8 Small Changes to Improve your Home


Wouldn’t you just love to renovate parts of your home that are starting to wear out? Maybe the paint on your walls is starting to fade and you want to replace them, or perhaps you’re tired of your bathroom decor and want to give it a thorough makeover. Sadly though, the reality is that we often don’t have the time or money to perform these large renovations. Even though it could provide us with more functionality at home and also more comfortable surroundings.

However there are other ways to get the same desired effect, without spending much time, or money. Small improvements can still make all the difference! In this article, I'm going to share some small and easy improvements you can do, that will hopefully make a big difference in your home.

Add some inexpensive potted plants - Potted plants can add an inexpensive splash of colour to any room and they're also suitable decorations that kids can get involved with too. You can place them virtually anywhere and they’ll last a while (as long as you continue to take care of them).

Add some door stops - The last thing you want is a door or the handle slamming into a wall, damaging the wall by creating dents and scuffs. Invest in some door stops to prevent this from happening - you can either pick basic standard stops, or even go a bit quirky and pick a colourful animal door stop, whatever fits your decor!

Replace your welcome mat - The first thing you see when you come back home will often be your welcome mat. If it’s littered with dirt and grime, and the lettering is fading, consider getting a new one to make your home a little more inviting. There are so many options to choose from!

Use felt pads on furniture if you have hard floors - Whether you use laminate or hardwood floors, make sure you use felt pads (especially on heavy furniture) in order to protect your flooring. This will prevent marks being made if you move furniture around, and also stop deep marks being left in flooring too.

Change the door handles in your home - You’d be surprised at the effect quality door furniture has on your home. Not only will your doors look nicer, but you'll enjoy using them too. Considering how often you open doors around the home, this is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Hang some pictures or paintings around the house - Be it your child’s art projects in their bedroom, or pictures of you and your family in the living room, a few framed pictures can be a quick and easy way to add a little personalised decor to your home. Mix it up with different frame sizes and styles, and inject some colour with bold prints too.

Use the power of fragrances - Fragrances are powerful ways to change the mood in a room with ease. You could consider using a diffuser, candles or even an automatic air freshener to brighten up the smell of a room. Diffusers are quickly becoming a popular item now too - different oils can be used to create different feelings in the home.

Manage your cables - Cable management is fairly easy with the right tools. You can buy clips that can be nailed or stuck onto walls, to make them look neater, and you can buy sleeves which hold cables together (such as the ones coming off your TV or computer). Hiding unsightly cables instantly improve the look of a room.
This is a collaborative post.

Lilah's First Birthday and Birthday Party at The Little Play Cafe


Last week our beautiful little Lilah celebrated her first birthday, and of course we couldn't let the day pass without giving her the love and attention she deserves! The day felt extra special, but also incredibly bittersweet. Lilah is our last baby, so not only was it a celebration of her first year, but also a little farewell to the baby years too.

Lilah's actual birthday fell on a Monday so we hosted a little party the day before. We decided to book The Little Play Cafe as our venue, as our house really isn't big enough to host a lot of guests, and the cafe really had everything we needed (plus great coffee and cakes!). We invited close family and friends, and as the cafe has toys to entertain the little ones and plenty of seats for the adults, it was the perfect little gathering for Lilah.

With the big two at school on the big day itself, it gave Jack and I the opportunity to enjoy the day with just Lilah. We of course did present and card opening in the morning with everyone first though, as there was no chance Indie and Parker were going to leave without helping, and having a play too! We then spent the morning at Christmas Tree Farm - a little petting farm - which was so lovely. We hand fed the sheep and goats, and despite being terrified of the donkeys, Lilah seemed to have fun.

After a Wagamama's lunch and an afternoon nap, we picked up the big two and headed out for hot chocolates and cake. First birthdays mean the first taste of chocolate in our family, and my goodness did Lilah enjoy this little tradition. Although maybe a little bit too much!

We had the loveliest day, and although it wasn't the biggest or fanciest of days, it was perfect for our little Lilah. And although I'm still in denial about our baby girl turning one, I cannot wait to see what the next year brings!

