Kiddylicious Snacks | Review


We have been so lucky when it came to weaning Indiana. She literally eats anything and everything, and definitely loves discovering new foods to try. So when I was contacted by Kiddylicious to try their range of snacks I jumped at the chance!

When the goodies arrived I was so impressed, and a little surprised too... I had no idea they did all of these things! I had seen my nephew Freddie eating the small fruity snacks before, but never knew they did a whole range of snacks suitable for babies too.

If like me you hadn't really heard of the company before, Kiddylicious was created by mum of two Sally Preston. "Being an experienced food scientist who worked at M&S, the British multi-national retailer, for over 11 years, Sally understands the importance of raw material quality, processing, legal things and especially how to make it safe and taste great". She realised she couldn't find any suitable healthy meals for her own children, so from there the company began! She now has a small team of people working together to bring us new and improved ideas.

We were lucky enough to be sent a selection of the 'flying saucers', 'fruity puffs' and 'wibble wobble jellies' to try. The snacks are suitable for 7months+ and the jellies from 12months. Although Indiana is only 11 months we don't really look at the ages of packages as we are BLW (we just check it hasn't got anything in she can't eat such as whole nuts and honey). We also enlisted the help of my nephew to try some of the snacks too!

I was really impressed with the fruity puffs! The flavours are great, and definitely make a nice change from just cheese or vegetable flavoured snacks. They were a perfect size to hold, and I was happy that the packet was actually full too haha! The flying saucers did break up very easily however. This wasn't a problem for Indie as her pincer grip is very good, although Ollie had more trouble picking up the small pieces. Despite this, again the flavours were great and lovely and strong too.

The Jellies were a massive hit! I was worried the fruit pieces would put Indie off but I was so wrong. We started giving her spoonfuls but by the end she was practically licking it out of the pot... a big thumbs up from her I think haha! They are the perfect size too, as some other jellies offer very large portions.

Overall I'm really impressed with the snacks and will definitely be purchasing the puffs and jellies again. They are available in a number of stores including Asda, Boots and Tescos.

*I was sent these items for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own*

The London Olympia Baby Show


If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know I love a good baby show. We've only ever been to the smaller version in Bluewater as it's just easier to get to and much cheaper too. However this year I was lucky enough to win a ticket to the London Olympia Baby Show!
My sister Gemma was also a lucky winner so we decided to go just the two of us and leave the babies at home. It was so lovely to spend the day with my sister, without having to run around after the kids or stop to change a nappy haha. I'm so glad we didn't bring them either as we had to get a few trains and the show was really busy; they would have been pretty bored too as trains are not exciting haha.

My first thought of the show was just how huge it was! Gemma invited me to go last year when I would have been around 37/38 weeks pregnant, I think I would have died if I did haha! There were loads of well known brands as well including: Maxi Cosi, ICandy, MAM, Fisher Price, and many more. 
As well as the bigger names there were plenty of smaller companies to discover; selling a whole range of things from baby fashion to toys, bath products and bits for us mums! One of my favourite stalls was Funky Giraffe. Everytime we wandered past it was jam packed and I could see them constantly restocking. With over 300 designs to choose from Gem and I were there for ages searching for the perfect bibs.
There were a large amount of seating areas and food stalls as well; although we brought our own lunch as I'm sure prices would have been sky high. They provided high chairs for if you had children, a private feeding area (with free Plum baby food!), as well as a well stocked changing area (with free nappies and wipes too!). I was also really impressed that they had a free creche on offer if you had brought an older child with you that needed a bit of entertaining.

The main stage was right at the back of the venue and so was our last stop. We managed to watch Dr Ellie chat about her new book and I was really impressed, and definitely agreed with what she was saying. I think that stage would have been better situated in the middle though, as I definitely think we missed some companies on our way to it.
Overall it was a fantastic day out and we had lovely chats with people, especially those at MAM. Now Indiana's getting older there's definitely not as much there I can buy. However if you are pregnant I would definitely recommend going! I know I will be when baby number 2 is on the way!

