8 Small Changes to Improve your Home


Wouldn’t you just love to renovate parts of your home that are starting to wear out? Maybe the paint on your walls is starting to fade and you want to replace them, or perhaps you’re tired of your bathroom decor and want to give it a thorough makeover. Sadly though, the reality is that we often don’t have the time or money to perform these large renovations. Even though it could provide us with more functionality at home and also more comfortable surroundings.

However there are other ways to get the same desired effect, without spending much time, or money. Small improvements can still make all the difference! In this article, I'm going to share some small and easy improvements you can do, that will hopefully make a big difference in your home.

Add some inexpensive potted plants - Potted plants can add an inexpensive splash of colour to any room and they're also suitable decorations that kids can get involved with too. You can place them virtually anywhere and they’ll last a while (as long as you continue to take care of them).

Add some door stops - The last thing you want is a door or the handle slamming into a wall, damaging the wall by creating dents and scuffs. Invest in some door stops to prevent this from happening - you can either pick basic standard stops, or even go a bit quirky and pick a colourful animal door stop, whatever fits your decor!

Replace your welcome mat - The first thing you see when you come back home will often be your welcome mat. If it’s littered with dirt and grime, and the lettering is fading, consider getting a new one to make your home a little more inviting. There are so many options to choose from!

Use felt pads on furniture if you have hard floors - Whether you use laminate or hardwood floors, make sure you use felt pads (especially on heavy furniture) in order to protect your flooring. This will prevent marks being made if you move furniture around, and also stop deep marks being left in flooring too.

Change the door handles in your home - You’d be surprised at the effect quality door furniture has on your home. Not only will your doors look nicer, but you'll enjoy using them too. Considering how often you open doors around the home, this is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Hang some pictures or paintings around the house - Be it your child’s art projects in their bedroom, or pictures of you and your family in the living room, a few framed pictures can be a quick and easy way to add a little personalised decor to your home. Mix it up with different frame sizes and styles, and inject some colour with bold prints too.

Use the power of fragrances - Fragrances are powerful ways to change the mood in a room with ease. You could consider using a diffuser, candles or even an automatic air freshener to brighten up the smell of a room. Diffusers are quickly becoming a popular item now too - different oils can be used to create different feelings in the home.

Manage your cables - Cable management is fairly easy with the right tools. You can buy clips that can be nailed or stuck onto walls, to make them look neater, and you can buy sleeves which hold cables together (such as the ones coming off your TV or computer). Hiding unsightly cables instantly improve the look of a room.
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