*We received a discount on the hire of The Little Play Cafe in exchange for a mention in this post. However all opinions are honest and my own.

National Trust days out in the South East | Kent, Sussex + Surrey


We have been National Trust members for a few years now, and I still believe it's the best money we spend each month. And living in Kent (and the south east in general) we are lucky to have a whole selection of different NT properties and gardens, right on our doorstep!

I have shared posts about many of these locations on my blog before, but I thought it was time I collected all of these posts in one post. Creating somewhere you can come to read about all of the different locations, and what they have to offer. I also enlisted the help of some fellow bloggers, so you can see what they think too!


Scotney Castle, Tunbridge Wells

Scotney Castle features a 14th century moated castle, country house and a romantic garden all inside a beautiful wooded estate. With over 770 acres of woodland and parkland to explore there's plenty to keep the whole family busy! You can read more about our visit here.

Sissinghurst Castle Garden, near Cranbrook

We mostly visit the grounds outside the castle gardens (buggies aren't allowed in this area), but there is so much to see at Sissinghurst. Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson fell in love with Sissinghurst Castle and so created a world renowned garden. You can also visit the top of the Tower, where you can see vast panoramic views of the land and area, as well as enjoying woodland walks outside of the castle gardens.

Chartwell, Westerham

Chartwell was the much-loved Churchill family home and the place where Sir Winston drew inspiration until the end of his life. We've never actually made it into the house itself, but the gardens have so much to explore. If you venture out to the woodlands there's also natural play areas that little ones can explore. You can read more about Maria's visit to Chartwell here.

Emmetts Garden, Sevenoaks

Emmetts Garden is an Edwardian estate that was owned by Frederic Lubbock. It stands on one of the highest spots in Kent so offers panoramic views over the area, as well as some great walking opportunities. The biggest draw for us is the lovely natural play area at the top of the gardens - it's opposite the cafe too, so win-win for everyone!

Knole, Sevenoaks

Knole Park is probably our favourite and most visited National Trust properties - it's where we were when we signed up for our memberships. Set within Kent’s last medieval deer park, Knole offers something for everyone. You can explore Knole House with it's grand courtyards and tranquil Orangery, or wander the winding paths in the parkland - just watch out for golfers! The best thing about Knole is that you don't even need to be NT members to visit. You can park by one of the many outer gates, and enjoy a walk in the grounds completely free!

Ightham Mote, Sevenoaks

Ightham Mote is a romantic moated manor house, previously owned by Medieval knights, courtiers to Henry VIII and high society Victorians. The house is surrounded by lovely gardens with an orchard, water features, lakes and three estate walks. For little ones there also the natural play area - complete with stream for paddling! Lauren had a fab day out there recently.

East Sussex

Sheffield Park and Garden, Uckfield

Sheffield Park is another property that we still haven't explored to the full - it's huge! The gardens themselves have been created through centuries of landscape design - four lakes form the heart of the garden, with paths circulating through the glades and wooded areas surrounding them. Outside of the main property there are woodland walks and a children's trail, as well as a family friendly tearoom. You can read more about our visit here.

Bodiam Castle, near Robertsbridge

Bodiam Castle is definitely a place to relieve your childhood dreams! Built in the 14th century, it is one of Britain's most picturesque and romantic ancient monuments. Although a lot of the castle is ruins now, you can still explore some of the towers, see the giant fish in the moat and wander through the impressive gatehouse (which is actually the castle's original wooden portcullis!).

Bateman's, Burwash

Bateman's is a 17th century house, surrounded by the wooded landscape of the Sussex Weald. The family home provided a much needed sanctuary to the world-famous writer Rudyard Kipling. The house has been left to feel as if the Kipling family have just popped out, and is lovely to look around. The gardens have lots of explore, as well as the three estate walks - all of which are perfect for families and dogs.

