Indiana's 9 Month Update


9 Months old... what?! Next week when she turns 40 weeks old she would have been out longer than she was in, and that's just such a crazy crazy thought. Month 8 has been pretty amazing and once again Indiana has amazed me with how much she has learnt! I've returned to work, turned 21, we took a trip to Paris and she's learnt some new tricks.

I had Indie weighed last Wednesday (when she was 38+1 weeks) at the clinic. I was a bit surprised that she's only put on 9oz bringing her to 18lbs 9oz, but she's still following her curve nicely. She's eating loads and filling her clothes better so I'm not worried!

Now I'm back at work we have a pretty smooth routine. On Mondays and Fridays she goes to nursery with Jack. She has all her meals there and has got on really well with it. She loves all the older children and now happily plays with the toys there and gets on with it. Then in between it's our time together to do what we like. She still wakes up between 7/8 and has a bottle. Then breakfast, lunch, another bottle at 3, dinner and then her bedtime bottle and then bed at 7.30. She has two naps that last between 1-2 hours at around 10ish and 3ish. We spend these days playing, seeing friends/family and relaxing. I work every other weekend where she spends time with Jack or if not we do family things. We're really lucky she's a great napper and sleeper as it makes life so much easier, and makes for a happier baby!
Now she's only having 2 naps a day she's usually knackered by bedtime, bless her. She doesn't have a bath every night anymore as it just wasn't necessary (especially now meal times are less messy!). We have cuddles from around 6.30/7ish, her bedtime bottle, which she usually falls asleep during and then we pop her in her cot. She's still in her 1tog sleeping bag but as it's got cooler we now are back to using sleepsuits. She then has her bunny comforter and soothing giraffe which are our lifesavers!
Her bottles and their routine are exactly the same as last month. She now feeds herself her bottle, although we still hold her as I personally love the snuggles haha. She doesn't always finish them anymore as she's much more into actual food. With food I would say she's pretty much weaned and not weaning anymore. She eats everything and anything, and especially loves fruit! Eating out isn't any trouble and she happily sits in any highchair now.

Sizing is pretty much identical to last month. Her clothes fit pretty much perfectly now, dresses no longer drag along the floor and the lengths are good at last haha. She's finally growing out of her 0-6 months tights, although I'm sure 6-12 months will be back to being huge! I had her feet measured at Clarks and she's still smaller than a size 2. However she's got feet just like me as she's already a H width! We're still in size 4 nappies too.

  • She can now clap - she usually just does it herself if she's happy. But will also do it if you ask her to 'clap clap' - cutest thing ever!
  • She also waves properly. Although she still doesn't do it on demand it's getting there though.
  • She can now sit herself up from laying down!
  • She can also kneel up and now spends pretty much most of the time playing on her knees.
  • From this she learnt to pull herself up! For the first few days it was just to her knees but now she's fully mastered standing. She stands in her cot and pulls herself on anything she can. As much as I love seeing her learn, this development scares the hell out of me!
  • Drinking from a cup! After weeks of trying sippy cups she now drinks water from her Doidy cup.
  • Cruising is pretty much imminent - she's standing one handed and turns to move - this scares me even more haha!
  • Starting nursery.
  • First trip to France - we have just returned from a weekend break to Paris. She came with us everywhere and has even been up the Eiffel Tower!

We're now only 3 months away from her first birthday! Written down that does seem like ages but I know it's going to fly by. We've already started getting presents and planning her birthday party, and we have decided to do our own cake smash! Please slow down time, I want my baby forever!


  1. Anonymous26/8/14

    Lovely post. They grow so fast don't they? x x

    1. Too fast for my liking! She'll be a year before I know it :( xx

  2. Anonymous26/8/14

    Lovely photos. I found the 9 month mark a very big milestone - as you say, been out longer than they were in! x

    1. It does feel really big, she suddenly seems extra grown up now she stands! Xx

  3. Anonymous26/8/14

    I love reading Indiana's updates because she's pretty much a month ahead of Baby London and so I know what to expect :) x

    1. Aww that's great to hear. I'm the same with babies older than her, love seeing what's to come, not that I want her to grow up anymore haha xx


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