How to Create the Best Nursery for your Baby


For many first-time parents, decorating their baby’s nursery can be a daunting task. Thinking about what furniture you really need to buy, where to put everything in the room, and even just thinking about the paint colour can be stressful! However, there are some must-have items that can make the task much easier, and I'm going to share a few of these in this post. So read on if you're wanting to create the best nursery for your baby.

Less is More

It might be tempting to fill a nursery with all kinds of baby-related accessories. But when it comes to kiting out your baby’s room, less is more. Before you start shopping, think about what you actually need (and what looks good and will stand up to wear and tear). This way, you can easily create an aesthetically pleasing space that won’t get cluttered fast. Before you begin you can look at cute decorations for the baby's room on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok to get ideas on what aesthetic you’d like to go for. Make sure to choose a colour palette before you begin, so that you can start looking at items that specifically mesh will together from a design point of view. 


If there's one thing you absolutely need in a nursery, it's plenty of storage. You will quickly find out that you can never have enough! Items such as a nappy caddy, shelves, storage baskets, and even drawer dividers for baby swaddles and wraps are a must.

Keep your most frequently used items at arms reach for quick access when needed. Having lots of organised areas helps with keep the room tidy and clutter-free too! Even though lots of people say you have plenty of time to do all of this once baby is born, I definitely think it makes sense to get it all done during pregnancy, as it's so easy to have no time once baby is born.

The Furniture

Choosing furniture for a nursery can be a really fun experience, and once it’s all set up, you (and your little one) will get hours of enjoyment out of their new space. While there are certain essentials every nursery must have, each room has its own style and needs as well, so do keep this in mind.

In regards to a cot for baby, it is a great idea to invest in one that will turn into a toddler bed down the road - it will be worth the extra price as it will take your little to from birth until at least age 5. In regards to purchasing a dresser and a changing table, make sure you really think about whether these are vital for your needs. If your nursery is small you could look for a dresser with changing table combination so that you have more space. Or why not purchase a regular set of drawers and DIY it into a changing space! Not essentials, but you could also consider a glider or rocking chair with a small side table and a lamp for those midnight feedings or bedtime book readings.

The Basics

First on your list should be essentials like nappies, wipes, nappy sacks, and of course other common and necessary items like blankets, cot sheets, and a nightlight (for those night feeds). A sometimes forgotten purchase is blackout curtains or blinds for the windows - these are essential for those daytime naps! Larger toys and decorative items are of course not necessities straight away, but really make the room come together. 

It’s important to put together a room that can provide your little one with safety and comfort, as well as being a calming and peaceful place to sleep and relax. And hopefully with these tips above you can create just that!

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5 Fantastic Gifts for Boys and Girls from Wicked Uncle


This post was written in collaboration with Wicked Uncle.

Over the course of the pandemic school birthday parties were understandably put on hold. But with restrictions now lifted and normality resuming, we're back to spending weekends celebrating special occasions again. And with birthday parties back on, what do we now need to buy lots more of? Birthday gifts! Thankfully I know a great website where you can find fantastic gifts for boys and girls - Wicked Uncle.

Who Are Wicked Uncle?

I've shared a few posts about Wicked Uncle before, but they are an website home to a whole selection of gifts, suitable for children of all ages and genders - and not just your usual gifts either, all the gifts on the website are fun, unusual and you may just find something you wouldn't find somewhere else. They like to do things differently too, not just categorising gifts into genders, but you can search for a specific age, type of gift or see what's currently most popular. Because we all know that toys don't have genders right!

So I thought I would share 5 gifts I found on the Wicked Uncle website that would be perfect for both boys and girls. All of these gifts are going to be under £15 too, making them great for all of those birthday parties!

Giant Bubble Set

All children love bubbles, so I know that this Giant Bubble Set would be a great hit. The set comes with two bubble wands - one to make the gigantic bubbles, and there other to make a flurry or smaller bubbles, as well as 230ml of bubbles fluid for hours or outdoor bubble fun! This would make a perfect birthday party gift too as it's only £10.

Wild Watches

My older children are currently learning how to tell the time, so I think these Wild Watches would make a great gift. This tiger design is bright, colourful and eye-catching, and what child doesn't love the novelty of a snap bracelet? The watches also come in a range of other designs including a butterfly and dinosaur. A fun way of getting your child interested in telling the time.

