DeeDee and DanDan's Busy Day | Book Review


Written in collaboration.

Reading is something I have always been passionate about, and therefore something we've tried to instil with our children from early on too. Whether this is through reading books together throughout the day, or snuggling down with a bedtime story every night, there's not a day that goes by that books aren't a part of. I am definitely one to think that you can never have enough books either, so when the creators of DeeDee and DanDan got in touch to review their new book, how could I say no!

What is the Book About?

Written by couple Aneta and Mariusz Wojcik, DeeDee and DanDan's Busy Day came about when the couple were trying to help their bilingual children to develop their speech and understanding. They studied the scientific research of the effects reading stories has on children's vocabulary, and then used this to create and develop their book. 

The book follows the format of 'normal' childhood development; firstly introducing simple words and objects for them to recognise and understand. Then moving on to saying these simple words and answering basic questions, and then finally giving them the ability to explain cause and effect. So by reading DeeDee and DanDan's Busy Day regularly, you should hopefully watch your child's speech and vocabulary develop and grow.

The first page of the book takes you through how to use the book to get the most from it. Of course you can just go through the book like any other story (especially as every child goes at a different pace), but this is here to help. 

Who are DeeDee and DanDan?

Of course the book doesn't look and feel overly 'educational', but actually an inviting and colourful book with some lovely illustrations. You are quickly introduced to the family as they take you through your day. You have Mum, Dad and their children - Older brother Leo, DeeDee, DanDan and their baby sister DoDo, and their dog PomPom too. Each page of the book takes you through different parts of their day, all of which will be familiar to your child/ren; including breakfast time, nursery, a trip to the park and the shops, and of course bedtime.

As well as lovely illustrations on each page, there's the simple story to read, and then 3 sections of interaction for you to enjoy with your child (as explained above). Younger children can help find the items in the illustration, and then tell you what each person is doing at this part of the story. Once your child has more understanding you can develop the story by asking them questions at the bottom of each page. Just remember to keep it fun with your child, and don't push them for answers if they aren't interested or ready for it yet. Reading is meant to be enjoyable not a chore!

Where Can I Get the Book?

My youngest Lilah is 3 and has really enjoyed reading DeeDee and DanDan's Busy Day with me, and sitting and going through the book by herself too. She really enjoys finding the pictures in the illustrations and can happily answer a number of the questions now she's that little bit older. I think it's great that the sections of the book are so relatable, especially to show Lilah what lunch time will look like at preschool, as this is going to be something she will be doing herself soon. Of course her favourite page is 'Getting Dressed' as she loves pointing out DoDos nappy.. you'll have to get the book to find out why!

The book is available NOW in hardback on Amazon and currently retails at £14.99. You can also buy the book directly from their website where you can order multiple copies for a reduced price. Make sure to follow DeeDee and DanDan on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with everything too!

Our Month - February 2021


Oh February, you really were a month of ups, downs and crazy emotions weren't you? Not only was the weather all over the place, but it felt as if the second we got some positive news regarding Covid, that something else was thrown at us to bring us back down again. Thank goodness it was a short month!

We really did enjoy all the weathers in February. The month started off absolutely freezing with temperatures reaching as low as -6, and boy did you feel it! The chilly temps did mean we got to welcome lots of the fluffy white stuff though (although of course like most snow days after enjoying throwing snowballs and attempting to make a snowman for 5 minutes, everyone was over it and well in need of a hot chocolate to warm up with). But then just a few weeks later we were enjoying a weekend of woodland walks in just t-shirts and sunglasses, as Spring decided to arrive a little early. It didn't last long, but it really was wonderful while it lasted and got us all so excited for the warmer months ahead.

We celebrated two holidays in February, with Valentine's Day on the 14th and then Pancake Day just a few days later. Still being in lockdown meant we couldn't really celebrate Valentine's Day properly, but a takeaway and movie with Jack was enough for me. And who am I kidding anyway, Pancake Day is definitely the better holiday! We had pancakes for lunch, pancakes for dinner and all the sugar in-between - what's not to enjoy?

Valentine's Day was also extra special in our house as it was actually the day that Jack received his first Covid vaccine! Thanks to his job he was able to qualify for the jab early, so he signed up the second he was able to. He was lucky to only suffer a few mild side-effects such as headaches and exhaustion, but it was worth it to know he was extra protected (especially considering how at risk he is with his job). My parents also received their first jabs a week later, so it really does feel like things are getting there slowly!

Of course I can't share a monthly update without mentioning the madness of homeschool. As time went on both littles became less and less interested in doing the work, and I became more and more stressed about the whole situation. The week before half term was a complete write off and I eventually threw in the towel. Half term was such a welcome break and we all enjoyed the freedom of park trips, lazy days and me just being able to be mummy and not teacher too.

The month did end on a relative high though; on the 22nd Boris gave a press conference where he outlined the roadmap out of lockdown and *fingers crossed* the end of Covid restrictions. We got the amazing news that the big two would be returning to school on the 8th March, and although other freedoms are still a few weeks and months away, knowing life will be a bit more normal for our family was good enough for me. I'm really hoping the worst is behind us now, and things can only get better!

Barracudas Activity Day Camps are OPEN for Easter 2021


This week was an exciting one for most parents. It signified the end of home-learning (hopefully for the final time), and the start of our children getting back into school, and life starting to return to normal. It wasn't until a few days ago though that I realised just how close the Easter holidays already are... just 3 weeks to go! Thankfully as I work from home I haven't had to stress too much about finding holiday childcare, but if you are in need you'll be pleased to know that Barracudas Activity Day Camps are BACK OPEN for the Easter holidays 2021.

You might remember that I wrote about Barracudas Day Camps last year, but of course with lockdowns and everything else going on they unfortunately had to close. But this year they are back, although due to current restrictions there will be some changes to their camps this year. Barracudas offer quality childcare at their holiday camps over the Easter break, Summer holidays and half terms, for children in England aged 4.5 to 14 years. Starting off 27 years ago with just two camps (in London and Surrey), they have since expanded to include 48 summer camps, 35 Easter camps and 3 half term camps in a whole range of locations in England - you can see the list of camps opening here.

Covid-19 Safe

Barracudas have created camps that are fully Covid-19 secure and financially risk free this year. If they have to cancel your booking due to Covid-19, they will offer you credit or full refund. Or if your child has to self-isolate, you will receive credit to use another time (or if you have a Flex booking you will be offered a refund). To ensure Covid restrictions are followed, Barracudas have created their strategy plan called 'the 4 Ps'.

  • Numbers will be limited to 15 children per group (24 for early years)
  • Staggered entry and exit, one-way systems and distanced queuing all be in place
  • Extra hand washing and equipment cleaning
  • Parents, staff and children over 11 to wear face coverings when in communal areas
  • Certain activities will be off the schedule for the Easter camps (motor sports, inflatables, etc)

All Barracudas multi-activity camps are Ofsted registered, with more Outstanding ratings than any comparable provider. Spaces are of course limited for Easter camps so make sure you book as soon as possible, there's only 3 weeks to go!

This post is written in collaboration with Barracudas Activity Day Camps