So today's the day, my baby girl is ONE!

I've been on such an emotional roller coaster this week. I'm a mixture of so excited and so upset; I can't wait for her to be a toddler and to watch her develop, but I really would love my tiny baby back haha.

This year has gone far too fast. Watching Indiana grow and develop has been the most amazing thing, and I'm so proud to say I'm her mummy!

Indiana turning one also means I made it! One whole year of being a mummy! A year full of sleepless nights, constant nappy changes, bottles, sick, snot, etc, etc haha. But also a year full of smiles, giggles, joy and amazement. 

Being a mum is by far the best thing I've ever done and although it happened sooner than we had planned, I would not change anything for the world (and yes I'm getting all emotional just writing this haha).
Thank you for following our journey on here and through our YouTube channel, I can't wait to see what the next year will bring!

This Time Last Year!


You're all probably aware of the App 'Timehop'. It's been my best friend the past few days as I've been getting constant reminders of what was going on! Yesterday, the 24th would have been my due date. 
I remember writing this status SO clearly! I totally thought that nothing was going to happen. We spent the day cleaning our flat, wandering around our local industrial estate and even went for a coffee. Little did I know that my contractions would start that evening! 
I even filmed my 40 week pregnancy update moaning that I was still pregnant. I hadn't even reaslised how much lower my bump was in this picture I posted on Instagram! But low and behold my contractions started on my due date at 7.30pm, and then my waters broke (in true hollywood fashion) at midnight!
It's so crazy to think this time last year I was in full blown labour, and had already been and been sent home from hospital 3 times already haha. It's even crazier to think that tomorrow (well at 2.12am to be precise) I will have a one year old baby girl! 

The First Shoes!


If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't hit the link on the right :)) you'll know that Indiana is now a walker! She's getting more confident every day so we definitely thought it was the right time for shoes. 

We have had her feet measured a few times now as we wanted to initially get her cruisers when she was begining to cruise. However poor Indiana didn't have big enough feet so we just had to wait haha!

Luckily we went into Clarks on Sunday (at 50 weeks and 5days)  and she got measured up again, and she's now a 3H. She definitely has my wide feet so we were limited to only two different designs (why are all girls shoes pink?!) Even then they didn't have them in stock so we had to order them.

I must admit that even though they're bright pink they are very cute, and as they'll need replacing so often I'm not too worried. We stuck with the cruising design for now, and she's still not walking 100% of the time, but we'll probably get walkers next time!

DIY First Birthday Cake Smash


It was a couple of weeks ago now that we did Indiana's cake smash, and with only 1 week to go until her birthday, I thought it was time to share them with you! I would have loved to do a professional one but it would have worked out SO expensive. So in the end we did it completely 'DIY' and I'm so pleased with the results, especially considering Indiana just doesn't sit still haha.

Jack is the baker in this household so he was in charge of the cake. I bought a cupcake mould from Ebay as that's the design we were going for. It turned out pretty well, and it was even topped with pink icing and a pink ribbon.

Her outfit was something I thought about for a while. I wanted something that looked super cute, but also something that symbolised her turning 1. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you'll know how much I love My First Years. I found the 'first birthday' vest and instantly fell in love, so that was sorted. The pink frillys are something I've had my eye on for ages now! They're from my favourite place The Bow Boutique are are SO cute and girly. I completed her outfit with a pink bow from The Bow Boutique as well.

We just used a plain wall in the living room (luckily we have laminate flooring too which is a must!). I took some of her bunting from her room to decorate the wall, and then just blew up some pink balloon... so simple!

Then it was time to let her loose with the cake. As soon as she saw it she wanted to touch it and we needn't have worried about her crawling off haha. Her face was a picture and it wasn't long before she got stuck in. She didn't eat much of the cake itself but I'm surprised she wasn't sick after all the icing she ate! Jack was photographer too, using his Bridge camera.