Jumbo Octopus Kite

With the weather slightly improving these Jumbo Octopus Kites are a fun way to get some fresh air. Measuring at a huge 4 metres long from end to end, the kite also features an extra-long line and sturdy handle so it's easier for small hands to use. It also comes in it's own handy storage bag so it's easy to take out and about. The Octopus Kites comes in 3 different colours at random to add to the fun!

P for Pizza Game

A fun and fast paced game for slightly older children, P for Pizza is a word game, where the aim is to shout out a word that links the letter on one card to the category on another. So for example you'll have to name something green that starts with the letter B - broccoli! The winner is the one who builds their own giant pizza slice the fastest. This would be great game to play as a family.

Chocolate Lollipop Maker Set

Sweet treats are always a winner with my children, so this Chocolate Lollipop Maker Set would be a fantastic gift as it combines chocolate with getting creative. The set comes with easy to follow instructions to make 5 fun animal lollipops - simply melt the chocolate, pour into the moulds and add the lolly stick... easy! A great bonus of this set is that the moulds are reusable so you could just buy your own melting chocolate and sticks and keep making more.

Hopefully this post has given you some ideas and inspiration for your own gift buying this year. Let me know what gifts you end up buying!

Knowing your Life Path Number can Change your Life


Are you searching for what will make your life more meaningful? You can't exactly tell what will happen in the future, what problems you might encounter, or what opportunities you might receive. But by the power of numerology, you can discover your life path number and gain an insight in to what your future might look like. Many people believe that number have a significant relationship with us human beings, and the world, that makes them so special. So if you want to know how your numerology life path number can impact your life, keep reading!

What do Life Path Numbers Mean?

A life path number (or destiny number) is a single-digit number that can uncover the truth about your qualities - including your strengths and weaknesses, and a sign of what might happen ahead. Like the sun sign in astrology, life path numbers in the numerology chart are considered one of the essential numbers that we have to give attention to.

Each person can have a different life path number - numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or even life path number 9, which is decided on depending on your date of birth. To find out what number is your destiny number, you first need to write your birth date in numerical form. For example: if you were born on November 20, 1996, you would write it down like this: 11-20-1996.

After that, you need to add every single digit together, which will look like this: 1+1+2+0+1+9+9+6 (so for this example the answer would be 29). But since the life path number consists of only a single-digit number, and you got a sum with two digits, you need to keep adding the single digits until you get a one-digit answer. So for this example above, the final number would be 2.

How can Knowing your Life Path Number Help?

With all your responsibilities in life, it might seem like a hassle to study numerology, as well as life path numbers. However, discovering your life path number and embracing it could make positive changes in your life through the following ways:

Unleash your True Self

Your experiences in life have a great impact on your overall personality. However, due to certain things, such as pressure in the environment and difficulty in self-acceptance, some people find it hard to find out who they really are and unleash their true selves, causing stress, depression, and more negativity. But with the help of your life path number, you'll realise the qualities that are already in you and be more confident about yourself.

Overcome your Difficulties

Everyone has problems, and these difficulties can sometimes be too complicated. Since a life path number can tell the good and weak traits in you, you can be more sure about your strengths and use them to get past your difficulties, as well as weaknesses. In addition to that, you'll be prepared for what might happen in the future and get a chance to avoid the worst possible scenarios.

Stay on the Right Path

The negativity in this world (and other people) could mislead a person in life and cause them to make bad decisions. However, by learning about the true meaning of your life path number, you'll have a guide that will help keep you on the right path and keep going to achieve a meaningful life that's worth living.

Be More Positive in Life

There are times, especially when you're in the middle of darkness, that you tend to search for hope and reason to stay optimistic in life. By learning about your life path number, you can find light in the darkness and be more positive in life. It is an influential number that could brighten up your spirit and make you stronger.

Discover your Life Path Number

Numerology is so complex and magical. The numbers that you keep seeing around you, the numbers from your name letters, and the numbers from your birth date might seem just like coincidences and ordinary things, but they mean much more than that. So, learn these life path number meanings or symbolisations and discover what your own life path number represents.

● Life Path Number 1 - Independence
● Life Path Number 2 - Balance
● Life Path Number 3 - Self-Expression
● Life Path Number 4 - Hard Work
● Life Path Number 5 - Adventure
● Life Path Number 6 - Communication
● Life Path Number 7 - Creativity
● Life Path Number 8 - Determination
● Life Path Number 9 - New Beginnings

What is your Life Path Number?

