long time. Most of the bits below are from there as well as a couple of bits from Mothercare and George at Asda.
Socks | Summer Shoes | Patent Shoes | Flower Dress | White Flower Top | Yellow Bunny Top
White/Pink Cardigan | Mustard Yellow Cardigan | Jumper
As you can tell she was really lacking in cardigans haha. I suppose you can never have too many for these upcoming colder months, and they look so darn cute! She's now probably completely kitted out in this size... not that it's going to stop me looking haha.

Yollies Yoghurts | Review


Baby led weaning is messy. Despite how fun I find it and how much I enjoy watching Indiana getting in a mess, when we go out I usually stick to 'cleaner', less messy food. This usually means that some of her favourite treats such as yoghurts get left behind! So when I was contacted to review a brand new type of yoghurt how could I say no!

Yollies are a brand new type of yoghurt by the creators of Cheesestrings. They are yoghurt lollies, which sounds pretty odd, but after seeing them for myself, they totally make sense! They are a little different so let me tell you how our reviewing adventure began...

We were sent a fab adventure pack to get us into the spirit. It did include some bits a bit too grown up for Indiana so I roped in my nephew Freddie to give me some help! It arrived perfectly in time for our trip to the zoo and Freddie had great fun looking through his binoculars to find the animals, and trying to find them with his magnifying glass too. I did also spot his dad and Jack having a go as well, so it was great fun for all of us!

After our zoo adventure it was time to try and find the Yollies Yoghurts! They are only exclusively available in Asda supermarkets at the moment at a brilliant introductory price of £1 per pack of 4 (RRP £2). We hunted down the strawberry and apricot flavours as those are our favourites but there is also rasberry too!

What Jack thought was great were the different designs on the individual yoguhrts and the collectable sticks. They are fun and engaging for children and add an element of fun to a healthy treat. The yoghurt themselves are specially made using extra-thick yoghurt and fruit juices so that they look like lollies! Even better they contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, so I felt happy giving them to Indiana too.

They're fab to enjoy at home or on the go as they are less messy, easy to open and you don't need a spoon! The yoghurts can be eaten as they are or frozen, and their casing ensures they keep their shape all day long. Freddie was slightly confused at first, as he didn't understand it truly was a yoghurt haha. But once he tasted it he ate the whole lot (Indiana stuffed hers in without hesitation) and both looked like they really enjoyed it. Jack said they were tasty too, although he did say the texture does take some getting used to.

Overall I think they're fab, especially for us as we can take the out with us, so Indiana can enjoy a yoghurt whereever she is! They are slightly pricey at £2 for a pack of 4, but I think if you want to have yoghurts with ease and with less mess it's worth it. You can even join The Brave Bones Club here to create your own adventure!

*I was sent the adventure pack and a voucher for the packs of Yollies for the purpose of this review - however all opinions are honest and my own*

Paris with a Baby


Now I've finally got the time to sit down, I thought I'd share with you some pictures from our recent weekend break to Paris! As you know it was a total surprise to me, so I didn't really have the time to plan anything. We also travelled with our 9 month old, so it was a lot different to most Paris trips I read about.

On the Saturday we arrived in Paris around 2pm after our trip on the Eurostar. We checked in at our little B&B and went exploring straight away! We wandered to the Sacre Couer and after finding a relatively step-free path to the top we still ended up carrying Indie most of the way. I took Indie and Jack carried the pram and I have to say the way up was SO much easier than the way down haha. It was well worth it though as the views from the top were amazing, and the church itself was so beautiful!

There was a cable car that you could pay to take back down but Jack wanted to save money so back down the million steps we went haha. We then carried on our little walk without really knowing where we were going. It was great to just explore and see the little streets that Paris had to offer. We may have ended up in Mcdonalds for dinner though haha. I have a little thing where I have to have one in every country I go to; weird I know!

After a quick pitstop at our hotel we went back out and stumbled upon The Louvre. Words can't explain it's beauty or just how big it is! We didn't make it inside as to be honest neither of us are into that kind of thing haha. As you know the pyramids out the front were the location for our proposal! To celebrate we went to a Parisian cafe and had a lovely drink with a view of the Louvre and the river Seine.

The next day we had SO much to pack in as it was our only full day. We walked absolutely everywhere as we heard that the Metro wasn't very buggy/baby friendly. It was lovely as we got to see so many museums, beautiful buildings and sites that we wouldn't have seen otherwise. First stop was the Eiffel Tower! We obviously took the lift up as no way were we walking to the top haha. The views from the top were amazing, although it was VERY busy so we didn't stay up there long.

We then had lunch sat in front of the tower. Words can't describe just how cool this was... not something you do everyday ay! With our lunch finished we carried on our walk on the way to the Arc De Triomphe. It was pretty easy to find and I still can't get over how big it was haha. Again we never went inside as we simply didn't have time but we got close enough to enjoy it. From here we took a walk down the Champs Elysee checking out all of the posh shops and restaurants it had to offer.

