The Siblings Project | January 2019


I have loved taking part in the Siblings Project linky these last fews years, so of course I aim to capture another 12 months of my trio this year. I had intended to capture some outdoorsy shots of our three for this month's post, but I'm actually so pleased we took these instead!

We celebrated Lilah's first birthday last week, so of course we did a little DIY cake smash for her (just like we did with Indiana and Parker on their first birthdays). They were far too excited to just sit back and watch, so once Lilah had tried enough of the cake herself, we let them join in and help her. Cue cake smash carnage!

Looking back on these photos makes me realise just how big Indiana looks these days. She's really growing up into a beautiful little girl, and school has definitely changed her - mostly for the better, although the attitude is probably something we could have done without...

Lilah absolutely idolises her big brother and sister though, and I think their relationships are really going to change over this next year. Especially with Parker starting school in September - Lilah is going to really miss them!

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  1. Great pictures, I haven't thought to do a DIY cake smash, Imogen was one last week so I may try and fit one in this week!


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