Simple Ikea Kura Bunk Bed Hack | The Perfect Bunk Beds for Under 5s


We've wanted to get the biggest Littles bunkbeds for a long time now. We only have a small two bedroom house, so we need to make the most of the room we have - and Indie was quickly outgrowing her toddler bed too!

Most of the beds we found were either really high (something we didn't want as they're only 4 and 2), or incredibly expensive - which we simply just couldn't afford. I decided to ask on my social media for advice, and so many people suggested looking at the Ikea Kura Bed hack. It suited us perfectly, so we got to work!

We managed to pick up the Kura bed second hand for a bargain £40; but it's only £130 new so still a lot cheaper than most bunkbeds to begin with. We weren't keen on the mattress being straight on the floor, so we bought bed slats from Ikea, to make the bottom a proper bed. You need to get the 90 x 200 size, as this is the size of the Kura.

Our first job was to paint the frame white, to match all the other furniture in their room, and to just brighten it up a bit. We used chalk paint which was easy to find, and it took us a couple of evenings to complete. Jack then built the frame (apparently this was trickier than it looks), and then it was a case of literally slotting the slats into the bottom frame. Easy!

We bought these Ikea mattresses as these fit perfectly with the bed, and also picked up the 4tog duvets - under 5s aren't meant to have duvets over this tog! To complete their beds I got the Littles to pick some new duvet covers. Indie of course chose unicorns, and Parker picked dinosaurs. Both are from Tesco and they're lovely quality and super cute.

We're so pleased with how the beds look, and they really are perfect for the Littles while they're still young. Both can climb up and down the ladder easily, and I don't have as much fear of them falling from the top either. The height also makes it a lot easier for me to make and change the beds too! It really is the perfect set up for young siblings sharing a room.


  1. Looks lovely! Did you just put the slatted bed base inside the bed frame and did it fit or did you have to adjust it? Thinking of copying the idea. Thanks!

  2. She mentioned her husband built a frame for the slates to sit on. The slates didn't need adjusting.

  3. What size thickness is the mattress on top and did you get it at Ikea? I am having the hardest time finding a mattress that isn't too tall.

    1. I saw on another post the suggested mattress is 5 and 1/8 and they ordered "LINENSPA 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress - Firm Support - Twin" and it was a perfect fit.

  4. I forgot to mention I live in the US.

  5. I night the bed slats like you to fit on the bottom but they don't sit on the frame infact they bent in and they're on the floor. Did you do anything to the frame to get the slats to sit on top?


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