Fun Party Themes for 4 Year Olds!


Party planning. You either love it or you hate it I think. Thankfully for me though, I LOVE it! Deciding on a theme, collecting all the co-ordinating items, putting it all together on the day.. and then watching as all your hard work is 'enjoyed' (I say it like that, as really it's only you who really notices isn't it?).

Indie will be turning four this year *sob*, and I'm already thinking about what kind of party we're going to have. She's into so many different things at once at the minute - princesses, Trolls, and even Mr Bean. So picking a theme this year is definitely going to be a little trickier, especially as I don't think I can get away with what I like best anymore either!

Thankfully though, Funidelia have my back. They are the biggest fancy dress online shop in Europe and they have a huge range of children's fancy dress costumes. You can also find the party decorations and accessories you need to go with them! These can then be ordered and delivered in a quick, easy and completely secure way.

There are so many ideas on their website, but I've tried to pick a little shortlist of some fun party themes, which I think would be perfect for 4 year olds.

Disney Princesses

What little girl (or boy, Parker LOVES dresses too!) doesn't love dressing up as a princess? With the release of the new Beauty in the Beast film, Indie is now obsessed with all things Belle. I know she'd love to get dressed up in a beautiful dress, and twirl and dance throughout her party. Of course Frozen is still a firm favourite too, so it's great to know Funidelia have everything any Elsa and Anna fan would need, including the birthday decorations too.


We have a huuuge classic fairytale book that's actually one of Indie's favourites at the moment. Stories such as Little Red Riding Hood and The Little Mermaid are so well known, that I'm sure everyone would love this theme. I think it would make a nice change from the regular Disney princess theme too.


As I mentioned above, Indie is into so many different things at the moment. Of course she absolutely loves princesses and all things girly. But her second favourite love is definitely superheroes! She loves watching Batman cartoons with Jack, and I think she would absolutely LOVE this theme. Definitely one for everyone.


Now I think this is the theme I'm definitely heading towards most.. how sweet would it be to have a hall full of little animals running around? Funidelia have a huge selection of animal costumes including frogs, dogs and lions.

Thankfully I've still got a few more months to decide, although I already think it's going to be a struggle! What theme did you have for your 4 year olds birthday?

This post in in collaboration with Funidelia. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. My three-year-old would love any of these themes but is quite fond of princesses at the moment - especially Frozen ones! :D

  2. Bless you, what a lucky little girl to have a mum who loves party planning! Mich X

  3. what a darling!! We've had the best parties over the years... Star Wars seems a good theme, just looked at that website, oh my, the Star Wars R2D2 Baby Costume! adorable!!

  4. My daughter is four in thirteen days and wants a princess and super hero party :) I can't believe how popular frozen still is - don't think she will ever go off it!! :)

  5. I'm currently deep in the party planning juju - my 6 year old turns 7 at the end of the month and has requested a "pamper party"! Loving all these ideas too. x

  6. My daughter is turning four and still haven't decided on a theme so needed this thank you!

  7. That website is brilliant! Totally agree I really love party planning of any kind!

  8. A great website! I love planning parties for my two! :) x

  9. The animal theme does sound the best - you've got YEARS of superheroes and princesses ahead of you! Love a good fancy dress outfit though, especially on children. Isn't dressing them up part of the reason we had them?!

  10. My children love dressing up and fancy dress parties are no exception. I think its great for their creativity to let them have fun dressing up and playing different roles too xxx

  11. Oh these are such good ideas! The animal idea sounds fab and Toby is so into superheroes at the moment. We're not having a party for him this year, but next year he'll have been at school and will have loads of little buddies to invite! xx

  12. Great themes I love planning parties


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