Indiana's 11 Month Update


So that's it, we're on the final countdown to Indiana's first birthday! Only 4 weeks to go until I have a one year old. I still can't decide if I'm really excited, or really upset haha... probably a real mixture of the two. Indie's developed a lot mentally this month, you can see her really thinking about things and working things out which is amazing to watch

As of Wednesday Indie weighed 20lb (at 47+1weeks). She's still following her curve smoothly and is now between the 50th and 75th percentile.
The only thing that has changed from Indiana's routine is that she's decided she doesn't want an afternoon nap anymore! For over a week now she's been fighting it and just not having any of it. I've been giving her a snack instead and playing with her more to keep her in a good mood; she's just like her mummy and gets very cranky when she's hungry or tired haha. She's starting a new nursery as well as Jack got a new job. As it is closer it means our parents can help out more too, so my mum will have her Monday mornings and Jack's mum, Friday afternoons.

Bedtime is slightly earlier now that she's napping less. She now has her last bottle just before 7 and is usually fast asleep by 7.10/7.15! She has really grown close to her comforter this past month and will scream and moan if she drops it out of her cot (which she thinks is a brilliant game in the mornings!). 

Again, exactly the same apart from maybe another snack around 4pm. She could probably eat and eat if I let her the piggy haha. She usually has less of her evening bottle now as she's having it earlier. She's really starting to understand what a plate/bowl and fork and spoon are for now. She will only throw it off if she's finished or all the foods gone. She is learning to put the fork/spoon into the bowl to get food too!

We're almost fully in 9-12 month clothes now which fit much better. Everything is so long on her though bless her as she's got diddy legs (just like me!). I had to get her a pair of ugg style boots in 12-18 months as her feet are so wide; although they're still smaller than a size 2! She's in size 4+ nappies.
  • She can now stand unaided for ages!
  • She took her first steps!!
  • We now have 4 teeth (and we think there are 2 more on the way)
  • She can stack her rings perfectly; and even did it in the right order haha
  • She can build towers with her mega bloks
  • She's talking SO much and constantly chats away to herself. Her new favourite trick is to drop something and then say 'uh oh'
  • Her problem solving/hand-eye co-orderation is really improving. She trys to fit shapes into the right places, puts things in boxes and takes them out, etc
  • She puts her phone to her ear and speaks! 
She's becoming such a clever clogs, and every thing she does I'm so proud of! She's still only taking a few steps as her balance isn't 100%, but we don't think it will be long. 
Emily xx

Coffee Shops With A Baby?


When I was pregnant, and still now actually, I get people telling me you can't do want you want to do now you have a baby. You have to follow their every move and things such as shopping and going for coffee are a huge no no. But do you know what I think to that... rubbish!

If you know Jack and I you'll know we're absolutely addicted to Costa and we pretty much go every week if we can haha. We're terrible at shopping too and Indie became my little shopping buddy from day one. 
First Costa at 3 Weeks Old!
She's always been as good as gold and loves watching all the people go past and seeing what mummy's going to treat her to next. Now she's old enough she just sits with us in a highchair if we go for a coffee somewhere, or happily plays around sat on one of our laps. 
I'm sure it'll become a different story when she's a toddler and starts having those dreaded tantrums and meltdowns. But for now I'm taking full advantage of the fact that she will sit and play nicely while I enjoy my medium hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows haha!

Babies aren't the boss and if you want to go for a coffee do it!

A Bad Blogger and A Busy Weekend!


So yet again I've been a bad bad blogger and not posted in a while *slaps hand*! I was SO busy this weekend that I just didn't have time to sit and write, and then Indie has come down with a strange virus/rash so I had her home with my yesterday too.

So what have we been up to?

Friday I was working and Indie was at nursery with Jack. It ended up being her last day at her current nursery as she had Monday off. She was showing off her new walking skills and everyone was very impressed! 
Saturday Jack was supposed to be out all day getting a tattoo but it got cancelled last minute (yippee haha) so we spent the day as a family. We finally received Indie's first birthday invites so we decided to go on a round trip hand delivering the ones we could. We still had Save The Dates to give out too so we really were like little postmen haha. We did manage to squeeze in a little walk around some woods, although Jack definitely didn't think it through as it was SO muddy... no buggy next time I think!
Sunday I had a luxury baby free day with my two elder sisters! We went on a shopping trip to Lakeside and it was so lovely to spend some quality time with them without the kiddies. Of course we ended up in Ikea and Primark and we all left every shop with a bag full of shopping haha. I've filmed a haul video of what I purchased so definitely check that out below if you're interested!
It was Saturday that Indie's rash appeared. The poor monkey had/has spots all over her including her legs, arms, face and bum. Everyone we've shown pictures to has suggested chicken pox, including my mum who knows everything haha. She's happy in herself though and eating as normal, so I'm just keeping an extra close eye on her for now. Jack's said there were a few off of nursery with similar symptoms so she must have caught it from there.

