The Siblings Project | June 2017


I love writing about my little pair each month, and it's honestly crazy to think I've been a mummy to two for almost two years now. And I know I said the same thing last month, but just look how big they are.. definitely not babies anymore! These photos were taken at the weekend at Chartwell, we took our siblings photos here last May, so it's amazing to see the difference.

We've had such a lovely few weeks since my last Sibling's Project post. When it went live we were actually on holiday, enjoying some quality family time. It was so lovely to watch the two of them play and explore together. Indie loved teaching Parker how to use the water squirters, and they would dance together late into the night most evenings.

When it came to bedtime on holiday, there was absolutely no keeping them apart. They slept side by side, snuggled up together every night - and they slept the best they have in ages. Since being home they've requested sleepovers so often, so they clearly miss each other (despite their beds being right next to each other anyway).

Half term was also a lovely little break, where the two of them got to spend even more quality time together. Usually by the end of the week I'm stressed to the max, and cannot wait to get back to our routine. But this one was definitely different!

They played so well together, and the sun meant we got out and about as much as possible. Parker really is Indie's little shadow, and it was so lovely to watch him follow her around playing. The only downside is that P is still a little bit too little to do some of the things she does (these swings terrified me!).

Although saying that, I think he does sometimes give her the confidence boost she needs - he's got no fear, so I think she feels she has to keep up!

This sunny weather has really made me excited for summer adventures with these two. I know I'll definitely be done after a few weeks (I'm sure many mamas will relate!), but I just love having both of them around. Especially as it means they can entertain each other, so I can get 5 minutes peace every so often!

The Me and Mine Project

BabyZen YOYO+ | Review


A couple of years ago, I remember watching this video from Sarah in absolute awe. The BabyZen YOYO looked liked such an amazing pushchair. Especially perfect for travelling and using in and around the airport.

When we booked our family holiday this year, I instantly knew what pushchair I wanted to use for our almost two year old Parker. I was therefore thrilled when the lovely team at Whitestep offered to lend us their BabyZen YOYO+ to test out. And my goodness, were we impressed!

At the Airport

Travelling with the BabyZen YOYO+ really couldn't be easier. Measuring just 52 x 44 x 18 cm it is the most compact pushchair I've ever seen. We had to travel by car, bus and then train (we went to the wrong terminal.. whoops!), just to get to the airport, and we managed it all so smoothly.

The pushchair took up minimal room in the car boot - an essential when you've also got bulky suitcases in the back. We then breezed through the airport and straight to the plane. Unfortunately we had to put the pushchair in the hold on our outbound flight (there were already TWO other BabyZen's taken on!). Thankfully though the pushchair comes with it's own transport bag, so I had no worries about damage.

On the flight home we had no issues taking the BabyZen YOYO+ onto the plane though. It fit perfectly into the overhead compartment, and made travelling at the other end SO much easier. The second we were off the plane we unfolded it, popped Parker in and we were on our way. No waiting at baggage claim. No toddler running around through security. Easy.

Features & Thoughts

Day to day we use an iCandy Peach for Parker. A pushchair I always thought was light and easy to push. But since using the BabyZen YOYO+ I honestly can't believe how heavy that pram now feels. The YOYO+ is light (only 6.6kg max) and is so lovely to push.

The full handle means it can be pushed with one hand, and the patented 'soft drive' system means there is no need to block it's front wheels, regardless of ground conditions. We tested the pushchair over cobbles, bumpy streets, and even took it on the beach (backwards of course, but it managed it!). And at no point did Parker seem uncomfortable.

If anything Parker couldn't wait to get in and go! The height of the pushchair meant he could climb in and out by himself, which is what I think he enjoyed most. I did find the 5 point harness a little tricky and I think it could be made easier, but that's actually the only negative I have about the whole thing. The backrest is also easily adjusted by pulling the strap at the back of the seat, although we rarely used this feature as Parker is far too nosey.

Three features I absolutely love about the YOYO+ are the hood, the basket and the handy zipped pocket. The hood is extendable and features a clear pocket so you can peep through at your little one without disturbing them. The hood also has UPF 50+ protection, so it's great if you're travelling to a sunny destination.

The basket size is another plus. Okay so it wouldn't fit a changing bag in, but I was surprised by how big it actually was. Perfect for storing the rain cover, drinks, snacks and any other bits and bobs. At one point we had it stuffed with rubber rings and water toys and there was still room for more.

The zipped pocket on the back of the hood is also perfect. Wearing dresses most of our holiday I didn't have any pockets. The pocket was therefore so handy for popping my phone, Jack's wallet and spare dummies in. This also meant they were easy to grab as and when we needed to as well.

You may have noticed I haven't mentioned how to use the pushchair in this review. That's because I've actually put together a video that shows the YOYO+ in action. I had to watch a few of these myself to get the technique right, but after a few goes I had it mastered. Don't worry though, it's easy!

Overall we absolutely loved using the BabyZen YOYO+, and I'm honestly gutted we're saying goodbye to it. It's easy to use, soo convenient and definitely the perfect pushchair for travelling and beyond!

Disclosure - We were loaned this pushchair in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are my own.

Parker's 22 Month Update

At 22 months old, Parker is soo close to turning two now. I actually keep forgetting quite how close it actually is though. Putting off present buying and birthday planning, as he's still my little baby right? But with his birthday now just 8 weeks away (it sounds so little when put like that doesn't it?), we really need to get a move on!

This month has definitely been the month of the terrible twos and tantrums. If he doesn't get his own way he lets you know about it. Throwing himself on the floor in protest. Screaming. Shouting. If he really means it he'll throw things across the room. Last week he wanted to go on a bus so badly he threw himself on the floor in a grump. And when he didn't think I was looking he got up, looked at me and giggled, and ran in the opposite direction. Little poo.

It's SO hard to stay annoyed with him though. He's got the cheekiest little face and his giggles always set Jack and I off. I'm hoping as he gets older he'll calm down a bit and realise he isn't the boss.. but I know at the moment it's just wishful thinking.

His speech is still improving daily, and he's talking in sentences and having conversations more and more. His little voice is the cutest thing, which is a good thing really as he rarely stops talking! He still loves to sing too, and I'll often find him with an Anna or Elsa doll singing "Let it Go". 

This month Parker has loved going on an aeroplane, swimming on holiday and splashing in the sea, his new digger pyjamas (he cries when they go in the wash!), going out on his scooter, and spending lots of time with family.

This month Parker has hated not getting his own way, getting his first sickness bug (so did mummy and daddy!), loud and scary noises and teething brushing. He's also not been much of a fan of listening and doing as he's told. But I'm hoping that's just a phase!