Indiana's 11 Month Update


So that's it, we're on the final countdown to Indiana's first birthday! Only 4 weeks to go until I have a one year old. I still can't decide if I'm really excited, or really upset haha... probably a real mixture of the two. Indie's developed a lot mentally this month, you can see her really thinking about things and working things out which is amazing to watch

As of Wednesday Indie weighed 20lb (at 47+1weeks). She's still following her curve smoothly and is now between the 50th and 75th percentile.

The only thing that has changed from Indiana's routine is that she's decided she doesn't want an afternoon nap anymore! For over a week now she's been fighting it and just not having any of it. I've been giving her a snack instead and playing with her more to keep her in a good mood; she's just like her mummy and gets very cranky when she's hungry or tired haha. She's starting a new nursery as well as Jack got a new job. As it is closer it means our parents can help out more too, so my mum will have her Monday mornings and Jack's mum, Friday afternoons.

Bedtime is slightly earlier now that she's napping less. She now has her last bottle just before 7 and is usually fast asleep by 7.10/7.15! She has really grown close to her comforter this past month and will scream and moan if she drops it out of her cot (which she thinks is a brilliant game in the mornings!). 

Again, exactly the same apart from maybe another snack around 4pm. She could probably eat and eat if I let her the piggy haha. She usually has less of her evening bottle now as she's having it earlier. She's really starting to understand what a plate/bowl and fork and spoon are for now. She will only throw it off if she's finished or all the foods gone. She is learning to put the fork/spoon into the bowl to get food too!

We're almost fully in 9-12 month clothes now which fit much better. Everything is so long on her though bless her as she's got diddy legs (just like me!). I had to get her a pair of ugg style boots in 12-18 months as her feet are so wide; although they're still smaller than a size 2! She's in size 4+ nappies.
  • She can now stand unaided for ages!
  • She took her first steps!!
  • We now have 4 teeth (and we think there are 2 more on the way)
  • She can stack her rings perfectly; and even did it in the right order haha
  • She can build towers with her mega bloks
  • She's talking SO much and constantly chats away to herself. Her new favourite trick is to drop something and then say 'uh oh'
  • Her problem solving/hand-eye co-orderation is really improving. She trys to fit shapes into the right places, puts things in boxes and takes them out, etc
  • She puts her phone to her ear and speaks! 
She's becoming such a clever clogs, and every thing she does I'm so proud of! She's still only taking a few steps as her balance isn't 100%, but we don't think it will be long. 
Emily xx