I would totally recommend doing a cake smash for a first, or even other birthdays. The pictures are something we'll treasure forever and as we did it ourselves we can keep them all, and then decide what ones we want to print. To be honest I think doing it ourselves was much more fun, and she completed the shoot with a nice warm bubbly bath, her favourite!

Indiana's First Birthday Presents


Today marks 11 days until Indiana turns ONE so I thought I'd share with you what we've got her! I've uploaded a haul video on my YouTube Channel, however I thought I'd do a written post for those of you who don't watch.
Lamby Toy | Cath Kidston Mini Backpack | Floral PJs | Cath Kidston Floral Plate
Indiana loves Doc Mcstuffins. If I put it on she will happily sit mesmerised by it for ages, so I knew I wanted to get her one of the cuddly toys. Lamby is my personal favourite and is by far the cutest so she made it into the haul haha. Cath Kidston is also one of my favourite brands. This backpack is going to be replacing the changing bag at some point and will definitely be used to nursery. The plate is super cute (I can only seem to find the ballerina print now though), and will be great now she's throwing plates on the floor less. Finally the PJs are from Primark at a bargain price of £3.50! I just had to get her big girl pajamas now she's going to be toddling about more.
Tales Of Acorn Woods Books | My Discovery House | Xylophone | Cookie Jar
Indiana isn't a great lover of books at the moment, well, unless she's the one in control! I thought these would be perfect as she can be left with these without worry of them becoming broken (hopefully), and I just love the illustrations too! This discovery house is a massive favourite of Indiana's when we go to my sisters. It's got loads of interactive bits and she loves to carry it about haha. I've had this xylophone for months! She loves musical instruments so I thought this would be great to add to her collection. Finally, now she's learning more I thought this cookie jar would be a great addition. I know from past experience how irritating it is haha, but I think she'll love putting things in and out of it.
Activity Table | 'Pollyanna' Rocking Horse
These are her two larger presents, both of which we got at great prices! The activity table was on Amazon for £17 so I just had to snap it up. I think it will be great now she's walking around more, as she'll be able to play standing up. The rocking horse is my absolute favourite present. It was the first thing we bought, and our first idea too. I just can't wait to see her on it!

We may have gone a bit overboard, but you only turn 1 once and we wanted to spoil her! Hopefully this is helpful if you're looking for idea for your little ones first birthday, or even Christmas! I'm soo excited to wrap them and see her play with them now. Although I bet she won't even be bothered haha!

Crawlerz | Review


When we moved back in February I didn't really think of the laminate flooring throughout the house being an issue. Indiana wasn't moving and it seemed a very long way off. However, now she's crawling like the speed of light and taking her first tentative steps it's proving to be a bit of a nightmare!

So when I was asked by Crawlerz to review their special sleepsuits I jumped at the chance. Crawlerz rompers were thought up by Matt, a single dad of 2 who came up with the idea when his children were finding it different to crawl and walk on the wooden flooring in his home; a story a lot of parents like myself can relate to.

I was lucky enough to receive two different colours, one white and one pink; however there is also a blue option for boys. They are specially designed with their patent pending anti-slip grip 'paw's, which cover the legs and both sides of the feet. These are designed to encourage and help your child to crawl and to provide grip when standing/cruising/walking! This not only stops them from falling over or slipping, but also helps towards their development, which is always a bonus.

My first opinion of the sleepsuit was that the design was pretty simple. However once on they really are lovely! The little bear paws they use for their grips are adorable and such a sweet touch compared to the usual circle grips. They are made using 100% cotton so they are lovely and soft, which is a must for me! Another great aspect is the poppers, SO much easier to use and do up (especially now Indiana doesn't sit still haha).

Indiana is now wearing 9-12 months clothing, which mostly fits her pretty well now. However she has really short legs like me so dresses and certain sleepsuits are quite long on her. This was the same for these and they absolutely swamp her at the moment! I did compare them to one of her other sleepsuits and they are pretty huge; I would therefore suggest down-sizing if you want them to fit well.

