Me and Mine | June 2017


What a wonderful month we've had in June. Plenty of glorious sunshine, exploring lots of new places, a fun-filled half term and a sunny Father's Day - where we actually captured this month's Me and Mine photos!

Although I think I complained every day about the heat (it's the British thing to do right?), it was oh so welcome. It gave me the motivation to get out and about more with Parker on preschool days, something that I think has benefited the both of us. It's also meant our NT passes have got a lot more use, as where else is better to go on a beautiful sunny day?

We are unfortunately still struggling with the littles sleep, although I think we've finally realised our black out blind just isn't cutting it! So if anyone has any suggestions on what to do, we'd love you forever if you sent them our way.

With June now over, we're entering the last month of Parker being one. A milestone that makes me far too emotional to think about. I remember writing this post for his first birthday last year, and I honestly think I'm going to be just as emotional this year. I don't know what it is that makes me want to treasure his babyness (not that he's in anyway a baby anymore) that much more.

Although saying that, I'd love to keep both of my two little forever, please and thank you!

Who knows what July has in store for us, but I'm hoping it involves lots more sunshine, lots more family days out, and hopefully lots more sleep from our cheeky pair. Whatever it is, I cannot wait to find out!

The Me and Mine Project

Mummy and Me | June 2017


I absolutely love the photos we managed to capture this month, and all are actually from a day out to Chartwell a few weeks ago. The sunny weather has meant we've got out and about so much more, and it's actually put us all in happier moods!

Parker has definitely been testing this month. He's got such an attitude on him now, and those terrible twos are in full swing! That being said he's also become even cuddlier, and he loves nothing more than to snuggle on my lap, to read a book or watch a bit of Peppa. He's still 100% a mummy's boy, and I'm definitely okay with that.

I said to Jack earlier just how much Indiana seems to have blossomed this term at preschool. She's always full of excitement about her day on our walk home, and will happily tell me about the things she's got up to. She talks about her friends and the teachers constantly, and it just makes me oh so proud. She's growing up so quickly now, and I just love watching her turn into the beautiful little girl she is.

Living Arrows // 26/52


“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”
Kahlil Gibran

Every week I'll be sharing a capture of my littles - either individually or together. To capture how they grow and change week by week.

I absolutely love this natural picture of Indiana. They spent the weekend at Jack's parents house, so she was full of excitement when she came back. Telling us what they got up to, what they saw and just how early they got up.. eek!

Parker spent most of last week in the paddling pool, as it was just so hot. I filled it was cups and toys so he could practice his pouring (this was a big hit), and we had plenty of bubbles too. This picture captures him being cheeky though. He learnt that if he stood on the edge of the pool, all the water would flow out onto the patio. So by the end of the morning there was never any water left!

Living Arrows

Father's Day, Exciting News & A Heatwave | #LittleLoves


I'm still a little gutted that I didn't write a little loves posts last week. But in all honestly, there was absolutely nothing to talk about! Thankfully this week has been a lot more exciting though. Father's Day, exciting news and plenty of glorious sunshine.

So here's what I've been loving this week...


The littles were sent these lovely books from Parragon earlier in the week, but due to the weather we've not really been inside much to enjoy them. Thankfully the thunderstorms yesterday meant we had no choice but to stay inside. Indie is really into her letters at the moment so she's loving the writing practice book!


It was the penultimate episode of Pretty Little Liars this week, meaning it's the final ever episode next week! I honestly still  have no clue who AD is (does anyone?), but I know I'll be tuning in next week full of excitement. Anyone got any guesses?


Lots of absolutely amazing news...

On Monday my sister and her wife shared the most amazing news, that their baby is all fine and healthy; due in December. What an exciting Christmas it's going to be!

My lovely blogging friend Harriet (Life with Mrs Lee), also shared the wonderful news that her beautiful baby boy was here!


After spending all of Sunday in the sun (you can read about how we celebrated Father's Day here), I knew I wanted to keep the littles indoors as much as possible on Monday. We had an indoor picnic, watched films and made cakes.. I'm sure you can guess which part they like the most!


Indie is taking over this section again this week - she does have the best wardrobe after all! I adore her little outfit here. The hat is possibly the best thing I've ever bought her, and was actually a bargain from H&M. Her top was from Zara, although I'm sure it's probably gone into the sale now!

And Lastly...

The littles are off to their nanny's this weekend for a sleepover - Indie has been begging Jack's mum to stay for aaaages, so she's so excited to be finally going. It also means that Jack and I get an all important day just the two of us. I think plans are to go shopping, go to the cinema and have a nice relaxing meal - all things that are SO much easier without little ones around!

Have a lovely week :)

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

Father's Day at Nymans | Days Out with The National Trust


I know everyone's been saying it, but my goodness wasn't the weekend hot? We made the most of the glorious sunshine, and headed to a National Trust property (obviously!), for a Father's Day day out. Jack was in charge of location, as Father's Day was of course all about him, and we ended up at Nymans.

Nymans is one of the National Trust's premier gardens, and was a country retreat for the Messel family. Located just off the London to Brighton M23 / A23, it was probably the easiest properties we've driven to from Kent!

So armed with our picnic and plenty of suncream, we arrived to an already heaving Nymans. There unfortunately wasn't anything special on for Father's Day, but it was probably too hot to do too much anyway! We picked up a children's 'eye spy' quiz from the Hub, and slowly made our way through the park.

I think the pictures really do the talking when it comes to our day. The sun was shining, making it a perfect day for exploring. We stopped on the main lawn for our picnic - clearly a popular spot as there were already so many families doing the same. Some were even prepared with outdoor games and activities (something we really need to remember next time).