West Sussex

Nymans, near Haywards Heath

Nymans is one of the National Trust's premier gardens, and was a country retreat for the Messel family. Located just off the London to Brighton M23 / A23, it was probably the easiest properties we've driven to from Kent! We've only been lucky enough to visit during the summer, but have absolutely loved both visits - exploring the ruins of the old house, the beautiful gardens, and enjoying an ice cream in the beautiful outdoor cafe. There's also the woods to explore, although we've not made it into these yet.

Standen House and Garden, East Grinstead

One of my favourite prosperities to visit over the festive period is definitely Standen House. Each year the courtyard is taken over by a large Christmas tree, and the house is decorated beautifully. It's just as lovely in the warmer months though, as the grounds are lovely to explore. There's the natural play area, croquet on the lawn, and a hidden play room which are all perfect for little ones. Make sure to take a carrier with you though, as a lot of the estate isn't buggy friendly.


Winkworth Arboretum, Godalming

Winkworth was created in the early 20th century by Dr Wilfrid Fox, and has built up an internationally significant collection of more than 1,000 different species of shrubs and trees, over the last 60 years. The most impressive displays are in spring, with magnolias, bluebells and azaleas in bloom!

Boxhill, Surrey Hills

Boxhill is the perfect place to discover a family walk and explore the Surreyhills. Forming part of the North Downs, Boxhill has views across the surrounding countryside. The are a number of different walks, suitable for all different abilities and ages. Kate enjoyed a visit with her family, and took one of the family-friendly routes.

Hopefully this post has given you some inspiration for wonderful National Trust days out in the South East. And if you're still not so sure, why not check out this post to see why you'll love the National Trust if you have children!

The January Tag


I was recently tagged by Lisa over at Oh Luna to complete The January Tag. I made it one of goals this year to share more personal posts on my blog, so I thought it would be a perfect start!

Happy New Year! How did you welcome the year in?

We were invited to a friends to see in the New Year, but with three little ones it obviously wasn't possible for us to both go. Instead Jack and I got a takeaway, and he popped over to the party for a few hours. I managed to stay up until midnight, so Jack came home just before to see in the New Year together... and then went to bed as soon as it was 12.01!

Did you make any New Years resolutions? Share them!

I haven't made resolutions for a long time now, as I just can't see to stick to them. But I have made some personal and blog goals this year instead. I shared them on my blog here.

Are you feeling motivated now the New Year has been and gone?

Definitely! I am really hoping to get back into the swing of blogging and filming regularly this year. The first half of last year was a blur, as we were adjusting to life as a family of 5. But now we are in such a good routine with the littles, I'm hoping I can find a good routine with my blog too.

Name one thing you want to smash this year in terms of blog goals?

As I said at the beginning of this post, I really want to write more personal posts this year. I feel as if my blog lost it's way a little bit last year, but I'm hoping if I find the right routine, I'll be able to share more posts from the heart.

What do you want to achieve in every day life?

I really want to branch out in the kitchen a bit more this year. The older two are getting fussier as they get older, and I think sometimes we don't cook anything different or over-exciting because of it. I'm so bored of our meals though, so I really want to mix it up!

What are you not looking forward to this year?

Honestly? Parker starting school in September. He only turns 4 in August, so he's going to be so little when he starts. Thankfully he knows the routine from Indie starting this year, but I just don't think I'm ready to let my baby boy go yet.

Share with us some of your inspirations. They could be bloggers/influencers, books or even just quotes.

I don't think I actually live by any inspirational quotes. I do believe that 'what will be will be' though, and I try not to live life thinking of what happened in the past.

What is your go to working music or background noise?

If I don't have Radio 1 on, then I will have a series on Netflix in the background while I'm working. I'm currently watching Gossip Girl - I hate working in silence!

Talking about positivity what is one thing you will change for positive thinking this year?

I want to think more positively about my parenting! I am a good mama, and I am doing a good job - my littles say so, so why shouldn't I think it?

Share a positive thing that happened today.

I managed to get lots of blog work done during nap time, and then enjoy some quality time with Lilah while the big two were at school / preschool!