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How does Travel Look in 2022?


After two years of travel being severely restricted because of the pandemic (and, at times, near enough suspended), there is growing optimism that this could be the year where we get to take holidaying seriously again. The noises coming out of the travel industry are certainly positive, and according to one of the UK’s biggest travel companies TUI, summer holiday bookings for 2022 are up a fifth so far compared to the same point in 2019. I'm definitely not surprised though, as I know we as a family are itching to get booking and travelling again this year!

And with travel restrictions now easing around the world, travel is also getting a lot easier than it has been. Yes, your vaccination status has a big impact on where you can travel to and you might need to take a test. But many places are scaling back the number of tests visitors have to take. The threat of quarantine is fading away. And there’s no more traffic light system to contend with. So all in all, we can look forward to having that much needed holiday with excitement again. But what else do we need to know? What’s the best way to book, and where should we go? Hopefully this post will answers those questions.

The Package Holiday is Back (and you might want to go All-Inclusive)

For the past couple of decades, the traditional package holiday has been under constant assault from the rise of do-it-yourself online travel booking. But things could be swinging back the other way. According to UK travel industry organisation ABTA, holidaymakers say they are 27% more likely to book a package holiday than before the pandemic.

Why? Because package holidays take a lot of the stress and hard work out of booking a trip. With more hoops to jump through than ever before, it’s just more convenient to get a ready-made package. With the increased risks of cancellations that covid poses, 78% of people say they want the reassurance that comes with an industry regulated package. And 47% also say they have a renewed appreciation for the expert guidance of a travel agent, especially when it comes to covid rules. 

Looking Long Haul

One consequence of people feeling they have lost time to make up for with their holiday plans, is a clear trend towards more exotic, far-flung destinations. People want to treat themselves after all that time cooped up at home, and the lack of travel from the last few years has helped covered funds for these types of trips too. But there is another good reason why long-haul destinations might be more appealing, as if you are looking for the most relaxed rules, especially if you are unvaccinated, you may need to pick somewhere a little further from home.

Spain, for example, which is the most popular summer holiday destination for Brits, currently only allows fully vaccinated UK tourists into the country. That applies to everyone over the age of 12, which is a problem for families with teenagers as most 12 to 18 years olds in the UK have only had one jab so far. Contrast that to places like Mexico and Costa Rica, where there are no restrictions on anyone from the UK entering regardless of vaccination status. Or many Caribbean islands, which allow unvaccinated visitors in as long as they have a negative covid test. 

Wherever you go, don’t forget to cover yourself with Travel Insurance

Speaking of Costa Rica, did you know about their unique approach to covid travel rules? Instead of banning entry on the basis of your vaccination status or the results of a test, they have made it a requirement that visitors should have valid travel insurance with a minimum of $50,000 medical expenses and $2000 lodgings cover instead. In other words, Costa Rica is happy to welcome you. But if you catch covid, you will be put into quarantine and you need to be able to pay for it. The same goes if you fall ill enough to need medical assistance. 

It’s a smart move really, and a surprise other countries haven’t followed suit. Wherever you travel to, if you end up catching covid, you will be put into quarantine at your own expense. How will you pay for it? What about buying a new flight home if your quarantine means you have to miss your flight? Having travel insurance that has a good covid policy is definitely an essential to look at before you start booking anything this year.

Where are you planning on travelling to in 2022?

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How to Create a Practical Working Environment for your Child

We live in a world filled with distractions; from phones to gaming systems, LED lights and everything else in-between. Therefore, setting up a practical and productive working environment for your child is vital, to ensure that your child is free from tech and can get into the zone to study wholeheartedly. So in this post I have put together 5 steps to help make your child's study room a perfect combination of cosy yet motivating. 

A Suitable Desk

A good, sturdy and trendy desk is not only useful for your child, but will add an element of aesthetics to the room. Having a study table only meant for all school things related will help your child separate snacking time from hard work time. Alongside this, make sure to invest in an equally comfortable and practical desk chair too. There's nothing worse than a hard and stiff chair when you have to sit and concentrate for hours!

