Indiana's 13 Month Update


With Indiana turning 13 months on Boxing Day I haven't had much time to blog. This past month has flown by and I truly see Indie as a toddler now and not my baby girl. We've had a busy month filled with shopping, jabs, a photo-shoot and Indiana's second Christmas and Boxing Day! 

It's also been a pretty tough month with the worst leap yet, leap 8. I'm so glad to be on the other side of it, but my god was it a toughie! The tantrums left behind are not exactly the most fun, but they do make me laugh sometimes. Especially if she's having a breakdown over something silly, like me taking away her spoon haha.
I've been a bad mummy and haven't got Indiana weighed since before her 1st birthday! This is the longest I've gone without finding out her weight so I'll hopefully go in the new year; I'm guessing she's still around 20lb ish.
I could probably copy this from last month to be honest. She's still being a monkey and waking pretty early around 6ish which isn't so fun! However she does go to bed easily and still has 2 naps (more 1 if we're out) so I can't complain too much haha. She's still having 2x8 oz of cow's milk; in the morning and before bed, but not really during the day anymore. She's really getting into her books now, and will bring them to you for you to read to her which is so lovely. Her favourite games the past month is to open every cupboard and get everything out; especially her bowls and the cereal haha. She also throws the DVDs everywhere, turns off the tv when you're watching it, and throws some pretty impressive tantrums too!
Again still the same. It's bottle and bed by 7ish and that's her gone. We're still pretty iffy with remembering to brush her teeth, especially as she's usually asleep by the time her bottles gone!

This month has been a bit of a strange one for Indiana. She's over night turned pretty fussy and now pretty much refuses most vegetables (with the exception of peas, sweetcorn, and potatoes). She is definitely starting to decide what she does and doesn't like and makes it known! She still eats really well however so we're not worried about the faze. Her favourites are still satsumas, chilli con carne and to be honest any meat haha. She was a very lucky girl and enjoyed her first advent calender leading up to Christmas, and has definitely got my sweet tooth!
Still 9-12 here. Everything fits her pretty much perfectly now though so I know it won't be long until the become a bit too tight haha. Still size 4+ nappies which I think she's going to be in for ages.

  • Walking everywhere! She now walks when we're out and about and crawling practically never happens now. She can stand herself up too,
  • Second Christmas!
  • 1 Year jabs :(
  • New words: 'NO', 'row row' if she's sat on your lap to do the rhyme, bubba (as in baby), and she's constantly babbling, trying to have conversations with you.
  • Opening and closing - she loves opening the cupboards and finding what's inside.
  • Giving cuddles and kisses - okay she's done this for ages, but now she gives you them without even having to ask!
  • Dancing! Everytime she hears music or the theme tune of her favourite programme she starts to boogy.
  • Reading - she's now bringing me books for me to read to her.
There's so much more I could say about her, but I'd be here all night gushing about how beautiful and clever she is! I do video updates on my YouTube Channel if you do want to hear a bit more and see the little lady herself!

Christmas 2014 | Indiana's Second Christmas


It's so crazy that Christmas is over with for another year already, the celebrations just come and go so quickly! We had a lovely few days and Indiana, and myself for that matter, were very spoilt! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas too, and here's to an amazing 2015!



It's finally here! Merry Christmas everyone!

This year is Indiana's second Christmas, but as she was only 4 weeks old last year this really feels like her first. We started the tradition of a Christmas Eve 'box' and we spent yesterday watching Christmas films, eating far too much and spending quality time as family. I can't wait until she's bigger and we can really embrace the magic of Christmas and Santa! 

We're going to my mums today, and then spending Boxing Day with Jack's family so really we're celebrating twice! I hope you all have a lovely day whatever you are up to! I'm hoping to get back into the blogging swing of things once all the festivities die down, and I really think 2015 is going to be an amazing year!

I'll leave you with some pictures from last Christmas.

Visiting Father Christmas!


I've been so quiet on here recently and I can only put it down to being so busy with a toddler, work and preparing for Christmas! So apologies for that, but if you want to catch up with what we've been up to check out my YouTube Channel, as we've been vlogging every day as part of Vlogmas!

Anyway! On Sunday we went to see the big man himself, Father Christmas. It's crazy how booked up he becomes at all the 'decent' places, and even though I booked at the beginning of November we still only managed to get a slot before 10am!

It was well worth it though, and the grotto we went to was much better than the one in the town centre last year. We had a really lovely Santa, who took his time to talk to Indiana as he understood how young children can be. They also took loads of photos so we had a hard choice deciding which one to get (our visit included a framed photo which was a great touch).

Unfortunately Indiana did scream a bit haha. The second Jack put her down she started crying, however we calmed her down and she eventually warmed to him; even letting us sit her on his lap for a picture!
I know she still doesn't understand but we want her to believe eventually, and so we are going to take her every year... last year she was only 3 weeks old! Also sorry for the terrible picture quality, but it's a picture of a picture haha.

Vita Coco Kids | Review


We were recently contacted by the lovely people at Vita Coco Kids on Twitter, who asked us if we wanted to trial some of their new range. We've never tried coconut water or anything like that as a household so of course I was so excited to say yes!

If you haven't heard of them before, Vita Coco Kids are naturally flavoured coconut water; with two different flavours including apple and blackcurrant and mango and pineapple! As you know Indiana has never had juice before so I was a bit nervous about how she'd react to them. But I had nothing to worry about! The second the straw was in her mouth she knew what to do, and there was a chorus of 'yum yums' coming from her haha.

I of course checked the ingredients and small prints before allowing her to have a taste (and no she didn't have the whole thing before the mummy police comes to get me!). There's actually less sugar in these than most big name kids juices, plus a whole load more potassium! Another great fact is that they're free from preservatives, colourings or added sugar!

