Helping to Keep Your Toddler Healthy with SMA® PRO Toddler Milk


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As your child grows from a baby into a toddler, the focus becomes more on their meals than their milk. It can become hard to know if they're getting the right nutrition in their diet, especially if you have a fussy eater! 

Thankfully though, SMA® Nutrition has continually invested in early life nutrition research. As a result of this, SMA® PRO Toddler Milk was born. Inspired by the specific nutritional needs of toddlers, SMA® PRO Toddler Milk is their most advanced toddler milk yet. 

But what makes it so special? 

SMA ® PRO Toddler Milk is a fortified milk drink, suitable from 1 year until 3 years. It contains NUTRI-STEPs®, a unique blend of ingredients to help support your toddlers’ nutritional needs every day.

SMA® PRO Toddler Milk gives you peace of mind. You know your child is getting important vitamins and nutrients it needs through their milk - which is part of a lot of toddler's routines anyway. And just two 200ml servings provides 108% of their recommended Vitamin D intake, for normal growth and development of bone helping to build a nutritional foundation for life.

As well as containing Vitamin D, SMA® PRO Toddler Milk with NUTRI-STEPS also contains Omega 3 and 6.

Finally SMA® PRO Toddler Milk is fortified with iron and iodine. Iodine helps to support normal growth and iron helps with cognitive development. So by giving your child SMA® PRO Toddler Milk, you know your child is getting all the nutrients they need every day.

I give Parker SMA® PRO Toddler Milk in the mornings and at bedtime, but you can feed your child up to three servings a day. Alongside a healthy balanced diet, it can help support the diet every step of the way!

SMA® Nutrition has just launched a Facebook page, called ‘SMA® Baby Club UK & Ireland’. There are regular posts to help parents – both mums and dads – navigate their first 1,000 days of parenthood, from conception until their baby turns 2.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: SMA® PRO Toddler Milk is suitable for young children from 1-3 years, as part of a healthy balanced diet and it is not a breast milk substitute. Breastfeeding should continue for as long as possible.

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  1. Archie hasn't even noticed the change from cows milk when I give this to him, we love the cartons with the straws, so handy aren't they x

  2. It's great to know there are other options out there - and the cartons with straws look like a really useful option!

  3. I find things like this really help when my children are going through fussy eating stages x

  4. That sippy cup is so cute! My son is obsessed with saying mooooo! Where did you get it?

  5. Oh it's great to know that there are other options as well. Haven't seen these in the baby department so I guess they're not available in Finland :-)

  6. We have that cup, love how it doesn't spill anything!

  7. My daughter hated these. She decided to go off milk altogether before her 1st birthday, she's now 3 and loves it again.
    Hoping our next doesn't do the same

  8. I honestly never knew the health benefits but we just moved on to cows milk purely because it saved us a fortune :) ox

  9. All my kids loved this and it's great to know the options out there.


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