The First Steps!


As the title suggests Indiana has taken her first steps! It came out of nowhere and we're still really shocked, but we're so unbelievably proud! She took her first steps on Wednesday the 15th October at 46 Weeks + 1 Day old, so around 10.5 month old!

She started the week mastering how to turn her push along walker, literally walking from room to room without stopping haha. She was also getting the hang of standing unaided, going longer and longer each time. Then on Wednesday we were all at my mum's house for dinner, and my two older sisters were playing with her. They stood her up and were encouraging her to take a step (not thinking it would work aha), and she did it!

I managed to capture some of her steps the best I could on camera, but she's still not 100% got her balance yet. It's crazy to think that she could be properly walking before she's 11 months old... and that she'll be possibly running around by Christmas.

Funky Giraffe Personalised Bibs | Review


I'm a huge fan of personalised items. I have a terrible habit of collecting sentimental items so these are perfect to fulfill my desire haha. You'll also know that I absolutely love Funky Giraffe and all of their bibs (you can read my previous review here). So when I was given the opportunity to review their new designs how could I say no, especially as they now offer a personalised bibs!

As well as offering great designs themselves, they have now let you get creative and are allowing you to design your own masterpiece on a bib. You firstly choose from either of the three styles: bandana, cotton or large bib. I opted for the bandana style as this is what I think suits Indie best (and from previous experience I know they're fab).

From there you pick a colour for the bib; it won't come as a huge shock that I went for pink haha. Then I got creative and designed something I thought would be special to wear, and keep forever. They have a whole load of designs, pictures, text, etc that you can choose from. Or you can pick individual bits and really create it yourself. From the font and colour, to the layout, it's all down to you!

When my bib arrived I was so pleased with the design; it really did look exactly how I pictured it! I decided to go for a simple butterfly as well as Indiana's name and date of birth. It's simple as it's in white on the pink background, yet I think it will be something special to keep forever.

The quality is amazing, exactly like their original designs - the front is still 100% cotton so it's very soft, and I'm happy for it to be close against Indie's skin. The back in fluffy and comfortable, and I know it's going to stop any dribble reaching the skin. The only thing I am a bit disappointed with is the finish of the personalisation. The ends of the cotton are very visible and scruffy, which I was not expecting at all.

The basic price for the bibs start at £5, and then for each extra you add you add a little more (around 70p per extra). I think this price is brilliant and very affordable - especially when you consider it's all designed by you! I'm really happy with the bib, and I really think Indiana is too!

*I was not paid for this review (I was allowed to design my own for reviewing purposes) - however all opinions are honest and my own*

Pampers & UNICEF "1 Pack = 1 Vaccine" Campaign


Most people have heard of Pampers, and UNICEF for that matter too. They're the leading brand when it comes to babies and children; and it was instantly the first name I thought of when it came to buying nappies for newborn Indiana.

I am therefore so happy to be given the chance to work with them on their 1 Pack = 1 Vaccine campaign this year. You've probably heard of it - every time you buy a pack of nappies, Pampers donates money to help those less fortunate to get the much needed vaccinations, specifically against newborn tetanus. Since it began in 2006 it has already helped to fund an amazing 300 million vaccines, which has eliminated the disease in 15 countries! This is incredible work, but there are still so many countries out there with babies at risk.

Therefore this year they want us all to share our 'first moments'; from the first smiles, to first steps, they want to spread the word, so that we can all help those babies to have their own firsts too! They've even got the amazing Emma Bunton supporting the campaign for the second year running. She was lucky enough to go visit these countries to really see how the campaign is helping those less fortunate. You can view these here:
I've been inspired to put together my own video of Indiana's firsts to share with you all. Creating this made me so emotional (especially after watching the videos above), as I just couldn't help thinking how lucky I am to have shared these first moments with my baby girl. Watch my video here: Indiana's Firsts

I'd love to see your babies firsts, and for you to spread the word to help those in need! What was your favourite 'first'?

