Indiana's 10 Month Update


10 months old! Double digits and only two months away from turning one... I think I could cry! Saying that though this month has definitely been my favourite by far. She's turning into such a cheeky little lady and her personality is really beginning to shine through. She's a massive daddy's girl, yet when daddy doesn't do what she wants it's mummy she calls instead haha! Her development has taken a HUGE leap and you can really see what she's going to be like as a toddler now. So here's a bit more of her progress.
So after worrying she wasn't putting on much weight she's back on track. At 42 weeks +1 day (last Wednesday) she weighed 19lbs 7oz. She's still following between the 25th and 50th percentile which is perfect.
Routine has stayed pretty much exactly the same. Mondays and Fridays she goes to nursery with Jack where she's pretty much in all day (depending on the hours Jack's working). Then Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are our days. We chill, play, see friends/family and do whatever we like. Then the weekends she either spends with Jack when I work or we have family days. She still wakes at 7ish and has a bottle, then breakfast around 9 followed by her morning nap at 10. Lunch is around 12/12.30 and then her afternoon bottle around 2.30 (she's in the process of swapping this for a snack instead), then her afternoon nap at 3. Dinner is at 5.30/6ish, then her last bottle at 7ish and in bed by 7.30!

We have now added a story and brushing teeth into her bedtime routine. As I've said above she has dinner around 5.30/6. Then she will either have a bath or just enjoy some baby TV or playtime. If she has a bath then we'll brush her teeth then, if not we'll do them around 7. Then she has her last bottle of the day either during her story or after. Then she goes straight to bed with her comforter and giraffe and self settles to sleep.
Eating is exactly the same. She's eating 3 meals a day, as well as a morning and nighttime bottle. Her daytime bottle is hit and miss; if she doesn't take it we usually offer her a snack of fruit or a baby biscuit to keep her going until dinner. She eats for England and we are still amazed by how much she truly eats. For example for dinner she can eat a portion of dinner, fruit, and either a yoghurt or rice pudding... and still be begging for food haha!

She's now in a mixture of sizes as she's getting to the awkward in between size. 6-9 months fits still, however it depends on where they're from. Primark and Mothercare bits are getting too snug, although her Next bits still fit ok. We've been incorporating her 9-12 month clothes in as I just can't resist putting her in her new outfits.

  • New words - As well as mama and dada she can now say hiya, yeah and woo
  • Cruising! She started doing this pretty soon after her last update. She's super speedy and walks around the sofas, baby gate, basically anything she can pull herself up on.
  • Her two top teeth are on the way in!
  • We got her a push along walker and within half an hour she was whizzing around the room. She pulls herself up on it and walks around the whole place with it now. She even holds onto her baby gate and pushes it along the monkey!
  • Copying - this may not really be a milestone but she is brilliant at this! She's learnt to splash her legs in the bath from watching Jack, and bangs things if you show her how. She shakes instruments if you do it first, so cute to watch!
  • Earlier in the week she stood unaided for about 5 seconds! She's becoming a bit of a daredevil and even let go when holding on herself a few times.
  • Climbing stairs! Don't even know how she learnt this as living in a flat we don't have any to practice on haha.
  • TANTRUMS! God this little lady is a diva. She's learnt what no means and is not happy when she hears it haha.
Everyone keeps telling us how she's going to be walking soon and although I think so too, I just can't believe it! We're really going to have our work cut out then haha!