Parker's 22 Month Update


At 22 months old, Parker is soo close to turning two now. I actually keep forgetting quite how close it actually is though. Putting off present buying and birthday planning, as he's still my little baby right? But with his birthday now just 8 weeks away (it sounds so little when put like that doesn't it?), we really need to get a move on!

This month has definitely been the month of the terrible twos and tantrums. If he doesn't get his own way he lets you know about it. Throwing himself on the floor in protest. Screaming. Shouting. If he really means it he'll throw things across the room. Last week he wanted to go on a bus so badly he threw himself on the floor in a grump. And when he didn't think I was looking he got up, looked at me and giggled, and ran in the opposite direction. Little poo.

It's SO hard to stay annoyed with him though. He's got the cheekiest little face and his giggles always set Jack and I off. I'm hoping as he gets older he'll calm down a bit and realise he isn't the boss.. but I know at the moment it's just wishful thinking.

His speech is still improving daily, and he's talking in sentences and having conversations more and more. His little voice is the cutest thing, which is a good thing really as he rarely stops talking! He still loves to sing too, and I'll often find him with an Anna or Elsa doll singing "Let it Go". 

This month Parker has loved going on an aeroplane, swimming on holiday and splashing in the sea, his new digger pyjamas (he cries when they go in the wash!), going out on his scooter, and spending lots of time with family.

This month Parker has hated not getting his own way, getting his first sickness bug (so did mummy and daddy!), loud and scary noises and teething brushing. He's also not been much of a fan of listening and doing as he's told. But I'm hoping that's just a phase!

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