By now we were exhausted so we took a quick break in a little patisserie and tried our first macaroons; soo scrummy! We took Indiana to a little grassy area too so that she could get out of her pram and stretch a bit, she was so well behaved the whole weekend! After popping in a few shops (how could we not go in the Disney store?!), we had dinner along the Champs Elysee which was gorgeous!

The final two stops on our journey were The Love Lock Bridge and The Notre Dame! The poor bridge is looking very sorry for itself now, it's practically falling apart! But of course we had to add our padlock; we chose a more empty spot to do so though. The Notre Dame was breathtaking and as it was free and quite quiet we popped inside. Neither of us are religious but we both said how humble and peaceful it made us feel.

Finally we stopped in another cafe for a quick milkshake as by now we were running on empty haha. I'm pretty sure if our feet could talk they would have been saying some stern words to us! We got as much rest as we could that evening ready for the Eurostar home again on the Monday.

It was the most romantic, amazing, cultural and perfect weekend I've ever had. It was perfect and apart from sore feet I wouldn't change a thing about it. I think it would have been the same without the proposal; that was simply the icing on top of a very very tasty cake haha!

Watch the Vlog from our weekend here!

What is your favourite thing to do in Paris?

Baby & Toddler Show Ticket Giveaway {CLOSED}


This time last year I remember being SO excited to book our Tickets to the Baby And Toddler Show at Bluewater. I was around 30 weeks pregnant and we were in full swing on preparing for baby. It was a brilliant day out and I can still remember it so clearly to this day. We jumped at the chance to visit again back in April, this time bringing along a 5 month old Indiana (you can read about our trip here)! They have so many different brands and bits on offer as well as demonstrations and expert advice... great for mums to be or mummies like me!

The shows coming back again this Autumn and I'm SO pleased to be going again. I've also been lucky enough to offer you lovely lot a chance to win a pair of tickets, so you can see it for yourselves! We will be visiting the Bluewater show which is running from the 10th - 12th October, however there is also one in Manchester which is running from the 26th - 28th September!

If you want to be in with a chance of winning just enter the Rafflecopter options below. Please make sure you enter correctly as I would hate for you to miss out of the opportunity! The tickets are for either show so don't worry if you can't attend the Bluewater show like me :) (UK only!)

40 Weeks In, 40 Weeks Out

Today Indiana has officially been out longer than she was in...WHAT?!

I went into labour on my due date, however Indie didn't make her appearance for another 2 days so she was born officially at 40+2 days gestation. Today she is 40+3 weeks old!

I've been taking this time to look back on her 9 months and I just cannot believe how quickly things have gone. I absolutely loved being pregnant and still to this day miss my bump loads. I loved feeling her wiggle about and kick inside me, even if she loved to bury up in my ribs haha. Now she's babbling loads, starting to cruise and is learning to stand unaided!
             40 Week Bump                                                         40+1 and 4cm dilated!              
Indiana a few hours old - Born at 40+2 Weeks
Looking back at her newborn pictures and then gazing over to her now it's so hard to believe they're the same little lady. These 40 weeks have been exhausting, hard work and sometimes I've wanted to run away and scream. But we have been truely blessed with the most amazing little girl and all those sleepless nights, colicky evenings and poop explosions seem a thing of the past. The giggles, smiles and overall cheekiness of Indiana make everyday an adventure, and an amazing one at that! I love this age and I cannot wait to see what the future brings.
Grown up girl - Snack time with CBeebies
Oh and don't get me wrong, I love my sleep now (Indie's slept through the night since 5 weeks old), but I really, really want another! Haha, I'm crazy!

A Busy Week!


I feel like such a terrible blogger! I haven't written a post in almost a week and have been trying like crazy to catch up with other people's posts. Working, being a mum, being a blogger and a youtuber is pretty hard work!

I worked from Friday to Monday and then spent yesterday catching up with friends and spending quality time with Indiana as I hardly saw her at all. I love blogging, but now I'm so busy I'm trying to spend as much time with Indie as I can. We've also got SO much going on at the moment with a lot of talk about weddings and possible baby number 2 that I haven't even had chance to sit and catch up with TV haha.

So as I've been so quiet I thought I'd just give you a bit of a catch up with what we've been up to since I last posted! 
Thursday - We went to my parent's house for dinner as they had come back from holiday. Indiana LOVES stroking the cats
Thursday - My littlest sister Amber is 9, she's such a good auntie to the babies and Freddie!
Sunday - My sister Gemma babysat Indiana so Jack and I could go out for dinner
Tuesday - Enjoying breakfast on her new Minnie plate from Florida
Tuesday - I came in to find Indiana like this, she's such a cutie pants
Tuesday - We have a climber!!
Tuesday - A lovely day with my two best friends. Indiana was such a good girl and loved the extra cuddles