Baby #2 | It's A...


You're all probably well aware that yesterday was the day of our gender scan, I mean I only mentioned it a few million times haha. It was a long day waiting until 6.30 to find out, but luckily our little pip didn't have their legs crossed and we are thrilled to announce it's a...


We are over the moon and are so excited for Indiana to have a baby brother. He wasn't shy in showing us what he was at all haha, although he was in a pretty awkward position! We were lucky enough to see him in 3D as well which was amazing, especially considering how small he still is!

16 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


WOW! 16 Weeks! In just 3 days we'll know whether little pip is a brother or sister for Indiana, and I'll also (fingers crossed) get to hear the heartbeat at my 16 week midwife appointment! Time is whizzing by, and in a month I'll be half way already! Pip is the size of an Avacado and is about 4-5 inches long.

This week has been pretty normal, I've felt good and a lot of the time if I didn't look down I wouldn't even think I was pregnant haha. The only thing that's starting to change is my sleeping. I'm a full on tummy sleeper and with this growing bump it's becoming a bit of a challenge! I'm finding it hard to get comfy in bed in general and definitely think I need to invest in a pregnancy pillow at some point soon.

I've had a few vivid dreams this week too, none of which were very pleasant! Although I do remember one quite distinctly showing me I was having a boy. Who knows, but I have heard a lot of people who've dreamt one gender and had the other haha.

I'm wearing my very first piece of maternity clothing today! Only a simple vest top but it's a start haha. My tops are starting to ride up a bit too much so I think these will become a staple soon enough. My work trousers are definitely too tight as well, and I must invest in some maternity tights too!

We visited the Baby Show yesterday and saw some fab brands! The guys at Medela were extremely helpful and informative. We're considering breast feeding this time, and as Indie was bottle fed from the start we're complete novices (any advice is very welcome haha)! We've also definitely set in stone getting the iCandy Peach 3 Blossom as our double after giving it a spin too!

That's it for this week! I'll definitely be updating in the week with our gender reveal so keep an eye out! If not I'll be back next week for my 17 week update.

15 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


Weeks are going a lot faster now our secrets out and we're not anxiously waiting for our scan. For some reason 15 weeks just seems to much further along than the weeks before haha!

Apparently this week baby is the size of a naval orange (how that's different from a different orange I have no idea haha, but let's go with it), and is about 4inches long. Apparently you can start to feel movement this week but I've not felt anything yet. I didn't with Indiana until 20 weeks, and I've got an anterior placenta this time, so I'm not expecting much any time soon!

This weeks been pretty normal, with not much really to update on. That was until Friday when I got my first real pregnancy problem. I was at work during my morning meeting when I started to get really hot, my head was pounding and I felt so sick. I turned around to go to sit down when my vision went. I knew if I hadn't have sat down as quick as I did I would have ended up on the floor! After drinking water and having a sit down I felt much better but I know this is definitely something to keep an eye on.

I had similar with my pregnancy with Indiana and suspect low blood sugar or blood pressure. I'm seeing my Midwife next week so I'll mention it to her then, but for now I feel much better! I'm just making sure I'm eating and drinking little but often.

14 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


It's crazy that this is my first proper update and I'm already 14 weeks, where has the time gone?! I'm officially in the second trimester now, and definitely feel much more myself again now. Baby is the size of a peach, although my bump has definitely 'popped' and isn't just bloat. I wake up looking like this now and it just grows throughout the day haha.

This week we got to see our little pip for the second time and find out all was okay, and everything was progressing as it should. I got my results back from the nuchal tests and got a negative results of 1 in 50,000, so we're very happy. Another exciting thing was booking our early gender scan for the 25th Feb, when I'll be 16+4 weeks. With so many people guessing boy we're so excited to find out!

Overall I've felt a lot better this week. My energy is definitely returning and I'm not constantly exhausted... just the normal tired you would expect for a working mummy with a crazy 14 month old haha. The back ache has started however which is horrible. Luckily Jack's on hand to give as many back rubs as I demand haha.

Finally I've been having my first proper cravings these past few weeks. They're complete opposites too: haribo sweets and raw carrots! obviously not together, but just writing about them is making me hungry now.

That's about all for this week! I'll be back next week for my 15 week update. Make sure to check out my YouTube Channel for my 14 week pregnancy video too!

Baby Number 2 | Finding Out!


So the news is finally out, and I am SO relieved haha! I've been dying to tell everyone, and give a good reason for being such a terrible blogger lately. But we are so excited to finally share the news of baby number 2, due August 2015.

You'll be surprised to know it was also a huge shock to us... once again! You may know we have our wedding booked for October, so the baby plans were put on hold until after. But hey, plans always seem to have a way of changing!

I took my first test on the 9th December after noticing I hadn't had my period yet. The line appeared and I was pretty shocked! The next day I went off to get a Clearblue Digital as I wanted to know how far along I was. When 3+ appeared on the screen I was amazed, how was I so far gone already!

We had an early scan, as I had no clue how many weeks I was exactly, on the 27th December. Little pip was measuring at 7+6 weeks, giving me my due date of the 9th August.

Finally yesterday we had our 12 week scan (although I was 13+1 weeks) and my mind was put at rest that everything was still ok, and little pip was perfect.

I turn 14 weeks on Sunday so will be writing my first proper update then (I'll be writing a first trimester post as soon as I get the chance!). I'm so excited to be blogging/vlogging this pregnancy from the start and sharing my journey with you all!

I'd love to follow others pregnancy journeys, feel free to send me your links!

Indiana's Little Secret!


Baby number 2 due August 9th!

I will be posting pregnancy/bump updates on my blog and YouTube Channel from now on!