How to Manage Asthma During Pregnancy


Taking great care of yourself during pregnancy is extremely crucial because you’re now breathing for two! And this is especially necessary for pregnant women who have asthma. Oxygen is needed for both you and your baby to drive their growth. But if your untreated asthma comes in the way, your baby’s oxygen supply could be affected. 

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that impacts you and your baby’s health. Getting concerned about your asthma and your baby’s health during pregnancy is normal, but it's a good idea to work with your doctor to manage symptoms and reassure you during this time. If you have great healthcare and online asthma medications for flexibility of medicine delivery, you’re halfway into a safe pregnancy! 

Why is Asthma in Pregnancy a Concern?

Not all women undergo pregnancy complications with asthma. However, if the condition goes untreated or you don’t get it under control, there are some risks associated with it, including:

· Foetal growth restriction
· C-section birth compulsion
· Premature birth
· Pregnancy complications because of high blood pressure, organ damage (often targeting the kidneys)
· Increased breathing problems in the baby

This doesn’t mean every pregnant asthma patient is at risk. Women who have their asthma under control and take proper care of their health during this vulnerable period are good to go. But it's always good to keep a close eye on your health, even if you think you don't have to worry.

What Causes Asthma Symptoms to Flare Up?

Allergens - People with allergic asthma can experience attacks when they come in contact with allergens such as animal fur, pollens, dust mites, and moulds.

Irritants - Certain items in the environment like smoking cigarettes, wood-burning fireplaces, perfumes, paints, other strong smells, or air pollution can trigger your lungs, causing asthma symptoms.

Infections - Several people with asthma also notice infections like pneumonia, flu or cold trigger their asthma symptoms.

Exercises - Working out during pregnancy is healthy, but people with asthma have to take care of what kind of exercises they perform. If you’re pregnant and notice that certain exercises are setting off your asthma, consult a doctor immediately and stop any exercise until you have your symptoms under control.

Disinfectants - If you've previously noticed flare-ups from disinfectants, stay away from when they’re being used or right after they’ve been used. 

How to Control Asthma in Pregnancy?

It’s believed that asthma can change, improve, worsen or stay the same during the entire course of your pregnancy. Hence, to ensure that you survive this period safely, your healthcare professional will work on controlling your asthma symptoms, prevent attacks, and maintain lung function.

Controlling and improving your asthma is important to ensure that your baby receives enough oxygen. Flare-ups or worsening conditions decrease the oxygen supply in the blood. Once this falls, less oxygen reaches your baby – moving to higher chances of poor growth, low birth weight, or premature birth.

Here are a few ways in which you can handle pregnancy with asthma easily:

Regular Prenatal Appointments
Your healthcare provider knows what’s best for you and your baby! So never miss a prenatal appointment. Visit them regularly during your pregnancy, and don’t be ashamed of sharing every concerns related to your pregnancy no matter how small - they are there to help.

Keep Monitoring your Asthma
Monitoring lungs during asthma is an unmissable part of check-ups. Your healthcare professional will check your lungs and whether your medications need to be changed or adjusted. Don’t forget to mention whether your symptoms have worsened, improved, or stayed the same during the course.

Try to Avoid Asthma Triggers
As mentioned above, certain factors like allergens, infections, or irritants can trigger your asthma. If you limit your contact with things that causes a flare up, you can control your asthma symptoms.

Take Medications 
Many medications like Ventolin asthma inhalers are safe for pregnant patients. Discuss with a doctor and explore other options for pregnancy-safe medications before taking anything though. Equally, don’t stop your asthma medicines that you were taking before pregnancy. Suddenly discontinuing your medicine intake during pregnancy is harmful. So, consult a healthcare provider before you take any steps further!

Will Asthma Affect your Labour?

Rarely does delivery sets off an asthma attack, and continuing your regular medications during labour is recommended. However, if your asthma has become severe, some steroids in the delivery room could be required.

Are Asthma Medications Safe During Breastfeeding?

A low amount of asthma medications gets into your breast milk. However, they are severely low in quantity and are safe for the baby. But keep in mind that high doses of certain medicines may affect the baby by making them irritable. Adjusting some hours can make a difference. So, talk to a doctor and allow your baby to enjoy the health benefits of breastmilk.

