Get ready for Christmas with These 3 Easy Steps


Christmas is a super exciting time, but can understandably also be very stressful for all the adults involved. If you are looking to take some of the stress out of Christmas, then hopefully this post will help, as I share a few ways that you can get ahead of the game this year.

Gifts and Cards

At the top of the list, and probably the one that takes the most planning is deciding on what cards and gifts to get your loved ones. Getting cards and gifts sorted a month or so early can take some of the stress out of the Christmas season and ensures that you won’t be desperately running around shops on Christmas Eve! A simple way to show someone how much they are appreciated is to choose a personalised Christmas card, of which there is a huge range. When it comes to presents, thoughtful, quality gifts tend to be much more appreciated than multiple gifts. Practical gifts are always a great choice and you should consider if there is anything that they have been mentioning repeatedly or something that you think could make their life easier. Gifts that will be used, rather than ones that could be seen as clutter to the recipient, really show that you value them and have considered the gift carefully.

Food Prep

If you are a family that opts for a traditional roast dinner on Christmas day, then you will know how hectic the kitchen can get while you are trying to juggle multiple pots and pans! Luckily, there is a whole range of foods that you can cook in advance and then freeze so that you will have less work to do on the big day. From stuffing and gravy, to Yorkshire puddings and a whole range of desserts, these are a few of the things that can be cooked, frozen and then popped back in the oven or heated up on Christmas day. You can also peel and prep veg in advance and keep in saucepans of cold water until needed. Much easier than rushing about Christmas morning!

Clear some Space

For those with children, trying to fit new gifts into their already full bedrooms can be a chore and they may end up laying around the house for a few weeks (or months)! To try and avoid this, get everyone in the family to help out with decluttering the house. Avoid telling them that they need to get rid of their toys. Instead, tell them that they need to make room for potential new toys that they will get at Christmas, and that their old toys can go to new homes for other girls and boys to enjoy. This puts a positive spin on the task and makes it much easier as they will be excited at the thought of their new toys.

You may also look to clear out any old clothes you don’t wear or that they have grown out of. You can then donate these to a local charity or refuge if they are in good condition, which may allow other families to give gifts over Christmas.

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