*I was not paid for this post; however for each view this post gets, Pampers will donate the cost of 3 vaccines to UNICEF*

Wedding Series | Bridesmaids


So, another wedding update!

You already know that we've booked the venue, but since then we've been busy bees! We have now sorted the photographer, DJ, Save The Dates, my dress and I've FINALLY given out my cards for my bridesmaids. So I can officially say our wedding is booked for October 2nd 2015... scary!

Luckily all the girls said yes (I was only slightly worried haha), so I now have my four bridesmaids on board, ready to help me with the crazy amount of plans we still have left. I've asked my two older sisters and my two closest friends; I don't have a maid of honour as I honestly couldn't decide on one! I browsed Etsy to find something cute and girly to give to them, to make the job a bit more official. I absolutely loved the cards, and so did they!
So on the left are my sisters, Laura and Gemma, and then my two friends on the right, Alice and Louise. Every time I do something wedding related it becomes more surreal haha, but even more exciting! 

The First Nursery Photos


Indiana recently had her very first nursery photos. It didn't even cross my mind that they had them that early until Jack came home from work and told me! I wasn't expecting much as Indiana is such a madam and doesn't sit still for photographs anymore, but I am so over the moon with them. We were lucky enough to get three to choose from (how the hell am I going to do that haha!?).

I love them so much and just had to share them with you. If you follow me on Instagram you've probably already seen them, but they're so cute they're worth a second look haha. The quality isn't great as these are just the proofs, but here they are:
Every time I look at them I just can't believe how lucky I am to be this gorgeous girlys mummy... and doesn't Jack scrub up well too! 

Tommy & Lottie T-Shirt | Review


Now it's getting chillier I'm really enjoying dressing Indiana in her new autumn wardrobe. So when I was contacted to review a t-shirt for the British company Tommy & Lottie how could I resist?!

Taken from their website: "tommy & lottie is a British brand set up in St Albans, Hertfordshire in 2014. We specialise in creating unique, bold and graphic designs screen printed on ethically produced babies t shirts. All t shirts are ethically and sustainably produced by using only the best quality and the softest 100% cotton and are designed and screen printed in Britain".

They have a selection of short and long sleeve designs in either fairground or wildlife prints. As it is for Autumn I went for the long-sleeve fox print, and I'm so impressed! As soon as I collected the post I could see where the package was from; their bold logo was visible straight away. This didn't stop once the outer packaging was open as the item itself was wrapped beautifully in tissue with even more cute and bold stickers.

The t-shirt itself is beautiful. As it's made from 100% cotton it is so super soft and I know it's going to be so warm and cosy for Indie to wear. The print is so eye-catching. It's bright, bold and the colours are so vibrant! Even though the majority of the t-shirt is white I think with a pair of bright leggings or jeans it will create a perfect outfit for autumn! An added bonus is the extra little acorn leaf print on the back which was a lovely surprise.

The t-shirts come in four different size options, ranging from 3-6 months up to 18-24 months (we went for 6-12 months). Short sleeved tees are priced at £17, and the long sleeved are £20. I do think that they are at the top of the scale price wise, but when you think that everything that's gone into them is done here in Britain (even the materials used are all from here too), then you can totally understand!

*We were given the item for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own*

Teething Update | The Terrible Top Teeth


When Indiana's first two teeth popped through we were pretty lucky. There was no screaming, no tears, and she got through most of it with a few extra cuddles and a bit of Bonjela. However these next two top teeth are not being so kind!

For the past week we've had the lot and our poor baby is not well at all! The first one has finally pushed through the gums and we're pretty sure it's friend is not far behind haha. They brought with them the worst cold (TMI alert but there was literally snot everywhere), explosive nappies and one clingy little baby! My sister really wasn't wrong when she said that these were the worst ones.

We're hoping it's coming to an end now as it's horrible to watch your baby screaming out in pain. Luckily she's still been eating like normal and taking her bottles. Her naps have suffered slightly, but she's still slept through which I'm so grateful for (especially as both Jack and I have been ill too!). I just can't wait to have my happy, cheeky little lady back; with four big teeth!
How was your little one when their top teeth came through?