This is a collaborative post - Author Bio
Krishma Patel Co-founder and the Superintendent Pharmacist at MedsNow, an online pharmacy in the UK that provides health and wellness products and treatments along with free online consultations. She is passionate about showcasing the integral function community pharmacies can play in supporting the healthcare system and the NHS by providing patients with high quality, safe and discreet access to healthcare at their convenience. Along with being the co-founder of MedsNow, Krishma is also the Director and the Superintendent Pharmacist of Enimed Ltd., an independent pharmacy group comprising 32 branches.

6 Boredom Busting Tips for the School Holidays


Picture this - it’s the school holidays, and although you've all been looking forward to it for weeks, it's only a couple of days in before the excitement fades and you start hearing the dreaded “I’m bored!”. Sound familiar? Then hopefully this post will give you some ideas to crack that school holiday boredom

Of course, it’s tempting to fill up their time with school holiday with big fancy plans, but it’s actually really important that they get to experience some down time too. So much of their life is already structured with school and extracurricular activities; free time can encourage them to make their own fun. Plus, a bit of boredom isn’t actually a bad thing. It helps children become more creative in their thinking as they come up with things to do. They’ll still need a bit of guidance from mum and dad in the form of some helpful ideas, so here are six easy and inexpensive activities to beat that school holiday boredom. 

Create a Home Cinema

It’s not hard to recreate the excitement of the movies in your own living room. There are some essential supplies you’ll need – popcorn being one. Let your kids pick their favourite movies and don’t be afraid to get creative with it. There are plenty of ways to up the fun and make it more than a simple movie-watching session. Get older children to make movie tickets and give them out to everyone in attendance at a pretend box office, or someone could also play the part of an usher and 'sell' popcorn and sweets before the film starts.. Once everyone is settled in their seats, don’t forget to dim the lights for a real cinema experience!

Earn Some Pocket Money

Encouraging your children to explore some entrepreneurial activities is a great way to get their little business minds ticking. One classic idea is a lemonade stand; grab some lemons and sugar (if you want to get fancy, add mint for a garnish), and put the kids to work with the lemon squeezer. They’ll have fun manning the lemonade stand and they’ll love making some pocket money they can spend.

Why not get everyone involved in a declutter too - let them pick which toys / items they no longer want to play with and need, and then sell them to raise some pennies. You could gather everything for a boot fair, or even sell unwanted items on selling sites such as Facebay. It's up to you whether you let you children pick new toys, or make them save it towards something bigger!

Get out the Arts and Crafts

Whipping out the arts and crafts supplies ensures hours of fun and creative exploration. You can either leave them to their own devices, or if you find they need a little direction, there’s plenty of arts and crafts inspiration online. Some ideas include, making funny animals with paper plates and coloured pipe cleaners, crafting something out of paper mâché or oven bake clay, making jewellery or paper chatterboxes - or even just some simple painting. Just don’t forget to lay down the newspaper if there’s paint involved!

Do Some Science Experiments

DIY science experiments are not only exciting for children, they’re also a great way to stimulate young minds, encouraging them to be curious about the world around them. Whether it’s homemade playdough or making a volcano with baking soda and vinegar, you’ll find plenty of ideas online for at-home experiments. Often they can be done using things you already have around the house and without breaking the bank. Get creative!

Get in the Garden

Of course parks and walks are great, but sometimes just getting out in the garden is good enough! Why not make a slip and slide out of plastic sheeting or tarpaulin from your local hardware store, as well as some tent pegs to secure the corners of the slide into the ground. Add some dishwashing detergent or bubble bath, turn on the hose and let the fun begin! If you've not got a garden big enough for something like this, then just a bucket, some water guns and plenty of water will bring endless fun. Who can resist a water fight?

Simple Fun without Screens

Board games are guaranteed to lead to endless amounts of fun and laughter, and the best part is they don’t involve a screen. Whether it’s Monopoly, Cluedo, Guess Who? or Twister, there’s plenty to choose from, and even a simple puzzle can lead to hours of entertainment if everyone gets involved. Of course screens are great for down-time and unwinding after a busy day, but there's nothing like family board games to bring everyone together is there.

If you like the sound of these ideas, then why not get your children to write out a list of activities at the beginning of the holidays. Then, every day they can pick one out for the next day. Don’t forget wherever you can let your child lead the way and only assist them when they really need it. This will encourage independence and creativity, and turn what could have been time spent being bored into a chance for them to blossom. Have fun!

