5 Fantastic Gifts for Boys and Girls from Wicked Uncle


This post was written in collaboration with Wicked Uncle.

Over the course of the pandemic school birthday parties were understandably put on hold. But with restrictions now lifted and normality resuming, we're back to spending weekends celebrating special occasions again. And with birthday parties back on, what do we now need to buy lots more of? Birthday gifts! Thankfully I know a great website where you can find fantastic gifts for boys and girls - Wicked Uncle.

Who Are Wicked Uncle?

I've shared a few posts about Wicked Uncle before, but they are an website home to a whole selection of gifts, suitable for children of all ages and genders - and not just your usual gifts either, all the gifts on the website are fun, unusual and you may just find something you wouldn't find somewhere else. They like to do things differently too, not just categorising gifts into genders, but you can search for a specific age, type of gift or see what's currently most popular. Because we all know that toys don't have genders right!

So I thought I would share 5 gifts I found on the Wicked Uncle website that would be perfect for both boys and girls. All of these gifts are going to be under £15 too, making them great for all of those birthday parties!

Giant Bubble Set

All children love bubbles, so I know that this Giant Bubble Set would be a great hit. The set comes with two bubble wands - one to make the gigantic bubbles, and there other to make a flurry or smaller bubbles, as well as 230ml of bubbles fluid for hours or outdoor bubble fun! This would make a perfect birthday party gift too as it's only £10.

Wild Watches

My older children are currently learning how to tell the time, so I think these Wild Watches would make a great gift. This tiger design is bright, colourful and eye-catching, and what child doesn't love the novelty of a snap bracelet? The watches also come in a range of other designs including a butterfly and dinosaur. A fun way of getting your child interested in telling the time.

Jumbo Octopus Kite

With the weather slightly improving these Jumbo Octopus Kites are a fun way to get some fresh air. Measuring at a huge 4 metres long from end to end, the kite also features an extra-long line and sturdy handle so it's easier for small hands to use. It also comes in it's own handy storage bag so it's easy to take out and about. The Octopus Kites comes in 3 different colours at random to add to the fun!

P for Pizza Game

A fun and fast paced game for slightly older children, P for Pizza is a word game, where the aim is to shout out a word that links the letter on one card to the category on another. So for example you'll have to name something green that starts with the letter B - broccoli! The winner is the one who builds their own giant pizza slice the fastest. This would be great game to play as a family.

Chocolate Lollipop Maker Set

Sweet treats are always a winner with my children, so this Chocolate Lollipop Maker Set would be a fantastic gift as it combines chocolate with getting creative. The set comes with easy to follow instructions to make 5 fun animal lollipops - simply melt the chocolate, pour into the moulds and add the lolly stick... easy! A great bonus of this set is that the moulds are reusable so you could just buy your own melting chocolate and sticks and keep making more.

Hopefully this post has given you some ideas and inspiration for your own gift buying this year. Let me know what gifts you end up buying!


  1. I have heard of Wicked Uncle, but wasn't familiar with their bits and they're so lovely. A lot of cute gifts for the kids for sure. x

  2. These sound so good, absolutely love Wicked Uncle!

  3. Some brilliant gift ideas here, my kids love the products Wicked Uncle sell!

  4. We're big fans of Wicked Uncle! There are so many cool ideas on there.


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