To Lilah, on Your First Birthday!


Happy first birthday our little Lilah Bear! 

How a year has passed since your whirlwind arrival I do not know. A year that has been full of the happiest moments watching you learn and grow. But also a year that has taught me so very much, not just about myself, but about this crazy journey that is mama hood.

From the moment you were born you have filled our days with so much joy. You truly are the happiest little girl I know, and absolutely everyone you meet falls for your charm instantly! With your toothy little grin and cheeky smile, how could they not though?

There is not a milestone you have met that hasn't made your dada and I beam with pride this year. Watching you learn to roll, army crawl (just like your big brother and sister), cruise, and then of course walk. But also the little things, like the first time in your big girl pushchair, or dipping your toes in the sea on holiday! And of course watching you learn to love your food - just you wait until you discover the wonders of chocolate now you're one baby girl.

And although your first year is over, there is not a day that's going to pass when I don't think of you as my beautiful baby girl. Please don't grow up so fast this next year, okay?

Thank you for choosing me to be your mama Lilah Bear, I love you so much little one!

Mummy xxx


  1. Hope she had a wonderful birthday, she looks so much like her big sister. P.s love your blog header x

  2. Happy first birthday little one!


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