Overall I'm pretty impressed! We mostly use sleepsuits now for just sleeping, however I think these will be used for those days where we want to practice Indiana's walking as they did seem to help (we couldn't use them all the time yet until they fit better). I'm hoping they bring out more designs and colours, because they definitely are a great idea! If you're interested they retail on their website at £11.99 each.

What do you think of these brilliant sleepsuits?

Disclosure - I was kindly sent these items to review, however all opinions are honest and my own

Wedding Series | A Little Update!


I thought it was about time for a little wedding update as it's been a while since I mentioned it! We've kind of put the plans on hold at the moment as we're busy planning Indiana's first birthday and Christmas is just around the corner. However we've got pretty far with the important bits, including finalising the guest list, choosing bridesmaids/groomsmen, and choosing the cake!

The venue is all booked and paid for and I had the call from the registrar a few weeks ago so that is all sorted; we just have to wait for a few months before to go and give notice (Jack had no idea what this was haha). 

The photographer has been chosen and booked too. The lady we have chosen is soo lovely, and we're really excited to meet her again for the pre-wedding talks. We decided to pay a little bit more for the photographer as 1, we wanted the wedding album included and 2, it's one of the most important bits apart from the dress!

Speaking of my dress that has also been chosen! It was a few weeks back that my two sisters and I went dress shopping. It was one of the most amazing days and I really did feel special. The shop we went to had a whole range of dresses and I tried on loads of different styles. The winner was one of the first ones I tried on, and nothing else compared to it in the end (it made my sister cry so it had to be the one haha).

We've sorted the DJ for the reception too. I've asked my cousin to do the honour as he's a professional DJ and I know he's very good at what he does! We've now got to think of the songs for our first dances, which at this rate is never going to happen as Jack and I have such different taste.

Finally we've sent out our save the dates! The colour scheme is mint green so of course these match. We will be sending out proper invitations closer to the time, but as it's on a Friday we thought it was best to send these out first. 

The next step is the flowers. I'm totally on my own with this one as Jack has no idea, although to be honest neither do I haha! So any advice with this part would be greatly appreciated.
I'll hopefully update you more when we've got further with the planning! Only 11 months to go now... eeek!

Family Fun At Leeds Castle


If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know my love for Leeds Castle. It was one of our choices as a wedding venue and it holds so many memories for me; from going as a child myself to now taking my own. So on Saturday we made another visit, along with my two older sisters, my two nephews, and Jack's brother!

The whole drive there it was raining and pretty miserable looking, however we were quite lucky that it turned out SO sunny! It was even warm enough for Jack to have an ice cream... in November haha! We finally got to venture into the maze as we had someone to look after Indiana, and we even made it into the castle itself this time too.

It was a beautiful day and as it was the day after Halloween, we had plenty of yummy food for our picnic! Indiana loved the swings and literally didn't stop smiling the whole time she was on them. Freddie loved the park too; I'd definitely recommend Leeds if you have children as the play park itself is brilliant!

Indiana's First Halloween!


I've never been a huge fan of Halloween. Horror movies and being scared is not something I'm in to... I even have to watch The Walking Dead with a light on haha. But this year I really got into the spirit!

This year was Indiana's first Halloween (technically second as she was present as a rather large bump last year haha). We decided to not get a proper dress up costume for her as she is still a bit too little at 11 months. However we did get her two cute little Halloween items.
Jack and I were both working during the day so Indie went to nursery. She was dressed for the occasion in a Halloween top from Mothercare, black and white stripey leggings from Primark and an orange and white bow from The Bow Boutique. Jack said they spent the day playing with pumpkins which is a lovely idea.
We then went to my sisters for a little family Halloween party! We carved pumpkins, watched Hocus Pocus and there was even a brain jelly! It was a great evening, completed by Indie going to bed in her 'my first Halloween' sleepsuit. 
I can't wait to dress her up properly next year and maybe even take her trick or treating. Holidays are definitely so much more fun when you have a child!