The Siblings Project | January 2019


I have loved taking part in the Siblings Project linky these last fews years, so of course I aim to capture another 12 months of my trio this year. I had intended to capture some outdoorsy shots of our three for this month's post, but I'm actually so pleased we took these instead!

We celebrated Lilah's first birthday last week, so of course we did a little DIY cake smash for her (just like we did with Indiana and Parker on their first birthdays). They were far too excited to just sit back and watch, so once Lilah had tried enough of the cake herself, we let them join in and help her. Cue cake smash carnage!

Looking back on these photos makes me realise just how big Indiana looks these days. She's really growing up into a beautiful little girl, and school has definitely changed her - mostly for the better, although the attitude is probably something we could have done without...

Lilah absolutely idolises her big brother and sister though, and I think their relationships are really going to change over this next year. Especially with Parker starting school in September - Lilah is going to really miss them!

To Lilah, on Your First Birthday!


Happy first birthday our little Lilah Bear! 

How a year has passed since your whirlwind arrival I do not know. A year that has been full of the happiest moments watching you learn and grow. But also a year that has taught me so very much, not just about myself, but about this crazy journey that is mama hood.

From the moment you were born you have filled our days with so much joy. You truly are the happiest little girl I know, and absolutely everyone you meet falls for your charm instantly! With your toothy little grin and cheeky smile, how could they not though?

There is not a milestone you have met that hasn't made your dada and I beam with pride this year. Watching you learn to roll, army crawl (just like your big brother and sister), cruise, and then of course walk. But also the little things, like the first time in your big girl pushchair, or dipping your toes in the sea on holiday! And of course watching you learn to love your food - just you wait until you discover the wonders of chocolate now you're one baby girl.

And although your first year is over, there is not a day that's going to pass when I don't think of you as my beautiful baby girl. Please don't grow up so fast this next year, okay?

Thank you for choosing me to be your mama Lilah Bear, I love you so much little one!

Mummy xxx

WIN a Family Ticket to Twirlywoos Live! {CLOSED}


If you're a parent, then I can imagine that CBeebies plays a big roll in your household - with three little ones aged 5 and under, it definitely does in ours. Therefore I'm thrilled to be running a giveaway to see on their fab shows live on stage!

The Twirlywoos (as seen on CBeebies) will be brought to life on stage for the first time this year. Toodloo, Great BigHoo, Chickedy, Chick and Peekaboo will set sail around the UK in a brand-new theatrical adventure, opening at Churchill Theatre, Bromley on Tuesday 12 February (prior to a UK Tour).

Featuring all the favourite characters from the hit TV show, expect mischief, music and plenty of surprises as the Twirlywoos embark on a new adventure onboard their Big Red Boat. With beautifully inventive puppetry, Twirlywoos Live! promises to be a laugh-out-loud treat for little ones.

And to celebrate the arrival of Twirlywoos Live!, I am giving away a family ticket (4 tickets) to a performance at the Churchill Theatre, in Bromley. Tickets can be redeemed at performances on Tuesday 12 February 2019. To enter just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below. Terms and Conditions apply.

For more information, visit www.TwirlywoosLiveOnStage.com

In collaboration with Twirlywoos Live!

How to Prepare for a Summer Pregnancy

If you have just found out you're expecting, congratulations! The likelihood is you’ll be due in the summer, and are already thinking about how you're going to cope being heavily pregnant during the hot months. So with that in mine, here are a few tips on how to cope when the time comes.

You are probably already preparing for the baby and everything they will need, but don’t forget about yourself. While you’re pregnant, you need to make sure you get enough fluids, and this is especially tough in the hot summer months. Staying hydrated is especially important anyway, and you should be drinking at least 2.3 litres of liquids every day - you need to add 8 ounces for every hour you spend in the heat during the summer months though.

Your calves, ankles, and feet are susceptible to swelling during the heat and pregnancy. To help reduce this, make an effort to keep your legs up whenever you can - even when you’re at work. There are some natural foot and ankle exercises which can also help, and if you try to lay off the salt, you should retain fewer fluids. If it’s really bad, then try eating watercress, celery, citrus fruits or small bits of parsley, which may act as natural diuretics.