Why not leave a notebook for your child to journal in on their desk too, so on days when they do not feel like studying or lack the motivation, they can jot down ideas and thoughts instead. Encouraging them to the journal will help with their mental health in the long run, and keep them more grounded as they feel a sense of control in their life.

Remove All Electronics

If you want your child to really get their head down and study, then it could be a good idea to remove all unrelated electronics that have nothing to do with aiding your child’s study programme. Take out all those unnecessary distractions such as a phones and TVS, and be aware of smart devices too. If your child needs these devices for research purposes, why not look into adding parental controls so you can limit what sites and apps they are accessing. If you worry about online safety for your children, why not read here for more information on keeping them safe.

Study Music

Having your child’s Spotify playlist playing on their speakers while studying may seem harmless, but it can actually be a little distracting. We all know how hard it can be to resist singing and dancing along to certain songs right? Instead, swap the pop songs for a more ambient playlist. Opt for Lofi or even nature sounds, whichever they prefers. Having classical piano playing in the background can help with concentration and even memory retention. Bring on Mozart!

Think About a Clock

Having a clock in the room is a great way to teach your child to have a sense of time. This is important to instil from a young age as having a coordinated schedule could help them, in the long run, to be organised and efficient. Why not have your child time how long they do their homework to get a feel for how fast they manage to complete tasks. There are even apps like Pomodoro that track study times. Another great idea is to set a half an hour timer, where they have an effective burst of focused attention on work, followed by a 10-minute break in between, and then repeat - a great way to get decent work done in a short period of time.

Buy an Air Purifier

Make sure you air out the room every day to get in some fresh air first thing in the morning. Obviously this is a little tricker now it's winter, so your best bet would be to get an air purifier to help instead. These help ventilate the room, so your child stays feeling comfortable studying for long hours, without it getting too stuffy and humid. 

There you have it, 5 steps to a creating a practical and productive working environment for your child! It's good to remember to not be afraid of adding some interesting d├ęcor and fun in the room too. Fairy lights are a much more subtle way of adding light and colour to a room (especially compared to the trend of LED lights), and art work on the walls will make the space feel more personal and less boring too.

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4 Bucket List Ideas for 2022


After the chaos and uncertainty of the last couple of years, many of us are only now beginning to catch up on the experiences we’ve missed. Whilst many of us are still simply looking forward to catching up on time missed with loved ones, there are a great number who are wanting more from 2022 to make up for lost time. And with the first month of the year down, and 2022 in full swing, there’s no reason to stop making New Year’s Resolutions! In this post I'm going to share four bucket list ideas that could help you do just that.

Go to a Music Festival

If you’ve never been to a music festival before, you’re definitely missing out. While music festivals have largely been on hold the last couple of years, gig-goers are finally getting the chance to enjoy live music in person once again - so if you’ve always want to go, now’s your time! And there’s a fantastically diverse range of festivals out there for lovers of just about every genre. From Black Deer Festival in Kent, celebrating country and Americana, to Llandudno Jazz Festival, the perfect event is out there no matter what you’re into! Make sure to check out this festival checklist so you know you've got everything you need.

Take up a New Hobby

Ever wanted to become a master baker, learn to knit or pick up the guitar? No matter that secret skill you’ve always wanted to learn, there’s no better time in history to teach yourself. With the internet you can learn the ropes of just about anything online, and you can find some great tutorials for free, whether you’re an absolute beginner or an intermediate looking to brush up and improve. Meanwhile online education platforms such as Masterclass offer slightly more advanced courses for those looking to specialise even further.

But remember, you don’t have to be great at everything you try your hand at - what matters most is that you enjoy it!


If you’ve ever wanted to make a difference in the world, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities out there. Check out local community efforts to find out how you can help close to home. Many cities have hubs for volunteers to assist with homeless or elderly individuals, as well as community clean-ups or youth projects.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a truly unique volunteer experience, you could consider international opportunities working on global environmental issues. Conservation Travel Africa conduct conservation projects in Africa, working alongside expert conservationists to protect endangered species.

Find your Dream Job

Working out what you want to do for a career is hard. But your next role doesn’t have to be a commitment for life (it just has to be something that makes the working day that little bit easier). Play to your strengths, brush up your CV and don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of your comfort zone and try something new.You could even combine this goal with your new hobby/skill goal, as you might find your new skill becomes your passion! 

These are just four ideas for your 2022 bucket list, but I know there are so many others you could add. What are your plans for 2022?