How does Travel Look in 2022?


After two years of travel being severely restricted because of the pandemic (and, at times, near enough suspended), there is growing optimism that this could be the year where we get to take holidaying seriously again. The noises coming out of the travel industry are certainly positive, and according to one of the UK’s biggest travel companies TUI, summer holiday bookings for 2022 are up a fifth so far compared to the same point in 2019. I'm definitely not surprised though, as I know we as a family are itching to get booking and travelling again this year!

And with travel restrictions now easing around the world, travel is also getting a lot easier than it has been. Yes, your vaccination status has a big impact on where you can travel to and you might need to take a test. But many places are scaling back the number of tests visitors have to take. The threat of quarantine is fading away. And there’s no more traffic light system to contend with. So all in all, we can look forward to having that much needed holiday with excitement again. But what else do we need to know? What’s the best way to book, and where should we go? Hopefully this post will answers those questions.

The Package Holiday is Back (and you might want to go All-Inclusive)

For the past couple of decades, the traditional package holiday has been under constant assault from the rise of do-it-yourself online travel booking. But things could be swinging back the other way. According to UK travel industry organisation ABTA, holidaymakers say they are 27% more likely to book a package holiday than before the pandemic.

Why? Because package holidays take a lot of the stress and hard work out of booking a trip. With more hoops to jump through than ever before, it’s just more convenient to get a ready-made package. With the increased risks of cancellations that covid poses, 78% of people say they want the reassurance that comes with an industry regulated package. And 47% also say they have a renewed appreciation for the expert guidance of a travel agent, especially when it comes to covid rules. 

Looking Long Haul

One consequence of people feeling they have lost time to make up for with their holiday plans, is a clear trend towards more exotic, far-flung destinations. People want to treat themselves after all that time cooped up at home, and the lack of travel from the last few years has helped covered funds for these types of trips too. But there is another good reason why long-haul destinations might be more appealing, as if you are looking for the most relaxed rules, especially if you are unvaccinated, you may need to pick somewhere a little further from home.

Spain, for example, which is the most popular summer holiday destination for Brits, currently only allows fully vaccinated UK tourists into the country. That applies to everyone over the age of 12, which is a problem for families with teenagers as most 12 to 18 years olds in the UK have only had one jab so far. Contrast that to places like Mexico and Costa Rica, where there are no restrictions on anyone from the UK entering regardless of vaccination status. Or many Caribbean islands, which allow unvaccinated visitors in as long as they have a negative covid test. 

Wherever you go, don’t forget to cover yourself with Travel Insurance

Speaking of Costa Rica, did you know about their unique approach to covid travel rules? Instead of banning entry on the basis of your vaccination status or the results of a test, they have made it a requirement that visitors should have valid travel insurance with a minimum of $50,000 medical expenses and $2000 lodgings cover instead. In other words, Costa Rica is happy to welcome you. But if you catch covid, you will be put into quarantine and you need to be able to pay for it. The same goes if you fall ill enough to need medical assistance. 

It’s a smart move really, and a surprise other countries haven’t followed suit. Wherever you travel to, if you end up catching covid, you will be put into quarantine at your own expense. How will you pay for it? What about buying a new flight home if your quarantine means you have to miss your flight? Having travel insurance that has a good covid policy is definitely an essential to look at before you start booking anything this year.

Where are you planning on travelling to in 2022?

This is a collaborative post.

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