Indiana's 8 Month Update


I have an 8 month old... 8 whole months! I just can't believe it; okay maybe looking at her I can, but seriously where does the time go?! This month has been another huge month for development and hitting milestones. It also marks the last of my maternity leave as I'll be back at work in a week *sobs*.

I had Indie weighed last Wednesday (when she was 34+1 weeks) at the clinic. She's now a round 18lb and my arm definitely notices when she's in her car seat haha! Her cousin who is 6 weeks younger is almost 2lbs heavier which is so funny... she still manages to beat him up though!

As she'll be in nursery twice a week it was about time we got a definite strict schedule. It was pretty much there but just needed some fine tuning. She wakes around 7/8 and has a bottle, followed by a play and then breakfast. Then around 10/10.30 she has nap number 1 which lasts between 1-2 hours. We are SO lucky that she has always self settled and I swear by a grobag, comforter and her seahorse or soothing giraffe for this! Then she's up for lunch, more play and/or we go out. She has her second bottle around 3 when she'll go back down for her second nap which is also between 1-2 hours. Then it's more play or I'll let her watch TV while I prepare dinner. Dinner and then depending on how late it is she'll have a bath or just a quick snuggle with daddy. Then she has her last bottle between 7/7.30 and goes to bed! 

Well the dreamfeed was gone and not even missed after about 4 days haha, clever girl! So now once she's in bed she's a goner until morning. It's been ridiculously hot the past month so she's been sleeping in either a nappy or a vest and then her 1 tog grobag. I have even popped the fan on in her room on a few occassions as it was just so muggy and sticky. I love how she knows when it's nap/bedtime and she snuggles into her bunny comforter, so cute!
Baby led weaning worked so amazingly for us. She took to it so well and now eats three meals a day. She eats so much and I do worry sometimes she's had too much, as she just doesn't stop haha! However, I know this can't be the case and she clearly just enjoys her food. She's dropped her mid-morning bottle by herself so now takes 3x8oz bottles of Cow&Gate Stage 1 milk - morning, afternoon and before bed.
Her 6-9 month clothing is fitting much more comfortably now. Leggings and tights fit perfectly which I'm happy about, although some things are like t-shirts are still a bit long (she's got short arms just like her mummy haha). Still in size 4 nappies which I think she'll be in for a while.

  • Crawling! She started off commando crawling but now literally drags herself around the room. She rocks on all fours but hasn't mastered that quite yet.
  • Blowing rasberries - she literally does this all day long and I've got so many photos of her with her tongue out now haha.
  • Someone finally said MAMA! Aghh it's literally the best thing in the world, especially when she looks at me and says it.
  • Cuddling - every morning when I get her out of her cot she squeals, gives me the hugest smiles and then cuddles me. Almost as cute as her saying mama.
  • She's learning to clap and pull herself up. It's amazing watching her think about what she's doing and trying to figure it out.
  • Her pincer grip is pretty much spot on - she was picking up individual peas at lunch!
Another busy month for my little monkey this month! She's got a whole new adventure to start with nursery and spending lots more time with her daddy. I'm just praying I don't miss anything as I think that will make the transition a whole lot harder. It's also my 21st birthday this month, so hopefully little miss Indie has lots of plans to spoil her mummy!

What was your little one up to at 8 months?
Emily xx