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4 Reasons to Choose Camping for your Next Family Holiday


With summer quickly approaching, you’re probably trying to think of places and locations that you and your loved one can enjoy. And as travelling hasn’t been the easiest thing to do over the past couple of years, you might be looking for a quick, simple and tried and tested way to enjoy time with your loved ones. So what a better way to spend time with your family than going on a family camping holiday. Hitting the open road and soaking up the fresh air and countryside views couldn’t be better. However, if you have yet to experience a family camping holiday you may be wondering what the benefits are, so hopefully this post will help.

Home Comforts

One of the best things about going camping is the fact that you can pack most of your home comforts and belongings into one space without any restrictions. If your little ones have a favorite pillow, or they will only eat a certain type of cereal, you can load up your campervan with everything they could possibly need. With modern hybrid campers you can also enjoy a durable and comfortable environment with a whole host of amenities and features that will truly feel like a home away from home!

Time Away from Technology

How many times have you tried to tear your children away from their devices in the past couple of weeks? If it seems as though games consoles, mobile phones and other electronic devices are taking over your household, then camping is a great way to get a break from the constant screens. There will be fewer opportunities for your child to log into their favourite digital games without easy internet access for a start Instead you can toast marshmallows around the campfire, play a good old fashioned game of cards together, and just enjoy being outside in the fresh air together.

More Choices of Location

With a campervan at your disposal you can truly choose from a whole host of locations that you may not have even thought of before. Of course you'll need to plan and book a campsite before you set off, but there are so many sites to choose from all over the UK, so the world really is your oyster. Plus there's nothing stopping you from travelling and stopping at a number of locations over a few weeks - make a road trip out of your holiday!

More Flexibility

Going on trips in your family camper van can be much more spontaneous and enjoyable compared to catching flights and trains. You aren’t restricted to any timings and you can’t be 'late' for anything, so you can make your drive as quick or slow as you like. Want to stop at a few places along the way, why not? Plus if you hire a bigger caravan or camper, you can expand who you bring along on the trip too.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits that go hand in hand with camping. Your next family holiday could be filled with fun, enjoyment and a whole host of memories if you take the leap and invest in a campervan for your family this year. Start planning your trip on the open road today and have a fun-filled summer!

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Family Fun at Bewl Water - Paddleboarding, Adventure Play + More!


We love spending time with family over the Bank Holidays, so last Monday we all decided to head to Bewl Water for some family fun. Bewl Water is located near Lamberhurst on the outskirts of Kent, and is the perfect place to visit for all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy. If you're in to walking you can enjoy the 12.5 miles around the reservoir - or you can just enjoy a leisurely wander and turn back whenever if this suits you more. You can bring bikes (or you can hire them there too), book on to the laser challenge or aqua park, and for younger ones there's a decent sized soft play. There are two fab adventure play areas located close to the car park too - one of which features a fab pirate ship and a giant slide. 

The main reason for our visit this time though, was for Jack and my two brother-in-laws to enjoy some water sports. There are plenty of options to enjoy including sailing, windsurfing, canoes, rowing and sailing. But they decided to give stand up paddleboarding a try! They booked a 1 hour session for £20, which included the paddleboard and paddle, leash, a wetsuit and a buoyancy aid. Although they didn't really get much instruction with what to do (you can book actual lessons but these are more expensive), they still managed to have a great time. I can imagine it was really relaxing just being out on the water within Bewl's beautiful surroundings.

Myself and my sister's stayed firmly on dry land during our visit though, keeping all of the cousins entertained with a walk along the reservoir bank, water sport spotting, and of course playing in the play areas. We managed to spot the boys on their boards too, although I think the children were more interested in trying to throw pebbles as close to them as possible... children huh? It was so lovely to see all of them playing and laughing together though, and it was especially lovely watching them helping each other on the big slide. Just a note if you are going to visit, the slide isn't the slipperiest so it's worth getting them to sit on a coat or something shiny so they slide better!

Despite it being the May Bank Holiday, it still was a little grey and chilly during our day. The Littles were super excited though as it meant they got to wear their new raincoats! We worked with Lighthouse Clothing a few years ago (and I bought my pink coat of dreams from them last year), so of course when they got in touch again I couldn't say no. Now Indiana is that little bit older I decided to pick a more 'grown up' design for her, so she has the Olivia Jacket in Parma Stripe. We love Parker in bright colours so he has the Anchor Jacket in Orange Navy, and with Lilah being 4 and obsessed with bright colours and designs, I had to get her the Olivia Jacket in the Sweet Pea Farm print. All three jackets and fully waterproof, windproof, have soft jersey linings, and most importantly they can be machine washed! All three have commented on how cosy and comfortable they are, and I've had numerous compliments on their designs too. So thank you Lighthouse Clothing for working with us again.

