The Siblings Project | May 2017


I'm probably going to be amongst a sea of people sharing bluebell shots for this month's Siblings Project. But you know what? I am so excited to be a part of the cliche! These are some of my favourite photos of my two this year, and they remind me of what a lovely morning we had exploring the woods for the bluebells.

These pictures really make me stop and take a step back too. Just look how big they are! And I'm sure as each day passes they look more and more alike. The same golden hair. The same beautiful blue eyes. And definitely the same cheeky smiles. It really does make me wonder what a third would look like when that day comes. As Indie and Parker really are little peas in the same pod.

This month has thankfully been an improvement on last month. Indie being at preschool really does make such a difference - they're not under each others toes constantly, and they get time to miss each other. And my goodness does Parker miss Indie when she's there.

Preschool pick up is his favourite time of day, and he practically pulls me out the door calling for Indie. The second they see each other they both light up, giving each other the biggest snuggly cuddle ever. Usually followed by a kiss from P.

It also means they seem to enjoy their time together a lot more too. Of course they do still fight and bicker (that's just a normal sibling relationship isn't it?), but they have played together a lot more. Their favourite thing to do at the moment is to snuggle up together under a blanket, with a film or some Ben and Holly. Just enjoying each others company. And if I'm lucky I get invited in too!

The age gap between these two was definitely tough when they were little. But when I see them now; how close they are, knowing they'll have each other to turn to always. My goodness was it all worth it!

The Me and Mine Project


  1. I am probably the only blogger in the world who didn't take a walk into the bluebell fields. In fact I haven't seen any. Lovely photos Emily. #siblingsproject

  2. They really do look so alike lately! Glad to hear its been a better month! #siblingsproject

  3. Gorgeous pics. They seem so close these days, the age gap between them suddenly seems so little! x #siblingsproject

  4. I love all the bluebell shots! I went with double cliche of blue and yellow!! x

  5. Such gorgeous photos!! I can't even pick a favourite as they are all lovely! #siblingsproject xx


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