Relaxing didn't last long (it never does with a toddler who doesn't sit still), so most of our day was spent discovering hidden gems around the park. The littles loved the stepping stones and seats made out of wood, and the bamboo 'jungle' was perfect for hiding away from the midday sun!

We had the pushchair with us so avoided the woodlands (the rest of the park is flat though), and as usual didn't make it into the house. But there was still so much to keep us busy. Although if I'm honest, we did spend most of our time hiding from the sun. It was just a liiiiittle bit too hot!

I know we'll definitely be heading back though - especially as we didn't get a chance to try out the cakes in the cafe!

Living Arrows // 25/52


“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”
Kahlil Gibran

Every week I'll be sharing a capture of my littles - either individually or together. To capture how they grow and change week by week.

The weather recently has been absolutely gorgeous, although for me and the littles, it's actually a little bit too hot. To escape the middle of the day heat we've been going out as early as possible. On Tuesday, as soon as preschool drop off was done, Parker and I headed to one of our favourite parks.

It was honestly one of the loveliest days we've had together in a long time! We played in the park, made sandcastles in the sandpit, and spotted all the trains (Parker's favourite thing to do at the moment!). He was so good the whole day, and it's making me realise just how grown up he's getting now.

Saturday morning was a proper mummy and daughter date, which I think we both really needed! After her ballet lesson we went to the cinema to watch Beauty and The Beast. Indie was probably most excited about the popcorn and treats (she's way too much like me!), but we still had lots of fun.

We've now got to the 'fake crazy smile' faze, as you can tell by the picture below. I'm hoping it doesn't last long, although it is pretty funny!

Living Arrows

The Siblings Project | June 2017


I love writing about my little pair each month, and it's honestly crazy to think I've been a mummy to two for almost two years now. And I know I said the same thing last month, but just look how big they are.. definitely not babies anymore! These photos were taken at the weekend at Chartwell, we took our siblings photos here last May, so it's amazing to see the difference.

We've had such a lovely few weeks since my last Sibling's Project post. When it went live we were actually on holiday, enjoying some quality family time. It was so lovely to watch the two of them play and explore together. Indie loved teaching Parker how to use the water squirters, and they would dance together late into the night most evenings.

When it came to bedtime on holiday, there was absolutely no keeping them apart. They slept side by side, snuggled up together every night - and they slept the best they have in ages. Since being home they've requested sleepovers so often, so they clearly miss each other (despite their beds being right next to each other anyway).

Half term was also a lovely little break, where the two of them got to spend even more quality time together. Usually by the end of the week I'm stressed to the max, and cannot wait to get back to our routine. But this one was definitely different!

They played so well together, and the sun meant we got out and about as much as possible. Parker really is Indie's little shadow, and it was so lovely to watch him follow her around playing. The only downside is that P is still a little bit too little to do some of the things she does (these swings terrified me!).

Although saying that, I think he does sometimes give her the confidence boost she needs - he's got no fear, so I think she feels she has to keep up!

This sunny weather has really made me excited for summer adventures with these two. I know I'll definitely be done after a few weeks (I'm sure many mamas will relate!), but I just love having both of them around. Especially as it means they can entertain each other, so I can get 5 minutes peace every so often!

The Me and Mine Project

Holiday Village Ibiza, Our Family Holiday (May 2017)


We've already been back from our holiday to the Holiday Village in Ibiza a month, and I honestly thought about not bothering with this post. But there are just so many pictures and memories I want to share! So better late than never, here's a little roundup of our family holiday.

After searching for what felt like forever, we decided on the Holiday Village Ibiza after a number of recommendations. The hotel looked fantastic for families, the flight was short and the views looked beautiful too. I will admit I wasn't sure about Ibiza for families at first, but honestly I was so impressed. The island is so pretty and there was absolutely no sign of clubs or anything wild around our hotel.

So May 15th, bright and early (2am early!), we made our way to Gatwick Airport to start our travels. We booked our trip through First Choice but actually flew with Norwegian. Despite arriving at the wrong terminal at first, the journey was relatively smooth and both littles did SO well with the early start and the flight.

We arrived at the Holiday Village not long after lunch time, and thankfully checked in relatively quickly. One thing we didn't realise though was that we had to pay a tourist tax when we arrived (I believe this per adult), so make sure you have some cash on you when you arrive!

We were gutted we didn't opt for a swim-up room this year, but we were both really impressed with the room we did have. The family room had a sliding door, so it meant the littles were separate from us - so we all slept much better! We also had a sea view which was absolutely beautiful too.

As I mentioned above , we booked a Holiday Village in the knowledge that they were fantastic for families. And my goodness they weren't wrong! There were activities on throughout the day for them,  as well as the Creche and Kid's clubs. The swimming pools were brilliant as they started off shallow, so both of ours could walk in and out by themselves, or just sit at the end if they wanted to. The evening entertainment was the classic cheesiness you'd expect - but it was great fun and we all loved joining in the party dances late into the evening.

We made use of the kid's club daily, and although controversial, it worked for us! The littles had 1.5 hours of fun playing with other little ones every day, and we got some time to relax and actually read a book. So when we were all back together we could focus on the little ones properly. I think Indie will still say Kid's club was one of the best bits of the holiday if you ask her now.

Most days were spent around the pools (there's also a water park attached to the hotel!), eating the all inclusive food and just relaxing as much as possible. But we did take a bus trip to Sant Antoni one day which was lots of fun. We wandered along the sea front, lunched at Cafe Mambo and fed the fish in the marina. During the day the town is really family friendly, and only a 15 minute bus ride from the hotel.

The holiday was exactly what we all needed. Sunny weather, quality family time, and lots and lots of fun! The Holiday Village Ibiza wasn't as good as our familymoon to the Sensatori in Crete - but for the price we paid and the family elements, it was still a fantastic holiday. And one I'd definitely recommend to family and friends!