We had a lovely morning at Bewl Water, and if you bring a picnic (or there's food available at the cafe) you could stay for the whole day. There's so much to do to keep everyone in the family entertained whether you want a big adventure or not. Parking is £6 for the whole day, so it can be a relatively cheap day out if you just take advantage of the parks and walks too!

We received items from Lighthouse Clothing in exchange for a mention in a post. All opinions are honest and my own, and I wasn't compensated for this post.

5 Tips for Visiting London with Children


Whether you're visiting London with children for a fun day out or for a practical reason, you're in for a treat. The city is brimming with fun things to do and explore for little ones (and grown ups) of all ages, including culture, history and those beloved tourist attractions too. So I thought I'd put together this post to share some of my top tips for visiting London with children, so that you can hopefully have the best trip possible.

Pack as Light as Possible

The easiest way to have a successful trip with young children is to bring as little as possible. There's nothing worse than carrying heavy bags around the city - especially if you have children like ours that enjoy a carry themselves now and then. One trick to travelling light is to get each child to select one item that they want to bring as entertainment. This could be a specific toy, a book, or even a puzzle - it's best to avoid bringing their extra special toy just in case it gets lost in the city. A pad of paper and a pencil case full of pens can keep everyone entertained and are relatively easy to carry too.

If your children are slightly older why not get them to bring and carry their own backpack for the trip. This way they can be responsible for their own items and things such as snacks and a drink, and you're not left carrying everything! A pram is always good for carrying items, but I would advice to only bring one if you 100% need one. A baby carrier and backpack is much easier for navigating around London, especially if you're wanting to use the Tube.

Plan your Travel in Advance

Before you leave for a trip, it's always a good idea to map out the best route between everywhere you're visiting in London. This will not only help you plan your travel and better understand how long it will take to get from one place to another. But by planning travel in advance, you can usually save money on any tickets that you need too. Make sure to always allow extra time to account for delays, or children becoming tired and not being able to move as quickly as you think. London is a big place and takes a lot of walking.

Go at your Children's Pace

It's tempting to schedule all the museums and attractions, but that can result in super tired (and therefore grumpy) children. Instead, let them pick their pace and stick to it. They'll love exploring the city at their own pace, and you'll better understand what they like. Plus, you might find that the more free time you have, the more adventures you can create instead of sticking to a strict schedule! 

A great idea it to get each child to pick one thing they definitely want to see or do during the visit, and then plan your day around these plans. It is best to still do this ahead of time though just incase you need to prebook tickets, as I know certain attractions such as the Science Museum, Aquarium, and The London Eye definitely require you to prebook before you visit.

Book a Child-Friendly Hotel

London has a plethora of hotels for every kind of traveller, but make sure you check out the hotel and it's facilities carefully to be confident you are staying in a child-friendly hotel. Ideally you want to find a hotel that is close to your location, for example there is plenty of family-friendly accommodation near Shepherds Bush, which would be perfect for a day shopping at the Westfield Centre. Family friendly hotels usually have more rooms that fit larger family groups, and other bonuses such as child-friendly menus and even evening entertainment sometimes.

Enjoy the City for Free

It can be easy to think of a visit to London and assume you need to book the top tourist attractions. But when you're on a day out with children we all know how expensive things can get (and very quickly too!). You really don't have to spend much on a visit to the city though, as there are so many things to see and do that are completely free!

There are so many museums that you can enjoy for free - just make sure to check ahead about pre-booking like I mentioned above. London has numerous parks and green areas where children would love to run around and explore such as Kensington Gardens which has the Diana Memorial playground. Don't forget there's the fab shops such as Hamley's (the biggest toy store), The Lego Store and The Disney Store that little ones would enjoy looking around too, and Covent Garden always has plenty of free fun to enjoy throughout the year too.

What top tips would you add to my list?

This is a collaborative post.