The Heat
You’re likely to feel overheated anyway, but add in the summer heat too and it could make you feel pretty miserable. If you have already or can get an air conditioning installation, then do it. You’ve got time now to get everything ready, and it will be useful for the baby too when he or she arrives. If you have access to a pool, use it. This will not only lower your body temp, but the buoyancy will also ease the stress on your organs. If you don’t have access to a pool, try a paddling pool. But make sure you've got sun cream on while you're outside.

Sticky Sweat
Luckily for you in the summer you can wear lightweight, comfy maternity clothes. Choose loose, light-colored clothes. This will help keep you from overheating and allow sweat (especially beneath and between your breasts) to evaporate, preventing nasty rashes.

The simplest way to keep your body temperature in check is to stay indoors in the cool, but that’s usually easier said than done and can be incredibly dull! To keep you entertained make sure you’ve got plenty of fun films at the ready - Baby Boom? Or how about my all time favourite Father of the Bride Part II? Enjoy them from home so that you can to pause to walk around to ease your aches (or when you need to go to the loo every 10 minutes).

This is a collaborative post.

10 Goals for 2019


I'm not exactly starting out the new year very well, as I'm only just talking about my goals for 2019, 9 days in... but better let than never I always say! I am so excited for the year ahead already. With Lilah's first birthday just a few days away, some exciting holidays planned, and of course all of the special holidays that happen each year to look forward to. Anything extra is just going to be a lovely bonus!

After reading similar posts on other blogs, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of goals that I'd love to achieve over the next 12 months. Nothing too extreme - I am still a mama of three without too much free time! But things I'd love to do both personally and with my blog and youtube. 

I am so excited to hopefully tick off all 10 goals by this time next year. Especially when it comes to my personal goals! I'm not feeling too hopeful about a few of them (Instagram is bloody hard work!), but here's to an amazing 2019.

Top Tips for Decorating with a Young Family

When it comes to decorating your home, it can be hard to know where to start. Should you embrace the vibrant sofa trend for the new year, or upgrade the art in your living room? Thankfully there are lots of places where you can find some inspiration though, with Pinterest, Instagram and lifestyle magazines absolutely full of ideas.

However if you’re a parent (or even a pet owner), then decor decisions may not be something you're most concerned about. Most luxury items such as cream sofas and decorative trinkets are out of question, and expensive items are usually locked away or left gathering dust on top shelves. But there are a few simple things you can do, that can help you to make the most of your interior during the early years of your family. So here are my top 6 tips for decorating when you have a young family!

Remember Things get broken!
Young children and young animals (and even older ones) can make a lot of damage. As many parents testify, it doesn’t matter how careful you are, things get lost, broken or altered in ways you didn’t even think were possible. If you have expensive or treasured items, make sure to keep them out of the way of little hands. Maybe purchase a cabinet to display these items, but also keep them safe.

Add a Splash of Colour!
The most natural reaction when you consider the risks, not only for your children but also for your precious belongings, is to go for a bare interior style. You can however bring some personality to your home without putting the things you love within reach of small hands. You’ll be surprised to find out how much a feature wall can transform a room. From accent colours to bold wallpapers, you can get creative at home without breaking the bank. And if you’re worried about fingerprints or enthusiastic drawings on the lower half of the walls, you can buy washable wall paint to use!

Forget About Carpet (for now)!
We are so used to having carpet everywhere, that it’s easy to forget the health risk that comes with it. Dust, pet hair, dry skin and other particles find their way in between the fibres of the carpet and are almost impossible to dislodge with a standard vacuum. Children and pets are more likely to stain carpets too (especially when potty training!), meaning that your beautiful white and fluffy floor can rapidly turn grey and stained. Why not consider flooring solutions that can easy to manage, such as micro-concrete floors from Carrcrete for instance.