Jack and I even had a taste and we both agreed they're pretty yummy, so they've got the thumbs up from all of us!

Have you ever tried coconut water?

My #Nextmas Wishlist!


If you know me you'll know my ridiculous obsession with all things Next! I could pretty much spend all my free time in there, and I'm not ashamed to admit it's almost purely for their gorgeous baby/childrens clothes! 

So I thought I'd share with you a quick little wishlist! It was hard to pick a small selection, but I've gone for something for me and then something for Indiana to make it fair. Pyjamas each, something Christmassy and a little treat for the both of us!
1 | Robin Cuff PJS - I absolutely adore these! How cute are they and I think although they're for Christmas, I think they'd be suitable all year round.

2 | Just Pink Eau De Parfum - This is my favourite. It's so reasonably priced and smells so gorgeous and girly! Mines on it's last legs so I'm in need of another!

3 | 3 Pack Fairy Snuggle PJS - Now Indiana's walking we need more actual pjs (she's still too short for her sleepsuits haha). These are gorgeous, and I love how the 3 pack are all different and equally as pretty.

4 | Denim Bunny Pinafore Dress - From the moment I saw this I think I fell in love. Babies in little pinafore dresses are unbelievably cute; add a bunny design and it's even better! Again I love how this has a Christmassy feel, but would be fine when it's over.

5 | Snowman Jumper - Christmas isn't complete without a Christmas jumper! It was so hard to choose one, but I couldn't resist this cute little snowman.

6 | Robin Jumper - It wouldn't be fair to not get myself a Christmas jumper would it?! I'm not a fan of the over the top tacky ones I've seen, but I think this is actually really pretty and cute for a Christmas jumper!

A Testing Few Days :(


AGHHHHHH... and relax!

These past few days have been hard. Probably harder than those newborn days of constant nappy changes and bottles. Indiana has changed from my baby girl who takes long naps and doesn't cry at all, into a no-napping, screaming little madam!

I love being a mum. But damn is it hard sometimes! For the past few days Indiana has constantly attatched to me at the hip. When she's not she's screaming she's just generally moaning and following me around. She absolutely refused naps too which for me was a massive shock to the system (how do you mummies cope without naps)?!

The worst part of it all was that she didn't want anyone else! Jack tried so hard to comfort her but she was having none of it. She just wanted her mummy; sounds lovely for me, but poor Jack thinks she doesn't like him anymore now, bless him.

We're hoping it's just teeth and that she's going to perk up again. In a way I'm slightly glad I'm working this weekend as I definitely need a break. Yes I do feel awful for thinking that way, but I think everyone can relate at some point!
Can you relate to this kind of situation?

Indiana's First Birthday & Party


As you know last week Indiana turned one! Unfortunately we were all poorly with bad colds which ruined the day a bit, however we had a lovely time regardless! We spent her actual birthday just the 3 of us, and then had a birthday party for her last Saturday with family and close friends.

As a special treat we bundled ourselves up and enjoyed a lovely trip to London! As well as visiting the Sealife Centre (which was amazing!), we also wandered around Southbank, Covent Garden and had a very tasty Wagamamas. 

London was completely dead for a change, and it was so foggy you couldn't even see the skyscrapers. It was lovely and Christmassy none the less, and I really did get in the festive spirit whilst there! As it was so quiet we didn't have to queue for the aquarium, and it allowed Indiana to walk around at her own leisurely pace. 

Her party was just as good with everyone bar a few people who couldn't get out of work turning up. Our little flat was overflowing, but it was such a nice feeling knowing all these people were there to celebrate our baby girl's birthday. She was totally spoilt rotten; we are very very greatful!

I'll leave you with some special pictures from the day and her party. I have already uploaded her birthday Vlog to our YouTube Channel if you wish to see our whole day! Warning, there's a lot of pictures haha!

MAM Trainer Cup | Review


We have had an absolute nightmare trying to get Indiana to drink from a cup and not a bottle. From about 4/5 months we introduced a sippy cup to try and get her to drink water, but she basically refused every single one! So when I was asked by MAM to review one of their trainer bottles I thought I'd give it a go, maybe this one she would like!

We love MAM products. Their dummys are the only ones Indiana would take to, so I knew that the quality was going to be brilliant. I didn't know they had so many different types of cups to choose from though! The one we are trying is called the 'learn to drink' cup from ages 8months+. Below is an image taken from their website that describes it in a lot better detail than I ever could!

What I love most about the cup is that you have the choice between 'free flow' and a spill free valve. This makes it brilliant for learning and means it can grow with the child. She doesn't quite get the concept of sucking through the valve yet, so when it is in (although it is much cleaner - there isn't water everywhere haha), she doesn't get any water. However with the valve removed she loves it! I would not be happy to leave her just yet (or put it in my bag) without the valve as it really would be too messy for us. However, I do think this is a brilliant idea.

The designs are so bright and eye catching. We have the pink obviously, but I do love the boy designs as well. They are vibrant and fun, and I think their quirky designs are much more unique that the standard 'baby' products you usually see.

The size is also great, perfect for out and about or when at home. It's easy for Indie to pick up as it's designed with a curve. This means that there's somewhere for her to place her hands and get a good grip.

Overall I'm pretty impressed with the cup. It doesn't spill which although seems obvious, there are a lot of 'non spill' cups out there that do leak! I will say I don't think we will use it as her main cup for a while yet, as without the valve in there is chance of leaking. I also don't think I would have given this to Indiana at 8 months. It seems much more suitable for her age range now or for a toddler.

If you are interested in purchasing your own they are sold all over, including their own website or Boots.

*We were given this item to review, however all opinions are honest and my own*