Our Month - March 2022

Another 'better late than never' post from me, but with how hectic the last month has been, it's no surprise that I'm so late writing about how our March was really. There isn't really much to write about when it comes to the month of March though. The weather was up and down, the weeks were a blur of school runs and weekend clubs, and I felt like we were just waiting for the holidays to arrive as each week passed.

Weirdly, the month started with pancake day. Of course I'm not complaining, it just seemed strange as it usually falls in February doesn't it? We made sure to have plenty of pancakes on the day though - we're team sweet with pancakes covered in squirty cream, maple syrup, marshmallows, sprinkles and fruit (for health of course).

The same week we of course celebrated World Book Day. If you're followed us for a while you'll know that I'm not a big crafty and creative mum, so WBD isn't really my favourite day. I know it's meant to be about the books, but as each year passes it seems to be more and more about what creative costume a parent can come up with. I will forever be an 'outfit from the dressing up box' kind of mama though, so we had a Harry Potter, the Witch from Room on a Broom, and Indie was Matilda wearing clothes from her wardrobe... simple and they were just as happy!

Spring really did start arriving in March, with the arrival of all the beautiful daffodils and blossom to spot. Of course my camera roll was full of blossom photos and I had to get my annual shot of Lilah under the blooms. The weather was really up and down though, with the sun shining beautiful one day, and then we even had a crazy snow storm on the last day of term... madness! Spring of course means baby animals too, and Lilah was super lucky to not only have ducklings hatched at preschool, but they had a visit from an animal shelter where they got to feed baby lambs, stroke guinea pigs and see a hedgehog the lucky thing.

A really exciting thing that happened in March is that Indie finally took her Grade 1 Ballet exam! After waiting what felt like years for it to happen because of lockdowns and online ballet, she was so excited to get it done and move on to the next step. She was really confident and came out with a smile, and we found out that she passed the next week. Well done Indie!

Of course March ended with us celebrating Mother's Day, and after the last two years being a bit rubbish because of lockdowns, it was so lovely to have a proper day to celebrate. We went out for brunch at a lovely little cafe in Brenchley called The Little Bull Cafe, where we had eggs benedict, pancakes and of course all the hot chocs. We then spent the morning at Scotney Castle having an explore and enjoying the park now the it's back open again. It was a really lovely day and I'm just so pleased that we have this normality back again.

Of course there was the simple things that happened during the month too. Such as the big two having lovely school consultations and finally getting to go and watch their class assemblies. And just enjoying my mummy and Lilah days before school starts in September. I can't believe that this time next year I'll have three in school!

Make Use of ALL the Available Space in your Home


When it comes to interior design certain areas of your home can be tricky to fill, often leading to them becoming a wasted potential space. But call in any expert and they’ll tell you that there’s a fabulous solution that will revolutionise your home - corner wardrobes. 

Made to fit, they will literally take care of all your unused alcoves, and can be beautifully built to add a touch of class to any interior. In fact, if you enlist the help of a skilled carpenter, a corner wardrobe can transform your room into something quite spectacular. And if you're still not sold, then maybe the below points will get you on board.

You Can Get Creative

Commissioning a corner wardrobe allows you to order exactly what you’re looking for. From lifestyle requirements and functionality to final aesthetics and size, it’s entirely up to you. Choose from a range of stylish doors, sleek handles, colour options and bespoke finishes to make sure that your final product blends seamlessly into your home’s existing interior. And if you're a parent who has toy baskets overflowing, why not custom make some corner space for toy storage too?

They Make Use of Unused Space

There are many places in a home that seem impossible when it comes to furnishings. Under the stairs and lofts are perfect examples, and almost always come with sloped ceilings and awkward angles. But whatever the issue, it’s no match for a corner wardrobe. Because they’re made to fit any space to a tee, you’ll be able to turn ridiculously impractical nooks into fantastic storage solutions with no hassle at all. Have a look at the wide variety of luxury corner wardrobes by FCI to get a feel for what’s out there. 

They're Easy to Accessorise 

Just because they’re in a corner, doesn’t mean you have to abstain from all the bells and whistles a fitted wardrobe has to offer. In fact, whatever you can dream up is 100% possible. Don't create a full length wardrobe so that you can add a lamp, candles or a vase on top. Or Have them 'floating' so you can add a potted plant underneath. There are so many options!