Don’t Overspend on your Children's Bedrooms!
It’s not uncommon for new parents to invest more in their child’s bedroom, than they would in the renovation or remodelling of a bathroom or kitchen. While there’s no denying that your baby will need a plethora of items, you need to be careful about how much you spend on decorating and preparing the room. Babies and young children grow up quickly though, so you'll find yourself having to redecorate that beautiful nursery in no time. Instead why not invest in smart furniture and design, such as an extendable bed or neutral walls.

Child (and Pet) Proof Everything!
Injuries can be frequent during the first few years as a family, so it’s a good idea to build a child (and pet) safe interior. Start by keeping every chemical products out of their reach – you can use magnet-operated locks for your cupboard doors for instance. Sockets and cables need to be hidden away, and sharp corners should be covered too. While this reduces your options for beautiful furniture, you can add a small creative touch by painting the doors of your kitchen cupboard to freshen up the look. Chalk paint also works wonders on battered furniture pieces!

Family Photos make Great Decor!
When your children are too young for a fragile and sophisticated decor, you can replace art pieces with family memories. Hanging frames with your favourites pictures can go a long way in injecting some personality to your home. Why not frame some of your children's art work too, for some unique but special displays.

Decorating with a young family can be a challenge for most homeowners. But it doesn't have to be! Just remember that during these years, less is more for your home style. And you'll soon have your home back to style just the way you like it.

This is a collaborative post.

Our Year, 2018


Happy New Year, and hello 2019!

I'm pretty sure I've said this in every round up post over the years, but where on earth did the last year go? With three little ones now (and two of those at school / preschool), days seems to pass me by within minutes. So it's honestly no wonder 2018 feels as if it went in a flash!

I love sharing my little review of the year on my blog - you can read 2015, 2016 and 2017 posts here - so it wouldn't feel right to start the new year without sharing the same this year too. 2018 was a big year for us!

January started with the big waiting game for our baby girl. I always thought she was going to be late, but she surprised us by arriving on her due date, the 14th January. Lilah's birth was a perfect whirlwind, and we were home with our 9lb 7oz of squish within just a few hours. Life as a family of 5 had begun!

Parker also started attending preschool this month too. After seeing Indiana go nearly every day, he was SO excited to get go with her, and he settled in really well. It was only a few mornings to begin with (he was only 2.5), but I think it really helped with the transition to full days come September.


February was a pretty quiet month. Not only because we were settling into our new routine as a family of five, but because of the crazy snow! I know soo many people loved it, but for me it was absolutely awful. With three little ones aged 4 and under, Jack working all hours (he had to cover other shifts) and no way of getting out, I really thinks it's one of the factors that lead to my mental healths downwards spiral.


And so came March, and my postnatal depression diagnosis. I knew something was wrong at the end of February, so I took myself to the doctors and started on antidepressants and signed up to online CBT. It was an incredibly hard month, but made so much easier by the support of my friends and family. Jack was my absolute rock, and I know I couldn't have done it without him!

The golden light in my very dark tunnel though, was our family holiday to Disneyland Paris. It was just what we all needed after a tough time, and the holiday we had been dreaming of for months. It was the most magical few days, and we loved it so much we've already booked to go back again this year!


With the sun finally shining we managed to get out and about as much as possible in April. We reviewed some fab toys including this water table from Little Tikes. It was played with throughout the whole of Spring and Summer, and I know it's going to be just as loved this year too. We also had a little trip down to Southampton to review Peppa Pig World too. It really is such a fab place to take little ones, and we had a fantastic time!

We also celebrated two birthdays in April, although both happen to fall on the same day! Jack turned 26 and we our niece Harleigh turned 1. The year before I was my sister's birth partner, so it was lovely to be able to spend the day with both of the special people in my life.


May brought along a Bank Holiday weekend, as well as a lovely little heatwave. We of course made our annual trip to the woods to hunt down the bluebells, and we hosted our very first family bbq this month too.