They Add Value

Any home refurbishment is guaranteed to add value to your property, especially a contemporary fitted corner wardrobe. Storage space is always highly valued by potential buyers and is often an incentive to put in a decent offer. So should you ever decide to put your house on the market, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Are there any points you would add?

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5 Super Common Mistakes for a Failed MOT Test


Your annual MOT test is an important signal that your car is in great working order, and of course safe to be on the UK's busy road network. Passing this test should be a simple matter, but sometimes quite silly things are the reason for a fail. In this post I'm going to be sharing five super-simple (but shockingly common) reasons for an MOT failure, and ways to help you to avoid these.

No Screen Wash

It doesn't matter if your windscreen is beautifully sparkling clean - if there is no screen-wash in the reservoir, you will receive a fail on the MOT. This is because driving can be unpredictable: a sudden rain shower can cause the car in front to throw a film of mud on your windscreen, a swarm of insects might be too slow to get out of the way, or a careless fellow driver might chuck the dregs of their coffee out of the window without realising that you are in the path of the flying liquid. In each of these cases, your visibility will become highly compromised until you can clean it off, and you won't be able to rectify this without any screen wash/ A handy tip for this is to buy a larger bottle of wash, and keep the remainder in the boot of the car so you can top up regularly. Of course a regular check of this is also essential!

Having an Unreadable Numberplate

It is a legal requirement that your numberplate should be easily readable at all times, especially when on the road. And it is not the MOT inspector's job to clean a dirty numberplate at the beginning of the test – it is your responsibility. Check your numberplate every now and then as all sorts of things can mount up to make it unreadable. These include damage causing a distortion or loss of one or more of the numbers or letters, fine road dust smothering the high-viz surrounds of the numberplate, or mud plastered to the back of the car. Make sure to check more regularly in the poorer weather months, as dirty road conditions are more likely to have an affect.

Faulty Lightbulbs

The most common MOT fail is with the lights. Many of these issues boil down to a lightbulb having burned out. It is almost embarrassing to fail the MOT because you forgot to check your lightbulbs and spend three pounds or so on a replacement to fit yourself! Of course, sometimes the issues with the lights are more serious, but by testing it with a new lightbulb, you will at least be aware that there is a problem. If you don't think you can change the bulb yourself there are many garages that will help to fit these for you, but you may have to pay a little extra for this service.


Not only must you wear your seatbelt when driving, but the seatbelts must be fit for the purpose. Give your seatbelts a check before you book your MOT test and make sure that they lock when tugged sharply, click firmly into place when put on, and are not very worn and tattered. Any of these are understandably a point of concern for the MOT inspector!

Having a Dirty Car

Your MOT inspector will not fail your car if it is indescribably filthy, but he or she can refuse point-blank to test it at all. Which is the equivalent of a fail before the test has even begun. Once you've booked your test, take out anything which does not need to be in there (car seats for example if you have a family car), ensure that the windows and mirrors are perfectly clean, and perhaps even get the vehicle valeted so it looks and smells nice for the MOT inspector. 

Now you know some things to look out for and are ready to book your test, make sure to book asap. You can get DVSA approved MOTs in London at Elite Direct with peace of mind and confidence.

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The New Merlin Annual Pass Merchandise Range | Review


We are incredibly excited to be working with Merlin Annual Pass again this year as Merlin Annual Pass collaborators. The exciting role means we get to enjoy the fab theme parks and attractions that Merlin have to offer, as well as sneak peaks of new and exciting things and then share them with our followers. And speaking of new and exciting, I am delighted to introduce you to Merlin Annual Passes NEW merchandise range that has just released online and in-store (available at Chessington World of Adventures, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and Warwick Castle).

Passholders have been asking for a while now to have Merlin Annual Pass specific merchandise, so this range is looking to be really popular. The range includes clothing - for both adults and children (sizes start from age 3-4 years), a magnet, pin, lanyard, reusable drinks bottle, tote bag, keyring, mug and even a fab MAP umbrella! The quality of the clothing is really lovely, and the bright colours make them really stand out from the crowd. Plus with prices ranging from £4 - £40 I believe there is something for everyone. It will be exciting to see how they will expand on the range over time too, as there is definitely room for it to grow. I'd personally love to see some more female fitting t-shirt styles and different colour ways for the hoodies.

I have filmed a full video showing each item in more detail, including prices and where you can get your hands on them. Make sure to watch if you're interested in learning more about this fab new Merlin Annual Pass merch range. Let me know what item you're most excited about purchasing!

We are working with Merlin as part of an on-going partnership. We received these items as part of this collaboration.

Our Month - February 2022


Although February is the shortest month of the year, it doesn't always feel that way does it? The weather is usually rubbish, the days are still long and dark, and this year pancake day didn't even fall in February... how unfair is that! But thankfully we still managed to make some wonderful memories throughout the month.

Half term landed quite early in the month this year - a slight relief as all of us were absolutely exhausted from the school term! We spent most of it close to home and enjoying playdates with friends. We did have one big adventure though, jumping on the train with my sister and the cousins and heading down to Hastings. It was a super windy and chilly day, but all of the children had an amazing time playing together and being by the sea (and I'm sure the fish and chips helped too). Of course it had it's chaotic moments, but I'm definitely enjoying how much easier it is to go out with the littles on my own now they are getting older.

Valentine's Day fell in half term too, and although we don't really celebrate on a grand scale, Jack and I did make sure to have a date night at home with an M&S meal deal and a movie. I enjoyed doing this incredibly simple Valentine's Day craft with the littles too - all you need is paint, paper and empty toilet roll tubes. Loads of fun and relatively easy to clean up too.

Of course I can't talk about February 2022 without talking about the storms! We experienced a smaller one whilst we were in Hastings, but that one was nothing in comparison to Storm Eunice. There were red weather warnings issued, and although we were lucky enough to not have any damage to the house, there was chaos in many other places. Thankfully the littles were happy to stay inside so we turned the day in to a pyjama day with movies and snacks. 

The weather did manage to cheer up for a few days in the month, so a few family walks and adventures were had. Of course if you've followed us for a while you'll know that we take our family photo in the same spot every February, so we took the little's scooters for a whizz around Knole to take these. We finally made it to Bedgebury for an early visit around the play trail too. Parking is usually £14 at the weekends, but if you visit (and leave) before 11am you only have to pay £3.50. Bargain! 

Parker took part in his very first rugby tournament this month too, where he got to play lots of little matches against other local teams . A really fun experience for both him and Jack, and just the first of many to come. And with March comes the start of Spring and hopefully many more family adventures. I can't wait to see what's in store!

Our Month - January 2022


I feel as if I've blinked and we are at the end of February already, so I thought it was time I sat down and wrote about January before it's too late! January is always a month that I sort of dread. The joy and excitement of Christmas and New Year is well and truly over, and the weather is absolutely miserable as winter really sets in. But thankfully it's not all bad for us as a family, as we have a Lilah's birthday to celebrate mid-way through the month to keep us going.

We kicked off the new year with a chilled celebration at home. We let the littles stay up slightly late (no one wants to start the new year with overtired children do they?), and then Jack and I had a Chinese, and I tried my hardest to stay awake. Not very rock and roll but we had fun! We then celebrated a second Christmas with family on New Years Day, as my sister had covid over Christmas so we couldn't all get together then.

We saw family again a few days later as we all got tickets for the local ice rink. Every year ice skating has come up in the past I've watched from the sidelines and let Jack take the littles, but with all three wanting to get on the ice this year, I had to take one for the team and get my skates on too. I hated nearly every second of it and I really cannot skate (the seal skate aid was more for me than for the littles!), but it was really lovely to all do together - even if it was raining! Indiana was SO brave and loved skating around on her own, and Lilah was a little speed lover wanting Jack to push her around as fast as possible.

Despite the rumours of restrictions and changes, a positive of January 2022 compared to last year was that all the littles stayed in school as normal. Hooray! This meant most of our weeks were filled with school, weekend clubs and then getting out for bike rides and walks on Sunday afternoons. Jack even spent one Saturday in London, completing a London Bridges walk with a group of dad friends he met online!

But of course the highlight of January was Lilah's 4th birthday celebrations. I kept her off preschool on her actual birthday, as I knew it was the last time we could celebrate with her before she's at school for every birthday! I took her pottery painting in the morning, where she of course chose a unicorn to paint, and then the afternoon was filled with gifts (there were many, MANY Barbies) and then dinner out at Frankie & Benny's. Her big birthday day out was to Brighton this year, where we had fish and chips on the beach, visited Sea Life Brighton and of course ended the day with ice creams. I honestly still cannot believe that Lilah is 4 now and starting school in September. The saying 'the days are long, but the years are short' is SO very true.