Lilah also started those first big steps to being on the move too, by learning to roll in May. Of course it was incredibly exciting, but every milestone she has reached this year has felt so bittersweet. Every first is a last, and she grew up oh so quickly!

June was an exciting month for Indie and Parker, as we gave their room a little makeover! Jack and I did a bit of DIY and turned the Ikea Kura bed into a bunk bed (perfect for two little ones), and finally hung up their bunting and pictures on the walls.

Jack surprised the littles this month with a trip on the steam train too, which was such a lovely little morning out. As it was Father's Day weekend we also had the loveliest lunch at one of our favourite pubs (a fab discovery we made this year!).


The heatwave continued into June, and so did our adventures! We finally made it to Mayfield Lavender, and captured some of my favourite ever photos in the lavender fields. We also had our second holiday of the year, this time a mid-week caravan getaway at Rockley Park in Poole. Lilah went swimming for the first time, we had the most amazing day at the beach, and we got caught up in the hype of the World Cup. It was honestly the best holiday!

Our beautiful Lilah also turned 6 months old this month, and so weaning began. Even though this was only a few months ago it's already crazy to think of her being this small. She had just popped her first tooth too - now she has 10!


August saw our cheeky little Parker turn 3, with a family bbq (that turned into an indoor picnic due to rain!) and a trip to Legoland Windsor to celebrate. I also celebrated my 25th birthday with the loveliest day out to Sissinghurst Castle, followed by fish and chips on the beach with friends. It was honestly perfect!

We then spent the rest of the summer holidays enjoying lazy days at home, little trips out, and preparing for our big girl to start school in September. Amongst all of the holiday fun we also attended two weddings (where Jack was Best Man at both, Indiana was Flower Girl at both, and Parker was a Page Boy at one). Both were beautiful days, and probably some of my favourite memories of the Summer holidays!

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September was a big month for our biggest girly as Indiana started school! Neither Jack or I had any worries about how she would settle in, as really she had been ready for a loooong time. The first few weeks were tough though, as we adjusted to school runs, half days and no more naps. But she settled in incredibly well, and already has lots of friends in her class and year group.


October is always one of my favourite months; I really have a thing for Autumn days! Jack and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary on the 2nd, and then the rest of the month was filled with all things pumpkin and halloween related. We made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch - this time taking our own little pumpkin along for a visit. And had three scary little ones dressed up for Halloween (although only the big two went trick-or-treating, as teething was also a big part of the month!).


We met up with our lovely friends Harriet and Josh again at the beginning of the month, this time for fireworks and food - the best combination right? And then it was another birthday to celebrate - this time Indiana's 5th! As it was her first birthday at school we decided to throw her a whole class party, which was crazily stressful, but totally worth it.

Blog-wise I worked with some fantastic companies this month, including Boot's Miniclub, shopDisney, Ergobaby, and of course all of the brands that worked with me on my Christmas gift guides. I am so proud of my blog and our youtube channel, and I'm always blown away when companies want to work with little old me!


What a wonderful month December was, full of the magic and excitement of Christmas. It was Lilah's first, and it was extra magical to watch her experience it all for the first time. The tree of course suffered, but she was mesmerised by the lights and loved the unwrapping of presents (and mountain of boxes!) on Christmas Day.

There were firsts for both of the big two this year as well, with Parker getting to go ice skating and taking Indie to her first pantomime. Not forgetting the nativities they both performed, which were on a whole new level of cute. Each Christmas just keeps getting better as they grow, and I already cannot wait for this year's!

Looking back 2018 really was a wonderful year. Of course it had it's highs and some incredible lows too, but I know I finished the year feeling completely #hashtagblessed. I am so, so pleased I also managed to complete another year of Siblings and Me and Mine project posts this year. The pictures are so lovely to look back on, and they really capture the year as well as our family at that moment!

I want to make sure that 2019 is just as exciting, and I think it's already looking to be just that! In a few weeks our baby girl will turn one, we have a couple of holidays planned (including heading back to Disneyland Paris), and little Parker will be joining Indie at big school. Bring it on!

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